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I know some people get seriously upset because of the antis, but I'm just extremely amused. I love when their minds implode whenever they hear that I started dating my bf at the age of sixteen, when he was twenty, and now, seven years later we're going to celebrate our relationship by getting married :P Power imbalance my ass, Yurio isn't one to let someone use him, and real-life couples have bigger age gaps.

Congratulations! and I agree about Yuri, if Otabek ever tried to hurt him in any way he’d feel the russian fairy’s wrath.

People always imagine the twelve disciples of Christ to be these wise old men with huge beards but I’m rereading the Bible for school and I have a sneaking suspicion that Jesus was about late teenage to mid-twenties when he began His journey and the guys He recruited were about the same age.

And my hell brain plugged eternally to Dragon Age is like…“This is Andraste with the Origins motley crew.”

I love Tyler's mind
  • Interviewer : Why did you shave your hair Tyler ?
  • Tyler : I don't know. I like it. It's not really about what it looks like though. I like the idea of getting rid of something that's been on you for a long time. And you wake up on the next day and you're like " it's not there" and it's a refreshing take on your life after that... it was the deeper emotional connection that I had with my hair that I liked getting rid of.
  • Josh : Everything he does is dramatic.There's nothing that he randomly does.


  • Tyler Joseph: This is my wife Jenna and I love her
  • Tyler talking about Josh: They gave us these helmets so we would stop making out