hes so proud!

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im readinng new chapter of reverse and got to this part where they're discussing food: "“Sushi is better,” Yugito puts in as she reenters the kitchen, Utakata just behind her." AND I MISREAD IT AS SHISUI. so im here imagining the poor guy clinging to kakashi like "you have to help! it's not just your boyfriend anymore - HIS KIDS WANT TO EAT ME TOO." also, guess who has just become kurama's new favorite. he's so proud of her *wipes a single motherly tear*

Made even better by the fact that I totally typed “Shisui” the first time around and didn’t catch it until I went back to edit. xD

idk i love baz so much he tried to give himself manual conversion therapy? his house was so passively homophobic? and he was still so like, casual with it. being able to say “im gay.” out loud is hard. ecspecially when your family is so like. weirdly homophobic.

and his brain is so funny and weird and sad. and hes so lovely and wants to treat simon well. and he respects simon so much and hes so brave! im so proud of him? hes so good i love baz so much!!

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The last gif my God. Louis was so proud, he has the same look as Jay when she was laughing with Harry bacause a guy was on his lap. Do you remember? It's the same look 😔

I just reblogged it. You’re right. It’s the same look.

China Cup: A Summary
  • Phichit: I fucking love this movie IT'S MY MOVIE
  • Guang-Hong: What a beautiful, delicate flower am I
  • Leo: I want everyone to be happy and I'm actual sunshine
  • Christophe: We're all having sex on this ice all of us
  • Yuuri: Victor is mine bitches lemme drink those tears u cry