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“QUARTET NIGHTという名の募金箱 https://t.co/dCopnn8Gfp”

Another new PV for Quartet Night Evolution Live! Featuring DJ Morikubo-san, QN’s perfectly in sync dancing, Shouta playing piano, Maeno being magical (I’m only slightly kidding), Starlight Memory’s MIC STAND DANCE (kill me >///<), Tatsu and Morikubo-san clasping hands in Rise Again, and more~

Jacob Frye is someone I use a lot, and he is very much my muse whom I adore. ♥

Yes, I can sit here and say he makes me wet and yada yada, but for me, the connection is much deeper then his sexy voice and the way he looks at you from across the room. I can understand where he is emotionally coming from in a lot of ways going all the way back to his childhood and onward. How he was the annoying younger sibling that had to be ‘mothered’ by his older sister, how everybody didn’t see him as good enough or ridiculed him and his actions—even his targets mock him, how love is something he wants but he looks for it in the wrong places and people, how he is so spry, upbeat and a bit obnoxious in his younger age but becomes stern, focused, and almost depressed in his older—so on and so forth.

While others see mostly a physical connection with him, I see it more than that, and that’s why I treasure his character a lot and see him as somebody I wish I could protect.

It is an honor to have people see him in me and or hear him through my words when I use him RP for sure. ♥ He’s a character I’ve not had that type of connection with in years.

When your Dad uses the one black person willing to go on Fox News as a good reason to not tear down confederate statues, then complains about the “homos”, and says no one wants the president to succeed, and you can’t do anything but listen silently from the other room cause you still rely on them for food and shelter until you can find a job…

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👻👻👻maren just exposed Niall without realizing it... he started talking about finding someone to duet with like end of May/June time when she said she recorded the duet in April. My son a liar!!!!!!

a;ldfjsdlfkj hey now he’s not a liar he’s just..,,,.,,a stretcher of truths, a protector of reality, if u will

imsecretlyromanburki replied to your post: Bucky Barnes is gay

he’s bisexual, it was confirmed

i thought it was just a fan who put that in there to fuck with people?? and even if it is true i made that post for mcu!Bucky. mcu!Bucky and comic!Bucky are really different, especially their backstory. mcu!Bucky’s backstory was based on comic!Steve’s childhood best friend Arnie Roth - here is the tweet confirming it -who was gay. so that’s why i hc mcu!Bucky as gay. but that doesn’t mean i have any problem with ppl who hc him bi or pan tho.

i love both Bucky and Natasha, especially Bucky since i identify with him and i have no problem with multishipping him or Nat, but when it comes to the two of them being together i’m like ???? NO. she was doing just fine until brubaker retconned her past and shoved Bucky in there just so he could write about his gross self insert fanfic. then Bucky became Cap and Natasha was reduced to Bucky’s hot girlfriend whose job was to pat him on the back and tell him what a good man he was. she was constantly supportive and at the end what does he do? he wipes her memory and all of their past together w/o her permission like??? that wasn’t his decision to make. i’m not even touch consent issues/mental health issues here because i’m tired rn. anyone who thinks that that was a healthy relationship doesn’t really know what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like and frankly i’m a little worried about them.

tl;dr they were a disaster in the comic books and they’d be a disaster in mcu and i’m glad it won’t ever happen

hello my name is tony stark and today i’ll be using my anxiety to design a suit made to withstand every possible worst-case-scenario i can come up with


David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names



Delinquent (Yanki) Keith!. He has a crush (his pining is intense) on Lance who is a student from another school.

and yes, Keith has a big pompadour 

EDIT:  i have read a lot of comment saying that Keith with a pompadour looks like Johnny Bravo….and i just couldn’t help myself