hes so proud!

Matt Boyd gave up drugs and his reward was joining the foxes and meeting the actual love of his life, can you believe

I did not realize when I called my dad this morning that I would catch him in the middle of watching a local town Patriot’s Day parade (perhaps because Patriot’s Day was last Monday) and was not at all prepared to spend the next 20 minutes listening to him recap the parade beat by beat.

“There’s a float! It’s a…fish? I think it’s a fish. I’m not sure. I don’t know why it’s here. Oh, and here are the dogs.”


“Yeah, dogs. It’s just like, fifty people walking their dogs. The banner says, Dog Owners. You know, just some people who own dogs. Oh, cool, here comes a FIRE TRUCK!”

BTS reaction: you being a famous youtuber/blogger

I don’t know if you meant finding out after they meet you, or you becoming famous after meeting you, so I’m going to make it a reaction to you being a youtuber/blogger in general. I hope you don’t mind. Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He would definitely watch all of your videos, and probably make the other members watch them as well to support you. And he’s a sweet boy, so he’d probably have a playlist of his favorite videos of yours to watch when he’s away and missing you. If you wanted to, he might film a video with you (if you do challenges or something like that).

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

Definitely a huge supporter of you. He’d be so proud of you for succeeding. He’d obviously watch your videos and so on, and I believe he’d be willing to help you if you’ve run out of ideas on what to film. I don’t think he’d want to be featured in any of your videos though, unless it’s something very special.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

Your biggest supporter tbh. Like, he’ll hype you up and shower you in compliments after every video. I feel like he wouldn’t like actually promote you, like “hey, my partner is a youtuber, and you should definitely check their channel out”, but rather be open about being in a relationship with you, and give you more publicity that way. And if you need to film something with a second person, he’d volunteer every time.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d love to brainstorm ideas for your next video with you, because he would want to support you in any way he could. He probably wouldn’t promote you, just to avoid backlash like “well, they’re only famous because they’re dating a BTS member”, but he’d help you in any other way he could. And he’s another one to have a playlist of his fave videos to watch when he’s missing you.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

He’d honestly find it so cool. Like, you’re famous from social media. Out of millions of people, you managed to get a career! He’d think you’re so amazing. If he saw you mentioned somewhere, he’d get so overly proud of you holy crap. I feel like he’d also love watching you film, although he’d always stay behind the camera.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

Such a fanboy jfc. I’m not sure if he would actually promote you, because of the backlash it could get, but he’s definitely the most likely out of the members. And he’d force all of the members to subscribe to you and watch your videos when they can. He’d also love if you wanted to film something with you, and if you didn’t he’d still stay behind the camera and distract you. 

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

He’d absolutely love it. Like, he’d feel like it’s such an awesome job to have. He wouldn’t actually ask you if he could be in a video, but he’d say yes if you asked him. But, even if you didn’t, I think he’d be in the background in most videos (unless he’s working while you’re filming of course), like, he’ll pass by your room and ask what you want for dinner and stuff like that.

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Father Canada headcanond pls?

-When finding out he’d be a dad, Matthew would be so happy. He’d always really wanted kids, so he’d be nothing but excited to be able to be a parent.

-He’d be the sweetest dad ever. He’d have a really hard time saying no to his kid, and as soon as there were old enough to make their own decisions, he’d always respect them, unless it put his child in danger.

-He’d accept whatever interests they develop, but if they’re okay with it, he’d really want to at least teach them how to ice skate, because it’s something he’s really passionate about. 

-Expect him to cry at any ceremony or accomplishment his kid is ever involved in. He’d just be so proud about everything they do he’d always get emotional.

-He’d also be really good at being able to talk with his kid if there’s any issues in their life that they’re struggling with. He’d never get mad or upset with them if they came to him with a problem, he’d just try his best to give them solid advice and offer support.

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Ja'far scenerio/headcanons where the reader is deaf so they try to teach him sign language?

u can kill me for the wait 💖💖


▪Ja'far would first be thinking he’d be quick to catch onto the had signs and memorisation of them, since he was good at most things

▪To his surprise, and his s/o, the general would stumble over the words making it hard for his partner

▪It would take weeks, even months for him to get the most correct, and Sinbad would not even hesitate to tease Ja'far about his inability, although it was likewise for the King

▪ The moment in which the ex assassin is somewhat fluent in sign language, he’s so proud of it in his isolated moments, making his s/o also proud

▪Eventually, Ja'far starts using sign language in his s/o’s presence, no matter who he’s talking to; he’s uncovered the childlike pride he never had

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Which side of the 2 possible Papa Fitz do you think is the more accurate one? Nazi or the Dad from the promo pics? Cause I feel like they'll go back to Jemma's "he was not a good man" and make us question that in some way. But then they did that with Cal and I don't think they would entirely repeat the "we think he's bad when he's really good thing." (Plus, if he *was* good, Fitz would have been lying about it for half his life, which I find very hard to believe). Love more Papa Fitz theory!

Hi @the-nerdy-stjarna

I’m going with he’s just not a good man.   Right now…I don’t think he was all Hail Hydra or raised Fitz with the intention of going into Hydra.  Rather he’s a bad, controlling, manipulative man.   And Pride seemed to be a prevailing theme with him.

  • “His new son, Leopold, he was so proud.” 
  • “My son, The Doctor”

To me he cares more about the prestige and power rather than Fitz’s actual accomplishments.  Fitz’s position within Hydra makes him look good.  Fluffs his ego.  And likely reaps him a number of benefits from money to power.  Alistair in the Framework (and likely the real world) doesn’t care about his son or his well being.  If he did he wouldn’t have physically and emotionally abused him for years.  

in perspective, a timeline of dan's growth:
  • 2009: he was affectionate with phil, had low self esteem though and got little views
  • 2010: makes innuendos, only about girls though, laughs and jokes but still has obvious low moments of self loathe
  • 2011: ignores anything regarding his sexuality, very guarded as his subscribers grow
  • 2012: even more retreated, gay is not a word in his vocabulary despite all the phan shippers
  • 2013: careful not to get too close to phil, still wears dark "men's" clothing, nothing feminine, doesn't want to stand out
  • 2014: makes gaming channel with phil, still reluctant to bring up any topic regarding a relationship, constantly in all black but doing better
  • 2015: "im phil trash #1", acknowledges and writes a borderline romantic phanfic, owns haru pillow, goes on holidays with phil and seems happy
  • 2016: wears black nail polish, openly talks about his man crush, explores fashion, happier than ever
  • 2017, four months in: wears black ripped skinny jeans, paints his nails with glitter polish, makes a pastel themed video with phil and posts several coupley photos, makes gay innuendos every sentence, radiates confidence, personal space what's that???