hes such a cutieee

music and lyrics yoongi for @auriee happy birthday, cutie~ 

ask-bron-nashor  asked:

Thank you for appreciate purple snekle you have been granted one pat of the big belly

I don’t get why everyone wants to slay you, you are just a big cutieeee! <3

“Don’t come crying to me when you get hurt or worse.”


This short report from Shuichi in Berlin was perfect! XD look at this georgeous prince ♥ 

woaaaah what close up XD sekushiii

flirting, flirting?! XD 

like a model ♥

ok I wont write again how georgeous and perfect he is! 

aaaw this cutieee ♥♥♥

♥ :3 ♥

anonymous asked:

👋 Hi Cesilie! I'm stuck at the receptionist desk again! :( Can you give me something Harry to make up for it?

Here’s golf-harry


please look at how this white long-sleeved wonderous shirt is laying on his body

Harry in a coat and a hoodie :( look hos cozy and pretty


and then we have this doe-eyed cutie

ever seen anything more precious?

and can we just look at this? How his big hands are holding that little dog so securely

Throwback to young-Harry surfing :)

always thank Liam :)

……… yes sir

PAINFUL, right?


but remember? :( He also provided her with lots of nuts and bananas ++

and remember when a fan asked Harry if he could say ‘hi’ to her and he did this? CUTIEEE