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Okay but can we talk about your fox!hux just turning into a puddle when Kylo presses his teeth into the back of his neck in the gentlest claiming bite maybe??

Kylo is pleased with the amount of reading he’s done on animal behaviour. From signs of ill health to mating rituals, Kylo is enjoying his newfound confidence around Hux, feeling as though he can read his fox’s actions better now that he’s clued up.

As he exits the bathroom in his black pyjama bottoms and grey shirt, Kylo sees that Hux hasn’t moved from his spot in the middle of their bed, gazing down to the book in his book in his lap and intensely reading the words on the page, tail absently waving in the air as he concentrates.

Like an alpha setting eyes on his mate in heat, Kylo’s gaze dwells on the back of Hux’s exposed neck, recalling what he has read about displays of dominance and affection among mates in the wild.

Slowly, as to not to disturb his fox’s reading, Kylo climbs onto the bed, shuffling in behind Hux, spreading his legs around the fox’s slim hips.

“Ren? What are you doing?” Hux ask, though he doesn’t look up from his book.

“Sshh,” Kylo hushes, brushing his fingers through the soft hair at the nape of Hux’s neck. “Stay still for me.”

Kylo leans in slowly, making sure that Hux feels the warmness of his breath on his skin. Tilting his head and parting his wet lips, Kylo scrapes his teeth gently across Hux’s neck, and he hears it.

Hux exhales in a shuddering breath, his body falling completely slack as though under a spell. Ears drooped, Hux shivers as Kylo’s teeth dig deeper, bite harder, wanting to leave his own mark on his fox’s pale, perfect skin.

“Oh, Kylo,” Hux moans, melting back against his mate’s strong body, his back pressed against Kylo’s chest, head resting on his shoulder.

Shifting slightly, Kylo drags his teeth softly along Hux’s neck as he lies back against him, gently nibbling, hearing his fox’s breath quicken underneath Kylo’s claims.

“You’re mine, aren’t you, Hux?” Kylo whispers, removing his teeth for a moment before kissing the reddening spots on the fox’s neck.

“Yes,” Hux answers eagerly, craning his neck in the opposite direction to allow Kylo access to more of his pale skin. “Take all of me, Kylo. I’m yours.”



After long wait, the time had finally come for the Scientia family to marry off their eldest son. 

Ignis Stupeo Scientia, a heavy seeded Lernea Hydra, was to be officially wedded to one of the Chocobo lines. A line so rare, it was believed to have been extinct in the land of Lucis.

Ignis sat proudly in the Argentum home. His alpha presence reeking for display to the betroths family as they finalized the last of the paperwork. Impressive he may be, he’d have to do a lot more work during the wedding if he meant to impress his future mate.

“We must make sure your son hasn’t bonded or mated during the 16 year wait. It was part of our agreement that we buy an unmated, untouched omega from your lineage.” Ignis’ uncle spoke firmly to the Argentum family.

“Yes… we want only the best for our Ignis. He’s a profound alpha with royal ties. We will be expecting a virgin with a fertile womb; worthy of bearing many children for the Scientia family.” A relative added as their health inspector inspected the questionable betrothed in a secluded room.

Tfw your acting Magnus starts talking about a mandatory curfew and airing propaganda films in the city, all while getting measurements done for his cape. 

..I’ll come back to work on this one, I swear! Old bots are my favorite..I have to!

Commissions still open, by the by!

A Planet Earth Documentary on Junkrat Mating Season

Once every Friday, a gathering takes place of Junkrats. They gather in many numbers, large inter-breeding packs where they will constantly compete to be the alpha and avoid vicious predators together.

(Above: A gathering of Junkrats. Among them, a Eastern White Crested Junkrat (far right).)

Junkrats gather in packs of 2-6. You can see a Junkicus Toasticus has joined them. His unique markings make him a very desirable mate. He has become the alpha, who will protect the rest of his pack and all the future Junkpups he rears.

(Above: The alpha aiding his pack in taking down a foe.)

There are times Junkrats will not choose an alpha among themselves, but will gain a matriarch. It is a close member of the Junkrat family and tends to nest with the lesser subspecies. 

(Above: A Junkicus Hogroadia amidst a successful pack of Junkrats.)

(Above: A pack will viciously defend their nest and matriarch, just as the matriarch will protect them.)


for most of the population it’s near impossible to get pvt leonard l church to smile but there are four people in the galaxy that can somehow manage it without the slightest bit of effort


get to know me meme: [3/20] favorite celebrities ♥ logan lerman
For me, being able to be vulnerable is difficult, but it’s just something that I feel comfortable doing. I need to fully understand why, the thought-process behind the character and I have to believe it. That comes from a lot of preparation


🎊 new years eve, part 1 🎊

the nye party was at karin and november’s place this time, since their apartment is probably bigger than anyone else’s in terms of dining space and has the prettiest lighting (cass being the aesthetic queen lives for good lighting). no one really brought any actual food because let’s be real, they were all trying to turn up that night so who cared about eating??? but after a while, nasir came to a monumental conclusion: “who really cares about classy dinners and shit?” and everyone realized they agreed, and so they ordered a bunch of sushi and rooney (@femmesim) sent over a bunch of treats and desserts since she couldn’t make it and i think someone’s stomach might have exploded due to how much they ate.

🎈 continued in part 2 🎈