hes so perfect i



your laugh brings out mine                                                                            the way you would lean back as you laughed to a joke                          you say you hate it but to me its perfect.

thank you so much for requesting: @daestopiaa 

Sene Lavellan, under attack by a pretty little army of Solas’s butterflies. ☆゚.*・。゚

Thank you so so much, @nipuni! What a perfect interpretation of Sene. I am humbled by this. She’s so full of life and so pretty, and the surprise in her freckled cheeks and the big red nest of her hair–it’s just so incredibly HER. Your art is so inspiring, and this is a dream come true. ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

Meep. Close-up because tumblr quality does not do her justice. Sene and Solas’s butterflies are from The Dead Season. <3


The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively! 

Facts about Damien:

1.  writes narusasu bdsm fanfiction

2. likes to write actual letters

3.  is way into being goth and has a special interest in it

4.  thinks about death a lot and has great opinions about it

5.  is canonically trans

6.  eats vegetarian burgers

7.  volunteers at an animal shelter and wears glasses, loves dogs too

8.  enjoys gardening and flowers

9.  is very well spoken and has a wide vocabulary

10.  is a really good dad to lucien

11.  puts work into his home and making it look a certain way even if no one gets it, and is proud of his home

12.  likes tiny cakes and tea

13.  likes oil paintings

14.  is scared of horror movies

15.  is a tad socially awkward

16.  works as an IT nerd

17.  is very good friends with Mary

18.  is overall passionate about everything he does