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Renamed MCU Movies
  • Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr. now has a goatee and it sort of works
  • The Incredible Hulk: remember that 2003 Hulk film with Jennifer Connelly? this isn't it
  • Iron Man 2: He's Back and Very Tired of This Shit
  • Thor: Tell your kid he's adopted and then hibernate to avoid your problems
  • Captain America The First Avenger: arguably, could one insert their dick....into the tesseract? asking for a friend
  • The Avengers: remember loki? ha that wild son of a gun sure loved trying to kill his adopted father. what's he been up to?
  • Iron Man 3: Tony Stark Collects Science Kids
  • Thor The Dark World: Why do Asgardians have such weird fucking names? Just have a normal name.
  • Captain America The Winter Soldier: Just give Natasha Romanoff her own movie already
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Put This Film in the Library of Congress
  • Avengers Age of Ultron: Clint Barton has a line in the script!
  • Ant-Man: Paul Rudd is like the hot dad of your friend and it's really obvious but you don't want to say anything about it in case that friend stops inviting you to their house so you sit there at dinner and try not to stare at their hot dad but eventually you just have to say something and then you stop talking to that friend a month later for totally unrelated causes
  • Captain America Civil War: Bucky Barnes is not straight part 2
  • Doctor Strange: you could have literally cast anybody else in this role and you chose Bendydick Crackrock. other than that, great film
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2: currently still sobbing over this
  • Spiderman Homecoming: Tony Stark Continues To Collect Science Kids
  • AU!Castiel: So Lucifer was free, with no Michael to oppose him and making hell babies so he could be even more powerful?
  • Mary: Yes, so you now you understand. We had to send him here to save the world
  • AU!Castiel: Bitch this world is falling apart and now you decide to throw in a new Lucifer to make things easier for you?
  • Mary: Well now wait-
  • AU!Castiel: Humans are dying faster than bees and you're like 'Fuck this world in particular, send in a SECOND Lucifer'
  • Mary: Dean...Dean could explain it better
  • AU!Castiel: When I meet this Dean, I'm personally gonna throw his ass back in hell. Pour honey on him, leave him with the badger demons and lock the doors behind me
  • Mary: ....
  • AU!Castiel: One hundred human babies left alive in the world to protect, and now I have to put up with this shit. Another Lucifer. Two of them. Deuxcifer.
  • AU!Castiel: I'm gonna go evil fallen angel I assing swear

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: drabble, fluff, best friend!Yoongi, Hogwarts!AU, Slytherin!Yoongi

Word count: 613

Milestone celebration drabblesSlytherin!Yoongi + Hogwarts!AU + “i’m not playing (insert game) with you again, last time you almost cursed me.”

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connor murphy x reader headcanons

connor murphy x reader who meet thanks to a little kid

requested: yOUR EVAN HANSEN DATING HEADCANONS WERE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE OMG how about some connor murphy ones next? ;o -anon

word count: 1646 i’m sorry i’m so extra 

  • You’d decided to work as a camp counselor this summer because you loved kids and it would be lots of fun and would get you some money
  • Every day you would take them out to the park around the block from the camp
  • And every day there would be this boy about your age dressed completely in black lurking in a corner of the park that you thought was connor murphy from school but then he’s never really at school so??
  • You were usually good at keeping track of all of the kids but one little boy had made you a daisy chain and you were busy admiring it, so you didn’t notice when a little girl wandered over to emo dude
  • By the time you had satisfied the boy, you realized that Annabelle had run off and started panicking and looking for her
  • And then you found her crying with emo dude frantically trying to calm her down
  • it wasn’t working poor guy
  • So you ran over there and left your friend in charge of the other kids
  • Poor annabelle was absolutely terrified of him- but who could blame her?? He was towering over her, wearing absolutely no color, and very clearly freaking out
  • After plenty of hugs and reassurances she finally calmed down enough to relax before promptly falling asleep- you’d been there so long that the other counselors had taken the rest of the kids back to camp to take their naps and apparently annabelle is comeplety in sync with the camp schedule
  • ‘i swear i did nothing, i just turned around and she was there crying’ poor emo dude
  • ‘Connor, right? You go to my school. It’s fine, little kids tend to be scared of people or things they don’t know’
  • connor is just so shocked because you remembered his name???? he wasn’t just the freak to you??? and also you weren’t immediately blaming him? he’s in love
  • You realize that you should head back to camp but annabelle looks so peaceful and happy that you just pick her up so she can keep sleeping and start to say goodbye to connor
  • but he actually likes you and you’ve been nice to him so far? So he kinda wants to spend more time with you
  • ‘Wait, i’ll walk you back. It’s my fault you got left behind anyways’
  • you try and reassure him that it’s not his fault and you’re fine, it’s just around the block dude but he’s actually kinda cute when he’s not making little kids cry?
  • You start walking and you’ve barely made it out of the park before he starts freaking out and thinks that you just agreed because you were planning to make fun of him
  • ‘this is all just some fucking set up isn’t it? right around that corner you’ve probably got a bunch of people from school to make fun of me’
  • you try to tell him that nope, that would take way too much clairvoyance and planning and just generally having your life together but he’s not even listening at this point and you’re worried that he’s gonna wake up annabelle
  • so you just grab him and start whisper-yelling that ‘oh my god is it that hard for you to accept that somebody doesn’t hate you and thinks you’re kinda cute and wants to get to know you better’
  • and he’s just so shocked that he stops walking because you think he’s cute???? Tbh he’ld rather go for mysterious and intimidatingly hot but he’ll take it
  • but you speed up because god four year olds are actually kinda heavy?? And poor con has to run to catch up while waving for you to slow down bc at first he’s so confused because you’re leaving him behind?? But once he realizes that your arms are tired he takes Annabelle from you and shit connor just went from kinda cute to the love of your life how does a little kid make him look so soft and gentle?
  • it didn’t really make a difference because you were almost there but it was still sweet
  • You get there and he just hesitates before handing annabelle back to you and you’re not sure why
  • ‘do you maybe want to go for ice cream after you’re done working?’
  • You’re so shocked because this really cute boy is asking you out?? but he takes your silence as disgust and is just like ‘obviously nobody as cute or nice as you would want to go out with a freak like me i’ll just go’ and he starts walking away
  • and now you’re even more shocked because he thinks you’re cute and nice!!1! But you realize he’s leaving and he also still has annabelle? Like did he not even notice that she’s still snuggled up to him
  • so you call after him and get him to come back bc obviously you want to go
  • ‘i get done at three’
  • His face just completely lights up and he looks so beautiful when he smiles he should do that wAY more often
  • you kiss his cheek and take Annabelle inside the camp building and he just stands there blushing. connor murphy. Blushing. yep. that boy is whipped lol
  • You’ld think that he’ld go somewhere else for three hours but nope that boy just sits on a bench across the street and waits for you to come out for all three hours in the hot sun in all black bc he doesn’t want to be late and miss you and make you think he stood you up
  • when you finally get done you two decide to walk to a la mode because zoe has the murphy car and your family doesn’t have an extra
  • and once you’ve gotten there and gotten your ice cream- mint chocolate chip for you and rainbow sherbet for him (he secretly loves it fight me)- (which connor insisted on paying for) and have finally sat down and eaten most of your ice cream and really gotten into a deep conversation with connor you suddenly get mauled by a four year old on a sugar high bc apparently annabelle’s mom thought it would be fun to take her out for a treat
  • She’s really apologetic but says that you’re annabelle’s favorite counselor and she looks up to you so much that you just can’t help but say that it’s totally fine
  • poor con immediately tenses up and shrinks into himself because he likes you and you’re nice and he doesn’t want to ruin this
  • but you’re determined so you sit annabelle on your lap so connor doesn’t look so tall and gently introduce her to him
  • she tries to shake his hand and he’s so nervous
  • But then she see his hair and reaches over the table to play with it and at first he recoils and is like ‘ew no her hands are so sticky’ but she just smiles at him with her crooked little teeth and he absolutely melts and they’re just so adorable you have to take a photo (which will soon become your lockscreen)
  • At first he was a little bit uncomfortable but then he relaxes and starts talking to her and actually enjoying her company? until you guys decide to leave so annabelle goes scampering back to her mom and connor is quiet as you walk out but he just looks so proud of himself
  • he asks you if you want to go back to his house bc his parents and zoe should be out and your date was kinda crashed by an adorable pre-schooler
  • And of course you agree and at some point on the walk you grab his hand and he blushes again
  • And once you get to the murphy house he’s really surprised because his parents and zoe are home?? and they of course ambush him the moment he steps into the house asking where he’s been and if he’s been smoking again because you really should be hanging out with other kids and not just pot connor but then you step in behind him and everyone’s really shocked
  • his parents love you so much even if they’re a bit confused on how you like connor bc they think you might be a good influence
  • But zoe is just like :O bc you’re the girl that wears cute flowery sundresses and plays with little kids all day and connor’s…. well… him. but she goes with it bc alana’s out of town and she could use someone else to hang out with
  • connor just pulls you out of there and up into his room and starts complaining about his parents and you just sit on his bed watching him pace back and forth
  • but he seems to just be working himself up so you grab him and hug him and he just melts into it and all the tension leaves him and it’s really sweet
  • you two lie on his bed and cuddle and talk till you have to go home
  • he walks you to your house but you stop before you go in to write your phone number on his arm bc of course he forgot his phone in his room
  • You’re about to go in but then he asks you to be his girlfriend
  • He’s really shy about it and tbh he kinda sounds like evan but he’s never felt like this about anyone else and he’s a bit nervous
  • you just kiss him and he’s so shocked bc somebody wants to kiss him?? but also because it’s just so gentle and sweet and pure and he just never thought he could have anything that soft and precious
  • you whisper that you’ld love to in his ear and then dart inside
  • con just stands there touching his fingers to his lips till he comes to his senses and wants to text you
  • he’s never ran home faster in his life

And a C4 for the loverly anon! ^_^ I accidentally made Geets a bit taller than Goku sooooooooo lets just pretend that Geets is like hovering above the ground a little bit or something > _>; yeah….lets go with that lol I think its also transparent? Idk still learning how to use fire alpaca lmao 

edit: so my laptop isn’t true color so I have to wing it and imagine what it’s gonna look like and soooo if you don’t click it then you get this nice ish pinkish red ish background but if you click it….it does something super dark which idk. 😆
Suspects Part 1 (Jughead)

Part one: Intimidation tactic

Summary: A two part story based off this imagine by @morefandomimagines

Jughead thinks Y/n might have some info on Jason Blossom turns out they might be hiding something else.

Word count: 584

Requested? No

Prompts: None

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Your eyes scanned over the dark parking lot through the window of Pop’s, a twenty-four hour diner were you spent a great majority of your time. Currently, you were sitting comfortably in the furthest booth to the back on the right row, leaning against the window with your legs stretched out making sure your shoes hung over the edge out of common curtesy.

You didn’t mind the lack of company, instead you sipped on your salted caramel milkshake while looking over your notes from class, trying to make sense of the questions on radiation. It was common for you to refuse the teacher your attention as your mind was always filled with locations and possible photo opportunities. ‘Maybe I should make flash cards?’ you thought. Your mind was so preoccupied you hadn’t noticed the person stalking over to your booth, or at least you didn’t until they sat down directly across from you. You recognized them from school. Jughead Jones, the third.

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Close as Strangers: Chapter 2

Close as Strangers: Chapter Two

Can’t believe the amount of support on Close as Strangers. Thank you so much! Let me know what you think about this part.

Hope you enjoy :)

Word count: 4.7k

Genre: High School au, angst

part one

It was Wednesday and you were ready to go home. The final bell, finally, rang and you headed to your locker. You opened your locker and grabbed your backpack and the books you needed. You were stuffing your math book and notepad into your bag as Jungkook approached his locker. He was probably going to be coming home with you this afternoon. Since that’s what you both agreed on, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

You two had only really said, ‘hi’ to each other at your lockers this week. Plus, he hadn’t texted you since the whole Friends dvd thing. Not that you had been waiting.

“Hey, Y/N?” Jungkook asked.

You shut your locker and turned to him, “Yes?”

“We’re still on for after school, right?”

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Listen I get really pissed about this whole hiding in your room to eat as quickly as possible when you’re on your period during Ramadan, in your own home so that the men in your family don’t see like????

Friends to Lovers with Jaehyun
  • bro i’m so sleepy rn
  • why i’m always so sleepy it’s not normal anymore istg
  • but anyways, jaehyun uhm?
  • my first bias ever in nct <3
  • well, that was before i saw ten in nct life in bangkok and fell i love with him lol
  • actually i was watching it today because i missed hansol a lot and omg :’) i love ji hansol so much he’s such a king
  • why do i always end up talking about hansol, omg anyways, let’s just begin this
  • ok, let’s start saying that you weren’t feeling too well that day
  • actually, you were having a terrible day and you were a 100% ready to punch anyone in the face who would talk to you
  • you were getting late to your class that day and the bus you always take didn’t even show up
  • and you were basically running from an extreme of seoul to the other one
  • so when this stranger bumped into you and accidentally spilled all his hot coffee in your shirt u weren’t happy at all 
  • first of all, jesus christ that shit it was hot
  • “oh my god, i’m really sorry are you okay?”
  • you looked at him with nothing but pure anger and actually though about punching him in the face but you ended up being a nice person and just ignore him
  • “do you want me to walk you home so you can change? maybe i can give you my sweater”
  • “i’m fine, i’m getting late i can’t talk now”
  • and you were going back to the direction you were going to but guess what
  • this weird guy just followed you
  • “you’re going to catch a cold if you walk like this in such a cold day, do you seriously don’t want my sweater?”
  • “it’s just a cold”
  • you definitely had a strong personality and that really atracted him for some reason?? even if you were treating him like shit lmao
  • he followed you the whole way while talking about random stuff but you weren’t giving any attention at all
  • even when you entered to your university and then went back five mins later because you were too late he was still there
  • “you couldn’t do it? oh, then i guess there’s nothing we can do, well, maybe i can walk you home so you can change and then idk buy you a new t-shirt”
  • you were so tired of hearing his voice already but for once you agreed to him because 
  • “if i agree would you shut up a little?”
  • “…..maybe”
  • and he didn’t but you still couldn’t pay any attention to him either and he was getting tired of your shit i mEaN
  • “listEn,,,, i’m sorry okay? what do i have to do? i’ll buy you new clothes and a breakfast if you want to just give me a little attention here”
  • you looked at him and omg you finally realized how handsome he was??
  • like imagine walking by his side and just turn your head and have jung jaehyun looking at you in the most sincere way you can think of with the sun rise in the back
  • spoilers HE LOOKED E T H E R E A L I’M
  • “my name is y/n, normally i’m less moody but my day was just too fucking horrible today”
  • “i’m yoonoh and i already introduced myself like twenty times but you weren’t paying me attention”
  • and he made you laugh a little
  • in such a horrible day like, what?? i-i laughed¿???
  • y’all kept talking about the normal stuff
  • things related to your studies and to his job and blablable
  • boring things u know
  • after you went to your house and changed your outfit for one that was more bomb and cool he took you to a really nice cafe
  • y’all had breakfast together and paid for e v e r y t h i n g
  • you kept talking and getting to know each other and then you went shopping!!!
  • i’m so jealous
  • also, i feel like jaehyun would be really sincere while shopping?? like
  • “that color is ew with ur skin color but bby try this one, it would look bOOmb af believe me”
  • but omg he would compliment you non stop once you find idk a dress or something that’s actually good on you and omg
  • “told you, you look amazing, i don’t care if you don’t like it i’m buying it anyways”
  • “tHESE SHOES OMG, you don’t even need to wear them i know they’ll look amazing anyways i’ buying these too”
  • lmao but you would low-key blush the whole time like i just meet you?? you made my life a hell like an hour ago?? stop?¿? i have to be angry
  • but he’s such an idiot i mean how could you be angry at this puppy
  • you only had to buy a new t-shirt but you ended up with like two gigantic bags in your hands
  • but jae carried them for you so don’t worry <3 he’s such a genterman right
  • you started to be really close from that day and eventually feelings developed
  • ;)))))))))))))
  • and he didn’t doubt on telling you about this feelings but he did ask for some advices for part of the other members
  • even tho i think he would be kind of obvious with his actions??
  • like before confessing he would always idk play with your hair and hands and he always have his arm on your shoulders and things like that
  • so it wasn’t a surprise when he told you that he liked you
  • the surpise was that.. he kissed you before saying it
  • you were watching a movie in your house and out of the blue he would tap your shoulder and once you look at him he would just.. kiss you?
  • and you kissed him back and that’s what gave him confidence to confess his feelings orally, whispering everything he feels for you
  • and of course you confessed back
  • and forget about the movie after that because you spent the rest of the night talking about how y’all started to like each other and kissing and being all cute
  • jae would be the best boyfie ever in my opinion
  • like he would be low-key jealous but not to much to like start an argument or smth, he would always trust you and tell you everything
  • also, A+ cuddles, he would be really shy sometimes but that would make everything better because he is all fluffy and soft and blushy and awww
  • and i guess the end, but basically you would be blessed everyday with this cutie by ur side ok
  • <33 hope y’all like it a lot
  • also this is not important but i got inspired by mom as i wrote this lmao
  • like she made me angry and that’s why i decided to mistreat jaehyun in the beggining okay?? i actually love jae he’s my everything
Wrong House

Prompt: My neighbor’s sibling got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment on accident

Pairing: H2OVanoss


It was early in the morning and Evan had just gotten up. He grudgingly got up, walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Evan poured himself some coffee and sat down in the living room. He turned on the tv and watched some random tv show that was on.

While Evan was mindlessly watching whatever was on tv, he heard the front door slam open and a voice yell “I’M HOME BITCHES!” This caused Evan to jump as he didn’t know who the voice belonged to.

He got up and slowly walked to the kitchen to find a man in a blue hoodie raiding his kitchen. “Ahem.” The stranger turned around to face Evan with a poptart hanging out of his mouth.

They both were surprised at each other’s presence. The poptart fell out of the guys mouth and onto the floor as he said “Well you’re not Luke.”

Luke? Wasn’t that his neighbor…?

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🖤Drug Lord E [Part 5] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Ethan gets protective over Y/N

Warnings: FOR ENTIRE SERIES: Drugs/sexual assault/Violence

A/N: Twins are older in this. So I’ve never wrote anything about these subjects before and at any point if you are uncomfortable please stop reading! Also, requests are on hold until I finish the series! Still open, just won’t be posting! Now without further ado, I present Drug Lord Ethan.

Part 4


I didn’t want to be here. So far, Angie and Grayson were the only ones I’ve seemed to be getting to know. And even with them it’s barely. They’ve just been nice to me since they know Ethan can be an asshole and I just found myself in the wrong situation at the wrong time.

Knock, knock

A tall, dirty blonde boy sneaked through the door. He was tall and tan. It was the same guy who wrestled me into my room when I first arrived here. He was wearing a black hoodie and khaki pants. He looked at me cautiously. As if something he could say or do could hurt me right now. “Hey.” Was all he said. I bit my bottom lip before turning away from him. He looks around the room. His hands were in his pockets. “Mind if I sit down?” He offered. I let out a chuckle with a shrug in my shoulders.

“Doesn’t matter what I think. You’re going to go ahead and do it anyway.” I muttered looking to my feet. He let out a sigh.

“Yeah Ethan’s an ass. We all know it, but just because he’s an ass doesn’t mean we all are.” He argues. He sat down next to me on my bed. “Yeah Ethan is a terrible person, but he used to not be believe it or not.” He defends and I scoffed.

“Of course you’ll defend him. You’re one of his guys. You’re always going to have his back.” I looked down towards my lap. My fingers were fiddling together. “I don’t even know your name. How can I trust you?” I asked attempting to lighten the mood. He chuckles at my attempt which makes me crack a smile. He leans back with his hands supporting himself. He clicks his tongue.

“Everyone here calls me Garner. But my first name is Nate.” He smiled.

“Y/N, but I bet you already knew that. Everyone knows me as either Kelley’s girl or Ethan’s hoe.” I scoffed again and looked up. I could feel tears brimming in my eyes. I felt Nate’s arm wrap around me. I reluctant at first, but Nate wasn’t willing to let me go. He pulled me on his lap to hold me. I buried my face in the crook of his neck while he ran his hand up and down my back. He cautiously rocked back and forth while he held me close to him.

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“The only one who thinks of you as Ethan’s hoe is Cameron, and to be honest no one really likes him here.” Nate starts to laugh, but I just sobbed to myself still. He pulled me back a little bit to look me in my eyes. He cupped my face softly in his hands. “Hey.” He says softly. “Don’t worry okay? We all believe you just got yourself in a situation that you didn’t understand. No one hates you and no one is mad at you okay?” I nodded showing I understood what he was saying. “You’ll always have a friend in Angie, Grayson, and I okay?” I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck giving him a hug.

“Thanks Garner.” I smiled. He then pressed his lips to my cheek which threw me off. I sucked in a breath of air before he pulled away.

“Please, call me Nate.” He asked and I smiled with a nod. He pulled back from me and we both just talked.

“Do you know how long I’ll be here?” I asked Nate as he looked towards the ground. His arm was around my waist as he held me close to him. He lets out a huff before looking up to me.

“I wish I could answer that for you Y/N. I really do.” I let out a sigh. His finger tilts my chin towards his face. “Hey.” He whispers. “Don’t worry okay? We’ll do everything we can to keep you safe okay?” He reminds me as I nod my head. “Are you ticklish Y/N?” He asked changing the subject with a smirk. I inhale deeply.

“No.” I lied as a smile grows on his face. His fingers curl against the side of my stomach as I fall back on the bed.

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He starts tickling me as I try to kick my legs back, but he lands his body on top of mine to hold my pelvis down. He was tickling me hard and I couldn’t stop laughing. “Nate! Stop!” I shouted not too loud so only Nate could hear me.

“Or what?” He asked while tickling me still. His fingers curved into my sides still. I grabbed his thumbs trying to push him back, but he was stronger than me. He pulled my shirt up some and started tickling my bare sides. I let out a scream as he tickled me harder. “Shhhhh.” He hushes me, but I keep laughing.

“Nate!” I shouted again while laughing. I screamed again as I tried to push him off of me. He wouldn’t stop tickling me at all. He was obviously enjoying what he was doing and he had no intentions to stop.

Ethan’s POV

I heard a scream from the other room. I lie my blunt in the ashtray as I ran off to the other room. The scream came from Y/N’s room. I opened the door without even knocking. I just saw Nate’s body on top of Y/N’s.

“Nate!” Y/N shouted while giggling. Neither one of them had a clue I had walked into the room.

“What the fuck?” I asked, but they kept giggling. Y/N’s eyes looked over Nate’s shoulder and they locked with mine. Nate saw her eyes were locked with mine and he turned to look at me.

“Hey Eth–” I snapped.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing here? Trying to get some?” I smirked as I looked at Y/N. “I wasn’t enough for you sweetheart?” Nate stood up to me.

“Dude–” Nate reached his hand out to me, but I swatted it away.

“Don’t hurt him!” Y/N shouted at me. I chuckled again. I could feel myself slowly getting high from the few hits I took in my room. I looked around the room. Nate gives me a wary look.

“I’m not going to hurt him. I’m too high for that.” I snickered. “But I may have to punish you again. You can’t be hooking up with anyone in my crew except for me. I figured you knew that.”

“We weren’t hooking up. She was upset because of the shit you said so I came in here to cheer her up. That’s it.” Nate defends. I shake my head and let out a sigh. I didn’t want to argue anymore.

“No you were just trying to get some. We don’t care about girls Nate. We fuck ‘em and leave ‘em. That’s how it’s always been with all of us.” I slurred a little bit.

“No that’s how you and Cameron are. I actually want to get to know Y/N and protect her from your bullshit.” Nate retorts. I open my eyes wide at him before I started laughing.

“Cute Nate. Just earlier tonight you were asking me if she was good when she sucked me off.” Y/N gasped and Nate was silent.

“Yeah that was before I got to know Y/N. She’s super sweet and you’re just taking advantage of her situation and it’s pissing me off!” He snapped at me. I won’t lie, I was taken back a bit. Nate’s never raised his voice at me before unless he’s trying to warn me about something or to get my attention. Well he caught my attention.

“Better check who you’re talking to Garner.” I raised a brow at him. Nate gave me a deep scowl.

“Fuck off Ethan. I’m tired of your shit.” He tried to walk past me, but I stopped him and pushed him back a bit. His ear was next to my mouth.

“Watch your fucking tone Garner. I mean it.” He didn’t say anything. He just stared straight forward in front of him. I heard him swallow hard.

“Guys please stop. Ethan just go.” Y/N begs. Nate turned around and looked at Y/N. She was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed as she watched us.

“Sorry Ethan ruined our moment. I’ll come in here later or something. I mean since you’re basically trapped here I’ll be seeing you around no matter what.” Nate laughs. I shook my head and let out a sigh. He then blew a kiss at Y/N before bumping into me hard. My back slammed against the frame before I slammed my body against Nate in anger. I was on top of him just wailing on him. He tried to wiggle free from my body, but I just kept punching him.

“Grayson! Angie!” Y/N shrieks. Nate hits me in my jaw and then my nose. Before I knew what was happening, my body was being slammed against the wall and my nose was bleeding. I see Grayson breathing heavily as his hand is on my chest pushing hard.

“Ethan what the hell?” He shouted at me. I gritted my teeth. I saw Y/N standing with Angie and Nate.

“Nate was being a prick!” I argued. Grayson slammed my body back against the wall as I was trying to break free.

“Fucking calm down Ethan! Damnit!” Grayson ran his hand through his hair. I noticed he was shirtless. Angie and him were probably doing something when they heard Y/N scream. “Like are you fucking serious? What the hell has gotten into you?” He asked me and I just shrugged.

“Just seeing Nate and her getting along pissed me off.” I snapped back at him. “Like he was on top of her Grayson. Like what the fuck was I supposed to do?” I ran my fingers through my hair frustrated. I looked at the bathroom down the hall. I saw Y/N cleaning Nate’s cuts and scrapes while Angie walked down the hall towards us.

“What about Sam? Are you over her?” Grayson asked me cautiously. I shook my head annoyed and I walked towards my room, pushing myself past Angie. She mumbled something to Gray, but I didn’t care right now. I peeled my shirt off of my body before I threw myself back on the bed. I lit the blunt from earlier as smoke filled the room. I didn’t like Y/N. I don’t even know her. Grayson walked into my room.

“Yo fucking knock?” I asked angrily before taking another hit.

“Sorry.” Was all he said. “Y/N is scared and worried. Nate was just taking care of her okay? Stop freaking out over her. You basically pushed her into Nate’s arms with all that shit talk.” Grayson harasses. I exhale some smoke before I look at Grayson.

“Fuck you you know that?” I chuckled. Grayson rolled his eyes obviously irritated.

“Come on Gray. He’s too fucked up for this right now.” Angie pulled at Grayson’s arm.

“If only he was ever sober.” Gray mumbles as they left my room. But the truth was I wasn’t that fucked up. I was more hurt than anything right now. And if getting intoxicated could help me not feel this way, then damn I’m going to do it.

Part 6

Misconceptions Part 6

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Pregnancy, violence, insecurity and self-loathing, Mutant reader (powers similar to Jean from X-men with a little immortality thrown in) smut sorta. Tiniest amount of fluff, so much swearing.There’s a tiny bit of Non-Con in here, buts its nothing graphic. 


Am putut vedea ca lai iubit-I could see you loved him

Papa zashchitit tebya, printsessa- Daddy will protect you, princess

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 “I will kick your ass Barnes” you snarl “Stop fucking pulling your punches” as you dodge the weak punch he throws your way. “I don’ wanna hurt ya darling, ya got such a pretty face, wouldn’ wanna ruin it” he teases. Oh that’s how he wants to play it? You smirk at him and using his bent knee as leverage, you vault up his body, wrapping your legs around his neck and throwing yourself backward. He flips in a forward somersault, landing heavily on his back. He’s gasping for air, looking at you in complete shock. “My fur might be pretty Barnes” you lean down and stare him straight in the eye “But this kitty has claws” you saunter out of the gym, leaving a stunned Bucky alone on the mats. And that’s how you got your nickname.


 You stretch out lazily on the bed, thoroughly rested and refreshed, hair a tangled mess on your head. You reach out blindly searching for your phone, hoping against hope that Tony hasn’t traumatized Ari. “Good Morning Sestra” your hand stills, head snapping in her direction “Natalia” you reply, she cocks a perfect eyebrow at you, and crawls gracefully across the bed, pulling you into her arms. “Why didn’t you tell me sestra” she whispers as you start to sob, “I would never have-“ “I-I know” you interrupt, struggling to get the words out through your tears “That’s exactly why I didn’t tell you! Am putut vedea ca lai iubit Natalia! How could I take that away from you?” she’s rocking you back and forth in her arms, cradling your head against her chest. “(y/n), Barnes and I were never more than casual, I thought maybe we could be, but it felt wrong, like I was filling a void for him. I didn’t realize…” she sighs “I didn’t realize how much you love him, or he loves you, and I’m sorry you felt like you had to run from us sestra.” You sigh “Natty it’s a mess. And it’s not your fault. It’s mine, I let him in, lowered my guard, I can’t do that again, Adriana deserves a mother who can look after herself physically and emotionally, and right now I can barely do either” you lean back against the head board. "Jesus Nat, I’ve never loved anyone the way I love him, I would have done anything for him before Ari came into the picture.And to be honest I probably still will, and that scares the living shit out of me”  you confess. “I can’t keep talking about this” you get up from your position on the bed “I need you and I to be okay Nat, these past months have been hell without you, I want you in my life sestra, in Ari’s life.” Nat considers you an eternity goes by before she finally speaks “I will always be okay with you (y/n). Nothing can ever change that”. You hug her tightly. “Good. Now let’s go find Ari before Tony builds her a mini Iron-Man suit”

You and Natasha make your way into the lounge side by side, chatting amicably about what you have missed since you’ve been gone. Rounding the corner you spy Bucky with Ari in his lap giving her a bottle and whispering “Papa zashchitit tebya, printsessa.” Irrational fear grips you as you hurry over to yank Ari out of his arms. “Hey baby girl” picking her up you cradle her against your chest “Mama missed you” planting a kiss on her forehead. You address Bucky “ Good Morning James” his face hardens “We were fine (y/n). I’m not gonna hurt her ya know” you swallow down the lump forming in your throat “I don’t trust you James” you reply, hurrying out the room, Natasha in tow. “What are you doing sestra?” Nat questions “I don’t fucking know” you reply. 

 You and Nat spent the rest of the morning playing with Adriana, the assassin being surprisingly good with her, cooing and making the most ridiculous faces to get Ari to smile. It was the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. Putting Ari down for her afternoon nap, Nat makes her final departing remark. “You can’t shut him out forever kitty. Your stubbornness will hurt more people than you know.” It stings more than you care to admit. You need to talk to Bucky. You need to try and come to some sort of agreement regarding Ari, your apprehension is not fair on her. 

 You drag your feet as you approach Bucky’s bedroom. You know your being ridiculously unreasonable, you know he’d protect Ari with his life, you’re being a colossal bitch and you know it. Standing outside his door, you knock three times and call his name, he opens up almost immediately and yanks you roughly inside hissing “What the fuck was that (y/n)” “Get your hands off me and sit the hell down Barnes” you spit back, hackles raised. The mood shifts instantly. “Don’ fuckin say my name like that.” Grabbing you by your upper arms, he pushes you into the wall “I’m sick an’ tired of this shit kitty cat” he purrs into your ear, nipping at the lobe, “I wanna be yours doll” he grabs your ass, pulling you flush against his broad chest. “I want ya to be mine” he kisses a path down your neck, you’re mewling and whimpering arching your back as he nips at your collarbone. He grabs your leg and hooks it around his waist, rolling his hips eliciting a particularly loud moan from you.  “I love you (y/n)” he whispers as he captures your lips in a searing kiss, pouring everything he has into it, all the pent up emotion, all the frustration seeps into it, setting your nerves on fire. “Please let me in, baby” he says as he breaks the kiss. Your eyes flicker to his, seeing the desperation lurking underneath the lust. “Please” he begs. “I…Stop” you push him away, sucking in huge mouthfuls of air “I need to think, I can’t do this with you.” He runs his hands through his hair in frustration “I just need time James. I’m going to try, but you can’t just put your hands on me and expect me to melt” He nods “Take all the time ya want doll. I aint going anywhere, jus’ let me be near ya an’ the baby? Please?” “I’m going to try James. Truly” you tell him, sincerity leaking through your tone “But this can’t happen again alright?”

 “Anythin for ya doll face”

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