hes wearing crocs


keith is and always will be, in my entirely biased eyes, The Most Beautiful Human In The Galaxy™  

the set so far: Keith | Lance

some things i admit i have said out loud in public in finnish in foreign countries because i was overwhelmed by the liberating feeling of being 99% sure that nobody can understand me
  • “walk faster you idiots”
  • “that man looks like he listens to maroon 5 and has no opinions”
  • “why would she buy that disgusting crap bread”
  • “sweden sucks”
  • “you know i havent shat in 3 days”
  • (next to a police officer) “hey i am a dangerous criminal with guns and bombs arrest me”
  • *bunch of finnish profanities for no reason*
  • “do you think she realizes i am drunk” 
  • “i want to steal his phone”
  • “please don’t sit next to me please don’t sit next to me pleas– oh crap”
  • “did you notice that man next to you eats his own snot”
  • “hey don’t look at that woman on your right and let’s pretend we are talking about something very important and completely unrelated but do you think she looks like our old math teacher”
  • “i cant believe he is really wearing crocs”
  • “why are all these clothes in this store so ugly”
  • “how do we get rid of this person”
  • “i am sure everybody in this bus can smell that i haven’t showered in 4 days”

Once in my Contemporary World Issues class, which was a class that we literally just did nothing in, we had a sub. The sub comes in, it’s this like 20 something guy wearing crocs, he spends half the class trying to figure out how to play a movie for us and then leave. On Monday we come to find out that that was the only class of our teacher’s he actually went to that day and that the rest were just unsupervised

Tanaka and Ennoshita are like the aunt and uncle where Ennoshita is a tired but happy and slightly overworked suburban housewife and Tanaka is the dad who wears nothing but Hawaiian shirts and socks with sandals(crocs too probably tbh) who just stands in the backyard grilling ALL THE TIME while Ennoshita stands on the porch watching him while thinking about burning Tanaka’s horrid wardrobe

anonymous asked:

i headcanon sonny to have like 50 pairs of crocs (he oNLY WEARS CROCS) and he matches them to his outfit

tbh that is the most beautiful Sonny headcanon I’ve ever read with my own eyes thank you so much for bringing this into my life

spear-180  asked:

Henry for the ask

My otp: Henry x Neurotoxin
My most hated pairing: Henry x anyone alive
My unusual otp: Henry x android hell
My crossover otp: Henry x Lord Voldemort
My brotp/friendship otp: Henry x Wallace Breen
Character headcanon: He wears crocs
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character: Gif freak me out so nah

imagine when carlos and cecil reunite carlos looks him up and down and goes “ceec, what are you wearing?”

and cecil looks down at his tights and his fucking foam clogs (which are cROCS. HE’S WEARING CROCS, AS FANDOM HAS ESTABLISHED, DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN) and asks, a little sadly, “…you don’t like it?”

and carlos says, very matter-of-factly, “you usually wear the pineapple-printed bandana with this outfit! it completes the look! did you pack it away? we should find it…”

and then cecil’s like oh, this is why i waited for this beautiful asshole for a year

Random Oikawa Tooru headcanons

• Oikawa sucks at bowling
• He wears crocs at home when nobody’s around
• Interrups people on accident, because he’s reminded of a funny story 
• “I got a medium dick … it can talk to ghosts”
• Likes Apple-products 
• Favorite fruit is oranges 
• Was afraid of bees when he was younger 
• Wants lots of tattoos
• Is the friend that has to hand over water bottles to get them opened 
• Loves road trips 
• Had an emo-phase 
• Always spoils movies and TV-shows 
• Owns a lot of cacti 
• Watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians 
• (his fav is Khloe Kardashian)