hes so pretty im going to cry

Mike: We’ll be home soon. My mom, she’ll get you your own bed, you can eat as many eggos as you want, and we can go to the snowball.

Eleven (not even like 5 minutes later): Goodbye, Mike

VIXX - How they react to handjobs

“How would VIXX react when you are giving them handjobs (would they be vocal/submissive/sweet/dirty-talkers and so on ^_^)”

(A/N: I’m writing this whilst listening through Kratos for the first time lmao rip me; also Good Night & Good Morning made me cry ??? like actual liquid came out my face ????? I HATE BEING WONSIK BIASED WHY DID HE SING AND WHY DID HE SPEAK ALL LOW WHY DID HE DO THAT TO ME SOMEONE SEND HELP BC YA GIRL IS GON E. Also my lil binglebong go so many more lines im sO haPPY FINALLY JELPI)


Hakyeon: At the beginning I think Hakyeon would be pretty vocal, but more like he’d probably be giving you some kinda slight directions like “fuck (Y/N) faster, yes, like that omg”. But once you’re doing it exactly how he liked, he’d be a handsy lil shit, so expect him to be, uh, returning the favour to you at the same time.

Taekwoon: Leo is always difficult bc like, whereas he’s shy and quiet af on camera, I think he could be fairly dominant in the bedroom. The boy’s like two minds in one body so I think he’d probably vary. Majority of the time I think he’d be kinda quiet, not really vocal, but more breathy, letting out long sighs of your name. But expect his face to be buried in the crook of your neck leaving mad hickies for the world to see. 

Jaehwan: I picture Jaehwan as being preeeetty submissive honestly, but not like completely. He’d be vocal, but not really dirty talking, more just praise, though he would get pretty sweary. Depending on how you were both positioned obv I think he’d pretty much just melt; head back, eyes closed, with a huge blissful smile spread across his face.

Wonsik: DefiniTELY a dirty talker like omg, like he’d be telling you just how well you’re doing and how much he likes it, all whilst being very vERY sweary. Expect some pretty intense tongue kissing and lip biting too tbh. He’d let out some loW AF moans too like jfc, or really just one really low, drawn out “fuuuuuuuuuck” as he tilts his head back. 

Hongbin: I feel like our shy little bean would be pretty quiet at first, but the closer he got to finishing, he’d turn into a total mess. An ‘eyes screwed shut, probably whimpering your name mess’. Afterwards he’d feel almost obliged to repay all your hard word all whilst praising you for how you make him feel. He’d probably never take his lips off yours the entire time.

Sanghyuk: Hyuk will always be a baby to me but he’s apparently pretty experienced with the ladies so I think he’d probably be one of the more vocal ones. He’d wanna get you off too, so he’d be taking care of your needs at the same time. The closer he got to finishing I think he’d get pretty loud and his moves w his fingers on you would get rougher. 


“I’ve aged a bit.”

ok im crying imagine jean is a makeup artist on youtube and he’s really good so he’s got a pretty big following so he does the my boyfriend does makeup challenge and even though marco watches his videos and listens to him talk about makeup hes so bad at it and uses blush as eye shadow and hes just like what the fuck is a highlighter where does it go and jean realizes how much he loves him

or marco does one of jean’s voice overs and he’s in awe the whole time and he cant get the praise out his voice like yeah my boyfriend is so good at makeup and way better than yours


So I’m in geometry class and the other day we were doing ratios and stuff like that, and we did a special oak activity. Basically she asked us to tell her people we considered were “attractive” and submitted responses in which she would get pictures of. We were going to see how symmetrical the people who chose faces were because studies have shown the more symmetrical a persons face is, the more attractive they look in the people’s eyes. So everyone submitted like really pretty/popular celebrities or these guys with muscles and jawline and all that stuff. But me being me I submitted Phil Lester aND HE WAS LITERALLY THE CLOSEST TO PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL, MORE THEN ANYONE ELSES IN THE ENTIRE CLASS, MORE THEN CELEBRITIES. PHIL LESTER IS LITERALLY MATHEMATICALLY ALMOST PERFECT, IM CRYING.

Sometimes you just have to sit down and draw some Teddy Lupin

anonymous asked:

I don't know what to do I haven't been diagnosed but I'm pretty sure I have an eating disorder and it's not the first time and I can't talk to my boyfriend about it he spirals too because he's bigger than me and so she feels terrible too and Im at 898 calories today and I feel absolutely disgusting and I want to cry because I keep going over my 850 limit but I have no one to go to

898 calories is much too low to be healthy! I think the issue here isn’t your calorie intake, but how you feel about yourself. If eating an amount that is too low to be healthy already makes you feel disgusting, then I think you could greatly benefit from some counselling or a support group. Even if you don’t get diagnosed with an ED you’re still struggling, and you still deserve help. If you can’t talk to your boyfriend, perhaps you can try talking to a close friend or relative? If anything, you can always message me. Please stay safe~

sometimes i think he can’t help but be a tool 


The IT gave Yosuke the party hat before their first class started and then didn’t really acknowledge it for the rest of the day. Yosuke’s pretty used to his friends not doing much for his birthday anyways so it doesn’t really bother him. Turns out Souji organized a surprise party for him with everyone else so when he walks into the Dojima house, TADA!

No, Yosuke is not crying, he got confetti in his eye okay.
(’But Yosuke, we didn’t even –’
‘Just, let it go Ted.’)

@tennantaddict replied to your post “Those new DT pics are too damn funny not to make icons out of lmao Oh…”

I had the exact same thought, spooky lol. I’m in love with the post shag hair he’s got going on in some of the pics ehehe

Great minds think alike ;) 

Haha yeah the freshly shagged hair is pretty glorious 

@travelingrose replied to your post “I could listen to Billie talk all day. Damn.  A panel just of her…”

Same. I had an actual physical reaction of blushing and hiding my face when she said “hello”. Like, HOW IS SHE SO DAMN PERFECT IM CRYING

SAME. I did the same thing omg. Goddamn the way she says ‘hello’ slays me every fucking time I can’t even

@imadethisblogtofollowyou replied to your post “If you take a look at my reposters wall, there’s a blog on the major…”

Every time you add a blogger to your Wall of Shame, I add them to my blacklist (and block them, to prevent theft if I ever get around to creating anything). Thank you so much for maintaining The List, and for all the work you put into defending this fandom!

Oh it’s so good to know it’s been helpful, thank you for telling me! 

Yeah I’ve since stopped caring who a blog is, how many followers they have. It costs $0 to credit people and takes very little time at all to be nice. 

@emkaywho replied to your post “well i got my tickets to awesome con soooo in the least i’ll get to…”

SO jealous!!

@cherazor replied to your post “well i got my tickets to awesome con soooo in the least i’ll get to…”


Haha yeah it’s not even a smart decision on my part at the moment but I can’t not go. Still really hoping to get my way into a group shot with them but in the very least I get to see Billie again. ^^;  I’m gonna bring my camera and a couple battery banks with me so I can share as much as I can with everybody here ^_^ And there are a few of us going so there’ll be lots to share 

Nothing Like Us

I did this for Jimin so I could merge the requests bc they seemed to work together!! Jungkook’s cover gives me life to it’s so nice T^T i’m sorry if this is shitty tho! look at this smile tho im crying why is he is pretty like imagine him grinning at you T^T
-Admin A

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You’d think that a 10 year relationship would mean something, right? Like maybe at that point you’d start thinking about marriage and kids and a house, a life together that was more than just this. You didn’t know where you and Jimin were going and it unnerved you, were you going to spend another 10 years as you are now, in the same apartment with the same doubts going through your head?

It was the biggest fight the two of you had had in a while. You had expressed your insecurities and right away Jimin grew defensive, asking you why you weren’t sure, saying that if you really loved him you wouldn’t need any clarification that the two of you were meant to be. The worries you felt were not doubts about your feelings for Jimin, you loved him more than anything that much you knew would never change, but you worried about how Jimin saw you. He said he loved you, but did he love you enough to be with you forever, to grow old with you or was he going to wake up one morning and decide you didn’t have what he wanted?

“I LOVE YOU, JIMIN!” you cried, throwing your hands in the air as he huffed angrily, “don’t you dare question that, but I need to know that this relationship, us, means something to you. Or are we going to spend another 10 years in the same place we are now?”

“The same place?” he retorted, “You mean in love? Together? Happy?! If that’s what you’re talking about then yes! I hope we stay like this!”

You shook your head, turning your back on your boyfriend as you raked your nails through your hair. Did he not see where you were coming from? Were you being unreasonable? You took in a shaky breath, shutting the door to your bedroom and you swear you could you hear Jimin shuffle on the other side. You wanted him to come in, to sit down and talk to you about how you were feeling but he never came, though you could see his shadow under the door. You’d never fought with him so badly before, any argument had you apologising or Jimin circling his arms around you in a hug that wouldn’t end for a while.

You weren’t sure what to do, you couldn’t take back anything you’d said and you couldn’t help but wonder if maybe you’d screwed everything up. He was just as confused as you were, you could tell he was thinking about it from the way he hung outside the door, unsure of whether he should come in and you felt guilty. Your mind began to race and you stood, tears welling in your eyes as you pulled a duffle bag from the top of your wardrobe, filling it with your things.

You needed to think, you needed to know that Jimin really did love you, see a future with you so you took the coward’s way out of your argument. Waited until Jimin was asleep, opening the door to the bedroom ever so slightly and you were relieved to see he was not sitting directly at the door. You slipped out of the room, your chest tightening as you spotted him asleep on the couch and you covered your mouth with your hand as your cries threatened to tear through your throat.

It hurt you to do this, but you didn’t know what else to do. You needed to think, you couldn’t go on like nothing happened, you couldn’t deal with continuing on like this so you wrote a shaky note, leaving it on your kitchen bench as you made your way out of your shared apartment.

It wasn’t a goodbye, not yet.



Panic was the only thing going through Jimin’s mind a he read Y/N’s note over and over, unable to understand the reason. He was confused, everything seemed fine, they were happy, Y/N had never expressed any concerns until the night before but Jimin never expected anything like this. Her note said that she needed to think but he couldn’t comprehend what there was to think about. He gave her everything he had to give and couldn’t understand why she would push him away like this? Why sneak out in the middle of the night instead of talking?

Jimin raked his nails through his hair, doubting everything he had said. Was he too harsh? Too quick to judge her doubts when she had expressed them? Jimin should have spoken with her, heard her feelings instead of freaking out. He should’ve followed her into the room and tried to understand why she felt so unsure. He was used to being the one to resolve, it was his job to keep her from feeling any kind of doubts, he was the one who made her day, not ruin it.

Was this the end? Was this what finally brought down their 10 years? They were so perfect for each other and he wondered if it was all worth it. Was Jimin really worth everything they had gone through? After finally getting through to the company, allowing them to be friends let alone even allowing them to date, to get an apartment together, the long separation when Jimin went on tour, she was there for all the stressful nights and insecurities he dealt with as an idol. Had it all become too much, should he just let Y/N go?

Jimin hung around the apartment, waiting anxiously, hoping for Y/N to return but she never came. Jimin didn’t call her, didn’t text, didn’t call around to find her, she said she needed to think and he was going to give her time, as much as she needed but he was getting scared. What if she never came back, what if she disappeared completely from his life and it as that thought that made Jimin realise what their whole argument had been about. He didn’t want to lose her, nothing could ever replace her, make him feel like she could but he couldn’t remember the last time he had shown her how much he loved her. He had said it countless times, but after 10 years he felt like there should be something more and he hated himself for realising it after she had left.


You hesitated outside of the apartment, your hand shaking as you turned the key in the lock. One week you had been gone, seeking the advice of your mother and yet you still had doubts about your decision. You couldn’t just throw 10 years away but Jimin had done nothing to try and get you to come home, you felt unimportant, abandoned and you thought that maybe he had grown tired of you. You hated yourself more than you could possibly express but you needed to do what was best, for the both of you.

You opened the door to a silent apartment and you bit your lip, looking straight forward as you made your way through your home, heading straight for the bedroom to gather the rest of your clothes. Your stomach churned, nerves shaking your hands and you didn’t know if you were relieved or hurt that Jimin wasn’t here. You cleared your throat, opening the door to your bedroom and your heart sank as you cursed, you had jinxed yourself. Jimin sat on the far end of the bed, his back facing you. He knew you were there, you could tell from the way his back stiffened as you entered the room.

You sucked in a shaky breath, willing yourself not to cry as you retrieved one of the large suitcases from your wardrobe. You went about packing your clothes and once that was done, you wandered through the apartment, picking up trinket things that you owned, gifts from friends and a framed photo of you and Jimin from one of their award shows. You couldn’t believe what you were doing, you could feel your heart breaking in your chest and it took everything in you to keep yourself together as you returned to the bedroom, meeting Jimin’s panicked gaze as he stood in front of your suitcase.

“Don’t leave,” he whispered and you shook your head, a tear slipping from your eye, “Stay with me,”

“I can’t,” you voice broke and Jimin took a step towards you, causing you to flinch.

“Please, Y/N, there’s nothing like us,” his eyes pleaded with you, “We’ve been through so much together,”

You shook your head once again, mind racing as he continued to talk, his hand fishing into his pocket for something.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t realise sooner,” he spoke quickly, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t give you what you deserve sooner,”

Jimin pulled a black velvet box from his pocket and you couldn’t help the sob that escaped from your throat. This couldn’t be happening, not when you’d finally made a decision, not when you’d finally accepted your decision.

“There’s nothing, no one that could ever replace you in my life,” he stepped towards you, holding the box flat on his palm, “And I never even imagined that I’d find a love that was so true,”

Jimin pulled the lid open, revealing an intricately pattered, silver ring with an orange stone in the middle. It shone as it caught the light and you heart stilled in your chest. This couldn’t be happening, you couldn’t believe it.

“You’re all I know, all I need,” he pleaded, “Please, Y/N, Marry me?”

You were silent, you didn’t know what to do, what to say. Your mother had said to move on, to let him move on but everything in your gut was telling you that you were supposed to move on together. That you were meant to be, that everything happened for a reason. Jimin fidgeted in front of you, his eyes searching yours as you stared at the ring. You were so completely, unbelievably in love with this oblivious idiot and you couldn’t believe that even thought he didn’t love you like you loved him.

“Why couldn’t you have asked me that before I packed all my shit,” you laughed, wiping the tears from your eyes as Jimin face lit up in a grin.


Dex is an ugly crier - is face goes red, his nose gets blocked, big fat tears roll down his face.

He used to get teased mercilessly by his sisters and schoolmates whenever he cried, so he stopped letting himself cry.

Nursey cries differently. Its almost like whatever was holding the tears back has broken, and they just fall from his eyes - often without him noticing it.

Nalu AU 2


-Prompt by homohighness-


Natsu thought his night was going pretty well; he had just saw the scores of his college exams and passed them all with flying colors (thanks to a certain bookworm),  and he had just come from the most amazing party he’s ever been too, and now he’d plan to go rewatch his favorite movie with his best friend in the whole world before the semester was up.  So yeah, it was a pretty awesome night, but now, seeing this sight at three in the morning while he was a little more than tipsy, he literally could not keep it together.


He felt himself slide down the wall, his chest hurting like he was just in a fucking car crash. Oh dear God, his laughter was practically silent now, he couldn’t take it anymore. He was suffocating, this was just way too funny.

He knew Lucy was clumsy naturally, and he knew if he got a few drinks in her that was the only part of her personality that heightened, but this, this was a new low even for her. He had the movie all set and ready in her room, everything was fine, but she just had to go and get a chocolate bar. He could have suspected it, some kids were blazing up at the party and let the smoke drift throughout the room as well, so it wasn’t surprising she had the munchies. Definitely wasn’t worth it though.

Natsu wiped the tears from his eyes and sniffed his nose, pulling out his phone with an “Oh God…”

Natsu.” Lucy hissed lowly, jumping in shock at the flash of his phone, “NATSU!”

He started laughing again at the photo he took; she looked absolutely pathetic. Lucy sat on the floor, her freaking arm up in the vending machine dispenser, stuck. Her clothes were ruffled and dirty from the party and her mascara had smeared around her eyes; she looked awful.

“I just wanted a candy bar Natsu, please help me!” She whined, swaying back and forth as much as she could. “Stupid thing got stuck and I tried to grab it and it didn’t work and my arm got stuck and, and-”

“Okay okay Luce, it’ll be alright.” He chuckled, finally walking over to her. “Can’t you just pull it out?”

“Gee Natsu, I never thought of that,” She said with a snap and a glare, “It hurts too much to pull it, it’s like cutting off my circulation or something!”

Natsu sighed and ignored her tone. He knelt beside her and wrapped his arms around her waist, “Well we’re gonna try anyways.”

He began pulling her towards his chest and she bite down on her lip hard, before she finally cried out.

“Ow! Natsu stop, stop!” She felt him immediately let go. She pushed against the machine, but it didn’t budge anymore. “This hurts so much, damn.”

Natsu stood up and exhaled heavily, dragging a hand through his hair. “Shit Lucy…you might actually be stuck here for a while.”

“No, no,” She pleaded, “Don’t leave me here, I’m way too wasted and hungry to wait for someone to come. And I can’t let my dad hear about this.”

“What do you want me to do then?” He asked, starting to get concerned.

“I don’t know Natsu!” She cried, banging her head against the glass.

Natsu fell back against the wall, sharing stares with the people  passing by Lucy with weird looks. He was too drunk for this, his mind could barely keep his eyes focused on one thing.

“And wiggling it around won’t work?” He asked, trying to keep his eyes open.

“No,” She pouted, “Hurts too much to even try and move it.”

Natsu nodded slowly, jutting out his bottom lip, and heard Lucy suddenly gasp, “Natsu! Go get something to wet my arm so I can wiggle it out!”

“What, like lube or something?” He subconsciously asked.

Lucy arched an eyebrow at his choice of words, but nodded, “Yeah, I guess.”

Natsu stood upright and suddenly grinned, “Alright! I’ll go to Loke’s!”

Lucy froze. He meant actual lube.

“WAIT NO!” She shrieked, waving her arm behind her as Natsu shot down the hallway.

He stopped and turned back, “What?”

“Get back here! Right now!” She ordered. She couldn’t turn around to face him, but she secretly just hoped he would listen.

Natsu came around to her face, confused, “What? It’ll get you out.”

“By using Loke’s sex lube? Seriously??” She snapped, “What the hell is the matter with you, that is disgusting.”

Natsu thought a moment, before rolling his eyes and keeping his mouth shut, “He would have some though, I mean c’mon, it’s Loke.”

“I mean water or lotion, dumbass.” She said, grinding her teeth.

Natsu raised a brow at the insult, “You really think you’re in any place to be calling me that?”

Lucy sighed and rolled her hazel eyes, “Okay, I’m sorry, I’m just getting impatient. Please hurry.”

Natsu let a smile slip on his lips, “Much better.”

Twenty minutes later Natsu came back with Lucy’s lotion and tried rubbing it on her arm, yet proved difficult. Soon enough he was behind her again with his arms around her waist.

“Oww,” Lucy said with a weary cry. She twisted her arm back and forth as Natsu pulled her, but it was all futile. She didn’t budge an inch.

Natsu let go and groaned loudly, dragging his hand through his hair again. Lucy began sniffling and banged her head against the glass repeatedly. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Yeah me neither.” Natsu agreed. He just wanted to watch his movie tonight, that’s all.

Lucy hissed in pain, “I think I’m bleeding, my arm looks super red.”

“Hm,” Natsu hummed tiredly.

Lucy heard beeps and chings above her coming from the machine and twisted her neck to look up above her. She saw Natsu pressing buttons and felt a bag of chips smack her hand as it fell in the dispenser.

“Are you kidding me?” She gawked as he gently pushed her to get his snack. He hummed, “Ass.”

Natsu grabbed his bag and made a disgusted sound, “Ew you got blood all over it,” He wiped the red liquid off the bag and onto his pants.

Lucy watched him with a glare as he sunk to the ground next to her, the plastic of his chips crackling annoyingly. She had nothing else to say. She was dizzy and tired and completely out of ideas, and it was obvious Natsu was in the same ballpark. She didn’t know how long she sat there, it felt like hours and the longer she sat, starving, the more she felt like giving in.

Soon enough a long whistle came from behind her. “Damn, what happened here?”

Natsu rolled his eyes at Gajeel approaching with a huge grin on his face. He entered Lucy’s view and starting laughing, “Oh Bunny girl…”

Lucy leaned her head against the glass, “My chocolate bar got stuck and so did I.”

Gajeel nodded and rocked on his heels as he walked around to the other side, “I kinda need to use this…”

Lucy glared up to him.

“Fuck off Gajeel.” Natsu said blandly.

Gajeel forced back another smile and said nothing. Lucy felt a small shove on her back and the tip of her chocolate bar slip from her fingertips. She gawked as he fled the hallway running, “HEY! THAT’S MINE!”

Lucy waved her arm back and forth angrily, a grunt spilling from her lips that sounded a little more sexual than irritated. Natsu held back a grin at that.

“I have to get out of here.” She said a moment later, her voice quivering, “I’m starving and tired and I’m going insane, I need to get out.”

Natsu saw her sway back and forth like some mental patient in a straight jacket. Her eyes flashed between the panes of glass across from her and searched among the people passing by.

“OH! ELFMAN! HEY ELFMAN!” She screeched, making Natsu jump.

Elfman and his body builder, muscle protein addict self walked past the first pane. Lucy did another unappealing grunt in dismay and tried kicking the glass to catch his attention, her skirt riding up her legs. Natsu shook his head at her, another panty shot for the tally.

Elfman still didn’t hear or see her, “Natsu! Go get him!”

Natsu sighed and stood up to knock on the glass, waving Elfman inside the building. He came around and did the usual, laughing for a good five minutes before calming down to actually hear Lucy out.

“You have to break it.”
Natsu rose an eyebrow at Lucy’s order. Little miss goody two shoes would never damage school property, that would definitely come back to bite her in the ass.

“You want me to break the vending machine?” He asked.

“Yes, break the glass. Shove it, hit it, shoot it with a gun, I don’t care just get me out.” She pleaded anxiously, “Come on, use your anger! Hulk smash! Let’s go!”

She banged on the glass and kicked her feet, “Come on!”

Elfman sighed and stepped up to her, “Alright, but if I get ticketed you’re paying me back.”

“Whatever, just do it.”

Natsu stood behind him, his expression unsure. Elfman raised his big meaty fist and cocked his arm back, before bringing it full force down on the dispenser. Lucy flinched at the attack and felt her head be pushed into a chest. A small piece of glass fell on her leg, and she felt more blood dribble down her arm. Elfman hit the machine again and again, until the entire case of glass shattered on top of Lucy and Natsu.

Lucy cried out in pain and fell back onto Natsu, cradling her arm with a hiss of pain.

“You okay?!” Natsu panicked and raised her face to his. She nodded and raised her bloody arm to examine, before freezing in her spot. She whipped her face up to Natsu’s with the biggest smile he’s ever seen her have.

“I’M FREE!” She screamed, “HOLY SHIT!”

Lucy threw her arms around Natsu’s neck and twirled him around. She laughed and cried at the same time as he hugged her back with just as much force, lifting her off the ground. She pulled back and gave him a long kiss on his cheek. She pulled away with bright red cheeks, before kissing his lips just as sweetly and fervently.

Lucy heard Elfman give a boisterous laugh and hugged him as well, spinning off the ground.

“Do I get a kiss too?” He joked.

Lucy blushed with a giddy laugh and leaned up, before being pulled back into a pair of arms.

“No, you don’t.” She heard Natsu say from beside her ear. She bit down on her lip, rolling her eyes with a silly grin.

She turned around in his arms and saw him smile crookedly, “Can we go finish our movie now?”

so… paulie lied about his mental health/stablity and all that crap to get on the show… yet he has showed no symtops of being mentally ill and feeling trapped in the big brother house for about 50 days but he goes up on the block and has a HIGH chance of going to the jury house and now he says that he cant spend a week in there because of his illness, and NOW hes freaking out and crying and panicking. also if he DID have that illness he probably would habe been much my sympathetic with the evictees. sorry im not biting