“So you got a beauty blogger,” Joaquin started, “Alma chose to live out here like a loon, so we got her. I was a club DJ - and yes, those skills are as useless now as you’d think they’d be.” He laughed, nodding up to Misty, “What about you? What’d you do?”

“Uhm,” Misty grinned a bit sheepishly, “Before the sickness broke out, I worked in a toy store, but afterward, I think I might have been in good company with the loon.” She said as she smiled at Alma, “Just north of the city, there’s this series of caves, and I actually lived there.”

You lived in a cave?” Joaquin followed up, Sebastian already snickering as he looked at Ryan. 

“I know it sounds absurd, but there’s something very soothing about living inside the earth. And it’s the best way for me to stay in touch with it.”

“With what?” Sebastian asked, earning an exasperated look from Misty. 

“I know you’re laughing at me, but I don’t care. I have a relationship with nature that has taken me years to cultivate. We communicate and it was my livelihood even before everything collapsed.”

“I thought you worked in a toy store, though?” Alma asked, Misty nodding. 

“I did, but that wasn’t near enough money to pay my bills. I supplemented by sharing the visions the Earth had given me. It was only natural, once the panic broke out, that I would seek refuge there.”

Dylan grinned as she looked at Misty, glancing at the others. “You laugh, but she was doing just fine before I found her. She had enough food and supplies to last us both until just a week or so ago. We had to move closer to the city because it was just too far a trek from the caves to make every day.”