hes such a good andre

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I was watching Bojack horseman on Netflix. I noticed Governor Woodchuck Coodchuck-Berkowitz from s4 of Bojack Horseman is voiced by Andre Braugher. He's done a pretty good job.

lmao i know andre is a comedy GIANT now

Underestimated- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so here we have another Andre one! As mad as I am at the Caps… I still love Andre! So enjoy guys!

Warning: cussing, hitting of sensitive area

Anon Request: I literally love everything you write!!!!! Could you do one where you accidentally hit Andre in the balls??


              You were absolutely sure this was the worst idea Andre had ever had. Period.

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Future Kids- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so this is kinda short but cute and fluffy. Andre needs children. Stat. Ok so I got not much else! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: would you mind eventually doing one where you like help babysit a friends kids with andre b and you both love seeing each other playing with kids so then you have “the talk” when you get home of having kids, how many, names, what theyll look like, idk something like that? thanks for writing for all of us! and thanks for writing so many with andre! :)


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Andre Burakovsky #1.4


Anonymous said: holy crap the andre series is amazing!!!! pls pls PLS write more theyre so cute!!!!

Anonymous said: omfg the new andre one was so good i forgot about your writing tbh until it popped up on my dash and i saw the word count and i was so excited!!!! i finished it in like 2 secs i couldnt believe it was already over haha! if you dont mind, woudl you write another part? (or 5 or 10 more? lol)

Anonymous said: can you do more burky? like either a continuation of what youve already written or something new if youre bored w that storyline? i dont have any specific ideas though so idk if this really counts as a request lol

Anonymous said: this isn’t a request, i just wanted to say that i loved your writing, especially the andre ones :) they’re so so adorable and he’s such a cute boyfriend/fiance! i’m looking forward to 1.4 :)

A/N: i’ve never gotten so much response from a imagine before wow thanks guys :)))) but wow i thought the last part of this little series was long, then i wrote this, yikes, sorry???? (also sorry for any errors or if it dragged on, i got really into it oops)

Word Count: 4,179

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Your heart was pounding so loudly you could feel it in your head. The sound was deafening. You shut your eyes and inhaled deeply, then you opened your eyes again and let your last burst of adrenaline push you to keep going. Through your headphones Drake played, but honestly you could barely here it over your rapid heartbeat. 

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Overprotective- Andre Burakovsky ft. Patrick Kane

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Ok I am SO sorry about the imagines guys! The next 4 I had on my queue is giving me so much grief I keep circling through them before crying because nothing is working. So I’m moving on down the list and may jump around a bit to keep things rolling alright? So I hope you guys don’t get too mad and I’m so sorry for taking so long getting everything out. I’ve got a lot on my plate. Anyway… enjoy!

Warnings: Patrick Kane

Anon Request: HIIIIII 😊 I love your writings and I was wondering if you could do one where y/n is from Chicago and also is friend with Patrick Kane but she is dating Andre burakovsky and Kane is just a little too protective over her

PS- I changed this just a tiny bit hope it’s ok!


              “Is he treating you ok?”

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