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Hey-ho ive been so confused, maybe you can help since you love him so much, but, why is lawer kara so???? He just looks??? insane???? And crazy and nervous and???????????

i’ve never heard of lawyer karamatsu in my life! 

i’ve actually thought about this a lot hggk. i guess because this was one of the earliest examples of karamatsu’s character being wildly different and over the top? i mean you’ve got stuff like

and the fact he keeps getting carried away, rambling, talking excessively/quickly and zoning out (dreaming about holding hands with a girl for… i think it was 2 minutes).

and he tries to kill ichimatsu no less than 3 times. 

for fanart it kinda evolved the way things normally do: one person changed the canon design a little, and it was like “woah! that looks nice!” and other people incorporated it until it was widespread. it was fun to over-exaggerate things fr the sake of a #look.png! the eye thing came from early pixiv fanart since… it just looked nice, it’s a common manga trope, and it’s running with the complementary colour thing.

HE’S ACTUALLY PRETTY NORMAL.. … just uh, pushed to an extreme. 

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@dailywick hi it me... How bout 19... If if your still doing this (:

19. Home alone and scared cause the house made spooky noises

(sorry REALLY bad drawing T-T)

Little did Blooper know, the roaring and clanging was just a lonely li’l Litwick

@dailywick :P (sorryyyyyyy)

Hi! Had you asked me this a while ago anon, I might have expressed my own issues/fear about Hak and Yona having trouble communicating; however, as of late in the manga I think they’re going to be okay. I say this because earlier on the two rarely talked about issues, and if they did they weren’t clear or Hak turned it into a joke, etc. Lately though, Hak has been opening up and being clear to Yona about his feelings: if we look at his shy approach in chapter 110 versus his happy, outright fashion in chapter 123 we can already see a difference. Hak is also opening up to the dragons and Yoon, another good sign. As such, I do think we’ll get to see them talk at some point in this arc, and that the lack of talking about the kiss was just due to the circumstance that Yona did it right before they needed to part. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, and I sincerely hope I’m right not to have doubts about this. 

As for Hak only being a love interest character, I’d have to disagree. Though he is very loyal to Yona, I feel he has had development outside of her character and her personal development: we see this in the way he interacts with the dragons and Yoon, as well as the way he talks about Soo-Won to others and has started to (at least for me) look at the situation outside of, “I hate Soo-Won”. (See the latest chapter, 139, for a good example of Hak considering Soo-Won and his actions without just hate or going, “I dunno/don’t talk to me/I don’t care”.) If you ask me, I’m more scared about Kija’s development than Hak’s, but that’s a discussion for another time ^ ^

  • antonio: I saved his life and we dated for 3 months and then as soon as he was out of my sight he went & married a lesbian he had met an hour ago and pretended he didn't know who I was
  • horatio: I'm so sorry he sounds like an asshole
  • antonio: what did yours do
  • horatio: he just killed his whole family and then died
  • antonio: shit dude
  • horatio: yeah it was a rough spring quarter

Finished the shit-comic from this sketchdump because I still think it’s funny. :3c


…what are you looking at? 




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Magnus talking in different languages

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