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Beefy Seb vs Athletic Seb

I want to clear something up, as today one of my friends on here got insulted because she stated she preferred Sebastian in his skinnier/more athletic physique than when he was really bulked up for Bucky in CACW.

Exhibit A
This is Beefy Seb:

Seb bulked up, and trained like MAD for his role in Captain America: Civil War, after feeling pressure to have the same massive body type as Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie.
It was hours of training including 4am starts, strictly regimented diets, and a dedication to the job that most actors wouldn’t even consider. 
Is it wrong to like him and find his body attractive? No. As a fan it would almost be an insult not to appreciate him like this, simply as an acknowledgement of the hard work he put in.

Now, onto our next Exhibit:

Exhibit B:
Skinny Seb:

Now, i don’t really want to label this ‘skinny Seb’. Really from what i can tell this is his almost ‘natural’ state (it was also taken a few years ago). Is it wrong to prefer him like this? No. I would imagine he was/is a little more carefree when he’s not having to train like mad, when he can relax and be himself. When his accolades come from his acting ability rather than his looks. (although he deserves a fucking oscar for his role as Bucky IMHO).

Okay, still with me? Decided you want to send me some anon hate only to discover i don’t accept anon messages? Oh dear, you’ll just have to keep reading and stew in your own vitriol instead. 

Exhibit C:
Current 2017 Seb

Current Seb. Or as i like to call it ‘Seb that destroyed most of China’s ovaries in one go thanks to this weibo selfie’. He’s still got his athletic build (last seen in The Bronze), but has also put in the work to bulk up (note: he now has wings made of muscle), but not uncomfortably so. You can see that his face shape is changing, he’s growing into his features that a lot of men do when they reach their 30′s. Proving that he got a good deal when he sold his soul to the devil (there’s no way someone can be this handsome by luck) he got the better end of the deal.

But you know what? None of the above matter. He is still the lovable dork that answers fan’s questions on social media, that takes the time to stop his car when he’s been filming a movie all day, just to stop and say Hi to a fan that has driven a long way with her family on the off chance she might meet him. 

He’s still the guy that is so dedicated to his work he will grow a mustache that gives us all very guilty Magnum PI flashbacks

He’s the guy that is scared of a Squash Ball

He’s the guy that has the weirdest ever facial expression when blowing birthday candles out.

And we love him for who he is. Our Sebby. Our Romanian Dork. Our Beefy Bucky. Our Sebastian. And you can love him however you want.

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ok so that was my favourite episode so far!!!!! even though it was a plot-centric ep it was still quite light-hearted overall and had some cute moments. also boruto’s personality really shone here! he’s such a great character, i love him so much 

overall the anime has gone way beyond my expectations and i’m enjoying it a lot ahh 


my precious green gender nonconforming gremlins! cant believe i found another type of character for me

seriously wtf happened to the quality of the picture :(((( click it plz

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urgh, I keep watching that gifset you reblogged of obi-wan and padme at the end of RotS and thinking about what could have been. It's such a problem. They could have had such a great friendship and we basically NEVER see them together. Literally I can't remember even a single scene between them in TCW. I think the general lack of canon interaction we see is turning me into a obidala shipper and I can't seem to stop

i KNOW. i haven’t read the rots novelization yet bc i am Weak and Not Ready for Pain, so idk what it’s like there but same @ tcw and the other books. I really wish we had more of Obi Wan and Padme interacting beyond their constant I Am So Secretly Worried About My Tall Angry Human 

goSH can you even imagine how that would be?? And like. i guess it’s lowkey bc obi avoids her when possible after he tells her 2 chill w/anakin, but. Even if we got to see smth like what you get with Bail and Obi in some of the books, it would be so. fun,, 

anakin shows up to padme’s apt on his one (1) night off that whole month, expecting a cute candlelit dinner for two and possibly some banging,, but then he opens the door to his wife and his husband (and sometimes also his husband’s husband bail) sharing a bottle of wine and talking out all their anakin-related woes

obi wan: and then he rolled his eyes and made that face, you know the one—

padme: —yes! and then he crosses his arms like he was right all along, i hate when he does that—

obi wan: exactly! and then he jumped out of a ship and unnecessarily risked his life for me for the sixth time that mission, so I couldn’t even say—

padme: it’s like he has no idea how much we worry! honestly, obi wan, you—

anakin: i assume my leftovers are in the fridge thanks guys, love you too, hey obi haven’t seen you for so long it’s almost been two whole hours, cool cool cool cool,,

  • me watching svtfoe season 1: jesus do we really need ludo in virtually every single episode cut it back a bit
  • me watching svtfoe season 2: where's ludo why has he only appeared in just one half-episode out of two whole episodes why isn't he in the show more

The progression of things I have actually said out loud while playing Dragon age in relation to Fenris.

• “What’s up with this lying, asshole elf, my mage did nothing to you… asshole”

• “oh, rival achieved who’s my rival…. FENRIS COME ON!!! I’ve known you for like an hour, shit…”

• “Wow, wtf, i hate you, im not even gonna revive you as punishment because you are an uncrunchy leaf in life

• “I’m gonna cut you slack because you’re pretty…”

• “Ah shit, this dude’s been through batter-fried hell and then dropped on a dusty floor… poor elf.”

• “Tevinter was fucked up, who does that shit, bro im gonna defend you, no worries, no worries, ur an kinda an asshole but i gotchu”

• “Oh, wow, i can romance him… im gonna

• “Aw, he smiled, that’s so cute ”

• “He’s pretty much the cutest person here, like honestly look at his lil angry face”

• “woW MY hawke just slammed him into the wall and kissed the shit out of him…good stuff, good elf ”


• “he left me…. im inconsolable… why am i even playing this game… ”


• “I love him so much

• “Oh god, I love him so much

• “Fenris is perfection and beauty and im so glad i finished this game and romanced him and he’s just beauty and grace….ey, but honestly, my first point was dead on, he’s an asshole

LAST SOLAVELLAN I SWEAR. I just got to listening to some alt-J and Every Other Freckle slew me. ‘Cause I mean.. wanting to “turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet?” Hot. Hot damn. I couldn’t be stopped!

I’ll go back to objectifying the men of the Dragon Age universe and making Temple of Sacred Asses jokes now. /shame

🌙: As a part of Undyne’s squad, Greater Dog is, of course, one hell of a fighter, but at the end of the day, he is still a big lovable teddy bear–erm…doggie. Greater Dog is actually a much smaller dog piloting an oversized exosuit, and he normally wears a helmet, but of course, I haven’t featured that in his reference.

Much like Lesser Dog, Greater Dog isn’t really much for words, save for the occasional one-worded answer or just deep loud barking noises. He tries his best to be a good boy and will help you if he really likes you :D

I wanted to give him a contrasting color compared to Lesser Dog and thought that dark colors would probably work in this case.

Either way, Undyne’s squad is complete!

94. “Did they hurt you?"   4. "Who gave you that black eye?"   3. "I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid."   HAPPY

The club was over at our house for a dinner. Things had been flipped upside down for the longest time that we all needed some type normalcy.

The kids were playing video games, but one was missing. Mine and Happy’s kid, Byron. I had figured that he was out with his friends. He was 14 years old and knew what time he had to be home.

I was at the stove cooking when the backdoor slammed opened. Byron stood there, his face brusied and his lip bloody.

"Jesus Christ, Happy!!” I yelled.

Happy came barreling into the kitchen, his gun drawn.

His face darkened when he saw his son.

Stalking over to him, he helped Byron inside and to a chair.

I had a wet wash cloth and an ice pack at the ready.

“Who gave you that black eye?” Happy asked him, calmly.

Byron shook his head, a tear falling from his eye. “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.” He whispered.

Happy and I shared a look, “Son, listen to me. You aren’t stupid or an idiot. I don’t want to hear you call yourself that ever again. Clear?”

“Yes sir.”

I knelt down, pushing back his curly hair and dabbing his face.

“Who did this, baby? Tell us, so we can help.”

Byron, sniffled. “It was Jerry… he joined the Mayan’s… said if he kicked my ass, they’d let him join.”

My jaw ticked as well as Happy’s. Jerry had been over to our house more than enough times and we even fed the little bastard.

Happy growled as he stood. Leaning down, he kissed Byron’s forehead, then mine.

“Mind your Ma, boy.”
Happy had taken the guys with him to fix this problem.

They were gone practically all night. I had sent home to go boxes with everyone after the rest of us had eaten.

Byron was sleeping in mine and Happy’s bed. For him being 14, he was still very lovable. Trust me, I was waiting for the day that he’d tell me to stop hugging him in front of his friends.

I shut the bedroom door and went downstairs nearly running into Happy.

“Muther fu-!” I said.

Happy groaned as I punched him.

“Shit, baby girl.”

“Well, that’s what you get! Make some damn noise next time!” I hissed.

Taking in his appearance, I could see blood on his shirt. Lucky for him, I had the first aid kit out.

I helped Happy to the kitchen and he sank down slowly into the chair.

“Did they hurt you?” I asked.

He sighed, “I must be getting to old for this shit… I threw my back out.”

Biting my lip, I snorted a laugh.

“Fuck. You.” Hap said, glowering at me.

I blew him a kiss, “Geez, love you too… Old Man.”

He pointed at me, “You’re so damn lucky I can’t put you over my knee.”

I wiggled my eyebrows as I dabbed a cut, “Ooo, kinky.”

“Damnit woman! I’m tryin’ to be ornery here!”

I laughed.

“Jerry won’t be a problem.”

I paused, “Another smiley face?”

“Naw, boy got his ass handed to him. His dad too.”

“Which is how you threw your back out?”

“Yeah,” he sighed, “I forgot how big of a man Dylan was.”

I hummed as I finished patching Happy up.

As soon as I was done, I went and started a shower for Happy.

I helped him undress and undressed myself before getting in with him.

He held me to him as I massaged his neck and shoulders.

We’d used up all the hot water, but at least it helped Happy’s sore back.

Going back downstairs, he laid back in his over sized recliner, sighing.

Byron came downstairs, rubbing his eyes gently.

“Dad?” He called out.

“C'mon in here, son.”

Going into the kitchen, I left the two of them alone.

They had talked for a while and when things had quieted down, I went in to check on them.

Byron sat next to Happy in the recliner, his head on his Dad’s shoulder, both of them alseep.

Grabbing a blanket, I covered them up, laying a kiss on each of their heads.

no but please consider this:

Downworlders’ nights at Magnus’s loft with Meliorn, Luke, Simon, Raphael & obviously Magnus

the first time they do this, it’s mostly to talk about the Downworld, the Accords & Shadowhunters but everytime they meet up, they feel more and more relaxed and they soon become great friends (even though Simon talks too much to Meliorn’s taste, but he is still lovable so he is forgiven)

anyway one evening Simon suggests they should watch series on netflix and everyone agrees so they all sit on Magnus’ couches and watch Daredevil because they’re all big nerds (safe for Raphael, who is a grumpy big nerd)

that becomes kind of a habit for them, once a week they meet up at Magnus’ and they either order take-out or Luke comes with food from Jade Wolf, and sometimes Meliorn even brings fae home-made pastries because they’re so good and everyone in their little group loves them so much

they keep watching series, mostly Marvel/DC ones - cuz they love all the superheroes -, and when they finish Jessica Jones they’re a bit sad because they don’t have anything left to watch so Magnus gets up and opens a secret door of his loft

when he comes back, his arms are full of comics and he hands them to his friends whose eyes are wide 

so they end up reading comics and debating on who is the best superhero of all time (they don’t find an agreement of course)

meanwhile, there are whispers in the Downworld that some of the most important figures of their species are gathering up to talk about political business and are maybe plotting against the Clave, when really it’s just a meeting of huge nerds 

Okay so I’ve always really appreciated Marlin’s character in Finding Nemo and now in Finding Dory. He is, admittedly, a very flawed character. He’s overly cautious, a bit controlling, and often very anxious. He says things without thinking sometimes and has a temper. Despite all of this, he is a very loving and fantastic character. He values family more than anything else in the world. Even though he says some things he doesn’t really mean, he always apologizes and tries to make sure that both Nemo and Dory are happy. He always works to make sure that Nemo and Dory both feel like they are capable and important. As a person that really struggles with anger issues and anxiety, I love seeing a character like Marlin. He is still a lovable and great character even with all his flaws. I relate a lot to him and I love seeing a character show that having a temper and anxiety does not make you any less of a loving and caring person.

Starter Call!

Take two~! This is Ji-Ji here, reporting with my second muse – Instinct’s instinctual meme, Jayden Mullner-Willow, lovingly known as Spark!

Besides some of the folks I’ve spoken to beforehand, I’m proposing a starter call here as well, with the same amount of 3 max.  If you do happen to like Spark’s starter, I will go ahead and message you for plotting and planning, so please have your messaging system open and available for use!

Please understand that I took a few liberties when it came to Spark’s backstory, but he’s still a lovable dork all the same. I hope you all enjoy him!

i just really love how emotionally mature jake is growing yet he is still lovable dork and that since jake and amy have started dating amy’s character still has shape and is her own person, not just “the girlfriend”. 

i also love how tonight’s episode showed how the captain is opening up more and becoming even more comfortable with his precinct (and he gives the best high fives, he goes all the way through with them its the best)

plus rosa and terry’s relationship is just awesome (and rosa expressing herself)

*i said it once and i’ll say it again, the only person who ships jamy harder than me is charles*