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The prettiest Robin.

Bonus: Here comes the water.


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  "I tend to throw loads of stuff in a bag, then lose it because the kids’ stuff takes precedence. I spent our last holiday wearing the same pair of shorts all week, and I quite liked that. Holidays for me are about dropping anchor somewhere completely new and not being on show.“

If you thought the animated beast from the 90s was hot, honey, just wait until you watch Dan Stevens as a broad, built, tall specimen with kind eyes walk around with pajamas on and you will experience a whole new kind of self questioning 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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In the recent episode Erwin just went from " a pretty cool character " to " this mofo is the most badass character to exist and is now my all time favourite character he is so badass that if I want to descibe his badassness , HE IS FREAKIN BADASS!!! "

This episode must have been like a wake-up call to all the folks who didnt pay him much attention so far…BECAUSE HOLY FUCK THAT GUY JUST LOST AN ARM, STILL COMMANDS HIS SOLDIERS TO ADVANCE AND IS ALSO THE ONE TO CUT ERNIE FREE.


  • <p> <b>Antis:</b> muke hate eachother<p/><b>Me:</b> okay but honey michael literally made a poll about what he thinks of luke a.k.a his baby boy and asked us what do we even think about him and the polls were fucking adorable and he loves luke's rapunzel inspired hair okay? Also on that same day he even made a small video of them dancing to the friends theme song probably making out right after the camera shut off don't fuckin fight me on this hoe<p/></p>
O Captain, My Captain

So any of you who know me on any level know that I’ve been harboring serious lust affections for Mr. Nathan Fillion for eight years and counting.

Welp. I set myself a goal and today, I made it a reality.


Yes, that is me cheesing with the one and only absolutely gorgeous Nathan Fillion, courtesy of Dragon*Con 2017.

And yes, I dressed to kill because I was intent on seducing the man and I have absolutely zero fucking shame.

It was an incredibly tense morning, and I do mean morning: me and my bestie got up at 5am and got dolled up, then drove to the train station to get to the con. The most stressful part of this fucked up con is that unfortunately, you don’t know what a celebrity’s autograph hours or their prices are until you’re inside the Walk of Fame room, and so you basically have to come crazy early and prepare to wait and be vigilant to get your chance. However, that’s part of why I always do photo ops. That is an assured meeting with my sweetie of choice, where as autograph sessions are first come, first served, and Nathan hasn’t been at Dragon*Con since 2008 and so I knew his fans would make up most of the Friday congoers. 

The photo op was at 11:40am, so I had a delightfully long wait, but thank God, the line moved quickly. That’s a blessing and a curse, which I’ll discuss in a moment.

So what’s Nathan Fillion like?

For one, he’s terribly, terribly polite. He introduced himself to each person who walked over for the photo and shook their hand and asked their name. Then the photo is snapped and he thanked them for coming out and for being patient. Which is hella sweet, honestly.

I had a chuckle with the volunteers in line because of my shameless Lady in Red ploy. The lady outside the room laughed because before I went in, I switched out my sensible flats for three inch heels (I like looking taller in photos, and plus, it makes me look sexier to some extent, imo) and she said, “Watch out! She’s got the heels out now!” And then the guy right by Nathan who helped move the line along asked if I was alone in the photo with Nathan and I said yes and he said, “Selfish, huh? I like it!” since the previous two photo ops were a group and a pair.

Let me tell you something, people.

One, Nathan Fillion has the softest hands I’ve ever felt on a man. I mean, wow. I swooned a little.

Two, holy shit, is he fucking gorgeous in person. 

So after the photo, I scurried upstairs and got in line for the Walk of Fame room and stood another hour in the blistering hot lobby until it opened and me and bestie made a beeline for Nathan’s line. Because I’ve been to Dragon*Con probably 2-3 times, I knew that it’s absolutely essential to be at the front of the line when Walk of Fame opens or you won’t get to meet your celebrity simply because there are just too many fans and they have to cut the room off when they reach their capacity. Since we planned ahead, we were within the first fifty people to see him once he came up from the photo op room. 

And that’s where my story gets a little bittersweet.

First off, his autograph was $100, cash only, and it wasn’t personalized. I frown at that. To give you some perspective, William Shatner and Gillian Anderson were both $80 last year. I don’t blame Nathan. I doubt he has control over his rates, but I do think it’s kind of shitty that his staff he won’t let him personalize the photo considering each fan is coughing up $100. To give you even more perspective, remember when I met Chris Evans January of last year? I paid $400 for his VIP package and it came with a photo op, a lithograph, an autograph, a reserved seat at the Civil War panel, and early access to the dealer’s room. And that’s Chris fucking Evans, a bonafide A-lister and a millionaire. So you understand that I’m feeling some type of way about how they decided to charge $100 with no personalized autograph. I can’t imagine it would take that much more time for him to add your name when he was already signing it.

Plus, because of the massive turnout of fans, each signing is under 20 seconds long. I’m dying inside because of it. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I have a fixation with meeting famous people. Why? My life is boring as fuck and hardly anyone likes me, and so it really gets my motor going to meet famous people because I love telling the story of what they’re like. The average person’s not going to meet a celebrity, and so I enjoy it as a hobby because I find it very fulfilling.

So, out of courtesy for the hundreds of fans waiting to meet him, I didn’t really get to say much to him, and it hurts a little because I wanted to tell him a few things, but I didn’t want to appear selfish. 

But hey, that’s why this is bittersweet. The fact that I didn’t get to tell him what he’s meant to me is the bitter part. 

The sweet part is that it took probably about an hour and twenty to thirty minutes between the photo op and the autograph, and Nathan Fillion remembered me.

Him: Oh, we met downstairs! What’s your name again?

See, that? Yeah. I’m okay with that. Because he picked me out of a crowd of a few hundred people and that’s a pretty big fucking feather in my cap. So obviously my Lady in Red ploy worked to some degree.

Lastly, the funniest thing happened while I was in his line. He was leaning down to sign an autograph and then he looked up at the next person and ran his hand through his hair to push it out of his face.

You know those Pantene Pro-V commercials with the sexy half naked lady flinging her hair in slow-mo and it’s utterly tantalizing?

Yeeeeeeah, my mind just went fucking blank when he did that. 

I just need y’all to understand than Nathan Fillion looks great on TV, but the man is seriously a fucking hunk in real life. Goddamn. I started fanning myself, for God’s sake. He is just…beautiful in person. Whew.

Anyway, I was also lucky enough to meet two of my other idols right after Mr. Fillion: Michael Rosenbaum and Steve Blum. And I am delighted to say those interactions weren’t bittersweet–just sweet all the way around.

Michael Rosenbaum was a fucking darling cinnamon bun, just like Wally. He asked me my name and I told him, and then I started gushing about how Justice League was amazing and he just lent so much heart to the role of Wally West and he was basically my entire childhood. So then Rosenbaum turns to the line of fans and yells, “Hey! She says I’m her entire childhood! Like her whole childhood! Man, that makes me feel old!” And I apologized (jokingly, of course) and he starts goofing off with me and my bestie and even another fan in line. He was so adorable and gracious and I love the way he said my name. What a lovely guy.

Meeting Steve Blum (FINALLY) was a hoot as well. So me and bestie went up to him and we told him we were so happy to catch him this year because a couple years ago, we were in his line for an autograph at Momocon and they literally cut the line off ONE person away from the two of us after an hour and a half of waiting. Steve (bless his darling heart) apologized, but we of course told him that wasn’t his fault at all, and I told him that it was so great to finally see him up close because I had asked him a question at his panel and he jokingly told me he loved me and I almost fainted dead away and forgot my question. He laughed and asked me what question I had asked, and then he signed for me. While we were chatting it up, I asked him if he cried on the last episode of Cowboy Bebop and he said yes and went even further to tell me that the studio and the voice director didn’t tell him how the anime ended. He found out as he was voicing it. He was just like us–totally shocked and upset and like me he pretends Spike is totally fine at the end.

And then, in typical Kyo fashion, I accidentally made a fool of myself with my stupid iPhone. Apparently, it ran out of storage and so we were trying to record something and it wouldn’t take and so I’m apologizing profusely and blushing up a storm, but Steve is like, “No, it’s okay!” and he takes my phone and tries to see if it’ll work, but it won’t, so we record it on my bestie’s phone instead. He was so sweet! I felt like such a dumb schmuck when my phone wouldn’t take the video, but he was amazingly nice and I hugged him before I left and it was just the best thing ever. Steve Blum for president, man. What a standup guy.

Tomorrow’s got the legendary Ming Na Wen on the agenda, so you’ll see part two of my recap. Probably with a LOT of screaming, because Ming Na is my queen and I must worship her accordingly. Here’s to Saturday.

Kyo out.

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How about wedding day?

  • Fred would never admit it, but he’s absolutely terrified. 
  • He’s scared you’ll back out at the last minute. 
  • As opposed to Bill and Fleur’s wedding, you and Fred’s is quite intimate.
  • “Ready, Fred?” 
  • “Ready, George.” 
  • His mouth drops the minute you begin to walk down the aisle.
  • Because holy shit you look so gorgeous and he gets to be your husband.
  • And you’re nervous but Fred looks so handsome and he’s flashing you a reassuring smile.
  • The vows are sweet and cheesy and Fred throws in some bad jokes.
  • The reception is a fucking blast bitches!
  • Dancing and food and an embarrassing best man toast from George. 
  • THE SEX THAT NIGHT IS SPECTACULAR (even more so than usual). 
  • Fred takes his time and appreciates you and your body and he’s very gentle and adoring. 
  • All in all, it’s a day to remember.

Sleepover Weekend!

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Omg why is no one else losing their shit about how beautiful Liam is in that last selfie. His hair is perfectly swept and he's FUCKING GLOWING. Like holy shit Liam is so so so gorgeous.




more Patater Prompts

If you like any of these feel free to write them!!

(Celebrity & Fan AU)
Alexei still plays for the falconers, but Kent doesn’t play in the NHL. He’s the falconers biggest fan though and Alexei is his favourite player!! Kent definitely has a huge crush on him too, probably has at least one Alexei Mashkov poster in his bedroom. Maybe they meet and Kent totally has a little heart attack and fanboys! (It’s okay tho cause Alexei thinks it’s cute.)

(Celebrity and Fan AU)
Alexei is the drummer and back up singer for a famous boy band in the USA. Kent is obsessed. Accidentally runs into Alexei at the grocery store or something and Alexei is like hey I recognize you from twitter! Kent dies. Wow tater is even cuter in person what?????

(High school au)
At a party everyone plays spin the bottle and Kent lands on Alexei;))
Or they all play truth or dare and jack is up to something when Alexei picks truth and he asks Alexei what he honestly thinks about Kent. Alexei is all blushy and “I’m not even know him. We talk once or twice.“ Cue jack being like “so?? Tell everyone what you told me.“ And Kent is listening all curious.

(High school au)
Maybe Kent and Alexei are taking biology in the same class and are paired up for a project. They have to study the organisms in two different types of soil and make a comparison chart. They take samples together from Alexei’s dry ass back yard and the forest beside Kent’s house. Maybe Kent accidentally trips on uneven ground in the forest or something and Alexei has to carry him back to his house:))

(Starbucks au)

Whenever Kent goes to Starbucks, he only has enough to get the little danish he likes. That doesn’t stop someone from always ordering him a cotton candy frappé with a cute message written on the cup whenever he sits down to eat it. The barista who brings it to him never knows the name of the guy who ordered it, and he always leaves before he can point him out to Kent. One day there’s a different barista who brings it, and is like “DUDE ALEXEI MASHKOV FROM THE PROVIDENCE FALCONERS JUST ORDERED YOU THIS DRINK!” And Kent doesn’t follow hockey, but he’s in providence, of course he knows who the falconers are. That day when he goes home he googles Alexei Mashkov and HOLY SHIT THIS GUY IS GORGEOUS. So next time Kent is at Starbucks and he sees Alexei ordering, he marches up to him and just plants a big kiss right on his lips. :)))))

(Retail au)
Alexei works at forever 21. Yeah he gets chirped sometimes for working at a store where basically everything is out of Tumblr but it pays a bit better than most clothing stores and he gets Commission. Not a lot of boys shop at forever 21 but one day Kent marches in, claiming he needs new shorts and boy shorts don’t fit his ass right or something sassy he would say. So he demands that Alexei measure him to figure out what size he would be and cue Alexei blushing and thinking bad things he shouldn’t think while he has to touch the cute blond’s waist and hips so he can measure him.

(Dog sitter)

Alexei hires Kent to take care of his puppy while he’s on the road for hockey. Alexei always tips him absurd amounts and complements him in ways that make Kent turn redder than a Coca Cola can.

(Harry Potter au)
Kent is in Slytherin, always plays pranks on the really cute boy Alexei, from Gryffindor. One day they are paired together in potions class and have to make the potion Amortentia. They make it but think they screwed it up because it just smells like each other to them.

(Harry Potter au)
Alexei is in Slytherin. He’s friends with Draco and Draco makes fun of Kent (a Hufflepuff) all the time. One day Alexei finally stands up for him and Kent is stunned because omg did the boy he has a huge crush on finally notice him?? And help him?? So Draco is like whatever Alexei I’ll leave him alone and Kent pecs tater on the cheek or something cute and fluffy as a thanks for helping me:))) then cue Alexei being a dork and pining over Kent for a few days before finally doing something about it.

(High school au)
Mutual pining but not knowing how the other person feels. Alexei leaves Kent romantic love letters in his locker and Kent wishes he knew who it was.