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What about nurseydex + their first Official Date?

This is bad. Nursey’s blowing this.

“So… um… how’s your brother doing?” He asks, practically wincing at how awkward he sounds.

“Um, good, yeah. Think he’s up for a promotion or something at work,” Dex answers.

“That’s pretty cool,” he says, trying to remember what it is that Dex’s brother does.

“Yep,” Dex nods.

Nursey’s totally blowing this.

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Hi, here’s more of the Bloodborne AU nobody asked for! And here’s some tunes for the mood.

Jamison wakes to a pale sky and hard stone splayed beneath his back.

Sweet smelling flowers cluster by his head. The surrounding garden breathes with the passing winds, soft blades of grass whispering unintelligible secrets by his ears. The air is cool, gentle, the breeze a welcome touch, but no matter how many times he’s come back, everything has a sticky sort of dampness that clings to his clothes and burrows down through his marrow, the kind that hangs around the riverside or amongst weathered gravestones.

Death, he supposes. Not that it ever truly comes.

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imagine: jack was doing his 100th RYC on April 1st live! and suddenly he acts strange. he just stops moving and puts his hands on either side of his head cupping his face. he puts the palm of his hands on his temples and his breathing picks up pace. then he softly says: betrayers. he looks at us and winces and grabs for his throat like he cant breathe and the falls over out of his chair for a good two minutes. he slowly gets up and looks at us. we hear giggling before he ends the stream...😳😳


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How does rapmom know English so fluently like his accent is so good as well. Did he grow up abroad. I don't think he self taught himself

He has a sexy accent and he actually did teach himself English, he’s so smart. He’s just training to get a sista. We all know the truth.

i think that, in the end, so much of the success of Harry Potter can be attributed to “misaimed fandom”. Rowling has notions about heroism and good versus evil that are ultimately at odds with those of so many of us—the story frames it as an ultimately good thing that Harry was knowingly left to be raised by abusive relatives, that Snape tormented and harassed children under his care as a teacher and explicitly only ever did the right thing because he still had a boner for a dead woman who rejected him.  And as it’s been said by others, Dumbledore knowingly allows so much suffering, yet he’s held up as the Big Good.

So many of us were waiting for a payoff, a vindication of the suffering of Harry, and Hagrid, and maybe even Draco, and all the rest who endured bigotry, abuse, false accusations. So many of us were waiting for things to not only turn out well, but for a certain kind of justice. And in the end, we got maybe half-way there, or at least a kind of good ending, but it wasn’t the one we needed.

And Rowling went on being successful, went on being a kind of shitty person (the type who openly and actively opposes independence movements, who thinks that Dumbledore counts as gay representation). Because we bought her books, so many of us kids like Harry, hoping to see in his life something we never had in our own, because by the time she had him looking up to one of his most constant abusers as hero enough to name a child after him, by the time he went on to become a cop after a childhood full of seeing injustice perpetuated and perpetrated by the same system of authority, we had already given Rowling all our money.

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could I have some bf hcs for Spain and Denmark?

Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo)
- Is super open with his feelings at first. Though he’ll wait a little bit to confess.
- Good morning and goodnight texts that gives you sweet reasons to smile
- If you’re staying over he’ll wake up early to prepare you a good breakfast
- He’s all about semi-romantic dates. He’s not difficult to please, take him anywhere as long as it has some romance involved!
- It’s VERY difficult for him to read the atmosphere (he doesn’t try) so you really have to tell him if something is bothering you. When he realises, though, he’ll apologise to literally no end.
- Cute little gifts. Teddy bears, flowers.
- Whenever you cuddle, GRAB THE BOOTY JUST GRAB IT
- This fucker gets pretty kinky. His favourite thing is pirate play- where he’s the captain and his S/O is his little pet/prisoner
- Short, cute, but romantic kisses
- Very big on PDA. Hell yeah, kiss his cheek and his nose. GRAB THE BOOTY HE ACTUALLY LOVES IT

Denmark (Matthias Køhler)
- Tries to avoid confessing but one day it just slips
- He tries his best to send daily good morning/goodnight texts, he really does. He just gets distracted so easily!
- On the topic of texting, expect to be left on ‘read’ a lot. He doesn’t mean to do it! He just has soooo much stuff roaming in his mind he’ll start to reply but forget.
- He’ll send the text if it didn’t send and apologise so many times (he’s apologising over text every single day)
- Either arcade dates or just pillow fort dates with movies and pizza. Well, those are his favourite, anyhow.
- Cuddling with him to go to sleep is quite hard. He doesn’t like it when they fall asleep; he likes to talk to them!
- Not to mention he probably kicks them off the bed (unintentionally) or falls off the bed with them
- When things get steamy with him, he’s VERY dominant. He’ll (consensually) make you his little petslave.
- Also makes either a great daddy or little. Depends.
- He’s just a precious puppy and needs to he protected

For @hprarepairnet & @slytherdornet ’s Trope Challenge.

Ginerva Weasley x Blaise Zabini
Good Girls Loving Bad Boys

“Ginevra,” Blaise whispered through his teeth, his eyes full of molten lust as he felt her fingers slide up his shirt. “I’m not a good person.”

Ginny licked her lips, matching the look in his eye. “Have you not heard, good girls always love the handsome, rugged, in trouble with the law, bad boys.” Her smirk riding up her lips and he wasn’t sure he could resist them any longer.

I had this Everlark idea where Katniss takes a trip to Germany and encounters Peeta in his bakery. She’s stumbling though very basic German and he responds kindly and slowly to help her out. She goes to the bakery every day for a while and then one day he just starts talking in English and she’s so embarrassed that she screwed up his first language when he speaks hers so beautifully.

Anyway, good morning, all! It’s Friday and I’m tired.

Fluff Shower -Chibs

@khyharah ;3 love youuu. Have some chibs shower floofiness!!

(Also gonna tag @anarchyrenegade so she can see)

You woke up earlier then Chibs everyone morning, eyes tired and a bit out of focus. Today, though, you realized he was in bed beside you asleep. You frown, nose crinkling. “Chibs,” You called. The only time he’s up earlier is for the club, but things were going good for the club now. You stood up, letting the blanket pull off of you.

You peeked you head in the bathroom and smiled as the warm and steamy air hit your face. “Filip, you are up early.”

“Oh hi lassie!” He stepped out of the shower and kissed you softly, hands touching your cheek, wet and warm. You smiled against his lips, eyes fluttering closed. You loved moments like these most out of all the ones you shared. Simple domestic bliss, you though.

“What are you doing awake,” You asked as he pulled away. You took in his form, perfect, you mused.

“I was going to make you breakfast.” He smiled back at you, obviously catching your gaze. It wasn’t something that bothered either of you and you warmly smiled to him as well.

“You’ll just have to settle for taking a shower with me, too.” You stepped towards him, pulling of you sleep clothes. You felt his hands lay on you hips after he stood in the shower. You sighed, content to just be in this moment with the man you love.

You smiled as one hand went for a bottle of your body wash; he poured a decent amount on his palm. He gently guided his hands over the known grounds that were your skin. You sighed as his skilled hands massaged you, eyes closing. You could be vulnerable around him. You grabbed his own body wash with a happy sigh after he had washed you off.

“I’ve already washed love, plus we’re turning into a couple of prunes.” He guided you out, careful you didn’t fall.

“Now about that breakfast,” You giggled and kissed him again, both of you wet this time.

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How do you feel about FT ending? I'm sad but happy, my main concern is will Hiro do a side story for Gajevy and Nalu? I hope he does FT is his pride and joy so I'm assuming he's not completely done with the FT franchise yet. If he does do a side story I want him to take his time in developing the story, just don't go out there and give us a story your not happy with.💫💕😌

I’m sad but happy as well. I hope he makes a ‘next generation’ type of thing like what happened with Naruto. I would like that.

However, I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the ships or anything. Gajevy is canon, and Nalu has been kind of famed as ‘more than friends, less than lovers’. I am a little worried about that, to be honest.

But I trust Mashima. Yes, he has messed up in the past. But he has done some good work in developing characters (even though there is tons of fanservice–which is NOT my favorite) and I hope he does with them what he pleases and that also makes us happy as well.

Find An Olitz Fic #3

Anon just asked…

What’s the fanfic where fitz is a cop and I think Harrison might be liv’s brother and he’s mixed up with a group of no good people. I think on the last chapter Harrison brought liv’s ex back to the house because there was a shooting at the house they was hanging at?

Does anyone know which story this is? Comment, reblog, or leave us a message. Y’all have been on a roll! :) 


End of Watch (M) - ScandalousWritingObsession

Thank you, @yespanterme​!

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If it's not too much, can you please gif the moment Naruto went to Iruka's house and he thought that Naruto was up to no good. Especially 'my single days are numbered' line. It sounded like he wanted to take Iruka to a Bachelor party. XD PS. I looked. Very wow, much good.

Poor Naruto, he just wanted to ask him to come to the wedding as his father and he messed up. And he was being so cute about it! He wanted to take Iruka out for Ramen (or maybe that’s just the first thing that came to his mind while he tried to improvise) :3

…… i’m sorry you looked the world isn’t ready for the truth

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WHY👏🏻 CANT👏🏻 PEOPLE👏🏻 ACKNOWLEDGE👏🏻 WHEN👏🏻PLAYERS👏🏻THEY👏🏻LIKE👏🏻FUCK👏🏻UP like goddamn i like sid but that shit was bad and should have gotten a major penalty like jesus christ people need to get their heads out of their asses not everything is a personal attack against someone they like

i love sid like he’s amazing and talented and a really really good person but everytime he messes up and ‘m like :/ ummm i get hate for it. Like sorry that i view and treat him as a human being instead of an object for me to just throw money at and fawn over. and most of my issue tonight has been with the league, the announcers, and the fans. nto sid. i don’t think he went to cut a guys finger off but he knows he can get away with more than others. it’s what marchand does, it’s what kadri does. that’s the kind of game they play. people just need to accept sid’s pestiness and also…not act like it’s cool when he spears a guy or slashes a guys fingers off. it’s okay to take the bad with the good. 

like tumblr has this black and whtie culture that i think lead people to be scared to call their favs out for shit because then they feel they can’t like him. Like sid didn’t call anyone a slur, slashing a guys finger was not racist or homophobic or prejudice. it was a hockey play that he fucked up. it’s okay to not be okay with that. you don’t have to hate him! it’s okay to liek a guy who makes a dirty hockey play here and there. 

More Than Enough

It seems like everyone has that one person in their life that they will do anything and everything to impress.

They will completely change who they are, how they act, what they do, if it means gaining that approval from that one person.

For Joe, that person was his dad.

Through his years of schooling, he studied hard, worked to keep up his good grades, maintained a good social life, because that was what Zoe had done, and their dad had looked at her with such pride. All Joe wanted was that look.

Yet nothing he did earned him that look.

And so, following school, he joined his uncle in thatching, working hard to improve the skill, thinking perhaps that maybe this is how his dad would approve of him.


Instead, Joe watched his sister blow up on the internet, and their dad beam with pride at all the amazing things she was accomplishing.

When the opportunity for him to follow in her footsteps became available to him, he decided why not? If Zoe had gotten the look of approval for it, maybe this was how Joe would get it.

Again, nothing.

Even as his following grew, and he was offered new opportunities for amazing projects, working with charities, and spreading awareness about important topics, his dad never gave him any approval.

There was nothing Joe could do in his life that his dad approved of, that his dad was proud of, that his dad liked.

And it was hurting Joe, because while he was getting praise from everyone else around him, the one person he so desperately wanted it from was keeping it just out of reach.

He started to lose the motivation to do projects, to think of original and creative content for his channels, to make good use of his following. What was the point if he wasn’t getting the love and support that he wanted?

When Joe started dating Jack, for one brief moment, he wondered if possibly this was something his dad would approve of, but he quickly shook that thought off, not wanting to use his relationship as a way of gaining love and approval. Not from his dad. He wanted to explore and discover his relationship with Jack.

It was the first thing in a while that had actually brought him joy.

Jack knew of Joe’s struggle, the older man had opened up to him nearly a year into their relationship, when he was going through one of his darker periods.

His boyfriend had been concerned, and gently let Joe know that he was here if he ever wanted to talk, wanting to see Joe smiling and happy once again.

That was what broke through his barrier, and he spilled everything to Jack, the words getting caught in his throat in between sobs, but he felt relieved when someone else knew. Someone who loved him. Someone who approved of him.

Following his confession, Joe began to notice a change.

He stopped looking for an approval from his dad. Not completely, at least, not right away. He would still catch himself wondering about if a certain project being offered to him would finally gain that approval, but he was getting better at ignoring those thoughts, focusing instead on the project itself, and what it could do for him and his followers.

Joe also began to focus less on the love his dad was not giving him, and the love he was getting from Jack.

The younger man had grown quite important to Joe, and he found himself thinking of Jack and the little things to make him smile or laugh, to make his day better. Because that was what Jack did for him.

From telling him a stupid joke to ordering in his favourite food for dinner, Jack always found a way to cheer Joe up, to make sure he always smiled and laughed at least once a day. And when he was stressed because of all the videos to edit and plan, the meetings to attend, and other various issues, Jack helped him step away from it all, relax and take a breath.

Those were the ways that he made Joe feel loved.

While they were sitting on the couch one day, Jack waving his hands in the air in front of him as he told his story, a large smile on his face, his blue eyes lit up with excitement, Joe couldn’t help but smile back, his heart warming at the sight before him.

It wasn’t like Jack was doing anything special, he was simply just being himself.

But it was enough.

So Joe reached over suddenly, dragging Jack’s face towards his own, cutting off the story as he kissed him.

When they pulled apart, Jack blinked over at him for a moment, “I love your kisses, you know that, but I was in the middle of a story…”

“I know.” Joe smiled.

“Then care to explain the sudden kiss?”

“Because I love you.”

“I love you too. Still not an explanation.”

“Your answer is.”


“Because you love me.” Joe laughed, pulling Jack back in for another kiss.

And that was enough, he realized. Jack’s love was more than enough for Joe.

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You deperate ask Lance to do 'BF does my makeup challenge' and he gives in. His face is offscreen cause he didn't want anyone to blackmail him later, so all you see is his hand👐. Lance trying so hard not to poke you in the 👀 or smear your💄

Okay but what if Lance is good at make up because he’s been around gymnasts and helped them just before they do their routines

Fluffy Friday™

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batman v superman: tic tac toe. who wins?

They’d almost always tie, but I figure over time Batman’s cunning and ruthlessness would give him a slight edge in games won.

For Rock-Paper-Scissors, Batman wins every time. Superman always picks paper because he doesn’t want to cut or smash anything, and Batman always picks scissors because it looks like he’s making little bat-ears with his fingers. He’s not much good against anyone else, but up against Clark he’s unbeatable.

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Headcanon: Peter is a complete mess in the mornings. He's so ridiculously long and the world is designed for fucking HOBBITS it takes an hour and 2 cups of expensive coffee to get his stupid gangly limbs to function properly

oh my god I LOVE this so much. absolutely nothing about the way Peter sleeps is at all appropriate for a thief and if there’s no one trying to kill him when he wakes up then he is a bleary-eyed mess forever but somehow, frustratingly, he makes it look amazing? (at least, that’s what Juno thinks, the first time he wakes up to Peter, all bedhead and yawns and sleepy ‘good mornings’, somehow still bright even when he’s a bit grumpy and still ninety percent asleep. but Juno might be a little biased.)

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I could see Aaron trying to fight off anyone who tries to grab him. If that's what Robert does if he finds him panicking. That's reflex after being in prison. Which could lead to him opening up about what he's been through.

It’s a good theory actually, he’s going to still be a little on edge and if he’s having a panic attack it might happen