hes the worst

[Keeps the ‘Sebastian Vael Appreciation Week’ tag and gently strokes it] Precious memories.

xhangryx asked:

omg that MRA post is killing me. I work in an all-lady neuroscience lab. We had a dude in here one time and he was the worst scientist I've ever met.

I like how they think that working in a lab is some unattainable feminist fantasy. Almost like they are willing to admit that women face discrimination in STEM fields and are statistically unrepresented! 

Also, an all lady neuroscience lab? That’s awesome. 

  • Mayu:I was Yato-san's shinki before.
  • Hiyori:Is that so? How about now? How are the jobs!?
  • Yukine:You have all the necessities of life?
  • Mayu:Yup, everything's much better now. I have the good fortune to never have to ask for anything.
  • Yato:At least stand up for your former master a little...
  • Mayu:Until now, I've been shinki for quite a lot of different people. And he was by far the worst. You should quickly quit.
  • Yato:Tomone!!
  • Mayu:I'm Mayu now! Don't call me by my previous name! It's disgusting!!

i saw stuff for tattoo shop au w/ piercings and shit and i would just like to say:

james would get a tongue ring just to be an asshole with it. as soon as it was healed he would constantly play with it, just to piss the others off or make them really turned on in horrible times. he would literally get a vibrating tongue ring and show it off to all of them. he’s the worst. why did they let him get one.

i was feeling rly panicky at breakfast today so i purposefully derailed a conversation abt a billionaire to “all white men suck” so that ppl would try and fight me and then get exasperated and leave when i refuse 2 concede

clara--bow asked:

newsies for the ask meme!

yayyy okay

Character I’d like to see in a flower crown:  Crutchieee

Character I’d like to see have an emotional breakdown: Spot.  He’s seen as this really tough character and I wanna see how he would act at his worst.

Character I’d like to see get punched in the face: Pulitzer duh

Character most likely to sing along to journey songs in the car: This one is Race fight me

Character who refuses to ask for directions on roadtrips: yes hello there Jack

Character who always stubs their toe on the washing machine: I’mma go with Specs on this one

Character who shows up late for everything: either Henry or Elmer I can’t decide.  They’re all pretty good at being punctual- you have to get to the distribution center in time to get your papes each morning or you’re out a day’s pay.

Character who is the worst kisser: ughh sorry Davey (but probably only for lack of experience)

Character who takes 45 minute showers: Finch idk

Character who gets most bent out of shape over the pronunciation of gif: Davey (jif) and Spot (gif) have almost come to blows on several occasions so now everybody refers to gifs as “mini moving pictures”.

his-tamer-ai asked:

Ai sighed as she ran through the streets. She was late sooo late and it only got worse when the teen slammed head on into someone. With a yelp she fell forwards, flailing as she headed for the cruel hard concrete coming at her.

A casual walk was just what he needed. He was in the worst mood possible and for once skipping rocks wasn’t helping. Not minding the others surrounding him and his odd walking patterns, Takeru pocketed his hands and sped up his pace. He didn’t really have a clue as to where he was headed but anywhere was sounding good right about now, that was until some kid ran head onto him and knocked Takeru flat on his rear end.
“Hey watch where you’re going! What the hell is your problem?!”.