hes still down there


This is such an utterly sweet moment…so filled with hope and happiness… Rumple waiting (without much hope) that Belle returns after he sat her free - but none the less he is still waiting with the tiniest hope - you are nearly holding your breath in anticipation….

and the moment he realizes she is coming back, his face shows so much disbeliefs and then joy  - gosh this still gives me the chills

and the way he sprints down the stairs to be back in the room before her…

well, that’s a truly beautiful and awesome moment


Doodled Vincent in glasses last night. Like… a bunch. XD;

If those glasses look familiar, it’s because I swiped them so they can be given a more positive light. This is how he’d look if he hadn’t been killed by Lucian, the 1987 Purple Guy of the Parlourverse.

Vincent has difficulty reading text in overly bright light, like from florescent bulbs or unfiltered sunlight. His glasses apply a blue tint that makes it easier for him to see the letters against the bright white of paper.

He still hates it when his hair’s down. XDD


Y/D/N = Your Daughter’s Name

“Hello Internet,” You heard Dan whisper from beside you.

You turned around just enough so that you could see Dan speaking to a camera that he was holding up. He was still lying down, his hair a curly mess. A smile stretched across your lips and you moved so that you could be in shot with him. Suddenly, he turned and pointed the camera at you. 

“And this is my love, Y/N.” Dan introduced you.

“Hello,” You waved groggily at the camera.

Dan spoke a while longer, but a small cry brought you two out of the conversation. “Looks like Y/D/N is awake.” Dan said, getting out of the bed and making his way to Y/D/N’s crib.

Your daughter was only about a year old and she was starting to talk more as the days progressed. You followed Dan to the nursery and saw that your daughter was up and holding herself up by the side of the crib begging to be let out. She squealed at the sight of her dad and instantly reached out her arms towards him, letting him know that she wanted to be picked up.

“Say hello to the camera, Y/D/N.” Dan cooed at her as he pointed the camera at her angelic face. She giggled and waved a hand at the camera saying ‘Hi’.

You took her from Dan’s arms and took her to the kitchen to be fed. You sat her in the high chair and took out one of the jars of baby food along with a spoon. You opened the jar, spooning some of the food out and placing it near her mouth. However, Y/D/N turned her head to the side, not wanting to eat.

A little while later, Y/D/N had ended up with most of the baby food on her clothes rather than in her stomach.

“And here’s the end result of when Y/D/N doesn’t want to eat.” Dan said with a chuckle and panned the camera to the small girl whom was covered in her food. She responded to Dan with a giggle, flashing her adorable smile.

Aaron could still feel cum dripping down his thighs as he stepped into his dad’s office, a smirk playing on his lips as he saw his father sitting at the desk. “So, dad,” he started, as he closed the office door, locking it behind him. “I just got back from a meeting with your rivals. I have to say, they had a lot of fun.” He stepped closer to the desk, looking across to the older man. “I had a lot of fun too, if I’m honest.” He moved around the desk, his fingers unbuttoning his pants, sliding them down to show off his freshly fucked cunt, still leaking with cum. “Get your cock out and let me ride you. I need to be filled with another load. It won’t be as fun as with the other men, but whatever, I need to be filled up again.”

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//This OC yordle is quite the mysterious one, he’s very loyal to Bandlecity and someone you wouldn’t want to get into a fight with. He has unique abilities of his own which are quite admirable even though it also makes him rather dangerous, he isn’t an assassin for nothing. Neo might be a bit cautious around suspicious looking people, yordles or other eerie beings but even though the character has gone through a lot in his past he still carries a lot of kindness deep down inside of him. It’s someone who won’t open up right away to someone but he doesn’t lock you out straight from the bat either and won’t deny you any contact if you approach him. So to say he isn’t the kind of guy to push you away unless he has a reason to. What makes Neo quite the impressive yordle he is, is not only his abilities or kind personality but also the path he has chosen. No matter what the cost will be he will keep the citizens of Bandlecity safe from any threads from the outside or within as that is what he dedicated himself to. Perhaps not all the citizens of Bandle are all that comfortable around him due to his mysterious looks and large weapon he owns but even that won’t stop him to keep them safe if needed. Because of this Neo is someone you might wanna get some interaction with as you never know what’s gonna happen, because of his noble determination towards Bandle you can assume he won’t just attack without reason. The mun behind this blog is someone I’ve gotten to know quite a lot and someone who I talk with on a daily basis OwO He became a very dear friend of mine and man am I glad I got that chance. He’s a really cool guy who’s always there for you in tough situations and will do anything in his power to help you out if you allow him to. Other then that he is more then just kind, even if you are to discuss a thing or two that isn’t really to his liking he’ll still talk along with you and calmly explain why he agrees or disagrees with you at some points. He already helped me out if it came to the League game, when it came to using Photoshop to teach me some tricks and I had multiple laughs with him in the Skype chats about all sorts of things. Whenever I talk with him I instantly get happier because he’s so positive and kind and a true delight to talk to >w< I wouldn’t wanna miss him!! 


This is purely for comedy but

Hear me out. So imagine that Rose (or anyone really) becomes an Akuma because one of the teachers calls her childish and wants her to be more mature. And her power is:
Turning everyone into small children.

And she starts turning all the adults into children being like “who needs to be more mature now!?”

And then when Ladybug and Chat show up, Chat uses his his Cataclysm for something and then gets turned into a toddler in a Chat costume.

Ladybug runs away and tries to revert it but can’t and now she’s stuck fighting without him.

Cue inner dilemma. If she waits long enough his transformation will wear off, letting her see who Chat is without him even knowing it. But that’s wrong…

(In my mind she wouldn’t do it so I’m continuing assuming she doesn’t)

So then she has to think of a plan while adults and teens alike are being turned years back. While at the same time wondering what to do with this toddler Chat who seems to only want to get into trouble/danger.

So then she goes into battle, keeping the adorable Chat hidden away.

(Bonus points if Chat is the reason they win)

(This is what happens when you say your inbox is empty XD)

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HC that Remus gets hit on by James because Sirius is terrified of going up to the cute curly haired boy sitting in the library doing homework and James is like "I'll show you how it's done" and ends up getting distracted real quick because Remus' study partner Lily arrives and then Sirius comes over and is like "I'm sorry for my friend but you're cute and I'm awkward but can I have your number?" Cue blushing Remus.

So I did pub instead of library because I got halfway through before I realised you’d said library.  Also I’ve had a shite day so I needed some wolfstar nerds being ridiculous.


  • He’s sat up at the bar with a drink, and he knows the two blokes at the pub table nearby are watching him.  He can’t tell which, but he sort of hopes it’s the cute Thai one with the french plait down his back because damn.
  • Still, he only gives them surreptitious glances because he doesn’t want to seem obvious, also he’s waiting for Lily who wanted a drink after her shite day, and what kind of friend would he be if he gave in to a chat-up?
  • Except he totally would because yeah, he’s a shite friend.
  • Meanwhile the two at the pub table are whispering and thank God Remus can’t hear them because it’s so ridiculous™
  • “I don’t even know what I’d say, James!  I mean look at him.  He’s so cute I want to freaking die.”
  • “Like you’ve had trouble pulling before.”
  • “Yes, but drunk, James.  Out of my mind pissed and at a gay club and this is a pub with rugby on the telly like what am I even going to say.  he’s probably straight. God my heart is breaking right now, i swear.  Hold me.”
  • James shoves him off.  “You are ridiculous and I am ashamed to know you, Padfoot.  Just…go over there and tell him you think he’s fit and get a number and put me out of my misery.”
  • Sirius just lets out a high-pitched whinge into his pint until James shoves his chair back and then of course he panics™
  • “Woah wait hold on there, Prongs, my good mate.  What are you doing?”
  • “Showing you how the hell this is done.”  James drags his fingers through his hair and Sirius rolls his eyes because yeah right, when has that ever worked?
  • Remus meanwhile gets a text off Lily who says she’s late but on her way.  Just as he starts to send one back, the Indian bloke is walking over and okay he is cute, but more Lily’s type.  Not his.  But he smiles in spite of his disappointment.
  • “Hi there.  I’m James.”  James slides up into the bar seat and gives Remus his most winning smile.
  • “Hello.  I’m Remus,” he says, and sips his beer because oh boy what is he meant to do now?
  • “So I just wanted to say that I think you’re very fit, and if you’d like me to buy you a drink, I’d be very flattered.”
  • Remus almost laughs because wow he is awkward.  He wants to say yes just because does that work on anyone ever?  Then he sees Lily walk in and she heads up to Mary who’s behind the bar to say hi and suddenly Remus notices James’ eyes immediately going to his friend and yeah…
  • James is interested.
  • James is straight.
  • Which means what, exactly?
  • His eyes flicker over to the other one at the pub table who is blushing a very fetching shade of maroon and he kind of realises what’s happening.  “So James,” Remus purrs, and puts his hand on James’ arm just as Lily glances over, and James looks panicked.  “About that drink…?”
  • “Right erm.  Right I erm…”
  • Remus laughs.  “Did your mate ask you to come over here?  The one turning the colour of a tomato?”
  • James glances back at Sirius and snorts.  “He thinks you’re fit and I was showing him how it’s done.  Has it worked?”
  • Remus laughs.  “Not even a little bit.  But I would take a drink from him.”
  • James brightens, then looks like he wants to vomit or something because Lily comes over and kisses Remus’ cheek, then gives James one slow look up and down.  “New friend?”
  • “He was offering to buy me a drink,” Remus says with a vicious smirk.
  • James is mortified, and Remus kind of loves it.
  • Twenty minutes later finds Remus sat with Sirius at the table, and James trying that poor hair ruffled thingie–really what IS that–on Lily who doesn’t seem to mind it at all.
  • “You’re vicious,” Sirius says, leaning into Remus’ side a bit.  “He looked like he wanted to cry when you made him look like he was interested in you.”
  • “Couldn’t help myself,” Remus says with a shrug, and finds he really likes the feeling of Sirius pressed up against his side.  “Anyway, I’m all out.”  he taps his pint glass.  “You want to take me home?”
  • Sirius grins and presses a small kiss to the underside of Remus’ ear, making him squirm and make a rather interesting noise.  “Yeah, Remus.  Yeah I do.”
tl;dr: vegetables and babysitting

I report back to you from my adventures in Oscar Isaac’s Early Filmography with a review of Won’t Back Down:

  • it’s about Women with Children Getting Shit Done, which as you know appeals to me as a genre
  • Oscar Isaac plays the Sexy Girlfriend role, where he is essentially Maggie Gyllenhal’s prize for being a good person who Works Hard and who Cares about Society. we all deserve nice things, right? 
  • she already has the best clothes, but why settle for that?
  • because you too deserve to be banging a hot ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER who LOVES THE KIDS and JUST WANTS TO TEACH! but he doesnt get the big picture about Society, you know? she does. she explains it to him. then he gets it. 
  • he brings food to her flat and cooks it
  • the food involves vegetables
  • is there a man in YOUR life who spontaneously cooks you vegetables? well woo fucking hoo for you if there is
  • after cooking vegetables for her and her kid (oh yeah the kid’s there, this isn’t SEXY cooking, this is weeknight dinner) he lets her PULL his HAIR in the KITCHEN (he seems to really dig this part. i really dig this part. here’s a screencap of this part:)
  • and possibly most importantly, he advances the plot by being her booty call babysitter. 
  • seriously! she just calls him up for a quick peck on the cheek and then leaves him entertaining her child with his ukulele so she can go out and CHANGE SOCIETY with Viola Davis
  • do you know why Women with Children don’t get more shit done? We’re too busy buying and cooking vegetables and we can’t go the fuck out in the evening because of our KIDS
  • kids listen to me I am 37 
  • one day you too will understand the power of my yearning for oscar isaac to come to my house, cook me vegetables and play the ukulele to my kids so i can GO THE FUCK OUT AND ADVANCE THE FUCKING PLOT ALREADY

In conclusion: what do women want? protagonism, vegetables and hot babysitters. next question.

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t.

(I mean he doesn’t look drunk at all, but just picture him- Also, READ IT I PROMISE IT’S WORTH IT!!!)

“Come on Dean” you groaned, dragging him towards his room “Just a little more”

Dean huffed and puffed, literally doing nothing to help in your situation. If anything he just put more weight on top of you.

“Aww but I don’t wanna sleeeeep!” he whined like a little child “Uness it’s with you gorgeous” he said and winked, soon followed by a feat of giggles. It was actually cute to see him like this, and you didn’t get the chance very often.

“I’m sorry Dean but that can’t happen” you chuckled, pushing the door open in the meanwhile trying not to let him fall down.

He pretended to cry, an overly sad - but still adorable - look on his face as he pouted visibly “Is it- is it because you don’t want me?”

You shook your head “No, Dean. It’s because you don’t really want me” you gave him a sad smile.

He looked at you with a deep frown for a second. He let out a big huff as you let him fall on his bed.

“But-” he spoke, licking his lips “-But how do you know that hm?”

“Because… I know”

“That’s not a very good reason ya know” he said with a giggle and despite the pang in your chest you chuckled at him as well.

“And how can you know? You’re drunk off your ass” you retorted and he fakes a glare.

“That’s mean.” he pursed his lips in a childish way “But- But if you wanna know you, miss, are wroooooong!” he pointed a finger in your face, wiggling it a little around.

You pushed it off your face and shook your head at him “Whatever you say”

“No, no no” he pushed his lips out in almost a duck-face, as he shook his head stubbornly “You just don’t get it.”

“Well neither do you. You’re drunk Dean, just relax a little and tomorrow everything’s going to be alright” you stood up but before you could move you felt a hand on your arm and before you could realize it you were dragged back and down.

A loud huff and then groan left your lips when your back collided with the matress and Dean, who didn’t miss a beat to wrap his arms around you.

“See, not so bad” Dean grinned widely at you “I mean not to brag about it, my I’m the best in bed sweetheart and for you I will be the only one from now on” he chuckled at what he said and you just rolled your eyes.

“Dean, stop this. I know flirting is your thing but-”

“Flirting? Who said I was flirting? Oh sweetheart I haven’t even began yet” a lopside smirk was on his face as he pinned you down on the bed and hoevered over you. You felt your face heat up dangerously.

You groaned “And you are not going to either” you hit his chest to push him off you.

He laughed out loudly “You are so cuuuute when you blush”

“Shut up” you grumbled “You don’t know anything. You’re drunk”

“I may be drunk but you still remain cute. And dorable. And sweet. And beautiful. And- So. Damn. Hot!” he almost groaned the last part and you jumped when you felt him slap your-


“Hey there gorgeous- can I ask for something?”


“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back” he grinned and you hit his shoulder.


“Oh (Y/n)” he cut you off, saying in worry “You look a little pale. I think you’re suffering from lack of vitamin me” he chuckled and you rolled your eyes.

“Very funn-”

“You know, that shirt’s very becoming on you. If I were on you, I’d be coming too.” he smirked and you felt your face get incredibly hot.

“My face is leaving in fifteen minutes. Be on it.” he said in a low rough voice, leaning closer to you and your eyes were all but wide.

“Dean, sto-”

“Would you like to try an Australian kiss? It is just like a French kiss, but down under.” and that certainly was all it took for you.

“Dean!” you shrieked.

He erupted into a feat of giggles “Oh gosh look at you! Here it is! The darker blush! Honestly I have no idea which one looks better on you- maybe both” he sighed happily, throwing an arm over you and nuzzling his face at the croock of your neck “Damn” he whispered and you felt goosebumps form over your skin.

“Have I ever told you how good you smell? Because you do. You smell so so soooo good” he snuggled closer to you.

“Dean” you sighed “Please, just let me go. You need to rest and sleep.” you tried to ingore how your entire face felt as if it was on fire.

“No.” he said stubbornly “You’re gonna stay here so that when I wake up you will be in my arms and I will stare at you all morning till you wake up and you will tease me and I will deny it and you will hit me and I will attack you with tickles and kisses and it will be all- all romantic and those crap”

“Dean” your voice trembled as did your heart. You really wanted that more than anything else.

“Sshh it’s much better this way” he whispered, placing a small kiss at the crook of your neck that made your heart skip a beat.

You let a small sigh, closing softly your eyes as you began to relax. Maybe you could just for a little while enjoy this. He was not going to remember anyway.

“Gosh I love you so much” he whispered and your eyes snapped open.

Did Dean Winchester just say that to you?

Part 2

Vaughn got into a car accident, and Jack is trying to help Rhys to calm down over the phone, because he’s still at work, but it doesn’t work very well. 

the signs as types of boyfriends
  • aries:the tuff on the outside but all cute and cuddly on the inside type of boyfriend
  • taurus:he will get you anything you need/want
  • gemini:the cute nerdy boyfriend. who is kinda shy at first but ends up being totally outgoing
  • cancer:he is a super shy but will do anything with you
  • leo:the boyfriend who will show you off to anyone and everyone
  • virgo:he just loves to just chill-not netflix and chill.i know what you were thinkin;)- and snuggle with you
  • libra:leaves lil surprises for you everywhere
  • scorpio:he may be kinda over protective of you but y'know in a cute way
  • sagittarius:loves to take you to the movies for a date and go out to eat
  • capricorn:will take you on nice little road trips and buy you cute stuffed animals
  • aquarius:he might be a lottle geeky but is still cute. he will be down to play video games or watch movies at home with you
  • pisces:makes you dinner and brings you special treats during the day. tons of lil forehead kisses
  • ~nickie