hes sooo lol in the first gif

Imagine you have to babysit your’ 5 year old nephew with John he soon gets bored as you don’t really have toys in Sherlocks and Johns flat, and as both of you are distracted for a short moment the little guy runs into Sherlocks room and before you can stop him dresses up with Sherlocks purple shirt. “Please, remove the shirt back where it came from!”, you ask your nephew policly, but he just laughs and begins to walk around in the flat: “Look at me! I am soooo intelligent! I am able to deduct who ate my apple you because of the bite marks because my eyes are soooo good!”, you and John can’t to something other then laugh, the little guy seems to know Sherlock even better than you thought and his impression is oh so right!! “I am soo intelligent but I don’t understand the social interaktions!” (where does all this come from in a little 5 year old?) “I am sooo cool with my cheekbones and my coat!”, and just in this moment you see Sherlock, standing in the door since you don’t know when, though you can’t stop laughing about this little guy. First, Sherlock looks very distracted and even a little angry, but then he smiles: “Well, if you want to be as cool as me you may need to really have cheekbones!”