what happens when you kidnap a teenage werewolf with diagnosed anger issues and a form of ptsd and experiment on him? nothing good, i’ll tell you that. (but honestly, is anyone surprised that he’d end up fighting scott after a nasty cocktail like that?) 

So proud of my brother(his really my cousin, but i love him like a brother, and he will always be my bestie )!! 6 years of pain 😂 in med school, with a 👶🏽 on the way, he still managed to graduate 🎓💃🏽💃🏽with honors! 🎉I can’t tell you how happy and proud i felt when he walked on that stage! He’s the one that made me realize that i want to be a doctor, and showed me that i can really do it! 🙈🙈Congratulations ❤️❤️💞Hopefully he won’t get mad that I’m gonna call him Doctor from now on 😂

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Is there any way to like encourage my mucus plug to come out? This is taking forever and i dont want to pass my due date the doctor is already telling me hes gonna be a big one

Losing your mucus plug doesn’t mean that labor is gonna start.  A lot of women go into labor never actually losing it!

- Misty

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i apologize in advance but do you even have any relatives left

hey only four of my relatives/family members have died in the last 12 months, it’s not like i have no relatives left (tho i feel like i should mention the woman im gonna visit had a stroke four months ago and she needs a walker)

I think sometimes I post too much personal stuff but it is my blog after all and you people are all still here so whatever

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Is there a tutorial on how to take care of your Taymour? I might need it

Well my expertise is only in fictional assholes and villains but I think some things I know can still be helpful. 

Let’s see

-Leave out plenty of fresh clean water that’s easily accessible to him at all times.

-Feed him a proper meal three times daily. Diets vary from dream person to dream person, so make sure you know what he wants before trying to feed him.

-Obviously he’s gonna need a bed.

- Clothes. 

-Find a good doctor in case he gets sick. Also it’s good to get regular checkups because sometimes things are easily hidden.

-Bathe him regularly so he doesn’t get fleas.

- Uh, something that’ll keep his mind stimulated so he doesn’t just sit around bored all the time.

- Take him outside for walks or fine dining?


on finding Gallifrey

okay but you don’t even understand how happy I am that Steven Moffat was like “yeah but realistically if you know the show at all you know that the moment the Doctor finds Gallifrey he’s gonna be like oh yeah Gallifrey sucks let’s not go there nevermind”

this is a very important point and I’m super glad it was made

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When golden Freddy was talking to him after night 6, maybe it was like.. a collection of things he's heard "We're still your friends" "Do you believe that?" To the doctors (telling them he's gonna be fine) "I'm so sorry" "I'll fix you" (Doctors)

Um… maybe, but i don’t think so, because the kid has been “listening” to Fredbear’s voice way before the accident. Fredbear would warn him about his brother being out to scare him.

I think it’s just the kid being a kid. Giving life to his toy in his head, to make him his friend.