hes totally a scientist

Nikola Tesla is the greatest b/c he loved pigeons and science and wanted to provide people with electricity at low cost but he was also lowkey trying to build a death beam. 

“There would be no more rumors.

Hadn’t that been what they wanted?”

My contribution to this whole married!AU thing. Why you gotta be so heartbreaking tags?? Geez.

http://maryseward.tumblr.com/post/54441263613 A kinda direct result of this.

Little Carlos doodle.  It’s just something he says but I always found his “A scientist is self sufficient” and “A scientist is always fine” to be pretty lonely. 

I finished it!! So many Sanses. 14 whole Sans. Good lord.
I’m gonna put all the AU credits under a cut cause there are so many ;;v;;

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swingsetindecember  asked:

earth-23 wells is a proud soccer dad trope for jessie. has a shelf with all her awards and a wall for her key to the city

100% yes.

He’s on the PTA and gets in passive aggressive snits with the other soccer parents. Omg, so Hunter Zolomon on this Earth is also totally a normal suburban guy? What if Jay Garrick is too? (Who knows, maybe Henry Allen has an estranged twin from birth he found in adulthood?)

Along with Joe, they’re basically just like the Cool Dads™ of the suburbs?

They come over to Joe’s for poker once a week and Hunter brings baked goods from his wife Ashley while Wells shows off photos and highlights for all Jessie’s latest accomplishments :D

If he’s still a scientist then he totally still works with Caitlin-23 and Caitlin-1 just wants to sneak over to Earth 23 sometimes and pick his brain for ideas because her Wells happened to be an evil imposter and she really could be publishing more with the type of mentorship that Wells is providing to her doppleganger. Not that she’ll admit that as the reason she likes to hop over to that Earth.

“Why do I want to come with you to visit 23? Um. Well, you know, my doppleganger gave me such a lovely card last time we met and I just want to return the favor!”

“I can just take her a card if you want?”

“You know what, Barry, my bags are packed, let’s just…” waves impatiently.

Cisco is laughing behind his hand at her and Barry just sighs. He’s going to have to deal with her complaining the whole way home about Caitlin-23′s newest publication. She doesn’t know about it yet. It was in Nature

He regrets ever letting them meet.

Cecil is given baby pictures of Carlos and he gasps in shock.  Carlos looks a bit upset, as he isn’t suave now, he sure as hell wasn’t charming or cute then, and his hair, oh god his hair was a mess, until Cecil squeals “You had ringlets.  That is so precious.  Like DNA helices!”

Carlos freezes, his eyes wide in realization, then pulls on a lock of hair and starts thinking.  Sciency hair?  He could totally try doing that.

Frankenstein!AU Matthew

Now that i think about it I am totally sure Matthew became a scientist so he could help fix Gilbert body better.

I mean old Fritz (who is the one who revived Gilbert in the first place) did a woderful job! But it was almost 100 years ago and with today knowledge, Matthew know he can make it better for his weird dead-frankenstein-monster-ex-prussian-soldier boyfriend.

The decision was probably taken the time Gilbert lost his head when they where making out.

And because he gets to wear a white lab coat.



  • michael is the pretentious philosophy graduate like u KNOW hes that fuckin dude who says shit like “i don’t write song lyrics……song lyrics write me” but at least his floofy ass metaphors are good in songs + he can play the acoustic electric guitar
  • balthazar is a drama major with hair bigger than his hatred for titanic (his professor has some sort of fixation with that goddamn movie and after hearing balthi drunkenly rant about it for 3 hrs straight gabriel started bribing michael to slip titanic references into all their songs) and he’s kind of got this vibe somewhere between boho and black sabbath going on??? no one rly knows but hes always got some whacko story to tell and can play the drums a bit so they dont say anything about his hair (if ur wondering yes this is his hairstyle)
  • gabriel studies religions (ancient and current) and no one really understands why because he seems to strive to be the literal antithesis of everything good and holy in any religion ever and also when hes stoned his conversational skills basically get reduced to stuff like “man. what the fuck. zeus had a forehead baby. what the fuck. did he have some sort of forehead vagina that everyone just accepted. are you hearing this cas like you’d notice if i grew a forehead vagina wouldn’t you??? what the fuck” he also has lots of arguments in class with this girl in his study group called kali so eventually balthi just slips him a flask of vodka to sip every time kali “acts like a total smartass just ‘cause she’s named after a goddess” so he doesn’t shout himself hoarse because it kind of sucks when your lead vocals sound like the awkward half whisper justin bieber does when he tries to rap 
  • cas is an english lit major and he and his pretty red bass guitar are about the only slightly normal things in the entire band (even if he does dye his hair different bright and unnatural shades depending on his mood). he also totally has pretty flower tattoos this is 100% fact 10/10 scientists agree. hes roommates with a certain dean winchester and his cute lil silver half moon earrings are guaranteed to make deano all weak at the knees whenever he sees them catching the light (and sam thinks his brother crushing on his vaguely punk rock bass player roommate is the most hilariously cliche thing hes ever witnessed but he shuts right up when he sees the cocky blonde at the microphone the first time dean and sam go watch the boys play because yep he’s instantly got a huge ass crush uvu)