hes too good for korra


Here’s my second Makorra fic! After cancelation scares, Comic Con news, the latest episode feels, and many a writer’s block, I finally pulled through and finished this ball of fluffy angst. Enjoy!

During Book 3, episode 8 [SPOILER WARNING]

What’s wrong with him? Really, what was his deal?

Mako gripped the metal railings, breathing deeply. There really wasn’t any point in trying anymore. After how he treated her during dinner, there was no way she was going to forgive him. It’s far too much to even try to be friends with her.

It pained him to be near her and not be able to hold her like he used to a few months ago. It tore him apart inside to know that she’s completely moved on. She hasn’t changed, but the way she plays around with him does nothing but cause him grief.

He kicked a stray rock off the top step, watching it bounce down and skip across the concrete below. He ran a hand through his short, dark hair and sighed. Maybe he should leave. The others can get on just fine without him. Sure, he’s done a few noteworthy things the past couple of weeks, but those things could’ve been done the same way without him. And Korra definitely doesn’t need his help. His heart sank to the darkest pit in his stomach. Of course she doesn’t; she’s the Avatar.

Suddenly, a slight patting sound caught Mako’s attention. He straightens, his guard up and on full alert. He could’ve sworn that everyone was asleep when he came out here.

His eyes flickered back and forth before he turned around and crept around the house to where the sound was coming from. He poked his head out slightly to see who was there, only to pull his head back around the corner.

Out of all the people who could’ve been up this late…

Mako took a deep breath and chanced another peek. Korra stood in a small blue tank top and matching baggy pants. She was rolling rocks around with her bare foot, playing a game with herself. She seemed too preoccupied in her own little word to notice him.

Mako stared. Her long dark hair, normally full and wavy, fell flat against her head and draped rather messily on her strong shoulders. Her hand swiped over her forehead as she kicked the rocks away from her, suddenly bored with them.

He watched as she padded toward one of the metal pillars and ran a delicate hand along its smooth surface. Mako stepped out from his hiding place as Korra’s back was to him. She had a strange smile on her face, almost at peace. He saw her shoulders vibrate with a brief laugh. He felt a smile of his own spread across his face.

Just as he was about to get a closer look, he tripped over a piece of concrete that jutted out of the ground. He just barely managed to regain his balance, but Korra was already facing him. Their eyes locked– blue to gold– before Mako scrambled back around the house. He didn’t even hear Korra call out for him to wait.

Mako rounded a nearby statue and darted through the maze of Huan’s sculptures to the back entrance. He stopped to catch his breath and glanced back and forth. He lost her. Just as he turned around to walk inside, though, he’s met with those curious blue eyes again, causing him to jump back.

“Mako, what are you doing up?” Korra asked. She balanced on an air scooter, gazing down curiously at him.

Mako cleared his throat and pulled at his coat collar. “Uhh…,” What could he say? What with her looking at him like nothing happened that afternoon, how was it even possible to respond?

Korra released her air scooter into the cool breeze. “Is everything alright, Mako?”

Clearing his throat, Mako stammered, “O-of course I’m fine. What are you doing awake?”

She cocked an eyebrow, amused. “Didn’t I just ask you that?” she chuckled.

“Can’t a guy get some fresh air every once in awhile?” he snapped. He then sighed in exasperation when his hostility didn’t seem to faze her. He began walking back to the steps where he previously stood. The Avatar strode casually beside him, much to his dismay.

Realizing she wasn’t going to leave him alone any time soon, and that he couldn’t stay quiet forever, he asked, “Why are you out here, anyway?”

Korra kicked at the pebbles in her path. “I couldn’t sleep,” she admitted, “Too much on my mind, I guess.”

The pebbles swerved in Mako’s direction, clacking against the cold ground. He kicked them to the side. “That makes two of us,” he mumbled, his head down.

Korra looked up at him, the moon reflecting in her baby blues. “What were you thinking about?” When the firebender didn’t answer, she playfully nudged him with her shoulder, knocking him sideways a few feet. “Mr. Moody, who’s bugging?”

Mako forcibly blew air from his nostrils in annoyance because of her stubborness, and nervousness because of the contact. “Right now, you,” he said, going with the theory that if he acted indifferent she would leave eventually. The only fact that countered that was that he knew her too well for his own good.

Korra furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, but noting his reserved posture, she smiled in understanding. “It’s about what happened at dinner, isn’t it?” she asked.

It was right then when he wished he had his scarf; the redness in his face was unmistakable. “Wha- No! Why would I be thinking about that?”

The Avatar let out a small laugh. “I offered you a seat next to me because you seemed uncomfortable where you were sitting, and you returned the favor by flipping your plate of food all over me,” she said. “Are you sure that’s not it?” Mako shut his mouth and quickened his pace toward the steps, the blush on his cheeks growing. This reaction only caused her to laugh harder. “Wow, Mako! You’re still on that? It was an accident-”

“You didn’t make the situation better,” he growled, plopping down on the top step.

Korra’s laughing ceased instantly after that. “Excuse me?” she scoffed.

Mako shook his head. “Why should I? You spent the whole time goofing off,” he said.

Korra’s hands planted firmly on her hips. “I was just playing around! You know that!” She threw her arms up in frustration. “You were the one who blew up!”

“See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” he barked, shooting up to his feet. “Everything’s a joke to you! You can’t take anything seriously!”

“I can take plenty seriously,” she snapped. “It’s you who can’t!”

Mako was stunned for a bit, wondering what she meant by that. But he regained his intimidating composure and bellowed, “You’re impossible! I haven’t been able to have a decent conversation with you since I agreed to come on this trip!”

The Avatar narrowed her eyes, her shoulders slumping slightly. “What’s your damage?! It’s like you don’t want me around!”

Now livid, Mako’s eyes widened. “Well, maybe I don’t want you around! Maybe I don’t want to be around you!”

“Maybe I’m okay with that!”

“Well, good riddance, then! I’m leaving in the morning!” Mako whipped around and marched toward the front double doors. Who needs her anyway? He’ll explain everything to Bolin then he and his little brother will be gone. His hand hovered over the door handle when a soft, broken whisper stopped him in his tracks. It caused more guilt to seep through, a familiar poison coursing throughout his very being.

“Why can’t we just be friends?”

Mako’s ears perked, but he didn’t move. It took him back to the last time he heard that tear-filled voice and the way it made the weight of his words bear down on him like a thousand sky bison.

He listened as the sad voice continued, “It’s like I don’t know you anymore. Like… you aren’t the same person I knew a few months back.” He felt like a coward for not turning around and facing her like anyone else would. But he could almost see the tears rolling down her face. How could he? “I know things have been uncomfortable lately, but it’s not my fault. I don’t understand what I did to push you away,”

“It was never you,” he wanted to tell her, but the knot that formed in his throat prevented any single word from being uttered, so he just focused on the moonbathed ground in front of him.

“We did what was best, remember? Didn’t we agree to that?”

He’s not even sure he remembered anymore.

“If you want to leave, that’s fine. But don’t give the cold shoulder anymore,”

His teeth clenched so hard he thought he chipped his whole bottom row. He shut his eyes as his hand rested on the door handle.

“Look at me, Mako… Look at me!” Her voice grew angry, but his body was numb; he was dizzy. “This is getting ridiculous! Why can’t you just face me like a man and tell me you can’t do it anymore?! I can take it, Mako!”

Mako finally turned around and got a good look at Korra. Tears stained her beautiful face, furious eyes puffy, red and bloodshot; chest heaving, arms tense and fists clenched tightly. She gave him a look of such contempt it hurt to stare back. It was enough to make him breakdown.

He rushed to her side and enveloped her in a giant bear hug, lifting her a foot off the ground. He buried his head into the crook of her neck, even as she wriggled an arm out of his grasp to beat a small fist against his chest. He didn’t care. He needed to show her he still cared about her, that he still loved her.

Korra’s choked sobs echoed throughout the courtyard. “Get off me!” she demanded, though it came out as more of a beg. She took a fistful of Mako’s jacket, prepared to push him away, but she froze once she felt his own sobs racking through his body and vibrating hers. She gazed up at him once he set her down and lifted his head.

Mako cupped her cheeks in his strong hands, using his thumb to brush away the wetness from her eyes. “… What will I not be able to do for you?” he murmured. When met with silence, he pulled her closer and leaned his forehead against hers, staring deeply into her aquamarine orbs, taking her hands in his and rubbing the backs of them. “I never meant to hurt you, Korra. I just want to be able to hold you like this…. like we used to.

"Without any of the awkwardness. Without any complications whatsoever. The only thing I can’t do is keep my feelings under lock and key anymore. I told before you I’ll always love you and I meant it. I promised you that I’ll never let anything happen to you and I meant it…. Korra?”

The Avatar had the most shocked expression on her face; Mako couldn’t tell whether she heard him or not. Her eyes fluttered closed for what felt like to Mako the longest time. When she opened them, the faintest smile appeared on her face.

“You…,” she sniffled, “… you’ve never been a touchy-feely type of guy…” She wiped the continuous trail of tears from Mako’s cheeks. “Neither has the guy I knew before.” The blush on her face was highlighted by the moon above, making her all the more lovely.

Mako hicupped as a small chuckle made its way past his lips. “Yeah,” he choked out.

His breath hitched in his throat when Korra’s soft lips pressed against his chapped ones. She wrapped her arms around his neck. After a moment the firebender closed his eyes and deepened the kiss, causing a soft moan to vibrate in her throat. He wiped any other stray tears from her face as he ran his fingers through her chestnut locks, making a mental note to stay in Zaofu with her.

Later that evening, as shirshu toxins slowly sensitized Korra’s limp body on the couch across from him, not only did he make the right choice, but he also kept his promise to keep her safe.