hes the captain

I swear he is the real life Captain America on twitter.

@ironette99 prompted:  They are watching a horror movie, and Person A is cowering behind Person B, until a cockroach appears and Person B freaks out

I can almost GUARANTEE that this isn’t what you imagined but it made me laugh out loud as I thought it so there.

It was winter, it was cold, they had a fire and hot chocolate. What could be better than to bundle up together to watch a movie?

Zapping through Netflix, they found a horror movie that looked half way decent. Something about people and witches in the woods.

Melinda loved nights like this, as long as they didn’t become to frequent. Last year after she had broken her left foot, she had been doomed to stay on bedrest for almost three days! Phil and she had watched so many movies during that time. On day three she had been willing to walk on her hands just to get outside.

But every once in a while, especially after kicking ass and keeping the world safe, it was nice to cuddle up with her husband.

The first couple died within the first two minutes and it was bloody and gloriously unrealistic.

She leaned her head against Phil’s shoulder and he pulled the blanked over the two of them.

This was great!

Suddenly Phil sat up straight as he stared at something to the very left of the TV, pushing her forward in the same movement.

“What the hell?” she mumbled and looked into the same direction. Next to their decorative plastic plant (others kept dying whenever they went on missions), crawled a cockroach.

“Steve is back!” Phil said and jumped up. “I thought we lost you, little guy …” he mumbled as he collected his pet.


This is part of my Remember The Happy Weekend Extravaganza


I will never get over the fact that Hater genuinely wants kids and doesn’t mind the idea of being a dad in canon!

And heck, if his positive interactions with Olive (’The Fremergency Fronfract’) and just how much he loves and cares for Captain Tim - even calling him his ‘Special Little Guy’ - are any indication, he’d be a pretty good dad too! Or, at the very least, he’d be a very loving dad. And it’s just… SO SWEET TO THINK ABOUT!!! 

Captain Allen [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Can you do a pirate barry and mermaid reader imagine because I can’t get scruffy pirate Barry out of my head


“Cisco! Veer right!” the captain orders, long leather black jacket swaying at his knees when he walks to the head of the ship. Cisco salutes, following the man’s orders. Green eyes look out into the sea, staring at the cave straight ahead. “Easy, easy, left!” he barks, boots stomping towards the railing; ring-clad fingers curling around the brown wood.

The second in command spins the large steering wheel, navigating the ship through the eerie cave, cautious of the sharp rocks. “Eye-eye Captain!” he hollers, voice echoing off the stone walls. “Captain, we’re almost-” A loud crash shakes the entire ship, cutting him off and sending the captain overboard. “To port…” he cringes, white shirt flowing as he races to the edge, “Captain Allen?!” he calls out, wood indenting his stomach.

Luckily, your head pops out of the water, gazing at the sight in front of you; a man flails around, gasping for air. Dipping back down, your sparkly orange tail flops, propelling you forward. Your arms wrap around the captain’s upper torso and you paddle towards the edge of the cave, hoisting the man to solid ground. He gasps, taking in deep breaths of air, water dripping from the brown scruff on his face, chestnut hair flattened to his forehead, soaked in sod.

His dark red leather vest heaves up and down, necklaces hanging from the side of his pale neck, green eyes glancing at you. “You…you saved me?” he pants, eyebrows scrunched in utter confusion. You don’t say anything, instead, you lean next to him, orange shell bra barely touching his black leather jacket. “I don’t…I don’t have any- oh!”

The captain jumps, jaw tensing under your curious finger. You press his scruff lightly, following the trail of wet brown hair to his lips. He’s very handsome. His hand grabs your wrist, slowly pulling it away from his face, breathing heavily. Your eye catches something shimmer and you flinch from his grip, taking his hand and yanking one of the jewels off his long finger. “Hey! Hey!” he grunts, trying to get it back.

You sit up, tail flopping on the stone while you slide the ruby ring on your finger. Wow… it’s really pretty. You twist your upper torso towards the captain, quickly removing the long gold necklace from him. “Wha-? Hey!” he shouts, flopping his head to watch you stare at the jewelry before shrugging, dropping the necklace into the water. “Hey! Now you wait just a minute there…”

Cocking your head, sopping wet hair dangling to the side, you squish his cheeks together. His scruff scratches against the pads of your fingers, lips in a pucker. “Captain Allen! Who is th- Woah, a mermaid!” Cisco gawks, leaning over the side of the ship, brown boots standing in between the rods, giving him an extra inch. Your eyes dart to the second in command, fingers still on the scruff of the captain, tail making wet noises on the floor.

Barry’s eyelids droop slightly, shoulders slumped. “Yes, Cisco, she is a mermaid.” he confirms through puckered lips. You look at him once again. “I don’t think she can speak-”

“Pirate!” you beam, letting go of his face to raise your pointer finger, other hand pressed to his leather vest. He arches an eyebrow, black leather pants scrunching as he sits up straighter. “Y/N.” you motion to yourself, fingers brushing your shells, batting your eyelashes. “Y/N.” You then place your palm on his chest, “Pirate!”

He chuckles, shaking water from his hair as he grabs your wrist, “No, no, no, well, I mean yes. Kinda.” he babbles, spreading his hands out, wide eyes staring at the ground. “I am a pirate. My name’s Barry.” he says curtly, refocusing on you. You pucker your lips in confusion. He sighs, pointing to himself, “Captain Barry Allen, yeah?”

Smiling, you push his chest, “Captain Barry Allen!” you exclaim.

“Yes! There we go! Cisco, my friend, I think we’re getting somewhere- oh…’kay” Barry huffs, feeling your hands on his cheeks again, “Mhm, that’s my scruff…”

Because of fucking course Nick Spencer is against punching nazis. He made Captain America one and was like “Ha you guys take comics too seriously not everything is a big deal.”

Yeah dude I’m gonna walk up and punch you through the fuckin head but don’t worry it’s just a prank bro you’ve just been tricked by my fist.

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(1/?)Do you think you could write a little something about, maybe steve and Bucky never grew up together, but he nonetheless became captain america. Maybe he didn't get out of the fight with Redskull, and was taken as a hydra soldier.

(2/?) They make him fight with the winter soldier, maybe he teaches the widows in the red room and Hydra figures out they have a bond together and uses it against them. Steve is somewhat of Bucky’s pet when they weren’t fighting or in cryo.

(3/?) Maybe The Avengers take down hydra and save them and their minds are slowly starting to rehabilitate. People are telling them they need space, but Steve still loves Bucky and Bucky is ignoring him.

(4/4) He gets really sad and plans to leave fearing he’s doing more bad than good, but Bucky stops him and they figure out that they really did love each other Hydra just enhanced it. And then happy smutty times.

Steve had packed his bags the night before. He didn’t have much. Some clothes, toothbrush and books. Looking around the room that had been his for weeks, he felt tears spring to his eyes. After everything, the war and Red Skull, he never thought he’d get this. Freedom.

When the plane went down and Hydra found him somehow, they trained him like a lab rat and took away his memories. The only love or warmth he felt was from another soldier, they did the same thing too. He was known as The Winter Soldier, or the Asset by some. But to Steve he became a friend. He taught Steve how to fight and together, they made life a little easier for the Widows in the Red Room. 

Often, Hydra would use their bond against each other, tell them that if they didn’t complete the mission, one of them would die. Over time, they retrieved flashes of their past, Steve learnt his name and the sound of his mother’s laugh. Bucky remembered that his name was actually James but someone with blond hair had once called him Bucky. 

It was only after the Avengers freed them and rehabilitated them, did they find themselves again. Their memories came back painfully and sudden. But Bucky knew who that person was with blond hair, it was Steve. 

But smaller and younger. They hadn’t been lifelong friends, but they’d met once by chance at school. He never saw the blond punk again, that is, until he was enslaved by Hydra. Steve’s mother had wanted him home schooled because she feared his health would deteriorate out in the fumes of Brooklyn. 

Bucky remembered how he felt about Steve during their years of captivity, the way he’d felt protective over the other man, the love he’d felt when he shouldn’t have. The same went for Steve and he thought that after gaining freedom, they could finally, happily, be together. 

But then Bucky started avoiding him. 

And so, he decided to leave. Hefting his bag onto his shoulder, he left the Compound quickly before anyone was notified and disappeared into the city. 

He ended up crashing at Sam’s for the night. It turned out though, that Bucky wasn’t too happy about Steve leaving. He turned up at Sam’s front door at two in the morning. Sam opened the door sleepily and glared. 

“This better be good, Barnes.” 

Bucky glared back at him, “is Steve here?” 

Sam frowned and tried to shield Steve, who had fallen asleep on the sofa, despite having had the serum, just like Bucky, he was knocked out. He’d taken some sleeping tablets that actually worked on him. 

“Yea, he is,” Sam snapped, “not that you’d care. Pushing him away all the time.” 

Bucky grimaced, “I didn’t mean to. I just needed…space. I needed to collect myself, to go through it all - 

“You could’ve done that with Steve,” Sam said, “you didn’t need to push him away.” Bucky hung his head and sighed. 

“I know, I know. Can I just talk to him, please?” 

Sam gave him a once over and nodded, “fine. But if he wants you gone - 

“Then I’m gone.” 

Sam nodded, pleased with his answer and let the soldier in. Steve was curled up on the sofa, covered in a blanket, sleeping peacefully. 

“Steve,” Bucky whispered softly, nudging Steve’s shoulder. Sam left them be and returned to bed, knowing that if Steve didn’t want Bucky there, Bucky would listen. Steve was the only one Bucky ever really took into consideration. 

“Hmm,” Steve mumbled, opening his eyes. Wide, blue orbs met his own and Bucky cursed himself. How could he have let Steve slip through his fingers? 

“Hey Stevie,” Bucky said softly, cupping his cheek, wiping away a tear that had fallen there, “I’m so sorry, baby.” 

Steve crumpled and fell into Bucky’s arms. They were a little broken, a little rough around the edges. But they’d be okay. 

As long as they were together. 

rebelcassians  asked:

8, 9, 15, 16, 23, 29, and 30

8-Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

djkn cassian calls bodhi hotshot ok and bodhi calls cassian captain :’) hotshot bc bodhi’s got one hell of a temper and he’s also kinda v popular among the rebels ;) and bodhi calls cassian captain bc he .. a captain and also??? its a turn on :)

9-Who worries the most?
again, bodhi worries a lot externally, he’s always wringing his hands or rambling or pressing anxious kisses to cassian’s face. cassian worries in a way thats a lot more destructive?? he works himself into several scenarios where things go terribly wrong and he ends up being extremely protective

15-Who wakes up first?
cassian was an early riser since he was a child so he’s always up just as the sun rises, already showered and ready. it annoys bodhi (who is a painfully late riser) to the point where he shoves cassian back under the covers for a couple more hours on their days off

16-Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?
its bodhi the boy needs his sleep hes tired 24/7

29-one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart.
um.. shut up?? what fucks me up the most would be the soulmate au where u feel everything ur sm feels so when bodhi dies, cassian feels the worst pain ever, like it kills him inside and he mourns for this man he never knew. and when he sees the bright horizon, he thinks of bodhi and how fortunate it was that his soulmate never felt the pain he did.

30-one headcanon about this OTP that mends it. 

when bodhi gets excited abt little things like x wings or nature or the schematics of ships it sends warmth down cassian’s spine and ?? when bodhi’s anxious and afraid, the waves of comfort that radiate from cassian soothe him

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3rd Year


“I bet they’re going to be so proud.” Rei said, referring to Haruka and Makoto. “I cannot believe the turn out today.” 

That put a lot of pressure on Rei though, since he was captain. He didn’t want to let them down. Having Nagisa by his side made things easier on his mind, though. He looked at the older male with a small smile on his face, as he took a seat next to him. They were sitting in Rei’s room, with their books out. 

“After we finish our homework, I propose we celebrate.” 

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86 with Archer or Malcolm <3

“You’re important too.” 

“If one of us has to die, I think it should be me-”

“Out of the question.” Archer instantly interrupted.

You stifled a sigh, shaking your head and coming up to stand in front of the Captain. He had a stern look on his face, ready to pull rank in order to allow himself to be sacrificed to save you. But he couldn’t die. Not when he had a ship and crew to take care of. “You’re the Captain. You’re too important die.” You said simply.

“You’re important, too.” Archer replied with a furrow of his eyebrows. “And I am the Captain. That means I need to keep members of my crew safe.”

“But Captain-”

“No buts.” He said, and despite the dire situation, Archer smirked. You guessed he was trying to soothe your nerves. “Besides, T’pol will make a great captain.”

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