hes still in the cage

#v; angels are watching over you#{Ok but now you’ve got me thinking about her being back#and what if she remembered her time in heaven and the few conversations they had#and how she wants answers#she wants to talk with him again#but she can’t and she finally finds out that the reason he never came to speak with her again is because he was locked in the damned cage#and is still there too. D: }


i headcanon that she remembers there were conversations, but she can’t remember what they were about or how much she really got from michael

and when she finds out about his being locked in the cage, there’s this really long almost dull reaction from her? like almost a week straight without any kind of reaction at all, but that’s just because it actually takes that long to sink in and filter through

and when it does, she just sort of collapses to her knees wherever she is and starts sobbing because everyone else may have gotten michael the archangel, but she had only ever experienced (in her memory at least since someone took the others away from her) michael the protector in the form of her husband. she love(s)d him and the loss really rips into her once it settles as fact

mary misses him so so much and it almost literally took going to hell and coming back for her to put all the pieces together, because he finally stopped interfering, and she is pissed about the lying but she still misses him so fucking much and even if she was fully calmed down again when she found out there’s no way (certainly no easy way) to get him out again, she’d be a mess all fucking over


Today he willingly stepped out of the cage for me. He still doesn’t wanna be picked up, but that’s okay! I’m just glad he’s getting closer to me at least. I rewarded him with spray millet. Baby steps, Finn! We’ll be the best of friends soon! I love you buddy.