hes so small and cute and

seventeen first impressions vs now
  • dino then: CUTIE BABY
  • dino now : still a lil nug but lowkey A Man™
  • vernon then: he was my first love in svt
  • vernon now: i love my awkward boyfriend
  • jeonghan then: a girl but a pretty girl
  • jeonghan now: truly such a visual human, thank you God for creating such a beautiful person
  • woozi then: wow he tiny n cute is he like 16?
  • woozi now: still small and fragile but super important and grown up bc he's the producer
  • joshua then: kinda feminine bc his voice is so gentle ?? but he loves jesus so i love him
  • joshua now: PROTECT HIM he is soft but onstage he is Dad
  • mingyu then : he looks so intimidating
  • mingyu now : what a string bean!!
  • wonwoo then : if wonwoo punched me in the face i still wouldn't be able to identify him
  • wonwoo now : i want wonwoo to punch me in the face
  • s coups then : he's strange looking
  • s coups now : he's my actual father, please adopt me seungcheol
  • hoshi then : wait isn't that woozi?? all these squishy boys with cute names what the heck
  • hoshi now : important and talented lil bub!!! also he lowkey looks like xiumin from exo
  • jun then : PRETTY also a vampire
  • jun now: honestly still pretty, still a vampire, but he's always so done with life what a relatable guy
  • the8 then : he has a striking nose?? ahah idk why i noticed that first
  • the8 now : my precious son!!!! he's so soft n quiet and i love him!!!
  • seungkwan then : woah he looks like a dad
  • seungkwan now : he's only one year older than me and funny as heck ! i want to be his best friend he's so fun
  • dk then : that is a handsome man right there, he's gotta be the oldest
  • dk now : someone please stop my 12 year old son from embarrassing himself

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Omg! I was on Twitter and saw a set of pics with Yoonkook in pajamas and Yoongi was wearing this red and black hearts print set and he looked adorable while Kookie was in a black pajama. They're so cute wth?! I need someone to draw inspo from those pics and write a 30k word vomit of fluffy boyfriends I'm crying. Why do they do that? OTL

That photoshoot was so good! They were so cute! And Jungkook dragging Yoongi around and cuddling into him is like the best thing ever *-* I would love to read cute sleepover boyfriends! Maybe someday when I’m not complete trash with 3 other multi chap stories in the works haha

BNHA Husbands/Wives

This is a small list of characters from My Hero Academia that I consider could make great husbands/wives in no particular order.

All Might

He is the number one hero, is a huge dork and an excellent dad. Also, comes in two sizes. All Might is definitely husband material.

Aizawa Shouta

Great hero and teacher, really handsome. He is a logical husband.


She’s an excellent teacher and is super cute and sexy at the same. 100% wife.


Another great dad, he’s round and cute, perfect for hugging and is available in two sizes too. 10/10 would marry.


Not only the way he talks is cute, he also acts cute!


She can turn into a giant pink dragon what else should I say.


Now where is my hero academia dating sim in which one could date the pro heroes.

these girls behind me in the elevator were talking like “he’s so cute!!” “Yeah but he’s a little small for my tastes…” etc. and I thought they were talking about a boy but no. They were talking about their cats and I’m thrilled

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How would the US and SF skelebros react to having a small and cute s/o? (EX. Their s/o will wear the skeles clothes)

US Sans: HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he can’t deal with you, you are to cute for words! And nobody can deal with you two at the same time. When you two are by yourself, you are already adorable, but when you are together you both turn into a blinding light of cuteness. Somebody will die trough this adorabelness, please use your powers wisely.

US Papyrus: Oh noooooo,how can you be so cute. His soul always skips a beat when he sees you, that can’t be healty. Then you put on his oversized hoodie while you think he isn’t looking and turn around startled when he wheezes from your cutness, accidentaly stumbling over the fabric and falling into his arms. He can’t take this any longer. Finish him. You thank him with a smile for catching you. Ok, he is on the floor. That’s it. Your cutness endet him.

SF Sans: He is so jealous, he want’s to be as terrefying as you are cute and also as cute as you are cute. Then you look at him and his soul warms. No ok, he is alrigth with you beeing the cute one. Also he has to smother you in affection now, no way around that.

SF Papyrus: Man, he usually doesn’t feel much. But everytime you do something so adorable he can’t help making a squeeky toy sound, unable to deal with all those feelings. Jeez, go easy on him kid.

Me: thinks about a cute man on the Internet that doesn’t even know I exist and I only know of because of what he chooses to show us on his youtube channel and the small bits and pieces of his life he shares on twitter and instagram

Also me: dam….I miss my boo :/

I just got a job and my office provide a real nice computer, so ive been staying late at office using it to watch akb48 videos in HfreakingD (good bye watching from small laptop screen!)

It seems like my boss miss understood, and think that im super committed and dilligent to stay late everyday…he even praise me…

…i kinda feel guilty to take the credit while all i do is….watching cute girls doing cute things …at office

…gomene bossu san

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Peter always leaves you little notes in your notebooks. He loves slipping sticky notes with reasons he loves you into your bag. Your locker always has at least 3 full page love letters slipped in. Peter is the biggest romantic and just wants to make sure you know how much he loves you. Plus he loves seeing your reactions to his notes and letters from around the corner. When he can afford it he'll buy you a bouquet of your favourite flowers and surprise you at your door in the morning. •Ari•


• bOy yes
• he’s such a love note kind of person
• it initially started out with cute small compliments because u were maybe feeling bad one day
• like you wouldn’t admit it to peter but he just knew
• & ofc he can’t have his love being sad?? not when can do something bout it
• so between classes, he rushed real quick & slipped a little note into your locker
• it was probably something lame like
• “hey you’re really cute x”
• and you when u opened ur locker it fell out
* you could tell it was peter because of his messy scrawl that u love so much
• & the tiny little x’s at the end that peter always adds
• as soon as you read it, u ended up grinning wildly because
what a dork
• though it secretly made ur day 1000x better
• glancing around, u spotted peter at his locker trying to pretend like he wasn’t looking
• even though he totally was
and you could definitely tell
• he saw you looking him though, realising he had been caught, gave a sheepish smile
• it started off the notes that peter leaves you now
• sometimes they’re lame pickup lines
• “are you a 30 degree angle? because you are acute-y x”
• yes peter has such a large part of his brain dedicated to math & science pick up lines for you
• bUt when a note isn’t enough for him
• he’ll steal your books & leave love notes on the back page
• sometimes
• when he’s feeling really romantic
• he’ll try poetry
• while it’s a little weird it’s still adorable nevertheless
• “you are my the one true sun and you never fail to light me up”
• he frantically scribbles over most of it
• & he definitely doodles your guys names in the corner on his books
• he scrawls them out so you can’t see but you know
you know
• + flowers?
• because we know peter is such a romantic
• but lord flowers are expensive
• so instead he picks as many wild flowers as he can
• “they aren’t flowers?? fuck–”
• “no no, it’s fine! I love my lettuce flowers peter.”
• “that’s so dumb, I’m sorry I can’t believe I–
• “don’t apologise, mr parker! i’m serious when i say i love my lettuce flowers”

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Levi and Erwin keep a garden to help with Erwin's depression and Levi has one of those cute sun hats with the ribbons and he ties a bow under his chin. Erwin wears an old baseball cap and Levi always has to scold Erwin to use sunscreen because "that little hat is not enough for your big head"

Minxie!!! *tackles you to the ground with hugs*

Thank you for this! My cousins have hats exactly like the one Levi has that they got from colonial Williamsburg!! Omg and Erwin’s hat is too small XD Just thank you so much 😘😘😘

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If Titania is a baby unicorn, will we get to meet her parents? Does iwa-chan join her when she rests by the waterfall to look at rainbows? ;u; she's so cute. Ah.

maybe! it seems unicorns live in small groups of 4~5 so we might meet them eventually! Iwachan really likes the babies so he spends a lot of time with them!

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Can i request headcanon of Mic and Todoroki with a short s/o with pink cheeks like uraraka please?


  • he’s very vocal about how absolutely ADORABLE he thinks s/o is!! especially loves to call attention to their rosy cheeks, gently poking them for emphasis.
  • since his s/o is so small, he’ll often pick them up and twirl them around when he’s feeling especially affectionate, squeezing them tightly before returning them to the ground
  • at home he’s not much different, always indulging in hugs and cuddles and announcing how cute his s/o is


  • like Yamada, he thinks s/o is absolutely adorable, and though at first he was a bit embarrassed about giving such compliments, he got over it soon after figuring out how much they loved it
  • he’s not really one for much public affection, but at home he loves to lie down next to s/o and squish their cheeks, claiming they’re “too cute to resist”
  • whenever it gets even a little cold out, he’ll use it as an excuse to wrap his s/o up in a big hug to keep them warm. Similarly, when it’s too hot, he’ll wrap an arm around their shoulder to keep them cool

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What would Kouha, Aladdin, Sinbad and Sharrkan do if they saw their s/o playing with kids.

Kouha Ren

  • He’d probably join in tbh
  • Loves playing with both his s/o and kids
  • So it’s a win-win
  • Makes a small comment about you being a parent one day


  • Would also join in 
  • Loves teasing his s/o about being with kids
  • Gets teased back about still being a child. 

Sharrkan Amun-Ra

  • Just takes a minute to watch them
  • Cause they’re so cute
  • Doesn’t even pay attention to the kids- just his s/o 
  • Also teases them about being a parent

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dolokhov is so tiny that whenever they're in public children will come up to him and try to play with him bc they think he's a kid and Anatole never stops talking about it he thinks it's so cute that kids love his small bf just as much as he does

holy shit shabxamxnaxanznns

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I headcanon that after the boys move in together, Josuke decides they should get a small pet (not sure which one yet, either a cat or a house rabbit), which Rohan is against. Josuke surprises him with the pet, and despite his best efforts, the pet bounds with Rohan far more, to the point that Rohan is pretty much solely looking after the pet. Rohan is still adamant that he doesn't like the pet, even as he cuddles it on his lap while hand feeding it.

Ooh, cute!!

To be honest, I think Rohan is more into snakes and stuff? I bet he’d begrudgingly agree to get whatever pet Josuke wanted, as long as he can get a snake of his own to take care of at a later date. 

So Josuke brings home… I think probably a cat (if a dog is not an option, haha). A cat would probably get along with Rohan better, because while they might not always like to cuddle, they do like to be around their humans – so it would probably sit in his work room while he’s drawing out new chapters and such. He’d like a cat much more than a dog. And of course, he always knows when the cat does want to be pet – it loves to rub up against him and purr as he scratches under its chin.

Josuke, sitting next to them on the couch, is shocked. He definitely knew Rohan would approve of a cat more than a dog, but he never actually thought they would get along. It almost feels like Rohan got more out of the deal than he did. But what’s really nice is that the cat likes Josuke too. A common night for the three of them is getting snuggled up on the couch and watching a movie. The kitty is a bit of a cock-block though. It takes up Rohan’s lap space, so Josuke can’t get frisky without it being weird.