hes so god damn cute


I swear this boy is making ME antisocial

You’re Pretty Good

Request: Could you write a Cisco fic where the reader thinks they’re alone in S.T.A.R. Labs and is singing and dancing around while she works and Cisco finds her and can’t stop telling Barry how cute she looks? Thanks so much.

Cisco Ramon x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: ~1400

A/N: I fucking love writing cute, awkward Cisco. He’s just so god damn sweet and dorky and gahh!! <3


Finally, the lab was empty. Cisco and Barry had just left an hour ago for the night, and you were here, finishing up some paperwork and meta-human business in the Cortex. You lived for these moments, when you were alone.

You pulled out your phone and connected it to the computer. Sorting through your music you picked your current favorite song and routed it through the speakers. The melody began and your lips began moving to the lyrics.

It was the only time you could really get to listen to your music. With your Stick-up-the-ass neighbors, your headphones would cause a noise complaint.

Singing you began to bob your head as you slid over to the other end of the desk, grabbing this and that to clean up and file some papers. Your voice picked up as you began to sing along.

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