hes such an idiot omg

Things that give me life in 2k3

Leo’s terrible terrible puns.

Donnie’s lisp (srsly just listen closely, it’s there bros).

Raph’s soft spot for the ‘underdog’.

The fact Mikey’s probably the second smartest turtle (but he’s too busy inhaling comic books to put it to any good use).

EXO Reactions: A Random Guy Slaps their S/O’s Butt




“Omg what an idiot..”


He is listening to music when e sees it happen.

“Wait hold the fuck up,did he really just do that?”


“Excuse me,I’d like to have a word with you..”


“Would you like to get beat up?”


“I suggest you never do that to anyone again unless you want to regret it.”


“You have no decency..”


“Come here,I just want to…talk..”


Sarcasm overload.

“Oh my god,well it’s been fun Jagiya,but now you’re going to leave me for this guy,he clearly knows how to win peoples heart,the old  sexually harassing them trick works every time. Oh well,I guess I just like to use tactics that aren’t very popular like asking them out on a date,and if they say yes then I take them out on said date,seeing if we have a mutual attraction and connection then asking for their phone number and taking it slow to make sure it’s what they want. Oh well.”


“Go ahead,i’ll just sue you later.”

The Princes react to being flashed

Utter nonsense ahead. I had the most fun writing the last two.


  • By his wife (first time ever): He’s absolutely not expecting it and forgets who he is for about five minutes.
  • By his wife (millionth time): He still isn’t expecting it but lets his eyes roam as he never gets tired of seeing her beauty.
  • Random woman: Respectfully averts his gaze, but what the heck?!


  • By his wife (first time ever): Quite surprised and instinctively looks away then remembers it’s okay to look.
  • By his wife (millionth time): >>>In the bedroom, NOW.
  • By random woman: Cuts his eyes away quickly! Rude wench!


  • By his wife (first time ever): His mouth hangs open. OMG BOOBS!
  • By his wife (millionth time): He drops whatever he’s holding. OMG BOOBS!
  • By random woman: He stares like an idiot. OMG BOOBS!
  • By random Nohrian woman: Tries not to look but can’t not look. OMG NOHRIAN BOOBS!


  • By his wife (first time ever): Turns the tables on her and gives her something to look at when he opens his shirt too! Then discovers his shirt was on inside out.
  • By his wife (millionth time): Forgets whatever he was telling her.
  • By random woman: He’s half offended, half intrigued.
  • me, a Certified Asian-diaspora kid: italy's eurovision song and clip makes me VERY uncomfortable because regardless of intent, it is still fetishising and homogenising Asian cultures and religions, and regardless of whether it is done ironically or unironically, we don't really need more white people doing that.
  • white eurofans: omg you fucking idiot, he's making FUN of white people for being racist?? it's irony??? Let me pull this 5000-word essay straight out of my anus, to show your dumb ass exactly why the song is really about WESTERNERS SPEAKING OVER ACTUAL PEOPLE OF COLOUR, because I have no sense of self-reflexivity!

DRAGON AGE FANCAST # 1: henry cavill as ’mordecai’ hawke

- - - - - champion of kirkwall, force mage, maker of terrible jokes

DRAGON AGE FANCAST # 2: gemma arterton as ‘thema’ lavellan

 - - - - - - - - inquisitor, elf, mage, necromancer.