hes so much fun to draw omg

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I was thinking about a lazytown animal crossing au and I decided stingy would be an octopus so he has more arms to claim things with

here he is !!! an angry lil blue ring, a dangerous boy !! this was so much fun 2 draw omg, thnk u? also ilu !!!! 

if any1 has any suggestions of lazytownrs nd their animals, feel free 2 hmu !!!

[muffled ‘dream weaver’ playing in the background]

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Just discovered your blog today and man, that lineart! Those poses! I've been in a rut for a while now, but the fluidity of your art really inspired me to pick the pen back up, and the way you draw Hog is so outrageously handsome. I'm obsessed.

holy shit thank you so much!! dude if it’s fluidity n fun lines you like I’d totally recommend bobby pontillas.  amazing shit he’s such an inspiration to me for flow/lines dfgsdh. thank you so much tho omg!! <33


Trafalgar Law Week Day 1: Doflamingo Family

So Law found a tiny Vergo and decided to have a revenge on him. 


After a while he looked guilty.

Stupid Vergo.

Naruto definitely talked Sasuke into wearing that shirt.

Because @it-started-over-sasunaru said something super cool in this post and honestly I have too many ideas over here. ;A;

A page of doodles!! Look at that goofy Damen~ He just looks so happy omg <3 Laurent is as gorgeous, and as fun to draw as EVER!! I’m trying him out with slightly wavier hair, and it looks so perfect I want to just fluff it!!

And look who else showed up!! A sweet little Jess and Kai~ <3 Aaack I love doodling Jess so much, I think I have a thing for wavy hair too 8D


Stanford learned about selfies in the hard way. The REAL hard way. (He couldn’t see for five hours and was stumbling around the house blind as a bat. He stubbed his toe like SEVEN TIMES. NOT COOL STANLEY
C O O L)
Here’s ford learning a little bit of modern culture as requested by the lovely @mangarj !!!


More haikyuu doodles from work because what else am I supposed to do during a 2-hour meeting lol

But because it was a meeting I couldn’t google reference pics so a) I forgot what ushijima’s hair looks like and so its more like “who the heck is that in the bottom corner there” and b) dontperishyet has informed me that yamaguchi may be taller than kageyama but im too lazy to redraw such a dumb joke to begin with :P

(Can you tell i like tsukki tho omg hes so much fun to draw)

It was supposed to be a silly sketch… but it ended up as a full artwork, no shame !

@azraeltree once draw Emotional Vibe as Maes Hughes from FMAB, and lately I discovered how Mustang’s dark/hatred period was quite close of how Decans is when he’s pissed of. No mercy, and make the other suffer as much as possible before crushing them down

So I decided to draw the two of them side by side wearing those awesome uniform hhhhh I love uniforms. So pretty and yet so complex to draw. Anyway, hope you guys like it X’D 

Art & Underdecay© @little-noko

Emotional Vibe© @azraeltree


HAPPY BIRTH-DAE, @poltergeistparade/ @faultlinenuzlocke!!! 

Your nuz bbies are the cutest, most adorable children ever I love them all 

(psst. pls read their nuzlocke)

An absolutely adorable commission for @wild-azure <3 <3 <3 Her two wonderfully cute OCs, Jess and Kai from her story, I Danced Til Dusk

Oh my god I had so much fun on this one! I love ballgowns, I love to draw and colour them! This one is one of my favourites so far, and I even turned Jess into a prince! (HE LOOKS WORTHY OF A DISNEY PRINCE <3)

If you’re interested in a commission, my info is here! They’ll be open again soon!



I had the request to draw a character from the videogame Dark Souls, so I choose Gwyndolin ‘cause he has such an amazing design~. I haven’t played it, but the requester told me things about the story and it’s soo coool /// 

I would play it for sure, but the thought of being killed after two or three hits stresses me A LOT XD

I also used gold paint for this one to make it extra cool! :D

| 1 | | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |


Did soooooomeone ask for skeletons??? 8D …no?? WELL YOU’RE GETTING THEM ANYWAY.

Seriously omg Sans is like the most fun thing to draw I’ve drawn in a long time ;w; he has amazing shapes once you break him down which makes for amazing lines and just everything about this guy is great to draw! This is my first time actually drawing him.

Frisk’s pose is a little static here but for the layout and posing this is pretty much what I wanted them to do… so this is what we got.

I’m actually really happy with this picture you guys 8’D It’s not impressive or anything, but it just makes me happy.

When I lived in Vancouver for 2 years I had that exact hoodie in that exact shade of blue and I still have it in my closet. It’s big and oversized and I love it. Oversized winter clothes are my favourite. I’m looking forward to winter weather over here!! Although I might sing a different tune once the temperature starts dropping to freezing point

There’s a follow-up to this  I’ll draw it later.

Gift for my precious prince <3
It’s our anniversary today and aaahHHH I’m just super happy to be with him, he really is the best boyfriend on earth and i love him with my entire heart <3 <3 <3
Happy 1 year and 6 months bby!!! I love you !!!!! <3333333

Drew this on stream and omg it took me like 3 hours+ to make this drawing haha, I spent so much time on details on the trees and leaves but it was so relaxing and i had a lot of fun making this drawing. Thanks to Lorky and Fubu for watching the entire progress when i streamed on Twitch. 

I’ve never seen autumn this way, where the trees turn yellow/orange/red haha so im pretty sure if i saw a bunch of leaves stacked i would definitely throw myself at them LOL 

For Chicken Nugget!

HE BECAME A BUTTERFLY!!!!!!! or gained the Chicken Wings lmao

@chicken-nugget-appreciation I tried to draw him to celebrate! :)

@oddity-txt documented the growth so well :’) You can see it here

I had so much fun, thank you for that ^_^ lots of love