hes such a precious human being dear god

During sommer holidays
  • Simon: i wonder what Baz is doing this summer
  • Simon: well he's probably plotting something..
  • Meanwhile Baz: *sits on his bed* *rocks back and forth* aleister crowley what is wrong with me why do i like snow he's awful and ugly with his moles especially the one on his cheek i wanted to kiss since first year why am i like this
  • Baz, 10 minutes later: *stands in front of the open window* *birds and butterflies are flying around in his room* simon snow is the most beautiful human being on this earth i love him i love him i love him he's perfect and too precious for this world oh dear he needs to be protected at all costs let me hug him and kiss his eyelids
  • Baz, 10 minutes later: *paces through the room* *has a massive boner* god why is snow so hot i wanna push him against a wall and snog the living hell out of him merlin and morgana he is so sexy omg his moles and his eyes and his smile and his body and hell his a b s don't get me fucking started wow now i'm going to wank over the thought of snow
  • Simon: ...probably plotting, yeah.

A/N: I seem to have tripped and landed in Gravity Falls. Then I tumbled further and wound up in this place called the Transcendence AU. I can’t get up. Don’t send help just yet, though. First, have a ficlet…

His name was Alcor.

He knew this as he knew the name of the world scorched by the star that had once sustained it; with clinical detachment, and a vague awareness that once it had meant something more.

Alcor the Radiant, Keeper of Shadows. Alcor the god.

Alcor the Dreambender, Lord of Darkness. Alcor the demon.

And once upon a time, so briefly, so long ago…

Alcor hung suspended in the Void, seeing Everything and knowing All, and remembered his True Name.

Such a small thing now. A grain of sand around which Alcor had grown. Once summoning circles and wards could not contain him. Now he had outgrown the intrinsic strength of his very Name. None could bind him, none could command him…and in return, he could touch nothing, be no one.

Just a god, so powerful he was powerless, watching and aware, unseen and unheard, a gatekeeper in the vast universe.

He Knew. He did not Feel.

And yet…

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