hes still in the cage

  • Sam:this year i lost my dear soulmate Lucifer
  • Lucifer [from the Cage]:QUIT TELLING EVERYONE I'M DEAD
  • Sam:sometimes i can still hear his voice

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"H-hello?" he called, stuck in his cage. Still human. Not for long. Blissfully unaware. "I-is anyone there? H-hellooo?" (geckimera)

Hearing a voice caused him to perk up a bit. “Guess I’m not in here alone then.” He called back.

I loved the relationship and chemistry between Jessica and Luke in Jessica Jones and watching the new trailer for Luke Cage I’m afraid they’re gonna leave that in the past and not go back to it and they’ll never get married and that just makes me sad.

I know it’s just a trailer and not reflective of the entire season but it’s a little disappointing not to see even a trace of Jessica.

August 4th excerpt:

A snare. It was a trap that, when Logan set it, would remain hidden amongst the foliage. When something wandered into it (a sprite included), it would tangle around them mercilessly, only tightening the more they struggled. The only way out would be cutting the wires away from them, and Bowman had a feeling Logan wouldn’t be kind in the process if he caught someone.

“Making art projects, I see,” Bowman snapped. “I’ve seen better.”

The cage rattled roughly as Logan gripped one end in a huge hand and tilted it sharply so that Bowman fell to one side in a heap. “You cheeky little shit. Do you know what this is?” he taunted, his hand still gripping the cage, hovering menacingly over Bowman.

I am still bitter, Neji deserved better, his whole life he was in cage and that his death was his way to freedom? What kind of fucking message was that supposed to give.

We fucking grew up with him, I felt identified with this guy, and that death was his way out is just a terrible message to pass on.

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The supposedly handfed budgie is hardest to tame so far. I try offering millet and those seeds on a stick and he takes it, but only after trashing around the cage for a while, and he still gets scared if I for example change my sitting position while my hand is in the cage. Yesterday he managed to completely break off a nail! The bleeding had stopped by the time I saw that however. I'm afraid he could seriously hurt himself...

Weirdly enough I’ve had similar experiences! I’ve only ever had one “hand raised budgie” and while the first few days he was friendly he then became the opposite. Always breaking wing feathers from thrashing around the cage and never wanting to be near my hands!
Sometimes I wonder if it’s the method the people used to hand tame them; maybe they were too forceful or didn’t do it in the correct way..

All you can do is keep taking steps to try and make him more comfortable around you and work on taming slowly

NAME: Dean Ambrose ( although he will ONLY respond to the name MOXLEY )
AGE: 30
CRIME: First-degree murder

BIOGRAPHY: Scarred. ABANDONED. Neglected. Moxley never knew the life he’d be gifted with would be full of deceit and lies. Staples were the one thing that made him feel alive when times were rough, the puncture wounds still something he constantly scratches. Under the cage of his mother, he learned just how his mother brought home some money to feed them: becoming the street’s wildest rat of the century. He constantly saw different men come in and out their home, robbing them, and infesting their house with different kinds of drugs. Back then, he didn’t know HOW he survived, but he says it’s because Satan doesn’t want him six feet under just yet.

For years, Moxley saw his mother decay and grow old right before his eyes, all the while trying to protect his little sister from the horrors they saw. Their mother paid no mind to them once she started bringing home the big bucks, drugs and the green being her daily obsession. Even through it all, Moxley did his best to protect the two most important women in the household, even if he had to go through some thugs and copious amounts of battle wounds in the process. In his early twenties, Moxley was arrested for first-degree murder that, to this day, not many people have figured out why: he murdered his mother after the death of his sister. 

A strange cat. A somewhat riddled man who can get into someone’s head with just a few words ; Moxley has adapted to the prison life without a problem, calling it his resting ground as well as a secondary home, always promising the facility’s guards ‘You better make sure your security is tight if you plan on keeping me here for a long time’. He’s been here for at least eight years, all the while being meticulous about his next step to walk free again, although he’s in no hurry.


- Spends most of his time doing prison workouts
- Has a notable scar running across his shoulder blade
- Isn’t afraid to hurt an official from the facility
- Often hums ‘The Doors’ Break on through to the other side’ to help pass time
- Can get a little touchy with some people if they invade his personal space