hes such a div

Friend: Hey! I was reading this comic and it reminded me of you!

Friend: It’s The Wicked and the Divine. You should read it if you already haven’t.

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From that anon who loves reigen. Actually I meant to say how Reigen knows how to treat kids and adults differently. When a kid (in this case tome) is whining, he doesn't say a lot except, well, that. But when an adult is whining (you know, 7th div peeps) he has A LOT to say. Like he REALLY knows which act to pull out in specific situation for different audience and that pretty much sums adulting for me.

yes!!! he knows that adults should behave better but a teen needs patience from him…he tells childish adults to get it together but he knows children r children. hes smart

What if

Nea is somehow can materialize in this world but can’t be too long separated with Allen because his memory/power is inside him.
And when Allen choose to be exorcist, Nea becomes finder just because they have yellow as the uniform’s color lol (besides do he want to be with books and papers in science div? Obv no)
and he can probably stay out of radar from noah
Random thing that can happen:
-nea playing the machine that caging the akumas
-“what is the chance of if I dont saying anything about that lake having innocence, will the noah find it first to destroy it… or do i have to wait these finders start panicking and calling exorcist which maybe, is Allen!!!”
-“Allen allen allen call me uncle come on notice me and my awesomeness allen alleeennn”
-“allen just praise me bec I found the innocences i guess its not that bad to find those wretched things”

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Hey ash just wondering if you're still with David and if so,how you guys are doing.

Hey! Thanks for checking up on me. This weekend, D came up for a visit and we had some great times. The whole weekend was filled with some pretty honest conversations that really needed to happen. We’ve been sort of dancing around each other for six years and a lot of the things that were said this weekend needed to be said.

On Monday night, we had our last talk before he went back to school for the summer (he’s an RA on campus where he’s about to finish his MA). He’s currently in the process of getting his M.Div and wants to fulfill a lifelong passion of being a minister. This has always been an issue for us, as I grew up a minister’s daughter and have numerous problems with the church and the ministry and no desire to be the partner of anyone IN the ministry. In the past, we had talked about him becoming a professor, even going into the Navy in chaplaincy, but Monday night he was able to be really honest with me and tell me that if he weren’t in the ministry, he couldn’t see himself being happy long term.

Conversely, I had been doing a lot of thinking about where I stand with my sexuality. If I may say so, I have immense issues being sexual with men. I had thought that might have changed (poor, naive me lmao), but when David was up here it became very clear very quickly that it had absolutely not changed, even with David. 

He’s a magnificent human being. Intelligent, kind, compassionate, gentle, patient, understanding, motivated, good with kids and animals… I love him very much.

But the long story short here is that I am very gay. And very atheist. And he is very neither of those things. We are and will remain the very best of friends, but we will never be together in a romantic context again, and I’m okay with that and so is he. 

Sorry this was a novel!

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I'm disappointed he chose to be on Total Divs, but I'm shocked and amused at his reasons for doing it FYI shippers, he's never said he's on it for her. He's in this for the money, and sometimes I think he regrets it especially recently. He can't back out of it now. I wonder if he ever will fully play along or if he's waiting until he can expose her shit? Who knows, only him. He's also to blame for agreeing to be on TD, but he also exposes how fake the relationship is on the show.


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He was acting like a div at work when he should have been working hard. NSFW! Maybe an HR department tagged it?


A few of my sets of Danny have been marked NSFW, he’s obviously just sensitive material. The kids can’t handle it.