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Does your dad care that you're just gonna be a lowly paid soldier while he's a doctor rakin in the dough?

He’s proud as hell of me and my brother both. My parents don’t practice medicine for money. They care about helping people. My brother and I want to be soldiers. They want us to do what makes us happy.

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Have you thought about receiving professional help to help you get over your strong aversion to Marvel's Thor? Because you can't live like this forever and live with this fear. I think the primary reason as to why you are receiving backlash is because you don't simply dislike/hate this superhero version of Thor; you are afraid of it. Which isn't entirely bad, everyone has baggage. But I think it's because rather than face your fears and finding ways to cope, you run away and cry out "TRIGGER!" .

…You have failed me.

I wonder how much water it’ll take to get these down.

 I wouldn’t use the word afraid, I would definitely use the word hate. It’s not like I run away whenever I see him on a bag of doritoes, or scream when he’s on a case of doctor pepper. I’m still gonna eat those damn doritoes.

What the REAL issue is is the people that get their panties in a twist when I point out this could be a little problematic. The real problem is that people are shocked, *shocked*, to hear that something they love could be seen as offensive.

 The main purpose of that post was to spread awareness. I’m just sick and tired of all of this happening. 

 What am I afraid of? My parents. Falling into a deep, dark, depression again. I’m afraid of failure, and the thought I’ll never hold the one I love in my arms again. I’m afraid of the future, and the fact I’m going to be alone in another city in a few months. This? It’s sickening. It disgusts me. Don’t even flatter it with the idea that I’m afraid. 

Jo and Mike should have gotten married, not Jo and that Cliff guy who was really rude to her and treated her like a child, and whom she had known for only a day, when she and Mike had known each other for quite some time and they were amazing together and I am just really upset it turned out the way it did…

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Send “Daddy” to meet my muse’s father

Stefan was someone who usually enjoyed company of others, yet, he was not expecting to see someone this boy’s age around while there was a war raging on. This place was dangerous, wasn’t it? This boy was either mad or one of the dictator’s dogs. Not again.

He was quick to get his medical kit under his arm so that he would not wait for another to be shipped to him. God, he was doing his best to be there for people in need all around the country and still it was not enough.

“Aren’t you a bit short to be here? There are soldiers nearby who would not care about hurting a kid like you. What’s your name?” He hoped he was not too rude, he didn’t want to be. It would be better to stay neutral until he revealed which side he was on but… he didn’t have time for that.

Chest pain continues to this day so im gonna schedule another doctor’s appointment. He told me I was fine last time I went in but really why the fuck would I be having chest pain since fucking February?

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A lie the doctor wants to hear "I went to the doctors, they did some tests and told me surprisingly, my lungs and liver are great. Sayin' its a miracle... they're saying I now have a chance of NOT dying in my late forties." -peter

Tell my muse a lie they want to hear.

“You idiot. I told you.” He flashed a cheerful grin, hiding just how relieved he was. “That face’s way too pretty to die young.” 

i hate the mcu’s “everything is science” explanation, esp as it pertains to asgard

one of the wonderful things about comics is that they exist in the fantasy kitchen sink (look it up), where magic and science can coexist

plus now they’ve backed themselves into a corner w doctor strange. what’s he gonna use? midichlorians?

One day I went to my brothers school to have lunch with him and there was this boy in his class talking quite rudely of another kid. I asked why and he said “he’s wearing a dress and girl stuff. He’s weird.” I wasn’t disappointed or anything.
I went to talk to the boy who was wearing a dress. I asked where he got it and he said, “OH! I got this for my birthday, isn’t it beautiful?” Then he did a little twirl. He told me his parents are okay with his decision. I asked what decision. He said “I told them I want to be a girl and wear girl things and play like a girl."I asked what they said and he told me they are gonna help him and he goes to the doctor for stuff to help him be a girl and I was honestly incredibly happy. I gave him the biggest hug ever because he is a 7 year old boy who didn’t care what others thought. He wore a dress and a headband he got for his birthday. He wore them proudly.

My dad said he’s gonna pay for me to see an internal medicine doctor sometime after we get back. Heck yeah, maybe I’ll finally find out why I’ve been in severe pain for almost 10 months!

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Oh please tell us what Emmett said? At least a hint? Or a general idea? uwu

it was what luke is doing atm!! it was nothing like life changing hes not gonna be like the doctor or anything but it was cool!! he didnt give us details though so idk it might be even cooler than i think idk !!

(i hope he hasnt already announced this and im just like being oblivious??? i dont think he has???)

I’m supposed to be studying (chemistry reaction chains) but I’m too emotionally drained because Derek from Greys Anatomy died in the last episode and I’m like ‘why Shonda Rhimes, why?’. Why do I have to be so attached to fictional characters?

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So he's gonna be a little white fluff snowball before becoming a doctor? Waah...

Right! I mean, being a doctor isn’t set in stone, but Matsuoka-kun and I think he’ll become a doc or a lawyer or a superhero or something like that. Anything, as long as he’s the best in it. Because he’s the best even though all he can do right now is drink milk from his mum.