hes the babiest

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haechan :)

the actual literal sunshine in my life. he’s the cutest, the best, truly the main and the visual. every time i see a picture of him, an automatic smile just takes over my face. he just makes me really really happy. he’s just so endearing and adorable. i just really want to coddle him. give him anything he wants, so he can always be happy. if i could adopt him, i honest to god would.

“your opinion on ______”

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hi hello do you happen to have any pics of sugar baby era Harry wearing The Fedora? thank you! bless you for running this blog

my dear anon, you have NO IDEA how fast the both of us rushed to answer this because i mean,,, just look at him 

anyway i won sfjrfrdjk so here is a collation of our favourite pictures of sugar baby harry with a fedora. 

this is going to be a LONG ass post so it’ll be under the cut but i promise you, i PROMISE you its worth going to the end. just trust me on this. enjoy!

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I am doing a thing again. I love Egeas so much, he is like the babiest one of my babies. Like, he is the one baby that deserves the title baby. So, Nehemias is my son, but you know, Egeas is my baby.

Now that I explained that bit of great information… scroll along, thank you.