hes too perfect to hate himself

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Okay, but Allura never got to finish saying what the Blue Lion's qualities are? Why would she just skip over Lance?! Okay, yeah, he interrupted her, but what was she going to say? Will we ever know? Will the characters ever know? What if she was going to say something about how attached/close the blue paladin can get to people? What if it had something to do with Lance's insecurities? Maybe the blue paladin is supposed to be the confident one, so Allura felt like she didn't need to explain herself? I HONESTLY NEED TO KNOW LIKE IF THIS IS NOT ADDRESSED IN SEASON THREE I WILL RIOT because I need a scene where someone (preferably Keith because Ship™) asks Allura all casual, "oh yeah, what were you about to say?" and it ends up being this extremely deep thing that they all realize describes Lance perfectly and I just hate that Lance got completely glossed over about why he should pilot the blue lion and mAYBE IF ALLURA TOLD HIM WHY HE WAS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE HE WOULDN'T DOUBT HIMSELF SO MUCH. I think about this way too much. I am so distressed.

mary: a literal assassin, shoots sherlock in the chest, deduced to be a ‘sociopath’, constantly condescending, insidiously chips away at john’s self-worth, threatens sherlock while he’s in hospital, almost kills sherlock a second time at the empty houses, is coded subtextually as moran, gets sent a “curtain rises - the last act” text from sherlock, already knows to go to the london aquarium without being told, tells sherlock that they’re “even” now that she’s ‘taken a bullet for him’, sends sherlock a “miss me” dvd, tells sherlock to go to hell, tells sherlock to kill himself so that john will either commit suicide out of guilt if he watches the dvd too late and fails to save sherlock, or hate himself for not saving sherlock without the help of the dvd in the first place because he’s “so perfect” and should have intuitively known sherlock was in danger because that’s ‘who he is’, a catch-22 situation in which sherlock and john always end up forced apart no matter what and john always ends up suicidal

fans, casuals, literally everyone?: mary’s redemption arc was so beautiful. she was such a strong, brave female character and i can’t believe “”shippers”” think she’s an antagonist because she gets in the way of their “””OTP”””

people with common sense: 

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

ok but for Real the worst thing about that conversation is that sherlock starts to tell john that john is that person for him, you are doing yourself a disservice, i have known many people but made few friends and i can safely say that you– and that’s when john interrupts with his confession of guilt. because john thinks he isn’t good enough to be that person for sherlock and he needs sherlock to know it. 

he doesn’t say all that about cheating and wanting more and still wanting more and wanting to be better because he didn’t hear what sherlock was trying to say. he says all that because he did, and john hates himself too much to hear someone he loves say that he is the person they have. because sherlock deserves better. 

john doesn’t want to be what sherlock has, because john thinks he isn’t enough. and in the end sherlock basically says, i know who you are, and i know that’s what you think. but neither of us is perfect, and it’s you anyway.  

it’s always you, john watson. 

dreamingpink  asked:

can i talk about Pearl for a second? bc even tho i haven't watched su in a while, this bothers me sm whenever i think about it. ever since rose's scabbard, i was so shocked at pearl for 100% willing to let steven die, and not helping him when he barely keeps himself from falling. i was really, really hoping pearl would improve in her behavior and apologize for her actions, so i didn't dislike her too much at the time. i gave her the benefit of the doubt. she hasn't changed much at all has she?

the glare alone she gives him was chilling to me,

what this glare said to me was just “i hate you you ruined my perfect world with your existence”

but that’s just my onion someone could read it a different way too ig but the inexcusable part is the next scene,where only after he plummets down after missing the ledge does she show any concern for his life (or roses gem oops) luckily Steven was able to grab on to the roots and save himself from DYING, but them she just LOOKS at him from the top of the island for like 2 seconds and goes back to crying about rose. Steven could have fallen at any point when he was climbing and pearl just, didn’t care?? she was facing the opposite direction of him on the other side of the island the next time we see her???

like wtf  the worst part was when he climbs up to the top and shes just like

“hm, so anyway do you have any of roses memories? :/”

and bombards us with never before seen interaction with rose and pearl it kinda feels like they’re dangling keys in front of the viewers face to distract us from how shitty pearl has been the whole episode and manipulate us into sympathizing with her or something.

idk this whole scene in a mess in retrospect. And to answer ur question no she hasn’t changed much, if anything shes gotten worse

The Arrangement (Part 13)

Originally posted by yaelstiel

Summary: you head to the only safe place you can think of. A talk with your father gives you the courage to return to work, where Dean finds you immediately. But he’s not expecting your reaction. Charlie and Cas come to the rescue.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,900

Warnings: Language, ANGST, general sadness, betrayal…

A/N: Bad to worse, kiddos. Buckle in for some serious angst. Please don’t hate me. I promise I’ll make it up to you…

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So Much

Summary: Ian is married to Mickey when he goes away for three days on a work retreat. Mickey spends some time at the Gallagher’s house with Fi, V, Debbie, and Mandy to accidentally get extremely drunk and confess some things.

Word Count: 1557

“It’s only three days, babe,” Ian says before putting his jacket on.

Mickey nods. “I’ll be fucking fine,” he tries to say convincingly, but Ian sees right through him.

Ian giggles. “A three day work retreat is not something to be so worried about.”

“Not worried,” Mickey lets out a heavy breath, and tries to avoid making eye contact with the taller man. “Just gonna miss you is all.”

Ian smiles and walks closer to his husband. “I’m gonna miss you too.” He places a hand on the dark haired man’s cheek. When Mickey finally looks up, he kisses him lightly. “I gotta go, Mick,” they lean their foreheads together.

“Okay,” Mickey tries to make his voice steady. “Love you,” he smiles.

“Love you too,” Ian says before separating from his husband. He grabs his coat and wave goodbye as he walks out the door.

Mickey stands there for a moment, but he phone cuts off the silence. He sees a text from his sister. “Gallagher house. 7:00. Don’t be late.”

OK, Mandy.” He’s glad he’ll have something to do tonight instead of sit in this apartment all alone.

Instead of doing nothing all day, he cleans for the first time in his life. Chores and cleaning were never enforced rules in his house growing up, so it’s not something he’s used to doing.

To his surprise, housework takes up a lot of time. When he checks the clock, he sees it’s 6:30 already, so he jumps into the shower, changes and starts walking to the Gallagher house.

Mickey walks into his husband’s family’s house and looks around for where everyone is. When he doesn’t see anybody, he makes his way into the kitchen to grab a beer.

Suddenly he hears the back door open, when he turns to see who it is he sees Mandy, Fiona, V, and Debbie. “Hey,” Fiona greets. Mickey tips his beer at her in return.

V starts to chuckle. “Lookin’ a little gloomy, Milkovich,” she says because she knows Ian left for his trip a few hours ago.

He scoffs. “The fuck would I be gloomy for? Who even uses the word ‘gloomy.’”

“I do,” V shoots at him. “And because your boy toy’s gone.” She chuckles.

Mickey rolls his eyes. Luckily, he knows how

to cover his emotions, but he is pretty upset about it. “It’s three fucking days, not the end of the world.”

“A lot can happen in three days, Mick,” Debbie pushes making the other three girls laugh.

He chucks the middle finger in return. “Fuck all of you.” Mickey puts his eyes on his beer making sure no one sees what he’s really feeling.

“Don’t be an asshole,” Mandy says to her brother. “We know you miss him.”

“Fuck off, holy shit,” he hisses. “Let’s eat already.”

Once the girls quit teasing Mickey, they eat their dinners. The five of them sit around the table having conversations about work, raising kids, and just some pointless, silly stuff. After they are done eating, Fiona brings out more alcohol. Mickey rolls his eyes at her and claims he’s ready to leave, but the girls insist that he stays with them instead of being alone.

Unsurprisingly, V is the first to get completely trashed, but to everyone’s amazement, Mickey is just a drunk as her. Mickey can hold his liquor, so they were assuming he had drank much more than them. Instead of drinking with him– Mandy, Debbie, and Fiona decide to joke with him when they see him staring at the wall, deep in thought.

“What’s on your mind, Mickey?” Debbie prys with a grin.


“What about him?” The girl’s notice that his guard is down for the first time in forever, so they crowd around him.

“Miss ‘im. Miss him a lot,” he sighs. “He’s the best, y’know?” Mickey smiles when the others agree with him. “The fucking best.”

The girls giggle. “What do you love about him so much?” Mandy asks before taking her cell phone out to videotape the response.

Suddenly Mickey’s eye widen. “Oh shit. That’s a loaded fuckin’ question.” He pauses. “You want everything, like how and why and when,” he asks confusingly, “or just like the things I love in general? Like all his little freckles and the bright green eyes and shit like that?” No one can believe what they’re hearing– Mickey’s actually going to be sincere for once in his life.

“Ummm, everything. How and why and when– whatever that means.”

He grins. “Here I fucking go,” he prepares himself. “Back when I was seventeen and he stormed into my bedroom with that rusty ass crowbar to try to get the gun I stole from Kash. He was so fucking fearless, and that’s when I knew.”

V raises her eyebrows. “Knew what? You were too fucking stubborn to know anything.”

“No. I knew he’d be the one I loved from that day forward which is why I was so fucking stubborn. It scared the shit outta me, I’ll tell ya,” he snorts. “I wouldn’t kiss him for two years– literally every time he tried I threatened to ‘rip his fucking tongue out.’ The day I did though it really made me know that he was it for me. That feeling we had between us– I was fucking gone for him. I got shot that same day,” he raises his eyebrows. “Why do I always get fucking shot because of him? What the fuck?”

Fiona laughs. “Okay, get back on topic.”

He nods and takes another swig of whiskey. “Then the day when DCFS came and he got sent to that group home,” he starts. The girls give each other the same shocked expression because they’ve heard bits and pieces about this day, just not everything. “That day I invited him to sleepover. He was so happy when I asked– God, that cute fucking laugh he had,” he shakes his head. “Anyway, he came over after work and we watched movies and I made food for us, it was nice, which I’d never have admitted back then, but it was, I always thought so. We talked, we kissed a little, we fucked–” he pauses and gets a terrified expression on his face. “Then Terry walked in.”

“Mick,” Mandy says under her breath. Though she wants to hear what happened, she nervous to hear the story.

“He fucking caught us. That fucker went straight for Ian. He started punching him, almost knocking him unconscious, but I jumped on his back and screamed for him to leave Ian alone,” he shutters. “That’s when he started on me. Beat me until blood covered my whole face, and after that he was about to head for Ian again. Thank God I found enough strength to hit him again, causing a distraction because I don’t know what he would have done to him. Eventually though, he pistol whipped me and I don’t remember anything from then to until Svetlana came and Terry forced her to rape me–”

“What the fuck did you just say?” Mandy says harshly.


“About Svet?”

“How do you think the bitch got pregnant? Terry forced her to rape me and Ian had to fucking watch,” he says coldly. It was a terrible day for them. “Then after Ian was gone, he said I had to marry her or else he’ll kill Ian. So I did what I needed to do– should’ve told Ian right then though. Maybe he wouldn’t have left.”

They all look at him with sorrowful and shocked eyes as he pauses.

“When I found Ian though– after he left– I knew I couldn’t let him leave ever again. I’ve never needed anyone before, but fuck, I’ve always needed him. I could careless how fucking crazy he is, I need him and I’ve loved him in all his twisted and fucked up forms.” He starts to smile. “So what I’m saying is that I love him so much because we survived all that shit. Through all of that, he still managed to turn me into a better man and a better father to Yev. So that’s why.”

Debbie jumps on Mickey, pulling him in for a tight hug. She can’t believe the two of them needed to go through so much to get to where they are today. Once Debbie let go and Mickey looks around the room, he notices saddened and awed faces. “I also love his red hair, and that fucking smile,” he starts saying to lighten the mood. “And his abs– I mean shit,” he says with a laugh, causing all the girls’ jaws to drop. “Oh and I love his long arms and legs so much because when it’s cold he always wraps himself all the way around me to warm me up. I love that stuff so much,” he snorts. “Or when he clings onto me while he’s sleeping, I love that too.” He smiles. “He’s fucking perfect.”

“Man, you’re gonna hate that we got you this drunk tomorrow,” V laughs as the everything lightens again and she thinks about how Mickey is going to react to the thought of this conversation once he sobers up.

“Well, I’d appreciate me being drunk like this while ya can, ladies,” he laughs and then passes out, leaving the girls to drink by themselves.

Klangst Week: Day 1 - Unrequited

Keith rested his bruised and sore arm on the back of his chair, watching the dented and dirty armor sink into the soft material.

He leaned on it slightly, bending over in order to catch his breath. He shut his tired eyes for a few moments as he listened to his heartbeat slowly return to normal.

He had pushed himself really hard on that mission; too hard perhaps, Pidge had even pointed out that Keith had probably broken a record with the amount of Century’s he had defeated.

Pidge was sweet and all, but she wasn’t the person he had hoped would notice.

“Shiro! You were amazing! The way you blew up that ship with your lion before it could shoot down that village. We couldn’t have saved that planet without you.” Lance gushed to their leader.

Keith watched on angrily as Lance swooned over the black paladin.

“Umm… thanks, Lance. We all helped.” Shiro replied, seeming only half interested in what the Cuban had to say.

Keith scrunched the hand that was on his chair into a fist, gritting his teeth. Why did he even try with Shiro? Why couldn’t he see that Shiro wasn’t interested?

But he was. Oh, boy, Keith was. Why couldn’t lance be swooning over him instead? At least Keith would give him the time of day.

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Stop Moving

Summery: Bucky wakes up from a nightmare to fin that you’re up too

Triggers: Nightmares

Word Count: 1100+

A/N: I just wanted to get something out, Im sorry I haven’t really been active. Exams and shit

Key: Italics is Bucky’s thoughts


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<Your work had been a gift to mankind. You shaped the->

He woke up, panting, dripping with cold sweat. Some of his hair covered his eyes so he brought his right hand up to brush it out the way, leaning on his left. He managed to complete his task through his shaking. I’ll just get a glass of water and try again. He told himself.

Pulling the blanket off himself, he turned so his feet touched the floor. I should put some clothes on. Since he spent so much time in Russia everything was too hot for him. It didn’t help that the chunk of metal was there permanently and he had to hid it under long sleeves. He wore almost nothing to bed, just a pair of briefs to cover himself when Steve stormed in.

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anonymous asked:

Hello ! How would each jojo be like as an older sibling ? would there be differences in how they would treat a younger sister or brother ? (it can stay gender neutral if you want !) (i know it's 5 characters max, but i couldn't choose between the jojos ;_;)

[ Ok cos I don’t Jojolion I wont do Jo2uke haha sorry about that :’) it might also be a bit short for each of them since there’s so many :( Also ya i kept it gender neutral <3 ]

- Jonathan would be the best big brother you could ever wish for, he’d do anything for you and even take the blame from dad for you too. 
- You want a midnight snack? Jonathan is on it, creeping downstairs to steal you a cookie just to make sure you were happy.
- If you were in a bad mood Jonathan wouldn’t leave you alone until he managed to get you to cheer up again be it with some very bad jokes or small Hamon tricks. He’s the caring older brother type.
- He’s such a sucker for you too, whenever you were to compliment him or tell him how cool he was calling him the best Big Brother Ever he’d just puff his chest up with pride. Flashing you a smile.
- He’d love to play with both you and Danny at the same time too, passing a frisbee between him and you in the backyard as Danny tries to catch it. 

- Joseph would be that one brother you have a love hate relationship with. Like, all your socks mismatched on purpose, or the salt and sugar being switched up, he just like playing small pranks but would apologise afterwards.
- He’d love to teach you a bit of Hamon too, not for battle but for just for tricks to show off or maybe a bit of self defence.
- Though he won’t take the blame for you, you bet Joseph would talk back to Grandma Erina for your sake if he feels like you’re not in the wrong, this usually ends up with the both of you getting punished instead.
- If you came home in a bad mood though Joseph would definitely ask you what’s up, if its something he can help with he would, he’s still a loving brother and would want to see you smile all the time.
- If you need help with homework and Joseph is free, he’d totally be your personal tutor, bullying you if you got it wrong and congratulating you if you’re right.

- Jotaro just doesn’t interact much with you, other than the occasional Hi Bye or asking you where things are he doesn’t really bother.
- But he’ll get super protective if he ever finds out anyone is bully you, he doesn’t care who if you come home crying or beaten up the next day your bullies are magically in the hospital. He’ll never admit it but you can tell by his slightly scuffled look that day that he beat them up for you.
- He’d occasionally show signs that he does care for you quite a bit, like sharing some desert with you if he knows you had a bad day. Or nonchalantly leaving notes on your work explaining how to solve the question you couldn’t solve.
- Holly is too nice to ever actually punish the both of you but Jotaro would give you a warning if you ever stepped out of place thus he ends up being the one to teach you right and wrong.

- Josuke is the Best Friend kind of brother. Going to the arcade together, or bringing you out to lunch, maybe even being willing to spend some of his saving on you.
- He’d also bring you out to karaoke and introduce you to his friends so all of you are just one rowdy bunch of excited teens having fun together.
- Josuke would get super overprotective once you reach the dating age though, not wanting to see you get your heart broken so before dates he’d would have already threatened your partner not to hurt your feelings but you won’t ever know he did something like that because the last time you found out you ended up scolding him instead.
- Josuke would also share haircare products and tips with you, though you don’t share the same sentiments about your hairstyle like he does you still enjoy having silky smooth hair.
- You’d also never be hurt, ever cut or scratch no matter how small would be immediately healed up with Crazy Diamond the moment he notices.

- Giorno would be the Best Brother! Being bullied when he was a kid lead to you getting some of it to, but if anyone comes to mess with you Giorno would immediately step up to take the hit instead.
- He hates to see you hurt and would much rather take the fall for you. He’s the quiet brother kind, so you won’t know when he does get hurt in your place. He doesn’t want you to worry about him.
- When he gets older though he’d try to leave you out of the mafia but still use it to take care of you. If you want something expensive he’ll get it. If you want an ex to leave you alone, he’s on it.
- He’d also feel super responsible for you since you’re each other’s only family. Giorno would protect you with his life and he know you would do the same for him. So when it came to Passione in the later years, fully expect him to make sure everyone had an eye out for you.

- Jolyne would be a great older sister, she sees that since dad isn’t always here for you, she tries to fill that part of your life so you don’t feel as lonely.
- She’d be the kind of sister to lend you her makeup and music CDs whenever you wanted maybe spoiling you a little in the process.
- Instead of mom lecturing you, it’ll be her. Jolyne just wants to make sure you don’t grow up to be a spoilt brat but in all honestly she rarely does end up scolding you, but gives you the “ I’m disappointed in you” talks instead.
- If you like shopping, be sure as hell that she’s bringing you out to buy whatever you want. She herself spending a lot of time getting her own fashionable clothes and makeup.
- She’d also be super close to you, loving to hear whatever relationship updates you have. Hearing you talk about someone you like or even getting together with them is interesting to her. She’d try to give you ‘ relationship advice’ though it usually turns out horribly.

- Johnny would be the most perfect older brother, he himself having an older brother Nicholas, he just wants to be that figure in your life too. Making sure you never feel any bias against you in the family.
- If dad were to scold you he’d step up and take the full blame for you regardless. He feels like since dad already hates him he might as well take the hit for you so you’d live a better life than his.
- Johnny would also love bringing you out to the racetracks to ride with him and teach you everything about horses that your dad wouldn’t teach you [because he thinks you’re not ready.] Johnny calls that bullshit and just wants to see you happy.
- He’d be the most heartbroken to leave you after he runs away from home, secretly still getting people to write to you and update you on his wellbeing telling you not to worry or if dad is being mean you should “ Run away too! Stay with me. I can take care of you.” 

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes | When Phil realizes Dan spends so much time in the bathroom telling himself off, he decides to take matters into his own hand’s and starts leaving Sticky Notes to cheer his best friend up. | Phan | Teen and Up | TW: Self-Hate | 2,541 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

I have an exam due soon but then I read this prompt (x) and I just had to write it. My exam will have to wait.

Look! There’s fanart now! Thanks to hopelesslyhowell

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How would the NDRV3 guys react to meeting their S/O’s parents for the first time?

This took w a y too long and I’ve been super inactive. I’ve been harassing Mod Saihara with “I am bready”, as well so…

ANYWAY, here it is, hope you like it! 

- Mod Bready Ouma

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The Baby Shower

“Do you have the cupcake toppers? I can’t seem to find them… I know I had them around here somewhere!” 

“Relax, Jughead, I already put the toppers on the cupcakes. Which are already on the table next to the cheese plate, which is already next to the finger sandwiches. Everything is done. And everything is perfect. I mean it.” And Veronica did mean it. Everything looked incredible. The homely living room had been completely transformed into a wonderland of blue. Blue streamers, blue ribbons, blue balloons, blue orchids - it was something straight out of a magazine. “You’ve absolutely outdone yourself. It’s the most elaborate baby shower I’ve ever seen, and I’ve attended more A-list events than I can count.”

Jughead looked around the living room, evaluating his work. As he realized the full complexity of his efforts, he found himself becoming sheepish. “Is it too much? I just… I just wanted it to be perfect…” the longer Jughead looked, the more panicked he became, “Oh God, it’s too much isn’t it? She’s going to hate it won’t she? Oh no, we have to take it all down, we have to start over, it has to be right -”

“Juggie, Juggie calm down!” Veronica grabbed Jughead by the shoulders and laughed, “It’s perfect - Betty is going to love it. Almost as much as she loves you.” Jughead took a deep breath, nodding at the affirmation, “Besides, it’s much too late to change anything - your lovely wife will be home any minute.”

In that exact moment, the front door swung open. “Hello?” Betty’s voice rang out from around the corner, “Anybody home?”

“Coming! Stay right there!” Veronica bolted out of the room to meet her.

Jughead stood, feet frozen to the ground, nervously pulling at the hem of his sweater.

“Just a few more feet…” Veronica rounded the corner, hands over Betty’s eyes, guiding her into the room. “Okay, aaaannnd open!”


Betty gaped at the sight in front of her, eyes wide and mouth rounded. She circled around the room, her pregnancy causing a slight waddle in her step as she went. Her hands traced the blue lace trim on the table, eyes dancing over the baby bottle center pieces and tulle chair backs. After what seemed like an eternity, she turned back to face her husband.

“Do you… do you like it?” Jughead asked, unable to mask the nervous hopefulness in his voice.

“Like it?” Betty hands flew to her heart, “I love it! It’s - it’s unbelievable. I can’t believe the two of you did all of this!”

“Oh, don’t give me too much credit,” Veronica said, “Your husband here did almost all of the planning. I was just here for labor. And to offer a helping hand stylistically, of course.”

“Babe, this is incredible.” Betty took Jughead’s face in her hands, “You’ve absolutely outdone yourself. Thank you.” She leaned in and placed a delicate kiss on his lips.

Jughead beamed, full of pride at his wife’s approval. “Anything for you, always.” He gazed longingly into her eyes.

“I hate to interrupt the moment,” Veronica piped up, stealing away Betty and Jughead’s attention, “but this event is girls only - and the guests will be here soon! So,” she pointed at Jughead, “if you’ll just leave the lovely Mrs. Jones in my capable hands, we need you to be on your way.”

“Of course.” Jughead smiled and turned back to Betty, “I love you sweetheart, have a wonderful time.” He placed a quick peck on Betty’s lips, grabbed his keys, and swiftly went on his way.

The two girls stood, watching him round the corner and disappear, listening to the front door swing shut behind him. After a moment of silence, Veronica chuckled to herself and spoke, “He really is something, isn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Betty sighed with content, “He really is.”

anonymous asked:

mcgenji for the ship thingy~

Yesss boyssss~

Originally posted by sayrix

  • Who said “I love you” first

- I think it would have been McCree, he is so soft and affectionate that I could totally see him saying it first and having to deal with a stunned little Genji asking him if he is sure.

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

- Both of them, they are completely ridiculous 

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

- Genji but he wouldn’t normally write anything romantic or sweet, more likely something like “look behind you.” Or “Stop leaving the fucking toilet seat up. 

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts

- I think McCree is more likely to, I could see him wanting to spoil Genji with nice things but would get flustered when Genji accuses him of acting like a sugar daddy.

  • Who initiated the first kiss

- G E N J I 100000% McCree was too stuck on being a mix of the perfect gentleman and a hopeless flirt that when it came to their 3rd date and still no lip action, Genji had lost his patience. 

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning

- I honestly don’t see either of them being morning people, Genji likes his sleep since sometimes he finds it difficult to fall to sleep at night and McCree can be a lazy butt. But I think that they would both kiss the other awake, just depends on who wakes up first~

  • Who starts tickle fights

- Both of them are complete assholes when it comes to tickling and don’t be surprised if a tickle war brakes out between them… But it is totally McCree who starts it all and he is usually the one to finish it. (Genji complains that it isnt fair due to how sensitive his skin is.)

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

- Lets be honest, neither of these two would be able to keep their hands off each other so once again I think they both would, well McCree would ask and Genji would invite.

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

- Errrrmmm, I honestly think Genji would come by with food for McCree during training the recruits or something. I see Genji as someone who has a lot of issues with food and McCree respects that, he never surprises Genji with anything food related except for pancakes in the morning (the only time Genji is hungry and only ever with sweet foods)

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date

- both of them would be nervous for different reasons! Genji would wonder why McCree would be interested anyways? Although his self-esteem has improved thanks to Zenyatta’s help he still doesn’t see himself as someone on McCree’s level. And McCree would be so stressed over impressing Genji, trying to show the cyborg how perfect Genji is while also worrying if Genji would even like him in such a way or if it was just a pity date. 

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders

- McCree! Genji hates bugs, worms and snails/slugs. They freak him out and he will make a swift exit from the room if a bug is spotted especially spiders. Sadly for the cowboy, he isn’t a fan of them either but is too proud to admit how fast his heart beats and the colds sweats he gets when he takes the spider outside. 

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

- B O T H!!! Genji and McCree’s relationship is extremely affectionate and neither of them are afraid to admit their feelings be it alone to each other or in front of the entire base. They are also pathetic when they drink and both struggle to keep their mouths shut. That is unless they are keeping their mouths together because honestly these two would be the horniest drunks ever. 


Okay…this STARTED as a drabble. I wanted to play around with some ideas I had expressed in some text posts awhile back but since I’m incapable of writing anything short it mutated into this big thing. This takes place during phase four, starting in the weeks leading up to the live interview on April 20th and then goes beyond that. I also went with the assumption that they’re currently living in the Spirit House in Detroit.

Genre: Slice-of-life? Maybe fluff? Definitely kinda cheesy. No ships, though there *is* tentative 2Doc friendship which I’ll warn for to be safe.

Rating: PG for language

Summary/preview: After everything he’d been through, Murdoc had come to expect a certain level of unpredictability in his daily routine. What he didn’t count on, however, was that it would come in the form of 2D casually deciding to use his phone to record videos of him while he was rummaging through the refrigerator.

Word count: around 7700

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destined to fall

For @ketlingr, @theboringprincess, @windcalling and of course everyone else who’s interested!

This is just little old ReRe, bringing some Stuckony goodness to your dash. Includes insecure Angel!Tony, flirty Demon!Steve and Teasing Human!Bucky, angst and no proper communication whatsoever. You’re welcome and please don’t hate me.

Steve Rogers is quite possibly the most twisted, corrupted, genuinely evil guy Tony has ever had the pleasure to meet. 

And by ‘evil’ he doesn’t just mean wearing shirts so tight they should be illegal, pulling off moves on the dance floor that make Tony swear he can literally see the pure sin rolling off the man’s skin and flirting relentlessly with Tony, even though he already has a boyfriend. An unfairly hot, sarcastic boyfriend who looks far too good in leather jackets to be left unsupervised, damn it. 

No, Tony means the literal evil as well. Because naturally the first person he falls for after his breakup with Pepper just had to be a demon. Really, Tony doesn’t even know why Rhodey was surprised when he’d confessed his crush–not that he had to, with the way it had been weighing on his mind Rhodey must have felt it from miles away. If anything it’s a miracle that this is the first time Tony has fallen for one. His luck was bound to run out eventually.

“Hey there, butterfly,” Steve’s husky voice interrupts, successfully bringing Tony’s internal self-berating to a crashing halt.

He glares up at the other man–and it’s so incredibly hot irritating, the way Steve’s at least a head taller than him and looks like he could break Tony in half with his pinky (he couldn’t), how is this even fair?–though going by the smug expression he gets in return, it does little to hide his burning cheeks. The traitors.

[Story continues under the cut. Or at least it should. With any luck, tumblr will be in a good mood when you see this and it’ll work.]

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One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Three)

One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

It wasn’t yet sunrise when Anne began stirring restlessly in the unfamiliar bed in Gaston’s Tavern. When she woke, she momentarily forgot her surroundings. Beginning a new day in a home that wasn’t a cottage stuck in the French countryside was surreal and her conversations and encounters from the previous night began to surface. Sifting through the dark, Anne lost her balance while leaning off the bed. She immediately fell onto the floor with a thud.

“Ow,” she groaned. The girl was awfully clumsy, bumping into several corners and objects as she maneuvered her way through the room.

Taking the curtains in one hand, she pulled the fabric aside steadily, as if fearing it may rip, and the streetlights from outside filled the room with faint light. The night was a bit of a blur, she had been exhausted from her journey, but she couldn’t forget the handsome yet uncouth man she met in the tavern downstairs. And there he was, the subject of the painting hanging above the fireplace, with the identical crimson jacket seen in every other painting in the tavern. The man was proudly displaying his gun while sitting upright with perfect posture on a jet-black horse. His eyes were different, though, she noticed. In the painting, the jade coloring was so distracting that its vibrant shade did not seem genuine. In reality, Anne had already noticed that his eyes were darker, an earthy green and brown that swirled together. They concealed certain secrets and powerful emotions. It was clear from the previous night that he was a dispirited man, and so gazing upon this painting that should have conveyed strong feelings of heroism and greatness simply made her feel downhearted.

The room she was staying in was very unkempt, that much was obvious. The painting’s only other companions were hunting trophies from years gone by and a massive deer head mounted on the beige wall. Miscellaneous furniture was positioned randomly throughout the bedroom: a frail, sad-looking writing desk, a rotting wooden closet stained with years of watermarks, and a powder blue cushioned chair in perfect condition, never touched.

As she gently closed the door to the room, her attention shifted to the locked door across the hall: Gaston’s room. It seemed awfully quiet in there. Anne pondered whether or not it would be appropriate to knock on the door but eventually decided against it. She would just venture downstairs to the tavern and wait until Gaston or Lefou spotted her.


Every morning, Gaston would wake before the sunrise to sit alone in the tavern and linger on the past. This approach wasn’t necessarily intended to help him or boost his confidence for that matter (in fact, it did quite the opposite) but Gaston sometimes enjoyed remembering. He didn’t recognize the man in the paintings anymore. He didn’t recognize the man from six months ago. He needed people to love him. He needed people to idolize him. That was Gaston. But after the night he attacked the Beast, everyone shunned him and it was shocking, to him, that they hadn’t kicked him out of the village already. That night in June was now only a blur: Belle dismounting her horse and confirming Maurice’s story about a Beast in the castle, the magic mirror, the mob, his brutal attack on the Beast, falling to his death (or so he thought) from the castle only to be given a death sentence. It was unfair. The tavern’s vibrations of music and laughter were long gone – Silence was all the war hero knew presently. He didn’t know himself without the constant validation and love he needed from his companions.

Anne reached the last step and rounded the corner to discover Gaston, deep in thought, staring at the assemblage of antler decorations on the wall. He looked different…he wasn’t flushed with anger and practically foaming at the mouth…it was a self-reflective moment, so Anne felt awkward about clearing her throat to announce her presence. To her surprise, he didn’t ask her to leave or demand she return to her room, he simply half-grinned and pointed upstairs.

“Was that you earlier?” He asked. It took Anne a few moments to realize he was referring to the thud.

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  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: people always talk about connie as this perfect voice-of-reason figure who's just a little too in control of her emotions for a twelve-year-old, but in beach city drift we saw that when something finally does get to her she really is still a kid. the point of the episode was that kevin's forcing of himself on stevonnie angered connie just as much as it did steven, connie because she was made to feel unsafe in her own skin just for existing and steven because he felt all of that with connie and hated kevin that he could make his best friend feel that way. steven may have come up with the stupid plan to drag race kevin, but connie also went along with it explicitly against her better judgement. she didn't even stop to think that neither of them knew how to drive much less race; she wanted to blindly get back at kevin just as much as steven. they even wanted this so bad they fused and it was both of them finally there in that car below the mountain. i feel like this all was perfectly illustrated in the scene where stevonnie dramatically shifted up the gear to chase after kevin. neither of them knew what the heck they were doing, and neither of them ever realized that. and they almost died. connie is absolutely still a child and while she is very responsible it's only because she as a person tries to be. she isn't as flat a character as people like to make her out to be
The Date

Hello! I hope that this was what you had in mind! Also, I apologize for taking so long, I had a lot of school work on my plate. And I’m sorry if this is crappy. I kinda suck at writing.


WARNINGS: Swearing, maybe a bit OOC Levi?

It was supposed to be perfect. Levi finally worked up the courage to ask you out on a date and they just had to ruin it. Hange and Erwin. Levi had asked them for help planning out the date since he had no experience with relationships at all. What a mistake that was, he should’ve just done it himself. However, the fear of you hating the date, hating him, was too much to bare, and he had asked for help. 

At first, everything was going just as planned. He took you out to the shops, then you went out to dinner together. Both of you hadn’t realized that Hange and Erwin followed you guys out here to “supervise.” They had followed you around the shops, and were now two tables behind you, looking at you from the top of their menus. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” murmured Erwin to Hange as he put the menu down. “I feel like we’re violating their privacy. It is Levi’s date and it did seem very important to him. Maybe we should leave before we mess anything up.”

“Stop worrying! It is my duty, as Levi’s best friend, to make sure this date goes absolutely perfect. And we won’t mess anything up! We are just simply observing them. Plus, we’ll be extra careful, so Levi won’t even know we were here!“ Hange exclaimed. “I don’t think Levi-” Hange cut Erwin off, “Shhh! They’re talking!” Hange let out a small squeal of excitement before quickly being shushed by Erwin.

“And then Mikasa just punched Jean in the face!” You exclaimed, talking animatedly with your date. You looked up at Levi and he had that blank look on his face that he always had, but you could see in his eyes that he was truly paying close attention to you and that he was very happy to be with you. You had always had the biggest crush on your captain, but you never mentioned it in fear of him not liking you back. So it had been a relief when he asked you out. You were brought out of your thoughts when Levi did his famous tsk. “Am I so boring that you blank out every five seconds?” 

“Uh, sorry Heichou.” 

“How many times have I told you to call me Levi?” 

“Um…” You started counting on your fingers, putting a finger up for every time he had told you to call him by his first name. “Exactly three and a half, Hei- Levi.”

“A half?”

“Well, there was that one time where I called you Heichou and you started to tell me to call you Levi but then cut yourself off because you were so exasperated..”

“I expect you to obey my orders the first time, since I am your Heichou and all~” Levi smirked. Your immediately start blushing,”I can’t he-” You were cut off as somebody bumped into your table, spilling your tea all over the floor, causing poor Levi, who was drinking his tea, to spill it all over himself. It also caused for your slice of cake to fall off the table and into your lap. Both you and Levi stood up, him looking down in disgust because he got his shirt dirty, and you looked down in sadness, you had just washed these pants. Levi looked up, to see if you were okay, and saw your pants stained with the frosting of the cake you were eating, as well as a few crumbs sticking to your pants. He immediately turned to the person who had bumped into your table, only to see Hange and Erwin, who both looked extremely guilty. “Oh Levi, I am so so sorry!” Hange and Erwin apologized profusely to both of you, but it was obvious that the date was over, mainly because you both needed to change. You think that was bad? Oh, it got worse, some innocent bystander walked by and slipped on the tea, causing his slice of cake to fly up and land in your hair. You stood there in shock, before running out of the restaurant in embarrassment. Levi watched you leave, before turning around to yell at Hange and Erwin. He then decided that he would deal with them later, grabbed their hands, and dragged them to the Survey Corps HQ, where he then put them both into his office. “Stay,” Levi growled, before walking out to get a change of clothes and take a shower.

Levi walked back to his office, where he found Hange and Erwin, right where he told them to stay. “I am so so so so sorry, Levi! I didn’t mean to bump into your table and cause all of that!” Hange was near tears now,”Please forgive me! I didn’t mean to! All I wanted was to make sure that you guys had a wonderful date and I ruined all of it!” Erwin walked over to Levi,”I am very sorry, Levi. For ruining your date, for violating your privacy, and for everything else. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.” Hange was sobbing by now, pleading for forgiveness. “It won’t ever happen again!” And that was when Levi snapped. “You’re damn right it won’t happen again,” said Levi, eerily calm. Nobody noticed (Y/N) slowly walk up and lean against the doorway. “Because (Y/N) will never want to see me again after what happened.”

“Levi, I’m so sor-” Hange started. “I DON’T WANT YOUR DAMN APOLOGY! DID YOU SEE (HER/HIS) FACE?!” Levi took a deep breath before calming down. “All I wanted was for this date to go well!” Levi quickly became angry again. “THAT’S IT! AND YOU HAD TO GO AND RUIN IT! WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LET ME BE HAPPY! WHY CAN’T ANYBODY LET ME BE HAPPY!” 


“Who said you didn’t have another chance with (Y/N)?” You say as you stood up from your position and walked over to them. “Because I think, you still have a very good chance with (her/him).”

“(Y/N)?” Levi asked. “I am so so sorry about what happened.”

“It’s all good,” you say,”No harm done.”

“But (Y/N)! I RUINED YOUR DATE! I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY! I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” Hange sobbed, holding onto you. “I also apologize for my actions today,” Erwin said, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Yeah, well, this has all been great but, can all of you leave my office? Except for you (Y/N),” Levi said. After both Erwin and Hange left, Levi walked up to you. “Are you okay?” He asked. You ran a hand through your slightly damp hair,”Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Would you consider going out with me again?”

“Oh, I don’t know, will somebody spill cake over my head next time?” You say, as Levi wraps his arms around you.

“No promises.”

Was that good? I feel like it sucked.

It’s really good that Oikawa has Iwa-chan to put him in his place. 

With Oikawa’s pompous attitude and foolish actions such as pushing himself too hard, Iwaizumi knows Oikawa better than anyone since they are childhood best friends, and knows how to handle him best.

Oikawa needs Iwaizumi to be stable, and Iwaizumi needs Oikawa to keep himself going. There’s honestly no better match or person that can keep Oikawa in line and confident other than Iwa-chan. The only person he ever listens to is Iwaizumi. 

They both simply compliment each other perfectly.  (ಠ_ಠ) ♡ (○゚ε^○)v♪


Request: Nope! My imagination just had waaayyy too much fun. It’s a little angsty but soon turns to some loving smut, all from 76’s perspective
Word Count: 3.3k
A/N: First fic on this blog, so hello! Gonna admit it, I got just a little bit carried away with this one, I quite like the way it turned out. Requests are open, feedback’s appreciated.


He knew he shouldn’t think about her in this way, she was a teammate, a colleague and so much younger then him. Yet his eyes were trained on her as she stretched up to reach the top shelf of the fridge, giving him a perfect view of that tight, little ass. It was enough to make him sweat, his cargo pants suddenly feeling far too tight. She must have found what she was looking for, as a little moan escaped her lips at the sight. The soldier groaned in response, feeling his cock twitch in his pants. He hated how quickly she could get him hard. She turned around at the noise he had made and he immediately felt like smacking himself.

“Oh 76, I didn’t see you there, are you okay?” She asked sweetly and now that she was facing him, it was all too much. Even through his visor he could see that tight tank top clung to her in the most perfect of ways, the swell of her tits perfectly exposed by the low-cut, thin material. It took every inch of his self control not to ravish her, on the counter, on the floor, against the wall, fuck, he needed to get out of here.

“Yeah, I fucked my shoulder up something bad, I’ll go see if Mercy will take a look at it.” What he told her was only a half-lie, he had wrecked his shoulder today on their mission but it wasn’t anything awful, just a dull nagging pain he knew he would be rid of in a day or two. He could deal with it, he just needed an excuse to be away from her.

“Mercy’s out right now, I could take a look at it if you’d like? I’m nowhere near as qualified as her, but I can do my best.” She said, and his heart nearly melted at the sincerity of his words. It was true he had lovers in the past who had spoken to him like this, but none had cared for him quite like she did, it was something the old soldier had never experienced and he had to pause every time those kind words came out of her lips. He tried to recollect himself, but he faltered when he thought about what else he could make tumble from her lips.

“That’s not necessary. I’ll sleep it off.” He said, already beginning to turn away but her tiny hand enclosed around his wrist and his gaze snapped to hers, denying himself the thought of how perfect her hand would feel around his dick.

“No c'mon, it’ll take two minutes to see if there’s anything seriously wrong. I don’t like seeing you in pain.” She said and he was beginning to sweat, he couldn’t concentrate, this was wrong, so wrong.

“Let. Go.” He spat at her and immediately regretted being so harsh as she recoiled from him, sadness over coming her face. He hated himself for causing her pain, but he had to put some distance between them before his resolve truly snapped.

“S-sorry. Was just trying to help.” She said, now no longer meeting his eye as she spoke. He wanted to reach out for her, sweep her in his arms as he mumbled sorry after sorry into her neck, making her squirm as he peppered kiss after kiss all over her throat, but he remained where he stood, clenching his fists as he desperately tried to clear his head.

“Don’t.” He said and stalked out of the room in dire need of a cold shower and some alone time. He didn’t turn to look at her as he left, wondering how he could be so cruel to the girl he loved. He made his way to his room, not bothering to stop and talk to any of his co-workers, he wasn’t in the mood. He sat on his bed upon arrival and let out a heavy sigh. He had to take care of the ache in his pants before he went insane, no matter how dirty he felt.

He sat up against his headboard, sandwiching the pillows behind him. His dominant hand was useless in this situation as he knew the motion would surely screw with his injured shoulder and he wasn’t about to put him self on leave due to masturbation. So he allowed his left hand to snake into his pants, he wasn’t ambidextrous but he could make it work. He groaned again as he took hold of himself, feeling just how hard he was, it was almost more painful than his shoulder. He began pumping himself in his fist, soon throwing his head back in ecstasy as he picked up the pace. He worked himself harder, striving for a quick finish, but the door cracked open in a jolt and he jumped at the action, pulling his hand free and almost whimpering at the loss of contact. He was so damn close.

“76, can I talk to you for a sec?” It was her voice, although more strained than normal. His chest tightened. Had she been crying?

“Uh, yeah. Sure.” He grunted, a little out of breath. He quickly wiped away any sweat from his brow, sitting up as she entered. She sat on the end of his bed, just a little out of reach of his foot. Her shoulders were slumped and he was sure he could see tear tracks staining her face. God. Fucking. Dammit. “Y/N…”

“I didn’t mean to upset you earlier, I was trying to help. I came to try and patch things up, I don’t want any hard feelings between us.” She said and he swung his legs to the side of the bed, immediately moving up the bed to sit beside her. He cringed as she inched away and he lent back to remove his visor, he could fix this.

“Y/N.” He tried again, just wanting her to look at him, to not fear him. He was scared he had permanently ruined their friendship, never mind any chance at a possible relationship. Her eyes finally met his and he reached a gloved hand up to rest on her jaw, the pad of his thumb wiping away any lasting tears. It hurt him to see her cry and when he was the cause? It damn near killed him. “I’m so, so sorry.”

“It’s okay.” She smiled at him feebly. “I was being too pushy, I get it.” She was too kind, too pure. He was broken and battle-hardened from all his years of fighting and knew he would destroy her. But he had to pursue this, tell her the truth before she never forgave him.

“Truth is, I find it difficult to control myself around you, and wearing that,” He let his eyes rake down her body for emphasis. “I had to put some space between us before I pinned you to the fridge and fucked you right there and then.” Her eyes widened in surprise at the confession as did his own, he didn’t think he would be as bold, but the words had spilled from his lips before he could think about biting his tongue.

It was his turn to be surprised as her mouth crushed against his own, her little hands moving up to detach the last part of his mask. He immediately kissed her back, gathering her up in his arms and hauling her into his lap. She let out a squeal at this, her thighs coming around to squeeze at his hips. He worried that his arousal might put her off, that everything was moving too quickly, but his mind was put to ease as she ground down on him and he gasped, moaning against her mouth at the sensation. He forced himself to give her room to breathe as his mouth left hers, hard, blue eyes snapping to her own soft ones.

“I didn’t think you liked me this way.” She said, audibly panting and he offered her a smile, hands smoothing over the curve of her ass as she rocked gently against him.

“I have eyes you know.” He said, diving in to kiss at her neck as he had thought about earlier, finding just the right spot to bite down on. Sheer delight radiated through him as she let out a whimper and squirmed in his grasp. He blew on the spot and kissed it gently, knowing it would soon turn a glorious shade of purple.

“Then why didn’t you make a move?” She asked as she dragged the zipper of his signature jacket down and he happily shrugged it from his shoulders, letting go of her for a minute to toss it on the floor. His hands were back on her, and he continued to lavish kisses upon her clavicle, slowly moving down to her breasts.

“I must admit I thought you would mind the age difference, if you do you can tell me, Y/N, I’ll understand.” He said, raising his head from her chest, giving her the chance to say no, to pull out before they had gone too far.

“You know I don’t care, 76.” She said and he picked her up in his arms, moving her to lay down, reaching a hand to move a pillow underneath her head before he moved atop her, covering her body with his own.

“Jack.” He corrected, kicking his boots off as she reached out again for him, hands curling in the bottom of his t-shirt.

“Jack.” She tried the new name and he nearly moaned at the way her lips curled around the world, it had been so long since someone had called him that, and coming from her? It was heavenly. She giggled beneath him as he removed her shoes. “I like that on you.”

He moved back up her body to kiss her again and he knew he would never tire of the action, she tasted divine and he allowed his tongue to explore her mouth as he swallowed her moans. The noises she was making, god, he had barely done anything yet. She tugged needily at his shirt and he ripped it over his head in a hurry, throwing it on the growing pile of clothes on the floor. His hands moved under her top, feeling the warm skin that lay under the fabric as he slowly worked the thing of her. She met him halfway, yanking the clothing over her head and off of her body. His cock thrummed at the realisation she wasn’t wearing a bra and he dove for her, large hands pinning her hips to the mattress as he licked up her breast, taking a nipple into his mouth.

She whined at the action and her hands wove into his hair, pulling hard when he did his job right, happiness shot through him at the sounds that escaped her as he worked her other breast, a hand coming up to massage the soft flesh. He had always been a giver, and seeing a girl writhe underneath him always sent him into absolute euphoria, the idea that he could give someone so much pleasure, turned him on so much that he could already feel precum leaking from his head. Spurred on by his imagination, his hands travelled further south, easing off her pants along with her underwear. He moved his head to kiss her again, allowing her to relax in his arms, as his hand leisurely roamed her thigh. Fuck his shoulder, he didn’t care about hurting that anymore, the woman below him was the only thing he was concentrating on.

He dragged his head down her body, plastering kiss all across her stomach as he moved backwards on the bed, settling between her legs. He nipped at the inside of her thigh, ever so slowly working his way up to the spot he was sure she craved him the most. She tensed up under him and he hesitated, was something wrong? He gaze locked onto her face, now a picture of worry. He could feel her trembling.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you’re doing great I swear. It’s just no one’s ever gone down on me before.” Her face tinted pink at her words and he could tell she was embarrassed. His brow rose at her, how could anyone deny her of so much pleasure?

“I can take it slow, I’m not going to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. I just wanna make you feel good.” He said, loving the feeling of her fingers tightening in his hair as she nodded, giving him permission. Her bashful smile was enough to make his heart swell, and he set to work straight away. He tentatively licked between her folds to gage her reaction, ready to pull away if she showed any signs of discomfort. Instead, she had flung her head back on his pillows, eyes screwed shut, hands gripping his hair forcing him closer.

“Please don’t stop.” She mewled and confidence roared through him as he grew more bold now beginning to draw figure eights on her clit with military style precision. Her thighs round around his head as he kept going and her wound a hand under her waist to force her hips up, wanting to taste each and every inch of her. He was sure he could go all night if she let him, but this was her first time so he was best to go easy on her, her back was already arching off the mattress, he knew she was close. Her panting was music to ears as it filled the room and his cock throbbed in his pants as he heard her whines getting more desperate. Holding onto his hair tight, she came chanting his name and he nearly growled against her as he lapped up the mess, trying to keep it brief as he knew she would be pretty sensitive. He moved his head back, gazing up at her, a hand gently running over her thigh.

“Okay?” He asked, taking a mental picture of how she looked right now, she was a fucking goddess. He moved up her body, kissing back up to her face as she caught her breath.

“Th-thank you.” She managed and his heart nearly melted. How could she be so adorable yet so sexy at the same time? He grinned back at her and she leaned up to kiss him, legs winding around his waist, arms wrapping around his shoulders so her fingers could stroke oh so gently at the back of his neck. She pulled away, cheeks redder than ever before, her face falling to nuzzle at his neck. “I’m sorry if I pulled a little hard on your hair, I got a little excited and-”

“Forget about it.” He chuckled, and she smiled back at him all embarrassment fading away in an instant.

“Mind taking your pants off? I feel lonely being naked all by myself.” Y/N pouted, sitting up a little to give him some room.

“Yes ma'am.” He complied, ridding himself off his pants and boxers, relief flooding through him to be free of the tight material.

“Damn Soldier, you should come with a warning label.” She said, eyes not meeting his face. He felt his whole neck heat up in response, red covering his face. She giggled at him, a hand on his face as she pulled him in for another breathless kiss. She moved her mouth next to his ear, hands still stroking over his chest and jaw. “Don’t break me in half.” She whispered, making him shiver.

“Condom. Top drawer.” He said, suddenly feeling quite light headed. Y/N stretched back, reaching an arm over to his bedside to find the protection. She handed it to him and within seconds he had the packet ripped open and the condom rolled down his member. He had waited too long for this.

Jack lined himself up with her entrance, his icy blue eyes focused on her own. He thrust into her slowly, moaning out as she took him in, inch by inch. She was so, damn tight. Her hands moved down to his back as he stilled, allowing her to adjust. He managed to smile down at her, a hand fisting the sheets at her side, doing everything he could to keep his composure, to keep from fucking her into the mattress, making her cum again and again and again.

“All good?”

“More than good,” She purred, albeit a little shakily. She rolled her hips against him. “You can move, Jack.”

That was all the encouragement he needed. He started off slow, driving himself into her before pulling out quickly, loving the way she clawed at his back. He soon quickened his pace, grinding down on her as he thruster forward, leaning down to catch her in a sloppy, hot kiss. The angle made her moan, and he hoisted her thigh on to his waist, driving into her deeper, harder. She had to stop kissing him, opting for resting her head on his shoulder as she rasped out his name in absolute and utter pleasure. He growled, going faster, he knew he was close.

A smirk nearly formed on his face as a wicked idea coursed threw his head and he slid a thumb down to her heat to rub her clit with just the right amount of pressure. It was too much for Y/N and she cried out at the overstimulation, hips still rolling. She shook as she came, toes curling, clinging onto his broad shoulders as if her life depended on it. The sight was enough to send Jack over the edge, his head falling to bite on her shoulder as he finished, filling the condom and pulling out.

He kissed her lightly on her neck, before getting up from the bed to tie off the condom and throw it in the trash. He turned back to Y/N to find her holding up the covers she had already hid herself under, inviting him in. He had never been one fore for cuddling after sex, but for her? He would do anything. He joined her, wrapping his arms around her waist as she snuggled into his chest, sighing contently.

“Does Jack have a last name?” She asked quietly, her own arm winding around his side to pull herself closer.

“Morrison.” He replied curtly, the word feeling alien to him after all these years, but she hummed in approval.

“Good, I didn’t want the most mind blowing sex of my life to come from Jack 76.” She said and he nearly chocked on air, his face heating up once more. She looked up at him, a sly smile on her face. “Night, Morrison.” He composed himself, trying to not think too much about her previous statement as he melted into her, sleep overcoming him.

“Night, sweetheart.”