hes still a cutie though

let me tell you a story

there was a cute guy at the mall and I was like you know what I’m gonna go tell him he’s cute so I fucking did.
I was shaking because I was so nervous.. but then he was just like “oh, thanks” so I said welcome and walked away. well two or three hours later he saw my friend and I in a shoe store and kept staring, then we went to walk to the bathroom and he bumped into me and was like “oh hey! what’s your name?” so I told him. then he said “do you have Facebook?” I said I do. he said “do you have a number?” and I said I do and gave him my number and he said “sorry, to bother you but you’re really cute too.” and smiled at me and I CAN NOT EVEN EXPLAIN HOW HAPPY THAT MADE ME

Um…Kuroo? You okay? Need to stretch those leg arms? 

Kenma looks so concentrated…


Not so random Bobert thought of the day: to follow up on what @bellamyblake said here, the best thing about meeting Bobert, besides everything, is that when he talks to you he is 100% focused on you and you alone. And that tells you exactly what kind of person he is. He knows you’re excited to meet him and that it’s a significant moment for you even if you’re one in several hundred for him, so he takes his time, looks at you intently, asks if you have questions for him if you’re tongue tied (not that I was, but he did this to several other people) and really makes sure you have the best possible experience you can. He never looks around or away, at who’s next in line or whatever’s going on around him, he’s just entirely focused on the person he’s talking to. And if I’m making it sound scary to have him stare at you while you’re talking, it’s not, it’s just like having someone really interested in hearing what you have to say and is really interested in meeting you too, which in his case feels really genuine. You’re left feeling like he enjoyed himself as much as you did, which I didn’t expect but appreciate so much. He is such a sweetheart, there is no other way to describe it, and everyone, given half a chance, should go experience that for themselves.(But I am wondering why he still hasn’t called me, wtf Bobert?!)

Just something about Anne Maria

I hear a lot of people call her shallow, and sure, I’ll kind of give them that… maybe. But just think about something; she literally only likes Vito for his personality. Mike has the same body (and abs) and yet she doesn’t show any attraction towards him (and when she does it’s because she’s thinking about how he acts as Vito) because she doesn’t like his personality. She’s very physical, but she’s oddly all about personality. It’s one of the things I think people forget about her. She fell in love with Vito because she sees him getting into a fight with Scott and Brick just for the hell of it, not his abs (although it’s probable that is a factor). Just something to think about.

also she is adorable ok? Why does no one else think she’s cute?





also, note her interview on the contestants page

The important bits:

Ten years from now, what are you doing?: Definitely make-up, and make other people beautiful too.

It’s the last day on earth, In one sentence, what would you do?: I’d have everyone over for a pizza and movies.

yeah, totally self centered there. Ignoring the absolutely atrocious grammar on the first answer, she’s thinking about making other people happy. And you’d expect her to answer something like “I’d spend the rest of the day with my hairspray can so I’ll look good for the apocalypse.” or something else vapid. But no, she would rather just get everyone over for a pizza party. Everyone. Not just the hot kids or her boyfriend, no, she wants to invite everyone. Her end of the world plans aren’t something selfish, her end of the world plan is to have one last good time, and everyone’s invited.

And that’s not even getting into how when Brick goes missing and Jo is all ‘leave him to die’, Anne Maria’s just like “Brick may not be attractive in any way but he is still a person!” Yeah she called him unattractive, but still, she was nicer to him than his actual love interest (don’t deny it, Jock is canon). There was also that one episode where in the Mess Hall she was putting spray tan on herself and when Cameron was choking on the substance, she apologized to him. She could have said “Deal with it.”, but no; she apologized. at least in her own Anne Maria-ish way. And during the first challenge, you’d expect her to not want to help at all (might break a nail or something) but no; again, she decides she’s gonna take a whack at it. Sure she ignored Cameron’s warnings about the weight calibration and called him four eyes, but she tried. OH YEAH AND THAT TIME SHE SAVED JO’S LIFE.

Sure she pushed Zoey, but if she hadn’t, Jo would have asphyxiated. She saved Jo’s life even though she totally hated her, and no one acknowledges that! And technically she also saved everyone in the mines by keeping Zeke occupied. We’ve seen how ruthless and psycho he is, and she actually saved everyone by playing along with his crush, so no one else died (or at least no one would have gotten killed. Radiation poisoning is a bitch.) And really the only person she was mean to was Zoey, and to be fair Vito was interested in her so it’s not like it wasn’t kind of justified. Mike never actually admitted he liked Zoey, at least not in front of Anne Maria, but Vito sure admitted to liking Anne Maria (and more XD). So really from her point of view she was just defending her man.
And she’s not even that dumb, I mean, yeah, she’s totally book dumb, but she’s one of the only campers to have figured out how to bypass the items ban (Sierra is the other), and that was actually pretty smart of her.

'Yeah but look at all that spray tan. It’s not like maybe she just likes looking good or anything, or feels like she needs to in order to be appreciated, or any of the other reasons she might have for the spraytan. No, that must mean she’s a vapid whore!’….GO TO THE CORNER. GO TO THE CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. DON’T COME BACK UNTIL YOU APPRECIATE THIS WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING.

Oh, and also, want to know some bullshit? Up until recently, on Fanfiction.net, she was listed as Ann Maria instead of Anne Maria for the entire time from her first appearance in January of 2012 to up to a month ago, AND has only 43 fanfictions about her, and only 36 of them are K-T rated.