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I was rewatching Fairy Tail dubbed in my language (voice actors seem to ship Gruvia too and  their voices are soo nice!!) so I decided it was a good moment to track  Gray and Juvia’s  interactions and I Choose to focus on the ones started/made by Gray. I will put in this post moments from ep 25 to 75 and I think I will upgrade this or make other parts in the future.

Let me know if I missed something.

Here I go:

Ep 25 

She is his enemy but he is nice to her and when by accident he grabs her chest he releases her from his ice, he says “Sorry” and wants to start over, even if, in that moment, he was having the upper hand.

Still his enemy but he saves her.

He is resting and chatting beside her, even joking with her right after their battle. He is treating her as a friend more than a foe.

He seems worried about her.

Ep 33

He recognizes her immediately and is drinking with her

Chatting with her, smiling and telling her he is ok with her joining Fairy Tail

He is concerned about her.

Ep 34

He scolds her

He praises her.

Ep 41

He welcomes her in Fairy Tail

Ep 42

He is spending time with her and shows interest in what she does.

Ep 49

When Jason arrives Gray is sitting in table with Juvia

Ep 71

Gray stops Juvia while she is trying to defend him.

Ep 72

Gray makes a plan that involves Juvia’s help.

He thought about their magic being very compatible, he asks her to help him and to believe in him (voice actors in my language here say “as long as we trust each other” ^^)

They perform a damn UNISON RAID!!!

EP 73

He is sitting with her, chatting with her, being with her,smiling! (Look at image number 4 please!!!)

EP 75

He is looking for her during the Fairy Tail run (without a reason) and he madly blushes when she wants to see his embarrassing photo shoot.

starlumen  asked:

I just wanna visit you and saw everything what happened to you, sorry to our last encounter, my heart was devour back then up until now, but I'll be alright. Saw what happened you got curse? that explain a lot. I understand why, you're just like my nephew TH!Scary. *smiles a little bit* you both had a little common.

I Guess Soww~ !!

Tho Scary Is Sooooo COOL~ !! AND CUTE~ !! AND HE LOOK SOOO NICE~ !!

Also I Didn’t Know He Has A Curse~ !?

(Also How DEEEEER u Fallow Mhee)

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