hes so proud!

three happy puppers🐶
a.k.a. i got real emotional realising that the girls are gonna miss him as much as we do and he them.

Imagine reassuring bestfriend!Woozi when he starts getting doubtful of his own abilities as an producer and composer.

BONUS: Imagine bestfriend!Woozi telling you that he appreciates all the support you’ve given to him and his career.

According to Taiwan entertainment 自由娛樂 on 17/11/2017


Taemin will hold his first solo tour concert in Northern America…wait… “Northern America”??!!!
Is it real???✨✨✨✨✨


@actualhumansunshine mentioned in their tags that I’d picked the creepy bits of the Closer to the Light video, and that gave me an idea for an even creepier gifset.

I just think this video would make for a great horror movie, in which Niall accepts to stay in this super creepy house off season, and slowly gets consumed by all the dark memories still trapped in those walls. Possibly, he gets possessed by the spirit of one of the old inhabitants. He stops going out, stops answering the phone, he just spends his days walking the dusty hallways and strumming songs he’s never heard on his guitar, trying to understand why they sound so familiar.

When the house staff comes back to prepare everything for the summer, Niall’s not there, nor is there any trace of his ever being here, apart from his guitar, lying on the couch, covered in dust.

LOOL Jimin was supposed to answer the questions incorrectly, but as soon as they asked about Jungkook he accidentally answered correctly