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Jealous - Jughead Jones

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Hi! Could I possibly get a Jughead imagine where he’s really close to the reader, they practically seem like they’re in a relationship. But he gets jealous when the reader gets asked out on a date by a guy she used to have a crush on and she accepts. (mainly because she had never been on an official date before and she thinks it’ll be nice.)

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I’m sorry it’s so short but I promise it’s real sweet!!!

Y/F/C/N - Your First Crush Name

It was pointless really, to argue with Jughead. He was so stubborn, he would just roll his eyes at whatever you had said and change the subject. This very thing happened when you mentioned that Y/F/C/N had shyly asked you out on a date. You were expecting a, “Be safe and use protection,” line, but what you got was pure anger.

“Why him, Y/N, I thought you had better taste!” You felt your face flush at his words as you looked around the near-empty diner to see if anyone heard. “What’s wrong with you, Jughead,” you whispered, “I just thought it would be nice!” He cocked an eyebrow at you, staring into your face. “Nice? You’re expecting nice from Y/F/C/N?!” You almost couldn’t believe him, if it wasn’t for your strong friendship you wouldn’t have been prepared for this type of reaction. You leaned over the table, peering into his eyes, “Why do you even care?”

“Are you serious Y/N?!” His voice was in a whisper, but you could still hear the hostility. “I care because you’re, you’re my friend,” the hesitation in his voice almost broke your heart. You thought of all the times you’d hang out with Jughead; in school where you would assuredly squeeze his hand when Reggie and his friends would walk past. The numerous times you stayed over at his house, luring yourselves to sleep by talking about everything and anything. One morning, you woke up before him and saw that, during the night, you had moved closer to him and his arm was wrapped around your waist. You felt tears stinging in your eyes as you thought of it all, because at the current moment, it felt like all of those good times were in your head.

“You sure, Jughead? That didn’t sound very convincing,” You pushed away from the table and out of the booth. You walked out of the diner and didn’t look back.

As it turned out, Jughead was right. Y/F/C/N was a jerk, not even remotely nice. The date itself started out okay, but when you arrived at the restaurant, their attitude changed. They acted as if they didn’t even want to be there. Towards the end of the date, they came clean and said that they only asked you out because of a bet with their friends. “Date the freak’s counterpart, that was the deal.” After that, you just stormed out, leaving them in the dust. Now, you were walking home, through the narrow streets of Riverdale. The night sky was covered in stars, not a cloud in sight. It reminded you of the time you and Jughead snuck up on his roof and made up fake constellations.

“That one is obviously Archie’s eyebrow,” Jughead said, pointing up at the sky. You had let out a giggle, “It is!” He turned to you and smiled, staring into your eyes. It grew quiet all of the sudden and the tension built further. “I could say something really stupid right now,” Jughead whispered, his voice weak as if he were nervous. You swallowed, still staring into his blue eyes. “Then say it,” you whispered back, “your kind of stupid is my favorite.” He smiled once more, mouth opening to say something when he was interrupted by his mom yelling. “What are you two doing up there?!”

You smiled at the memory, feeling your heart sink in your chest. You needed to talk to him, if not over the phone tonight, then at school tomorrow. You turned on the small bit of sidewalk that lead up to your house and almost started to laugh. You had auto piloted to Jughead’s house. You walked up the steps of the porch to the door and before you could even knock, it opened. Jughead stood in the doorway, staring at your face. You didn’t saw a word and you leaned in and wrapped your arms around his torso. He placed his arms at your waist, pulling you inside and out of the cold. Neither of you said a word as you walked quietly up to his room. You shed your jacket and placed it on his chair, walking over to his bed to lay down. He carefully shut his door, trying hard not to make a sound and walked over to you. He climbed on his bed, laying on his side to face you. You just stared at each other for a while, until Jughead spoke up. “It didn’t go well?” He asked and you just smiled. “What do you think?” He brushed some hair out of your face and he could see the hurt in your eyes.

“What’s wrong?”  he whispered, and you just shook your head. “I should’ve listened to you, I wasted my first date on that nincompoop.” He let out a breathy chuckle and then he face grew serious. “That was your first date?” You nodded, but he just stared at you. “That only justifies how jealous I was,” he whispered and you raised your eyebrow at him.

“Jealous?” You asked, scooting close to him. He rolled his eyes, “I mean, come on Y/N, you’re it.” You let out a fake, quiet laugh and rolled your eyes. Jughead suddenly sat up, “You don’t believe it?” You sat up alongside him and shook your head, “Whatever it is, I’m not it. It sounds like unimaginable greatness.”

“That’s what you are,” he said, trying to keep quiet, “you’re great, but the best part is…” He leaned towards you, staring into your eyes, “…you’re real.”

It grew quiet as your cheeks blushed when Jughead reached a hand up to your face. Your faces shifted closer until your foreheads rested against each other. You closed your eyes, trying to calm yourself down. “Let me take you on a real first date,” Jughead whispered and you felt your heart flutter. You opened your eyes to find his darting between your gaze and your lips. “Yes,” you whispered back, and you leaned in, brushing your lips to his. He pressed towards you, kissing you for the first time. He had been wanting to do this all along you realized, and that night on the roof was as close as he got until right now. You pulled away, a smile gracing your lips, as well as his. “You were so jealous.”

Time management

I wrote this to fill this anonymous prompt: If you still want Zimbits prompts, I’m an absolute sucker for any Bob and/or Alicia pov with them seeing how happy Jack has become with Bitty and the SMH team. Bonus if this is the first time they’ve met Bitty as Jack’s bf + roughhousing of any sort. Thank you so much! I love your writing soo much I’m subscribed to you on AO3 😄😄💚

It doesn’t quite hit all the marks – this is set before parents’ weekend of year 2, long before they are boyfriends – but I think it’s in the same spirit. I hope you like it!

And I’m always in the market for new Zimbits prompts!

Alicia stepped on the mat and raised her eyebrows at Bob.

There hadn’t been a mat last time she was here, and if there had been, it would have gotten lost in the detritus that had littered the front porch: battered bikes, broken furniture, maybe even a discarded keg that no one had returned for the deposit.

That hadn’t really bothered her; it was right in line with the frat house decor she remembered from her time at Samwell. But now the porch sported functional furniture (mismatched, but still) and showed evidence of recent sweeping. And it had a welcome mat.

Well, actually, the mat said “Welcome, y’all!” in a cheerful cursive script.

“This is new,” she said.

Bobby just grinned. “Didn’t Jack say Bittle – that kid from Georgia – moved in this year?” he said. “Either it’s his, or the boys are chirping him a little.”

“You know very well Bittle – Eric, isn’t it? – moved in,” Alicia said. “Jack practically mentions him more than he does Shitty, and I’ve never met him. That’s half the reason I decided to come with you.”

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Happy Birthday Daddy!

Series- Can’t Help Falling in Love with You 

Relationship:Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: It’s Tom’s birthday and Jaxon gives his gift to Tom followed by the Reader giving him a a surprising gift.

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,) Funny fluffiness, Dad Tom, SO much cuteness.

Word Count: 1,000+ 

A/N: Made the photo edit myself :,)

[Reader’s POV] 

“momma where’s daddy?” your four year old son Jaxon whispers.

“he’s reading in the living room honey” I whisper back leaning down kissing his mop of curls on his head. He’s starting to look like Tom more and more each day. Your heart aching at wanting to have another child.You loved every moment seeing him grow up and being a stay at home mom even if you were sick.

“I wanna give him his gift”Jax whispers looking around holding the bag to his chest. He had red,white and blue tissue paper sticking out. Of course you were the one to help him stick the tissue paper in.

“Careful my little star, you’ll squish your gift” I rub his cheek holding the cake pan with one hand. The tea kettle whistling grabbing my attention. I head over to get Tom’s tea ready. The four of you were spending the morning together. Tessa was sitting in the kitchen waiting for food to drop. She always did that cause at some point I always dropped something. FIlling up Tom and I’s tea cups I set the kettle aside.

“Jax! where are you lil man?” Tom’s voice comes from the living room.  He must have been taking a break from his script. Even on his birthday he got caught up with a script.

“Hold on daddy!” his little body scurries past you out of the kitchen almost making me  spill the tea.

“Shit” I gasp as hot tea hits my thumb.Thankfully it was your cup that spilt a bit and not his.

“Daddy I have a present for you” Jax says holding up his gift to Tom from the doorway. Tom looks up from the script setting it aside.

“Here’s your tea love” I whisper kissing his cheek as I set his tea next to him on the table.

“Thank you darling, I was just about to ask for tea” He smiles pulling you back to kiss your lips. Pecking his lips one more time before pulling away.

“Jax worked very hard for your gift babe” I explain as Jaxon walks forward with Tom’s gift. Sitting across from Tom in your chair. Pulling out your phone you open up instagram to start a live stream. Thankfully it started working just in time.

“C’mon lad let’s see it” Tom grins as Jaxon hands him the gift. Tom pulls out the card setting it on his thigh.

“Daddy do you like the colors?” Jax asks looking up at Tom.

“Only the best colors ever am I right?! Such a great job on the tissue paper” He grins sending a wink your way.

“Daddy,I saved up all my pennies.. I helped mumma with washing Tessa,picked up my toys so you or mumma wouldn’t trip on them an-and my legos so you wouldn’t say swear words anymore so I could get your gift..” Jax smiles sitting down next to Tessa.

“Is that why the swear jar is missing darling?” Tom asks in disbelief looking between your son and the camera.

“Tom he swore in front of me when he dropped his Spider-Man toy down the stairs!” you defend yourself laughing at his reaction.

Shit” Tom muttered.

Thomas!”I glare at him from behind the screen. His eyes looking like a kid in fear. You used your mom voice on him. It always worked on him and Jax. Looking at your screen it was blowing up from comments.

“He said shit mumma!” Jax pointed at his father giggling.

Jaxon Zander Holland” I groan smacking my head with my hand. These two would be the death of me.

“Swear jar, both of you after Daddy opens his birthday gift” your voice stern as Tom groans.He runs his fingers through his hair causing his biceps to move. My attention being slipped away because of that. Hearing a laugh I look back to Tom as he sends me a wink. Opening the card he starts to attempt reading it out loud.

“I know my handwriting isn’t as good as yours daddy so mumma typed a translation for you..” his head drops in embarrassment.

“Your handwriting is better than mine was your age, don’t worry your handwriting will be better in time..” he reaches tilting his chin up.

Daddy, I love you soooooo much just as much as I love Tessa, maybe a little more. You’re Spider-Man but being my dad you’re my number one hero..” Tom’s voice wavers at the end. He has a smile with tears in his eyes.

“Thank you Jax for the lovely message.. Now let’s see what your hard work payed off to.” He wipes the tear away as he opens his gift pulling out the tissue paper.

“Open it up daddy!” Jaxon says excitedly jumping up and down.

“Wowwww look at this! Darling look what he got me” Tom smiles pulling out a Spiderman glove. Attached to it was a silly string can.

“I saw the video of Aunt Zaya spraying you it was funny cause you swore like you do when you step on my legos! I s-saw that glove when I-I went to the store with Aunt Zaya.. now we can play together!” Jaxon goes to his backpack pulling out his own glove.

“Man this is the best , let’s test it out shall we?” His grin grows as he looks over at you. Watching as his hand slips into the glove with ease. Taking the cap off he raises his arm towards you flicking his wrist.

“Tom, you wou-” String hitting you makes you flinch.

“Thomas!!” A laugh escaping my lips as I fumble with my phone. You quickly save the video before setting your phone down.

“Don’t worry I’ll protect you mumma!” Jax jumps in front of you shooting his string.

“Oh my herooo” I place my hand on my heart as Tom gets sprayed with string. Tom gets up heading towards us as Jax takes a Spidey like stance.

“Trying to take my lady away are you lad??” Tom gets up picking him up and onto his shoulder as Jax tries spraying him. Laughter fills your home as Jaxon gets tickled.

“I will get you!” Jax wiggles in his grasp,legs flailing trying to get free.

“Easy there killer, how bout I let you decorate Daddy’s cake? I put all the stuff you need on the table” Picking him up off of his shoulder and setting him down.  He takes off towards the table near the kitchen. Pulling out the chair he climbs on top of it grabbing things in his hand.

“Now that I have your attention, I have a gift well gifts for you actually” You explain kissing from his jaw to his lips. His arms pulling you close to his body, warmth engulfing you.

“Well well well, do I get some mind blowing sex tonight?” he cheekily grins reaching down grabbing my ass. You let out a laugh as you pull back. Walking over you pick up your bag that you set aside earlier.

“Thattttt but, here this is your gift”

    Watching him open it finding the letter inside. His face looks confused as he opens the paper. Eyes moving as he reads the letter, eyes getting big after more reading. Our eyes meet as a cheshire cat grin prominent on his face.

“You’re serious darling? This isn’t some sick joke right?” tears fill his eyes as he places his hands on your cheeks.

“I’m very serious Tom” you let out a little laugh as he places his forehead against yours. Tears slipping down your cheeks. This moment was perfect.

A/N: Stay tuned :,)

Extended Imagine - Sweet Cakes

It was a beautiful spring day - everywhere you looked, flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, and the sun was shining. Standing outside, you could feel the gentle warmth from the rays on your skin. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and you couldn’t think of a single way this day could get any better.

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Prompt: Mathew Grey Gubler smut. You are a guest star on criminal minds and you play a role that involves you kissing a another man, Matthew gets jealous and asks you to come to his trailer and well smut happens if you do this thank you

Pairing: Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

Word Count: 1918 words

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: liked this prompt so much, just had to write it tonight. It’s 3 am and I just finished, so I’m terribly sorry for any spelling mistakes but I’ll have to check them later. Basically the reader is a guest show on criminal minds, playing the love interest of Shemar, when she goes off script and things get more heated as Matthew is watching, and then meets her in the trailer for some revenge. Hope you enjoy! My inbox/ requests are always open xxx


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Upholding Tradition

Warning: I have sinned and it is so not my fault it was surprise Jughead in a kilt. Seriously, who was even expecting that, not me that’s for sure!


“God bless the Andrews’ Scottish heritage,” Veronica sighed dreamily, cupping her chin in her hand as she gazed out across the marquis, dark eyes resting longingly on her husband - as of twenty minutes ago - Archie. Betty threw her friend a knowing look, dipping her chin as a chuckle slipped from her lips.

“You mean God bless Nana Andrews and her insistence that the men in the wedding party wear traditional Scottish dress?” she teased, quirking an eyebrow. Veronica was enjoying the view far too much to blush. She’d never been easily shamed when it came to gratuitous ogling anyway.

“Yes, exactly that,” she replied with a grin. Betty shook her head, laughing at the bride and her newfound appreciation for kilts. Veronica turned to Betty pointedly, lifting a perfectly manicured finger in her direction accusingly. “Don’t act like you’re not just as grateful.”

Betty couldn’t help the shaky exhale that left her mouth as she turned to look at where the groomsmen were congregated around the buffet table. Oh, there was no denying it; Betty Cooper would consider herself forever indebted to Nana Andrews’ wedding contributions.

Her eyes instantly found Jughead among the group, his dark curls falling sexily over his forehead, teeth glinting as he grinned at something Archie had said. Veronica had been surprisingly lenient with many of the details for the wedding party, but what she had drawn the line at was Jughead wearing his tattered old beanie as he escorted her maid of honour down the isle. Jughead hadn’t protested too much; it had been a few years since he’d been so reliant on the knitted headwear for comfort, a fact that made a familiar warmth spread through Betty’s chest.

The top button of Jughead’s shirt had been undone, tie loosened, and crisp sleeves rolled up to his elbows to accommodate the stuffy summer heat that had settled beneath the tent. Betty felt herself flush, for reasons other than the seasonably hot weather altogether, as her gaze continued down further. She took in the pleated tartan, stopping just above where the thick woollen knee socks began.

“My husband is all my teenage Outlander fantasies come true,” Veronica’s words filtered in through Betty’s Jughead-in-formal-wear induced haze. She offered her best friend an offhand laugh, still utterly distracted by the pleasant view. Jughead had grown up well, filled out in all the right places, muscles straining so wonderfully against his dress shirt as he clapped a congratulatory hand on Archie’s shoulder. Betty hadn’t been aware that she’d shared in Veronica’s highlander fantasies, but her betraying body was signalling otherwise.

Jughead caught her eye, sending a soft, timid smile her way over the crowds and suddenly she was pulled back from the edge of imaginations of rough, calloused hands and strong, Scottish winds as she lay beneath her boyfriend on a woollen blanket by a loch…

It was a shame, she thought with a bite to her lip, returning his smile. She rather liked that image.

Jughead excused himself from the group, sauntering over to where Betty was seated, cupping her cheek as he leant down to press his lips to hers sweetly. She hummed into the kiss, taking the opportunity run her fingers lightly through his hair.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look?” he asked when they parted, lips still brushing hers as he spoke. She grinned, bopping his nose affectionately with her own.

“You might have mentioned it once or twice, yeah,” she murmured, sneaking in another kiss. He hummed against her lips, moving to sit in the now unoccupied seat next to her, Veronica having hurried off to attend to more of her duties as bride.

“Just checking.” Betty leant towards him, forearm resting on his shoulder as she played with the short hairs at the nape of his neck.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” Betty told him, voice lowering as she flicked her eyes down his form once more, noting the way his legs were comfortably spread as he sat down. Jughead laughed, shaking his head at his forced attire.

“I still can’t believe I agreed to wear this thing, it’s completely off brand,” he joked, picking up the heavy fabric between his fingers. Jughead looked up when Betty didn’t respond, noticing for the first time the way her cheeks were lightly flushed, pupils dilated, and chest rising and falling a tad faster than usual as she looked him up and down. A smirk crept its way onto his features.

“Betts?” he asked slowly, ducking his head to meet her darkened, unfocused eyes. She snapped them to his own, the deep blue beginning to swirl with mischief.

“Hmm?” she hummed airily.

“Do you… Is this kilt turning you on?” Jughead asked with unconcealed glee in his tone, lowering his voice to a gravelly whisper as Betty’s face turned an entirely new shade of red. Bingo, Jughead thought triumphantly.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she said, refusing to meet his eye - or look anywhere in his direction for that matter. Jughead laughed, throwing his head back in disbelief.

“Betty Cooper has a thing for traditional Scottish dress, who knew?” he taunted, unable to keep the smug expression off his face. He saw the exact moment Betty’s demeanour shifted, his frame stiffening in apprehension. She turned her head towards him with an exaggerated slowness, looking at him from beneath thick, sooty lashes. Jughead wasn’t sure when he became the prey but he certainty was now.

“Did you know,” Betty began, leaning even closer towards him until her lips were against his ear, hand resting on his exposed knee in a gesture that was anything but innocent. Jughead gulped, Betty watching the movement of his Adam’s apple hungrily, his senses completely overwhelmed by her. “That traditionally Scottish men wore nothing underneath their kilts,” she whispered, hand inching further up his thigh until the tips of her fingers were beneath the tartan, rubbing infuriating circles on his heated skin. Jughead flushed, shirt beginning to stick to his back.

“I had heard that,” he stammered, trying to keep his expression as neutral as possible as he felt a familiar twitch in his groin, suddenly thankful for the cover of the long white cloth spilling over the edges of the table in front of them. Betty’s teeth grazed his earlobe, soothing the bite with a flick of her tongue as Jughead’s breath caught in his throat.

“So, did you uphold tradition? I know it’s very important to the Andrew’s family that everything be authentic,” she said in mock seriousness. Jughead bit back a deep groan.

“Never thought I’d have someone trying to put their hand up my skirt,” Jughead tried to quip, but the breathiness of his tone made the humour fall short. Betty smiled sweetly, contrasting the hunger in her eyes.

“Juggie,” she whispered, fingers climbing higher still.

“Afraid not,” he answered, hands clutching at the edges of his chair. “Worried there might be a breeze, and I wanted Nana Andrews to make it through the entire ceremony,” he joked again, earning a light giggle from his girlfriend this time.

Her hand was so close to where he needed her, almost fully hard at this point, before all of a sudden it was gone. He blinked rapidly, lips parted in disappointment as she settled back in her chair.

“That’s a shame,” she said lightly, fingers tapping idly against the rim of her glass. He’s dumbfound for a moment, persistent pressure between his legs not subsiding any.

“What?” he asked lamely. She shrugged casually, peeking at him devilishly from the corner of her eyes.

“It would have been such easy access,” she purred, Jughead momentarily forgetting how to breathe. Betty took in his choked expression, enjoying herself far too much to stop now. And from the slight bulge she could see beneath his kilt as she chanced a look southwards, so was Jughead. “There’s still time to take them off,” she suggested.

Jughead’s cheeks blazed at her implication, but his eyes darted between the table they’re at and the bathrooms that aren’t that far away, nonetheless. Damn, he was actually considering it. He blamed Veronica’s choice of bridesmaids dress, the blue going perfectly with Betty’s skin tone, the tight fabric hugging her every curve until very little was left to the imagination. And the fact that he already knew what lay beneath the dress, well… His legs tensed, ready to get up from his seat.

“You could get me to do anything, Betts,” he mumbled reluctantly in her ear as he rose from his chair, seeing her excited shiver before he’s heading to the bathroom.

It’s a unsettling feeling to walk through a crowded room with an familiar breeze whipping between your legs, Jughead thought, hoping his stride wasn’t too noticeably different as he wandered back towards their table. Everything felt a little too ‘free’ for his liking. However, he had a feeling he wouldn’t mind for much longer.

“This is so ridic- ugh.” His protests were cut short by the feeling of her hand on him beneath the fabric of his kilt; no preamble, no build up, just immediate contact. She felt him twitch beneath her touch as the tip of her index finger rubbed slow circles over his head, feeling the build up of wetness leaking there. Jughead’s breath shallowed considerably as he tried to keep in his moans.

Betty shifted closer to him, hooking her free arm around his neck in a gesture of cute, innocent affection - everything her other hand was currently not.

“Betty,” he whined when her teasing was becoming too much to handle, eyes darting nervously around the crowd as he lifted his hips in a subtle attempt to her her to grip his erection.

She finally conceded, moving her fist in short little jerks against his skin before taking his entire length in, her movements getting faster with each passing second. Jughead tried desperately to stay still, to keep his eyes from fluttering shut, not wanting to draw any unnecessary attention to her little game.

Betty twisted her wrist expertly around the head as she pumped her hand faster, thumb pressing delicately against his slit. It elicited a rumbling groan from deep within Jughead’s chest before he could stop it, coughing quickly in case anyone heard and earning himself an amused giggle from the temptress beside him.

Jughead knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Between Betty’s persistent hand, how turned on he’d been just by looking at her, and the way she was panting quietly in his ear, clearly just as aroused as he was by the exposed nature of the situation, he was going to last far less time than he hoped he was capable of.

“Betts,” he cautioned, tendons in his neck straining against the tanned skin. Her breath hitched.

“Are you close?” she whispered, voice nothing more than a breath.

“Fuck, yes. You have to… I’m gonna…” he stammered, panic rising as he realised he was about to come all over his rented garment.

Betty caught on quickly, hand disappearing at the last second as she grabbed a clean napkin from the table just as the tightened coil in Jughead’s abdomen snapped, pressure releasing as he came into the tissues.

He sat in stunned silence for a while, trying to get his ragged breathing back to normal as he watched Betty tuck the crumpled napkin into her purse to dispose of later. She turned back to him, biting her lip against a wide, pleased grin.

“You seem pretty satisfied with yourself,” he managed to accuse sometime later, forehead still slick with perspiration. She laughed, combing the curls back from his face.

“You look pretty satisfied, too,” she murmured. Jughead shook his head, dipping forwards for a light kiss. “Hey, where did you leave your boxers?” Betty asked suddenly, realising he hadn’t emerged with them.

“Yeah, I should go and retrieve those before anyone finds them,” Jughead grinned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Betty tucked her head into the crook of his neck, hiding her smile. Neither of them moved, enjoying the aftermath of their secret deed.

“Hey, Juggie,” Betty said sometime later, not moving her head from its spot by his ear.

“Yeah, Betts?”

“This dress… it’s so tight. I’m not wearing any underwear,” she breathed. Jughead groaned, stomach clenching all over again. She would be the death of him, and he didn’t mind one bit.

Shower Buddy (10k X Reader) {Smut}

Fandom: Z-Nation 
Pairing: 10k X Reader
Word Count: 2,437
Author’s Note: Takes place in the season 1 episode 6, and pretends that Jacob’s followers and the whole zombie outbreak incident happen a little later than in the show. Also, I’m taking some artistic liberty and pretending that there’s another room like the one Warren and Garnett were in. Also they’ve liked each other for a while but neither have confessed feelings!
WARNING: Smut! (which I still kinda suck at but I’m trying to get better so bear with me)

You fought back laughter as you watched 10k unload weapon after weapon. First, it was his rifle. Then, his slingshot. A somewhat large knife, a small gun, another knife, and another, even larger, knife. Last but not least, the chain 10k kept tucked into his pants.

“Do you feel naked?” You asked teasingly, walking beside him into the cafeteria.


You chuckled to yourself. You listened to Garnett’s old army friend explain that people paid for food by trading for it, but that your group’s first meal would be taken care of by him.

You filled your plate eagerly, grabbing grapes, cherries, some peaches, a roll, anything else that was offered that looked good. You were careful to not take more than was fair, but you were practically starving. You and the others had run out of food days ago.

“Oh my god,” You moaned appreciatively, taking another bite of your peach. “Food has never tasted so delicious.”

You were completely unaware of the light blush that had dusted 10k’s cheeks at your moan. Addy, however, noticed, grinning at 10k as she raised an eyebrow at him. She opened her mouth to speak, but 10k silently pushed some grapes in her direction and she reluctantly fell silent.

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Got7 reaction to gf being short


He found your height cute. Often telling you, that he loved you and your height and on the plus side he got to pinch your butt. And whenever you look search for who it was, Mark would turn away.

“Why are you so tiny?”


JB being the low key person he is would secretly love it but he wouldn’t say it out loud. Whenever he saw climbing on the counter or grabbing a chair to grab something he heart would instant break into a million pieces.

“I feel my heart breaking!”


He literally thought you were an angel brought down from heaven. He would literally worship the ground you walked on. Whenever he saw you trying to grab something he literally turn into Shakespeare.

“She’s doing it again!”

He thought it was hilarious, sometimes hiding things so it would be out of reach and that you would ask him for help. He sit there and drink his tea while you failed at getting something you needed.

“Do you need any help >>>”


He didn’t really think about it that much. Some days he would, some days he wouldn’t. On the days he noticed, he would sit there and wonder why you brought to him and how lucky he was to have you.

“What did I do to deserve you?”


He would tease you daily about your height but not harsh enough that it got you upset, only when you started to get frustrated he stopped. Cause he knows that you don’t play no games.

“Hey penguin.”


Like BamBam, Yugyeom would tease you. Him being the talk giant he is, would bring a ruler with him everywhere and show everyone your height difference. Especially BamBam and Jackson.

“Hyung look at how short >>>.”

The Last Cookies (Elorcan)

Based on a text post I saw that @mywritingbox !!

(PS for those of you who don’t know- Girl Scout cookies are a prized possession among many of us sugar-addicted Americans. They can be hard to come by at certain parts of the year)

Send me a request!


Lorcan had just finished a long day at work, and had been looking forward to watching some mind-numbing TV while cuddled up on the couch with Elide. He pulled onto their street and had to circle the block a few times before a parking spot opened up in front of their apartment. The second he put the truck in park, she came scurrying out the door, barefooted and holding a box of cookies.


There were times when Lorcan questioned his girlfriend’s sanity. And now was definitely one of those times.

She stormed down the steps, onyx hair blown back wildly by the wind barreling down the street. She was dressed in a pair of thin leggings and one of his sweatshirts, her glasses slipping down her thin nose. It was an endearing look for her, Lorcan had to admit. Even if she appeared to be seething mad.

“That’s me,” he said, grabbing his backpack from the seat next to him and shutting the door of his pickup truck.

“I can’t believe you ate the last of the Caramel Delights! Now I have to wait a full SIX MONTHS to order them again!” She waved the empty box in his face as if it would strike fear into him. “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITH THAT?” Lorcan glanced around, noting the curious glances people gave them as they streamed by on the sidewalk.

Lorcan rolled his eyes. “Babe, they’re just cookies. Stop being overdramatic, please.”

But apparently, they weren’t “just cookies.” Elide’s face went slack, utterly shocked by his words.

“Just cookies?” Though her face was carefully blank, Lorcan could sense the anger boiling beneath her skin. Keeping her eyes glued to his, she placed one foot on the bumper of his truck. Knowing where this was going, Lorcan tried to grab her arm and keep her on solid ground, but she slapped his hand away. “Just cookies?”

He groaned as she heaved herself up to stand on the bumper, giving her the opportunity to tower over him. It was something she did quite often when they argued. She was much shorter than he was, and would always climb onto whatever was closest to her- tables, chairs, and even on one occasion, Rowan’s shoulders- to gain some leverage.

He shook his head, extending a hand in her direction. “Come down here Elide, we can talk about this inside.”

“Apologize for eating all the cookies,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest. He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“Elide, please people are staring-“

“No!” she screeched, stomping her foot and glaring at him menacingly. “You ate all my cookies and you knew they were my favorite.” She pouted her lip, trying her best to look like a sad puppy.

“Note to self,” he muttered, slinging his bag over his shoulder and turning to walk away. “Never eat Elide’s cookies- Gah!” His keys clattered to the pavement, hands instinctively latching onto her legs as she jumped onto his back.

Her muscled arms wrapped around her neck, one hand still holding the empty box. “Say you’re sorry!” People were staring in earnest now, some stopping to watch the progression of their argument. He abandoned his keys on the sidewalk and tried making his way to the steps.

“Elide, look I’ll buy you some more-“ Her slim fingers poked at his chest angrily, and suddenly all the anger and embarrassment flooded out of him and was replaced with laughter. So much rage contained in such a tiny frame.

Gods, she was cute when she tried to be angry.

“That’s not the same- don’t laugh at me!” She tightened her legs at his waist, as if that would stop his laughter. It only served to fuel it though, and he couldn’t help it. Laughter bubbled out of him as her fists pounded against his chest, finally causing him to relent.

“Okay, okay! I’m sorry.” He reached the steps, and she reluctantly let him set her down in front of their door.

“Sorry for what?” she implored, arching a brow.

“I’m sorry for eating all your cookies.” Placing his hands on her hips, he pulled her closer. “Can you forgive me?” A smirk pulled at the corner of his lips, and she huffed.

“I’m seriously not happy with you,” she pouted, though her eyes softened a bit as she looked up to him. Lorcan leaned down to kiss her forehead, taking the empty box from her iron grip and tossing it to the trash bin on the porch.

“I think I can make it up to you,” he purred, one hand sliding to cup her bum.

Elide gasped innocently, eyes going wide and she swatted his arm. “There’s people right there!”

“You didn’t care about that five minutes ago when you were screaming about girl scout cookies.”

“That’s different!”

“Then let’s take this inside.”

Brushing her hair over a shoulder, he dipped his head to kiss her neck. A tiny moan squeaked out of her, and Lorcan let out an amused laugh as she fumbled to open the door.

my PERSONAL headcanon with yugi is that he hATES getting picked up. it’s just a reminder that people see him as really fvcking short. and he gets really proud of himself when he manages to pick someone else up. he fights valiantly to be big spoon. insists (politely) on leading when dancing. climbs up on the counter-tops rather than face the indignation of getting a chair or stool. would rather jump up and down fruitlessly when trying to see something instead of just asking one of his tall friends to give him a boost/let him sit on their shoulders.

Lovingly yours-NewtxReader

A/N: Someone requested either Newt, Stephen or Jack being spoiled. And I haven’t done Newt in a while, so here y'all are. Hope you like anon!!! ❤️ Short and sweet.

Originally posted by xoxoeddie


Newt sat at his desk, head bowed against his palm as the quill moved quickly along the parchment. He looked stressed, exhausted, and so unlike the usual mirthful wizard you came to love. Work had been hectic for the magizoologist lately, with the new discovery of another magical creature and all. And Newt had hardly slept a wink the past week. You felt for him, truly you did, and as desperate as you were to make his life just a tad easier, you didn’t want to interfere too much.

“Come on now, Pickett…rather busy.”

You grinned at the two of them, watching as Newt held a hand up for the bowtruckle to clamber onto. It was clear Pickett had no intention of leaving the wizard’s side, but you knew he had much to get done, so with a soft sigh you pushed open the door to his study.

“Pickett, leave him be.”

Newt glanced up when your sweet voice hit his ear, and his lips stretched into a smile, his green eyes lightning up. He always enjoyed your company, and he couldn’t help but feel that familiar guilt of overworking himself and neglecting you. Though you always said it was fine, he could tell you wanted more time with him, like he so badly wanted with you.

“Hello, darling.”

He beamed, reaching out as he dropped his quill and Pickett gently down on the desk. He grabbed your hand in his, kissing the back of it, and pressing his lips upon your knuckles before pulling you into his lap. You giggled softly, wrapping both arms around his neck before looking down at his latest writings. You pushed some pages away, barely understanding any of the terms or scientific topics he went over. But, you admired it nonetheless, knowing he was more than capable of adequately describing his latest discovery.

“Almost done, dear?”

“Not quite, my love.” Newt rested his cheek against your shoulder, closing his drained eyes momentarily. It was far too tempting to lay like this, and sleep was no doubt creeping up on him. But, despite the overwhelming need to lift you in his arms and take you both to bed, he lifted his head and rubbed at his eyes.

“Just another hour, darling. I promise to-”

“Nonsense.” You playfully scolded, kissing his forehead and running a hand through his messy locks. You knew how important this was to him, he could rest later. Of course you wanted him to reenergize, but you also knew how much unfinished work troubled the wizard. “I’ll make you some tea, mend the fire, and cook you a lovely meal. And you-”

You kissed his cheek, hugging him to you as you continued your appreciation for him. “Will continue your very important work, because those creatures out there need you more than I do right now.”

Newt looked amused at that, raising an eyebrow as he pulled you close and left tender kisses upon your neck. That same playful touch behind them making you blush, and bite your lip.

“So you don’t need me, my love?” He said, nuzzling your cheek lovingly. You knew he was just teasing, but there was a spirited meaning behind it. As if he was suddenly more interested in you than the papers scattered along his desk.

“Newt…” You pushed at his chest, climbing off his lap and picking up his empty cup of tea. “Continue with that, and you won’t be getting any work done.”

He laughed, turning in his chair as he watched you leave the room, eyes roaming down your body. “I’ll try to finish fast then.”

“Earl Gray?” You shook the mug in your hand, smiling back at him.

He simply returned the gesture, tired eyes sparkling with love as he answered. “Earl Gray.”


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Only friendship? Chris Evans x reader 3/?

Summary: You and Chris have been best friends for years now but what happens if someone catches feelings? Will it destroy your friendship and what is going to happen to your 3 year old daughter?

Pairing: Chris Evans x reader 

Warnings: There is nothing more beautiful than fluffy Chris so here he is. Next chapter will contain a few more warnings but you´ll see :)

Part 1 Part 2 

Originally posted by sobpalavras

“I´ve got a call from the estate agent and he said me and Darcy can move into the house after we´ve finished Infinity War.” You said as you and Chris were sitting on a bench in front of a playground while Darcy was being her toddler self simply running around and having fun. 

“Really? This is amazing are you going to do it?” Chris looked at you and saw the soft smile on your lips, as you breathed out deeply so that your shoulders dropped before you turned to the side so that you were facing him. “Seward and New York..quite a distance I don´t know if this is really something I want Darcy going through. She would miss my parents, her uncles and aunts and especially you Chris.” 

“Only Darcy would miss me?” Chris asked with a grin as you softly punched his shoulder which caused him to laugh. “I would miss you the most you dork.” You scooted closer and hugged his left arm so that you could put your head on his shoulder. 

“I want you to be happy Y/N. How long do we know each other now? Enough for me to know that one of your biggest dreams is a lake house somewhere in Alaska. There is always someone going to be unhappy with the decisions you make but you have to think of you first. Darcy is a brave little girl and I think some distance from all the publicity would be good for her.” 

You lifted your head and stared at Chris being surprised how much he cared for you. Of course you were best friends and this was a normal reaction but for some reason it was different this time. He was right this was your dream for so many years now and you can´t please anyone but simply looking at Chris made you feel sad and guilty only thinking about leaving him here and probably seeing him less than once a month. 

Both of your thoughts were interrupted by Darcy who ran towards the two of you and threw a bunch of leaves right into both of your faces. “Ohh you little rascal causing trouble again huh? Well wait till I catch you!” Chris exclaimed between giggles as Darcy screamed and ran away, Chris right behind her. 

You were watching them while removing the leaves from your coat, a soft smile forming on your lips. How can one single man be such a pure soul? There are no other words than “angel like” that could describe Christopher Robert Evans better than that. As both of them suddenly were no where to be seen you wanted to look around and suddenly felt  more leaves being thrown onto your head covering you completely. 

Turning around you saw Chris holding Darcy in his arms both pointing at each other trying to blame the other but judging by Chris dorky grin you knew that it could only be him. “Princess I think I have to run for my life or your mummy´s revenge will get me.” 

“Oh right you should.” Chris put Darcy onto the bench and started to run with you right behind him. Sure he was way faster than you but all of the adrenaline in your body allowed you to run a pace to easily keep up with him. 



Both of you kept running as the energy left you and you had to stop to take a deep breath. “They definitely picked the right person to play Captain America.” You said breathing heavily as Chris jogged over to you and you took the opportunity and jumped into his arms causing both of you to fall back onto the floor with you laying on top of him. 

“That was unexpected.”

“Oh really? Take that Evans!” You sat up and grabbed a bunch of leaves, throwing and smearing them all over his face. “No. Stop! Stop!” You continued and all of the sudden he grabbed your arms and turned you around so that he was the one straddling you.

“Yes of course let´s play this game unfair.” Chris laughed as you tried to wiggle out of his grip so he simply took your arms and placed them above your head, his face only inches away from his. His hot breath was touching your skin and it was like the world was completely still for a moment until s certain toddler jumped on top of you both. 

“Chris is too strong for you mummy.” She touched Chris arm causing you and Chris to laugh. “Well maybe we should get something to eat to make me strong. What do you think about that?”

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Guardian (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongdae / Baekhyun

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,982

Summary:  You keep seeing the same guy everywhere you go. In the coffee shop, on the streets, in your philosophy class. It’s getting to the point where you think he’s stalking you - only to realize that maybe there’s something much more mysterious at play here. (AU: Chen is your guardian angel)

Originally posted by desiresehun

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Starry Nights

by lia from @rebclprincess

A/N: So sorry this took so long!! I’ve been procrastinating like crazy, but I’m pretty proud of this one.

Warnings: None? Some curse words I think.  Kudos to anyone who finds the Moana reference.

The base on D'Quar was never quiet. Even in the middle of the night, there was always a mission going on, some adventure that needed to begin. Your room was fairly close to the hangar, allowing lots of excess noise to float through the cracks. The taking off of X-wings was now a soothing sensation to you, reminding you that you were a part of something bigger than yourself. On this night, you had been attempting to sleep for hours, with no luck. Tossing and turning, you had tried (and failed, obviously) to drift off to sleep. Staring up at the ceiling above your bed, you counted the shadows of incoming ships instead of sheep. Finally, after the 37th ship had landed, you sat up, and padded to your door, opening it to reveal a hall, all the doors with lights off. The farther you crept down the corridor, all the doors were still silent and pitch-black. At the end of another hall, one door’s light was still on, creeping out in the space below the door frame. You knocked softly on the door. A few seconds later, the door opened to reveal a very tired and very disheveled Poe Dameron, your best friend. He smiled the same cocky smile he had flashed a thousand times before.

“Heya, Y/N. What can I do for you?”

“Can’t sleep. Seems you’re in the same boat.”

He ran a hand through his already messy hair, and shrugged.

“I was just finishing up some repairs.”

You yawned quietly and wrapped your thick cardigan closer around you.

“Got something to offer a girl?”

“As a matter of fact… I do.”

He stepped farther into his room and pulled his boots on. You sat on the edge of the small couch you had forced him to get, insisting it would come in handy. He tied the last lace up and looked at you.

“Jesus, Y/N, did you not change? You’re still wearing your flight boots.”

You looked down at the worn boots and shrugged.

“It was a long day.”

He just shook his head and took your hand, leading you through the maze of halls. You finally emerged on the hangar. The cold wind whipped through the pair of you. You pulled your sweater tighter around you, now grateful for it. He led you to his ship, marked by its orange and black paint. You stopped, realizing something.

“Poe, wait.”

He turned around, “What is it, Y/N? Are you alright?”

“Are we going to your ship?”

“Uh, yeah, why?”

“Your ship only fits one.”

He shrugged, “You can sit on my lap. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

You blushed as he turned around and headed towards the ship.

“Poe Dameron, I swear you’ll be the death of me.”

He laughed quietly, but you couldn’t see how red he was.

Poe climbed the ladder to his cockpit and sat in the pilot’s chair. You slowly followed behind him, trying not to turn red again. You gently sat on his lap, trying not to put all of your weight on one spot, that spot. He crossed the seatbelt across the two of you pushing you closer to him. You could feel his erratic heartbeat on your back, sure that yours was just as quick.

“Are you sure this is safe?”

He laughed, “Sweetheart, I could fly this ship in my sleep.”

“Don’t call me sweetheart.” you mumbled.

“What was that sugarplum snugglebear?”

You laughed quietly, “Sweetheart is fine.”

He pulled this ship out of its hangar and took off, as smooth as takeoffs could be.

It seemed like only a few seconds before you landed in a small field, surrounded by jungle, with large hills in the distance. The night above was gorgeous, with hundreds of glittery stars, like a wealthy women’s necklace.

You stepped out first, stretching your sore muscles. The air here smelled fresher than you were used to. The jungle looked inviting and bright. You could see a beach on one side through the foliage, with clear blue water and white sand. Poe saw your gaze directed towards the water, but lead you in the opposite direction, towards the hills. You trudged through a worn path and emerged at the foot of the hill to reveal a cave, dimly lit by something glowing at the end of the tunnel.

 You stepped through the open hole and crept down the path, sloping down, ending in a flat sandy patch an a blue pool, lit by glowing crystals in the ceiling and under the water. The small crystals imbedded in the ceiling resembled a starry night. You stared upwards, amazed by this natural wonder Poe had brought you to.

“Beautiful isn’t it?”

Poe stood behind you, his face dimly lit by the crystals, making him seem mysterious and foreign, though you had seen that same face a thousand times.

“It’s safe.” He said suddenly said.

“What is?”

“The pool.”

“Oh. But I don’t have anything to swim in.”

He cocked an eyebrow, “Not a problem.”

He took off his Resistance shirt revealing toned abs, lined with scars.

“Jesus, Poe.”

“Ah, come on Y/N, it wouldn’t be the first time.”

You shook your head, but pulled off your shirt anyway. Next came your flight pants and boots, the same for him. There you stood before each other, exposed.

“You’re beautiful.” He murmured.

You barely caught his words, but blushed and turned around, tucking your boots and clothes away onto a rocky alcove. Of course you had chosen today to wear a matching bra and panties, both sky blue. You turned back to Poe and grinned wildly.

“Are you just gonna stand there and check me out or get in the damn water?”

Poe laughed and dove into the pool. He emerged out of the water and pushed his soggy hair back, flashing that same grin he had only an hour ago, back at base.

“Jump in!”

You laughed and crossed your arms across your chest.

“Nu-uh flyboy”

He grabbed your wrists and pulled you in. You shrieked as you hit the warm water.

You surfaced, pushing your wet hair out of your eyes.

“Poe Dameron! You’re gonna regret that.”

You splashed him right as he began to talk. He coughed as the water hit his face.

“Ooh Y/N, not a great choice.”

He grabbed your legs and pulled you up in his arms, bridal style. You playfully pushed at his shoulders, giggling.

“Put me down!”

“Nope, sorry sweetheart.’

He dove into the water, you still in his arms. After a second or two, he resurfaced, laughing at the murderous look in your eyes. He gently sat you down and crossed his arms.

"Aw, come on Y/N, I was just joking.”

You pushed your soggy hair away from your face and stared him down.

“Y/N, I didn-”

You interrupted him by bringing your hands down on the water between you two, sending a wave over him. He coughed for a second, but laughed and splashed back at you. Suddenly, you were splashing each other with no mercy, barely catching your breath between splashes and laughs. Abruptly, he stopped and pulled you close to him, kissing you deeply. Immediately, you laced your fingers through the hair at the base of his neck. He wrapped his arm around your waist, the other cupping your cheek. When it seemed it ould last forever, he pulled back gasping for air. You dropped your hands from his hair but his hand still remained on your waist.

“What was that all about?” You asked. You could still feel his lips on yours, his thumb tracing your jaw.

“The light, you looked absolutely gorgeous.” His voice was huskier than usual.

It was all you could do to keep from launching yourself at him, so you stood on your tiptoes, capturing his lips. You swallowed the surprised breath he let out, savoring the way he tasted, like vanilla and ocean water. He gripped your waist harder than before, like he was afraid you might swim away. Finally, you pulled back and took in his chocolate brown eyes, staring adoringly at you.

“Poe Dameron, you never cease to surprise me.”

“That’s what I do, sweetheart.”

“What, kidnap women and kiss them half-naked in caves?”

He chuckled and pulled himself out of the pool, standing above you on the rock. He reached out a hand and helped you out beside him. You picked up your clothes but stopped.

“You didn’t bring towels, did you?”

He shook his head, but you laughed.

“Guess we’ll just have to dry off on that beach.”

He picked up both of the bundles of clothes and tucked them in his pack. Poe took your hand and lead you out of the cave, through the jungle and to the beach with the white sand and clear water you had seen earlier. You felt more tired by the step, the adrenaline wearing off. You were barely awake when you finally reached the edge of the sand. You collapsed by the water, grasping the rough sand between your fingertips. 

He kneeled down beside you and asked,“You okay, Y/N?”

You leaned back, resting your weight on your arms, “Just…” You yawned, “Tired.”

He laid down beside you and turned his face towards yours. You laid back, resting your head on his outstretched arm. You scooted closer to him and sighed. He smelled like oil and cinnamon, comforting, like home. The night above had gotten lighter, with clouds just above the horizon shining with a hint of sun below.

He turned to face you, and you felt his nose barely brushing against yours.


“Yeah?” You whispered, barely audible.

‘I’m kind of in love with you?“

You laughed quietly, your warm breath tickling Poe’s cheek.

"Good.” You said, “Because I’m kind of in love with you too.”

He kissed you as gently as kisses could be. You leaned back on his arm and stared at the sky, the sun rising up from below the clowds, just above the horizon. The swirls of orange, purple, pink and gold snaking through the light blue sky. You closed your eyes and slowly drifted off into the slumber you had desperately wanted a few hours ago.

Poe kissed your forehead gently and nuzzled his nose against yours.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I know.”

King & Queen of Gotham -Requested

Request : Hi, I was just wondering if you’d be able to write something where the reader is a fan of Jerome and has been obsessed with him since he first came into the press, ad then he finds out about her and finds her in her house where maybe he makes her is ‘queen’ or something? Also could she be plus size please? Many thanks! X

Hope you like it! xx

Message any Requests x

Originally posted by lovelylittledarkthings

I’ve always had an infatuation with Jerome. He had this confidence that I admired. He acted as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Since he died, I ran around with that cult who was obsessed with him for a while. I knew that they were going to try to resurrect him but I also knew that somewhere they would fuck up so I started doing my own thing. My assumption was correct and I found that out when I saw that dick Dwight on the news with Jerome’s face over his.

Rolling my eyes I shut off the television and left to find something or someone to keep me busy. You see, Jerome’s story is much like mine. My father used to beat me and touch me, and I never really had the strength to take him down until a few months ago. When I killed him I felt a power I never had before. I felt stronger and more alive. Since that night I lure men to my apartment and usually kill them slowly. Most of them just think it’s kinky when I tie them to a chair but when I pull out my blade I see the lust in their eyes change to fear.

No one ever suspects the quiet, chubby girl. That’s what us plus size girls have in common, most people think we’re shy and weak. But we hold more power than everyone else. Leading a strange man to my house, I smirk as he keeps his eyes everywhere except my face. He grips my waist and starts kissing my neck. Walking inside he throws his jacket onto the floor and I back him into the living room. Once he falls into the chair that has taken so many lives before him, I begin to strap him down. He smirks,

“Damn baby, I didn’t think you got down like this.” I roll my eyes before climbing off of him. “No one ever does.” I respond before taking off my jacket, leaving me in a white tank top and shorts. Walking across the room I find my favorite blade before walking back. Once he opened his eyes and saw the blade his smirk falls.

“What type of shit is this? I don’t do knife play.” He spoke angrily, trying to move his arms. I laughed out loud.

“I never asked if you did Darlin’. And by the way, that chair is reinforced. But please, by all means try to get out. I like the chase.” I begin to smile and laugh as he tried to move. I climb back on top of him and run the blade across his chest. Pressing down in some places to see the blood poke it’s way above his skin. He screams out in pain. I smirk before looking up at him.

“Awh, baby what’s wrong? You look so sad. Maybe I should make you happy again.” I speak slowly, putting my blade inside his mouth before cutting at the corners. “There, now you’ll be happy forever.” I begin laughing uncontrollably before I hear a knock at my door. My eyes widen in panic as the man starts to scream for help.

“Sorry to cut this short darlin’.” I quickly say before I slit his throat and stab my knife into his chest. I take a few deep breaths before walking to my door. I quickly fix my hair, my tank top has blood splatters on it but I could easily lie and say its ketchup.

Opening the door I see a man with his head down, dressed in a GCPD uniform. My breath catches in my throat and I smile. “Can I help you officer?” I try to say in a sweet voice.

“Y/N L/N?” The man speaks in a gruff voice, still looking down.

“Yes sir. Is there a problem?” I ask smiling, silently wishing I changed my shirt. 

The man took off his hat and he started to look up. That’s when I saw the scars around his face.

“Jerome Valeska. I’ve heard so many amazing things.” He smiles and held out his hand. You take it and begin to laugh.

“I thought Dwight was a dumb ass but it looks like he actually got something right.” Jerome laughs at your response before walking into your apartment. Following the trail of clothing he finds the man in your living room, now dead.

“Oooh. Looks like you were busy.” He smiles a crazy smile before turning to me.

“He would still be alive. I like killing slowly. If you kill them too fast, then what’s the point?” I smile at him before taking my blade out of the mans chest. “So.. Is there a reason you came here?” I ask before sitting on the couch, wiping the blade on my shirt.

“As you must know, now that I’m back I need to take Gotham by a storm.” Jerome speaks wildly, waving his hands in the air.

“Then why don’t you go find your followers? Most of them will throw themselves in front of a bus for you. You’re like their Messiah.” I smirk, looking up at him. He smiles.

“That’s good to know, but they’re sloppy. You, on the other hand, know what you’re doing. And you enjoy it. You’re free. And for me to be King of Gotham I must need..” He trails off, smiling. “A Queen.” I finish for him, standing up to look him in the eye.

“Exactly!” He begins to laugh uncontrollably. I smiled before joining him. Eventually he stopped and held my face in his hands.

“So gorgeous.. Whaddya say?” Jerome speaks, looking deep into my eyes. I smirked, “Let’s do it. We’ll rule this shitty town.”

He smiled at my response before pulling me into a kiss. And that was the start of us. The King and Queen of Gotham. We wrecked havoc all across the city. There wasn’t one person who didn’t know our names. Criminals envied us, citizens feared us. There was nothing we couldn’t do as long as we had each other.

This is shorter than I hoped it would be. Let me know what you all think! xx

Alicia is P.O.T.U.S - Promises

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

Eric wouldn’t say he’s not excited about work the next morning but there’s a weight to his shoulders that wasn’t there even when he spilled his latte down his shirt.  He supposes he should be thankful for small favours that it’s not Francis weighing him down for once, but knowing it’s how his meeting with Jack went the other is of little to no consolation.

He knows he didn’t do anything wrong.  Well, okay, maybe outing himself was wrong but it’s not like he can legally get fired for being gay, and he doesn’t suspect it’s a possibility given that Alicia Zimmermann was firmly for the gays when she presented that GLAAD award.  Of course during her political run she was decidedly less outspoken about her lgbtq opinions than people wanted her to be but that’s how politics is.  And really, Eric’s made his peace with it seeing as Alicia hasn’t tried to take away his basic human rights since stepping into office.  So no, it won’t be the administration that fires him but that doesn’t mean Jack can’t request another social media manager.  He doesn’t know on what grounds he’d have for dismissing Eric but it wouldn’t really matter because a president’s son trumps a lowly press employee.

Eric’s been kicking himself ever since for bringing it up.  Jack gave him an easy out, as it were, to blame his accent but Eric heard Chris’ voice in the back of his head about Jack Zimmermann being into guys and he was so giddy with relief that Jack wasn’t the stand offish robot always portrayed in the media, and was actually a nice guy who knew how to smile with his whole face, that he didn’t stop to think.

Eric realises he’s spiralling.  In an effort to try and climb back up from the hole he’s almost sitting at the bottom of he buys a sweet tea and a bagel with strawberries and cream cheese.  He bites into it and misses the hint of banana.

His butt hits the bottom of the hole.

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His Muse (M)

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Smut

A/N: Just like Admin Kook told me earlier…I’m very tasty for Namjoon, and I am proud of that! I love his tan tall goodness (my heart can’t take it most of the time)Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!!

-Admin Moon


I stretched and opened my eyes, the heat in our bed remained. I was surprised, Namjoon usually got up well before I did. I rolled over to face him, “Good morning.” Namjoon gaze scanned my body. “Good morning, Muse.” I stretched again and rolled over to burrow myself between him and the bed. I leaned in and kissed his chest, snaking my tongue out to taste him. “You getting up or are you going back to bed?” He ran his hand down my back and grabbed my ass. “Is there some reason I need to get up?” I peeked up at him. “No. Stay in bed all day if you want.” He rolled away, but I clung to him. “Stay with me, please.” I whined.

“I can’t. I have work to do.” He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it. I fell back on the bed. “You could help me, though,” he said. “I can? With what?” I perked up. “Come on down, and I’ll show you.” Namjoon stood up stretched, and slid down his boxers as he walked toward the bathroom. I admired the view from behind, I loved everything about him. He came out a few minutes later dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and black slippers. He looked so good first thing in the morning. He kneeled on the bed and kissed me, like he usually did. I slipped my tongue into his mouth to taste more, but he ended the kiss. That was strange. Usually, he would make out in bed with me before he left. Had our honeymoon period worn off already?

We had been living together in our new house for a couple weeks. And although we had plenty of sex, we hadn’t played for awhile. I opened my mouth but didn’t have a chance to say anything before he grabbed his phone off the nightstand and headed toward the door. “Take your time and meet me in the music room,” Namjoon yelled from the hallway. I laid in bed, with my thoughts flying all over the place. I needed to stop second guessing everything, Namjoon loved me with all his heart. I threw the covers off and made my way to the bathroom. I picked out my curls, brushed my teeth. I pulled on a pair of leggings and one of Namjoon’s sweatshirts, and went to find him.

I stepped into the kitchen and saw that he left a cup of tea on the counter in my favorite mug. He did it every morning, and it made me smile every day. I drank my tea as I slipped on my slippers sitting near the door and went outside. I ran to the door of the music room and knocked before slipping inside. Namjoon sat at his desk, writing away. I leaned over his shoulder to see what he was working on, pressing my body up against his. “You come to distract me?” Namjoon asked. “Yep,” I said and kissed the back of his neck. “Give me a second.” He wrote a few more words, as I worked harder to distract him. I reached down and ran my hand over his cock. He grew hard in my hand. “You are impossible.”

He spun in his chair, took my tea out of my hands, and wrapped his arms around me. He squeezed me tight. I squealed from being manhandled, I loved having his undivided attention. He nuzzled my neck with his nose and kissed me, tasting my skin. “What did you want to show me?” I said, hoping to hurry him along, so we could finish this and go back to bed. “Since you’re so impatient,” he nibbled on my neck, ” I guess I’ll just have to make you wait.“ I narrowed my eyes. He stood up and walked over to the drop cloth covering something in the middle of the music room. I never noticed the piece of furnisher before he pointed it out. He pulled the drop cloth off with a flourish. My eyes grew wide with disbelief.

It was a throne, which hit me just above my bellybutton. I’d have to climb into it, but the back was low. "Wow!” I ran my hands across the surface. "When did you get this?”

“A few months ago.” He rubbed a spot with his thumb. “It’s a very special chair.” He said as he chuckled. “Who’s it for?” I asked, as my insides began to tingle. “…It’s for you.” Namjoon gave me a mischievous grin, I narrowed my eyes. “Well, mainly for me,” he winked, “but you’ll enjoy it, too. You want to try it out?” I studied the chair. His eyes took on that dark color that made my mouth water. I could look into his eyes forever and never get tired of the way he looked at me. “Yes, Sir.” It was the most appropriate answer. He grinned. “Take off your clothes.”

I pulled off my sweatshirt and draped it across his desk. Next, I removed my leggings and panties. When he told me to do something, I did it. It wasn’t about seduction, It was about obedience. Namjoon snaked his hand around my neck and squeezed, he leaned over and kissed me. I opened for him, “You taste good, Muse.” He kissed my neck. “Thank you, Sir.” I soaked up his praise. He turned us around and backed me up toward the chair. My lower back hit the chair first. Namjoon leaned over, picked me up, and set me down. The surface was smooth against my ass.

He flipped up a small cut-out on each of the armrest. A chrome metal bracket secured a small, thick D-rings to the arms of the chair. Namjoon handed me a box, and I wasted no time opening it. Inside was a set of black wrist and ankle cuffs lined in a shiny black cloth. I giggled as I brought the leather up to my lips. “You like them?” he asked. “I love them. Thank you.” Namjoon put the set of cuffs on my wrist and ankles. He secured the wrist cuffs to the D-rings on the armrest. I tested them, and the metal was strong. Namjoon moved behind me. “Lean back.” As I did, the back lowered and the arms rest adjusted. I sat reclined. Namjoon came around to the front, and two more little compartments flipped out, and he set my feet on each of them.

He then fastened the ankle cuffs to the legs of the chair. I sat in the chair exposed and open, ready for him. He ran a hand down my thigh and slapped it. I yelped and pulled against the restraints. “How do you feel?” he asked. “Secure.”

“You cold?” He asked concerned. “No, Sir.” I replied. “Good.” He took his fingers and slid them over my pussy. He dipped a finger in and pulled it out and brought it to his mouth. I swallowed as he sucked my juices from his fingers. “Now sit here and be quiet while I get some work done.” Namjoon turned toward his table. I giggled, waiting to hear the punch line. He sat down and ran his pencil over his pad. “Sir,” I said. “Quiet, Muse. I’m busy.” He grunted. “But how long am I going to have to sit here?” I asked, teasingly. “As long as it pleases me,” he said without turning toward me. He said it so matter of factly, like he always tied women up in his music room while he worked. I tested the restraints, they were secured tight. He set down his pencil and let out a frustrated sigh. “You aren’t going to let me work, are you?” He asked. “I’m sorry, Sir.” I lowered my eyes. “I guess I’ll have to incentivize you to be quiet and still.”

He spun around and reached into a cabinet to his left. He pulled a small shallow box. He sat it on the table in my line of sight. He stalked back over to me. I bit my lip to keep from laughing. His face was playful but serious. He winked and ran his hands up and down the inside of my thighs. He shoved two fingers into my pussy. It caught me off guard more than anything, but it felt so good. He moved them around, in and out. He pressed another hand on my stomach and the pad of his fingers pressed against my g-spot repeatedly.

I forgot to breathe. I literally could not catch my breath…and then Namjoon stopped. I gasped in air as he removed his hands from my body. He licked his fingers, my mouth watered. I licked my lips. He turned back to his desk. “If you want to know what’s in the box and IF you want to come today, give me thirty minutes of peace and quiet.“ Namjoon picked up his pencil and moved it across the paper. My chest heaved, and my pussy throbbed. I looked between the clock, the box, and Namjoon, thirty minutes.

I could do thirty minutes, no problem. Thirty minutes and he would give me a present and have his hands on me. I gulped in more air, settled back on the chair, and said. "Yes, Sir.”


Who was I kidding? I couldn’t work with her nakedness distracting me. She hadn’t noticed the mirror sitting opposite of her across the room. Her gaze too distracted by the box. I could see her without her noticing. She squirmed in the chair. I brought her to the edge and stopped. The sudden loss of my touch had made her cry out, and my dick ached it was so hard. She tried to move, to get more comfortable, but the chair wasn’t made for comfort. I looked down at the clock. It moved excruciatingly slow. I smiled and continued to watch my muse in my new toy. If she said something, I would get to punish her, and that would result in me touching her. If she didn’t, if she sat like a good sub, then I’d get to watch her come. Again, win for me.

Either way, I’d give her the gift. She deserved it. The leather cuffs squeaked as she moved again. “Muse.”

“Sir.” She said my name with attitude, her tone laced with anger. “Sit still,” I yelled. She yelped and lowered her head and sat still. “Good girl.” I watched the clock and went back to my lyrics. I wanted to write a song about this moment and us, just for her ears only. She would love it, when she got to hear. A few months ago, when we sat in her apartment joking about having sex rooms and BDSM furniture. It was where I got the idea. I had extra space of the music that I planned on transforming into our playroom, but I hadn’t shown it to her yet. I planned to show it to her today after we had a little fun first. I looked at the clock again, and took a deep breath. Five more minutes to go.

I looked up, she had found the mirror. I set my pencil down and watched. She licked her lips. Careful to not make a sound, she opened her legs wide for me. She flexed her fingers and her toes as if warming up for what was about to happen. She rolled her head on her shoulders and laid her head back and closed her eyes. “What are you thinking about, Muse?” I asked. “Thinking about you fucking me, Sir.” She bit her lip and grinned. “You are my little slut, aren’t you Muse?” I grinned back. I propped my chin in my hands and stared. “Yes, Sir.” I picked up the box and turned in my seat. She opened her eyes, “How do you want me to fuck you?” I held my hand out. “Every way imaginable,” she answered in a new seductive tone. It hit me in the chest. “I have a pretty vivid imagination.” I nodded.

“I’m counting on it, Sir.” She replied. “You want to know what’s in the box?” I asked. She nodded with a greedy smile. I flipped off the top and grabbed one end of the thick platinum chain and slowly pulled it out of the box. Her eyes grew wide, and for first time she went still. Her fingers gripped the chair. I dropped the box and grabbed the other end of the chain. A small heart tag attached in the middle. I held it up for her to read. “Namjoon,” she whispered and blinked away tears. The tag said My Muse on the front. I flipped it over and showed her always & forever on the back. She licked her lips. “Always and forever.” She nodded.

I walked behind the chair. I draped the chain around her neck and secured it. Goose bumps popped out on her skin. I snaked my fingers inside the chain and pulled. She leaned her head back and I kissed her. I looked at the clock again, and technically, I made her talk, so it didn’t count, but time was up. I stood up and removed my t-shirt. I unbuttoned my jeans. She watched as they fell to the ground. I stood in front of her, stroking my cock as I watched her take me in. She could make me come by eye fucking me. I slapped my cock against her pussy, and she jerked away.

I rested my hand on her thigh and pulled her back to the end of the chair. I slapped her pussy with my hand. She yelped but didn’t move. Her lust filled gaze locked on me. She looked amazing, wearing my collar. I lowered myself and kissed her hard, shoving my tongue

in her mouth. I pulled on her collar so her head wouldn’t bounce off the chair. I stood close enough for my cock to rest between her pussy lips. With my other hand, I slapped her thigh again. She yelped in my mouth, and I ate it up. “Please, Sir,” she said while panting. "Please what?” I kissed her before she could answer. When I broke off the kiss, she answered. “Please fuck me.”

“You want me to fuck you with my cock?” I asked. She nodded as she moved her hips to increase the friction. I shook my head, stepped back, and laughed. She was wound so tight, she groaned in frustration. “I’m not going to fuck you with my cock.” I winked. “Yet.” Her eyes flashed with sadness. She wanted me so bad, I loved her for that. “I’m going to fuck you with my tongue first.” I slapped her thigh again. She twitched and moaned. “Then I’m going to finger fuck you and watch you come all over my hands and face.” I slapped her again. Her eyes blinked a few times, and she rolled her head back and rested it on the back of the chair.

“No, Muse.” I grabbed the tag and pulled. It angled her head, so she had to look down at me. “Stay with me. I have to do all the hard work really; all you have to do is sit there and watch.” I leaned over and covered her pussy with my mouth while my tongue ran up and down her slit. I lapped up her juices and licked long strokes up one side and then down the other. I plunged my fingers back into her pussy. My tongue teased her clit. She moaned, and her head fell back again, but she corrected herself immediately. “Good girl.” I licked her as I sawed in and out of her pussy with my fingers. “You like obeying me, don’t you, Muse?”

“Yes, Sir.” She struggled to put together a simple sentence. “You like when I tongue fuck you?” I pressed my face into her pussy. She nodded, and her mouth dropped open. “You like wearing my collar?” I tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue. “Yes, Sir,” she said between breaths. She clenched around my fingers. “You’re so greedy, Muse,” I said. “Oh, God.” She moaned. “Please, Sir?”

“What can I do for you, sub?” I flicked her clit again. “Please can I come?” she asked. “I don’t know. Technically, you did speak before the thirty minutes were up.” I spoke into her pussy. “Namjoon.” She screamed her voice laced with pleasure and anger. I stopped. Her eyes blinked, and she bit her lip. My mouth hovered over her glistening pussy. Her juices coated my chin and tongue. The regret on her face broke my heart. I stood up but kept my fingers inside her. I fell into her eyes. I leaned over and pressed my other hand on her abdomen while jerking my hand up and down on her g-spot. “Say you’re sorry,” I yelled over the sound of her body being pushed to its limit. “Sorry, Sir,” she screamed back as her whole body stiffened.

“You mean it?” I asked. “Yes.” She spat at me. “You’re not going to be a stubborn sub, are you?” I jerked against her body. “Oh God, yes. I mean, no.” Tears ran down her face. “Fuck,” she growled. She was about to pop, her pending orgasm coursed through her core. I wanted to feel it on my cock. “Come for me, Muse.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I removed my hand and replaced it with my cock. She couldn’t begin to understand what was going on with her body, but I got to watch. I grabbed the collar and pulled her close to me.

Her body convulsed as if she was having a sexual seizure. Before the shockwave subsided, I filled her up making my knees weak. When I could feel my legs, I unclipped her cuffs. I held her in my arms and walked her into the playroom. She stirred in my arms as I laid us both down on the bed. I sat up against the headboard and cradled her in my lap. I touched her body, remaining connected while she drifted between consciousness. When she came back to me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and held me close. “Hey, you’re okay, Muse?” I kissed her cheek. “How do you do that?” she said through muffled tears into my neck.

I laughed and continued to touch her, holding her, doing whatever I needed to do to make her feel safe. “Shh, you’re okay. I’m here.” She settled back in my lap and blinked before looking around. “Where are we?” she asked as she reached for the tag on her collar and rubbed it. “Still in the music room.” I held her. “I thought this was a storage space.” She looked around. “Not anymore.” I answered. “You made a playroom for us?” She smiled up at me. “Started it anyway.” I kissed her lips. “I thought you could help me with the rest. After all, you have the magic touch.” She smiled and kissed me. “It will be my pleasure, Sir.”

Chapter Three: Lord Snow

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As I woke up, I became aware of how much my head hurt. There was an awful pounding feeling in the back of my head and I groaned as I opened my eyes to the dim lights in my chambers.

“Leina?” I heard a familiar voice whisper as a hand squeezed mine.

“Robb?” I whispered. “Oh gods, what happened?”

“You and my mother were attacked…. he wanted to kill Bran,” he told me, brushing a strand of hair off her face. “How do you feel? You’ve been unconscious for two days now.”

“I’m fine,” I muttered, trying to sit up. “Where’s Bran? Is he okay?”

“Shhh, Leina. He’s alright,” he answered me, gently pushing me back down. “You have to rest now. You hit your head on the wall when he threw you and your arms are burned from the lantern being knocked over.”

“Where’s your mother? Is she alright?”

“Yes, she’s completely fine.”

“Well then where is she? Can I see her?”

“There’s actually something that I wanted to speak with you about,” Robb said hesitantly.

“Yes?” I asked warily.

“While you were unconscious, my mother went up to the tower that Bran fell off of…. and well, she found something.”

“What did she find?”

“She found a piece of long, blonde hair.”

“What?” I asked, knowing that there was only one person that this hair could belong to. “But…. why would my mother….?”

“We’re not sure, but my mother is riding to Kings Landing at this very moment to tell my father what she found. She wants to warn him…. just in case.”

I sat in silence. Why would my mother do this? Then again, she had been acting weird those few weeks that she was here when Bran was unconscious. How could she do this? To a child? What had she been doing in that tower anyways?

“I’m so sorry, Robb…. I-”

“It’s not in any way your fault, Leina,” he interrupted me.”

“But I-”

“No,” he said forcibly. “Do not blame yourself for this.”

He kissed me softly on the lips and it was then that I realized that I was falling in love with him. Yes, it had only been three months since I had arrived in Winterfell, but Robb Stark was someone that I could see myself with for the rest of my life.

A few days later, Bran had finally awoken from his coma. I wanted to go and see him, but Robb wouldn’t let me leave my chambers. He said that I was ‘too fragile’ after the attack.

Which was true, I guess. I could barely walk on my own. The first time that I had stood up, I had almost collapsed due to the pain in my ankle. We hadn’t known that I had sprained my ankle until I had tried to walk.

But I was determined to see Bran. I needed to make sure that he was alright, besides the fact that he was now paralyzed. I felt terrible for what my own mother had done to him. This was my family now and I had to go and see him.

I slowly stood up, wincing at the pain in my ankle. I limped my way out of the room, holding the wall for support. 

Every step was torture. I gasped with every step and I had almost made it to Bran’s chambers when Robb found me.

“Leina!?” he boomed from across the hall. “I told you to stay in bed! You are unwell!”

“I’m sorry, Robb,” I winced. “I just need to see Bran. I need to see that he’s alright.”

He quickly walked down the hallway, lifting me up into his arms.

“You will be the death of me, my love,” he chuckled as he carried me over to Bran’s chambers. 

He set me down right outside the door, letting me lean against him to avoid putting any weight on my bad ankle. Robb opened the door, interrupting Old Nan, who was telling Bran a story.

Robb helped me over to sit in the rocking chair that Old Nan had abandoned when she was dismissed from the room. 

“How’re you feeling?” Robb asked Bran, going over to bring his blanket up farther to go up towards his chin.

“Aside from the fact that I can no longer walk?” he replied angrily.

“Yes, well, there is nothing we can do about that now, is there?”

“Bran?” I asked after a few moments of silence. “Do you….. remember anything from the day you fell?”

“….no,” he sighed. “I’m sorry. I really am trying to remember.”

“It’s alright,” I mumbled. “I just wanted to tell you how sorry I-”

“Leina, stop,” Robb said. “None of this is your fault, now stop blaming yourself.”


“Leina, with all due respect,” Bran interrupted me. “I don’t blame you for any of this. I should’ve listened to my mother and not have been climbing the walls of the castle.”

“I think it’s time that both of you get some rest,” Robb said, shaking his hand through Bran’s hair before coming over to me and picking me up from the chair.

“Robb, I can walk,” I insisted stubbornly as he walked out of Bran’s chambers and down the hall.

“Oh, really?” he scoffed. “Is that why you almost collapsed outside Bran’s chambers from trying to get here on your own.”

“Well you wouldn’t take me to see him,” I mumbled back at him.

“Well I’ve been slightly busier than usual with my mother being gone, but I promise that once you are better I will take you wherever you want to go.”

There was silence then, not awkward though. It was comforting. I snuggled my head further into Robb’s chest and his grip on me tightened slightly. I was exhausted from the walk to Bran’s chambers since I wasn’t supposed to be out of bed for another week at least.

I felt myself fall asleep as he carried me to my room, setting me down on my soft bed of furs. I still hadn’t gotten used to the cold weather of the North. 

After he tucked the furs around my sleeping body I felt him kiss my forehead, pushing some hair behind my ear before he quietly left the room.

What I pictured Leina wearing:




Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer

Lily works at a resort over the summer and has to remind herself that she can’t fool around with guests, even if said guests are charming, bespectacled, messy-haired boys.

or “the au where person A of your OTP works at a resort and person B is vacationing at said resort with their family, and they both can’t stop checking each other out until they finally make out” (AO3)

warnings: making out, mild sexual content (nothing explicit)


“This place is full of stuck-up rich kids,” James says, rolling the backseat window up, as Mrs. Potter stops the car in front of the hotel’s main entrance.

“You’re a stuck-up rich kid.” James glares at Sirius who simply smiles back at him. They get out of the car and Mrs. Potter hands the keys to the valet, while Mr. Potter, Sirius and James get the luggage out of the boot, before carrying it into the lobby.

It looks exactly like what you would expect a country club to look like, with big-panelled windows letting in the bright sunlight that reflects onto the marble floors and glass cabinets lined against the stone walls, in which all sorts of golf and tennis trophies are displayed, while at every corner, palm trees tower over the guests wearing tropical flower patterned shirts.

“I can’t believe you talked us into going here,” James grumbles as he hears a snotty looking woman at the top of the queue putting on airs and graces, and complaining to the check-in girl about how the fluffiness of her pillows isn’t satisfactory, about how the colour of the bathrobes aren’t becoming and about how there aren’t enough shampoo bottles in her bathrooms to properly wash her hair, and blah, blah, blah.

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Interview Pt. 2

Group/Member: BTS/Namjoon

Words: 1503

Genre/Warnings: smut, somewhat public sex

Summary: y/n has to interview Namjoon again, will things turn out the same as last time?

Request: anonymous, sequel to Interview

A/N: Here is the requested sequel to Interview! I hope you enjoy this one as much as you did the last! ~Admin Unnie

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It’s been 3 weeks since the album release party, and I only have one regret for that night: not getting Namjoon’s number. My nights since then have been plagued with replays of the night, leaving me a hot mess when I wake up for work. It seems as if it really was just a one-time thing.

I open my email and see a new one from my boss, asking me to look through some pictures and choose which ones should be used for an article. As soon as I open the pictures, I feel a rush of heat pool in between my legs at the images of Namjoon in leather. Good God, how can one man be so attractive. I bite my lip and continue to stare at the pictures, not looking away until I hear a knock on my office door. I quickly close my laptop and look up at my boss. “Everything okay, y/n?”

“Yeah, I was just looking through those pictures you sent.” I rush out, trying to calm myself down. “But what are they for? We published my interview 2 weeks ago.”

“They have invited us to their company to do an article on how they run things.”

“Really?” I try to control my excitement at the possibility of seeing Namjoon again.

She nods. “Specifically Rap Monster. He wants to show the fans his studio and explain his process of writing and producing music. And he asked that you be the one to come.”

“Me?” I point to myself, making sure I wasn’t hearing things.

“Yes. Apparently he enjoyed your company last time, and thought that since he’s already spoken with you that this interview would go just as smoothly.” She turns to leave my office. “I don’t know what you did to get in the favor of BTS, but keep doing it.”

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