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for the ut, uf, us and sf bros, how do you catch their attention if you're crushing on them?


-Laughing at his jokes is a sure way to make him notice you. He value humor a lot, so someone who can either fire some puns back at him or looses it if he keeps going for long enough is already attractive to him. Don’t force it though, he can read people fairly well and he knows when you think it’s funny or not.

-He knows you’re crushing on him, no matter how well you’re hiding it he’s got you figured out. This doesn’t mean that he has any idea how to handle it though. If he likes you back, he’s going to be a little flustered around you. But still acts fairly normal. Just to let things progress naturally. He doesn’t really have the energy to go into full romans mode.

-Being lazy is probably going to work best for you? He doesn’t like doing a lot of physical activities, he likes to ‘’conserve his energy’’. So just hanging out at Grillby’s, or watching a show you both likes together is enough. He’s actually kind of introverted, so learning that he can spend time with you without ti exhausting him is really going to make him interested in you.


-While he likes showing off how great he is in front of others, he also likes other people showing off to him. If you’re good at something, no matter how ridiculous you may think it is, he wants to see it. He wants to see your passions.

-He’s all about doing activities together. So take him on lots of friendship dates, and then stop adding the friendship part when you ask him out ;)

-Examples of above include training, cooking, going to the movies, charity, and literally anything else that you can do together. He is so excited to do these things with you.

-He falls for you when he sees how you act when you’re happy and you don’t think he’s looking. Or when he sees that you’re passionate about something.


-I don’t really know what you can do here to be honest, except be persistent. He’s going to push you away whenever you try to be friendly. And he gets aggressive when you get flirty because he’s such a tsundere.

-One thing is if you’re in on his humor. Which is pretty dark and offensive, like really horrible and you shouldn’t be laughing at this dark and offensive. It’s almost so bad that he judges you for laughing when he said the joke. But that’s because he knows that they’re horrible and he didn’t expect less from him. But you? Jeez, kid.

-And if you’ve gotten to the friendship point, letting him flirt with you might work. He’s going to, most definitely. And if he sees you getting all flustered and blushing from his jokes and flirtations, it’s going to really catch his interest. Best thing is if you suddenly flirt back and catch him off guard. That’s when he teleports out because nope can’t deal with that and his cheeks are not red at all nope.


-I think letting him talk about himself is one way to get him to really notice you. You have to find the line between boasting his ego, but still not putting up with his bullshit treatment of others. Let him talk about how he’s the captain of the royal guard, and how he is really great. But don’t let him order you around however he wants. Defiance against him isn’t common, it’s going to shock him.

-He hates feeling vulnerable, and if you can somehow lurk out his emotions without leaving him feeling too open, then you’re halfway to becoming his crush.

-He likes showing off his skills. And since cooking is a passion of his, letting him cook for you on small friendship dates is a nice way to get to know each other. Bonus if you’re good at cooking too, then you can each cook different things and compare them.


-Okay so, it doesn’t matter how obvious your crush is because he is so oblivious to it. Unless you literally sit him down and tell him that you have a crush on him, he isn’t going to notice it. But chances are that if you’re around him enough to get a crush on him, he’s been around you enough to get a crush on you.

-And unless you’re super oblivious too, you can use that to your advantage. Let him woo you.

-Playing secret admirer is also something that will get him going. He’ll be looking everywhere for the person who sent him flowers or cute little notes. He loves the challenge of finding them and he’s blushing up a storm every time he finds a new note. Especially if you leave clues as to who it is, that way he can solve it.


-Just flirt with him. He does it with everyone else, so someone who does it with him is a nice change. Also be cool, but not over the top cool. More like chill? Stressful things make him anxious and he has to spend a lot of energy acting calm all the time.

-Next step is making him feel comfortable enough that he doesn’t have to act calm. This is going to make him trust you more, especially if you can help him calm down. Optional next step is to let him calm you down if you’re anxious. It’s a two way street.

-Despite his constant flirting with people (and you, after a while) he still wants to take it slow. So don’t try and rush him into things. He likes going from friends to better friends to the point where people are yelling at you two to just get together already. Go along with it and just ease into things.


-Oh boy. So this guy is going to get a crush on you pretty fast if you show him that you’re interested. And after that it’s going to be him aggressively wooing you.

Things that work to get him further interested are:

-Boasting his ego and letting him show off his skills.

-Being genuinely concerned for him (It’s going to really throw him off guard but somehow he likes it).

-Both being easily flustered and not being easily flustered. He likes flirting and saying suggestive things. So if you’re easily flustered he’s going to keep going until your face is on fire and then some more. But if you’re not easily flustered, it just makes the moment where you break more fun. And trust me, he will get you to that point. No matter how much you try and keep your cool.

-Also LET HIM RANT TO YOU. He’s not the best with emotions, but if there’s one thing he knows it’s irritation and frustration. And he’s a lot easier to deal with after he’s vented all of that anger off on someone. In turn, he’ll let you vent about everything that’s bothering you. It might not sound like it, but it’s developing into a healthy habit for the both of you. He’s a surprisingly good listener, even though he sucks at comforting people.


-If you’re a decent person, that’s sure to catch his attention. He really likes the contrast between you and the monsters from underground. Some humans are just so soft and sweet compared to what he’s used to. And he likes watching you interact with others, doing normal stuff.

-Surprise him by being caring towards him. Casual stuff like friendly worrying. Did you eat today, sleep enough things like that. Don’t go overboard with it though.

-If he doesn’t like you, it’s almost impossible to get closer to him. He’s not going to hurt your feelings intentionally, unless you are a literal jerk. But he’s good at avoiding people.

-If he does like you, he tries to spend a lot of time with you. Quietly in the background making sure everything is okay. These are the times when you should talk to him more. He falls in love with people when they’re not looking, busy being themselves.

park woojin - highschool bf!au

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  • shy boy omg what a cutie
  • the type to watch from afar and keep his crush a secret 
  • “how can you not like anyone at this point ??? we’re juniors now dude !!!!” someone would ask
  • “i dunno lol” and he would just shrug
  • not stubborn like jihoon just shy 
  • i also see him liking his friends, not really a love at first sight typa guy
  • so ya you guys were friends
  • just a typical friendship that blossoms from school on the first day of freshman
  • ya’ll are in the same friend squad
  • probably sees you laughing and he’s suddenly red 
  • cause you’re so cute and he’s so flustered omg what’s going on
  • he can’t really look at you or talk to you cause he’s a soft beanie
  • it gets to the point where you think he doesn’t like you at all 
  • and jihoon is like trust me bro, he doesn’t hate you and he’s amusingly patting your back and chuckling to himself
  • but you’re still doubtful 
  • oh yea and his crush is defs long term, none of the hoppin around 
  • he over analyzes everything, you’re laughing and push his arm away and he’s embarrassed
  •  omg omg they touched me do they like me omg omg omgomgomgomgo
  • he’s only able to confess to you once daehwi tells him that you liked him too 
  • it’d be funnier if didn’t daehwi actually doesn’t know jack shit lol 
  • he pulls you aside all nervous underneath a tree 
  • he rambles and stutters awe 
  • “s-so ye-yea, yo-yo-you’re sw-swe-sweet k-kin-kin-” 
  • “woojin, just tell me whats going on” 
  • “i like you” he has a hushed mumble
  • “woojin its okay, i like you too” 
  • has thee thee THE smU S HIeST smile on his face evER 
  • the feelings are just floating in the air
  • both of your eyes are wandering around 
  • hands behind backs, fingers fiddling 
  • and you both finally giggle at the awkwardness
  • the dating process is pretty slow
  • which is definitely not a bad thing because me too woojin, me too
  • you both just don’t want to push each other boundaries 
  • not much pda cause he’s a. afraid to touch you and b. is v shy
  • he really really likes it when you give him affection ‘
  • like i know if he gets really awkward and flustered you would probably stop cause he seems uncomfortable
  • but he in reality he doesn’t want you to stop
  • “okay okay i’ll stop” you laughed and pulled away
  • but he holds on your arms and shakes his head, red faced and looking down “dont leave me now” he’d mumble shyly
  • doesn’t get extremely jealous, but will get lw protective
  • hates the idea of someone flirting with you/taking you away 
  • yall at school and someone confessed to you 
  • is probably slightly hurt if you said something like “oh we agreed to be friends, he such a nice guy but i didn’t really see us together” 
  • “oh” 
  • he’s really quiet for the rest of time you guys are together
  • and when you ask him whats up he just shake his head but is clearly out of it
  • but notice as soon as you feel his hand slip out of yours just when grab it 
  • “okay woojin, whats up, whats wrong?” 
  • “nothing..” he’d mumbled 
  • honestly, he wants to keep it in just cause he feels stupid and doesn’t want to seem vulnerable
  • his little jealous confession ends up coming out as mumble of threaded words
  • and when you smile at him and assure him that he’s all you ever want he probably still wouldn’t be able to look up at you
  • and when you pull his face up to look at him and assure him more he’s a mess 
  • the eye contact is so overwhelming that his face is so red and he can’t seem to function 
  • “i like you and only you” you’d say directly at him 
  • and all he can do is nod and you let go of his cheeks 
  • he’s just shookith 
  • woojin.jpg malfunctioning 
  • he’s still very boy 
  • probably a trickster and loves making people laughing 
  • also plays basketball and other sports, probably loves pe 
  • like i see him walking into class, his friends and him tangled in their arms and shoulders 
  • they’re almost stumbling 
  • it’s really rambunctious 
  • just so bro 
  • but he sees you, plants one on your cheek and smiles
  • and now you’re flustered
  • honestly do you even know him ????
  • like is he soft or not ?????? 
  • i hate him too ugh 

wow this took waaaay too long LOL i’m sorry guys !!! i just have a lot a lot of school work so im really bad at updatin

not proofread like always !!!! 

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*BTS REACTION: They Find Out You Cheated On Them With Another Member*

J U N G K O O K:

Being with Jungkook, often at times, is like taking care of a child. He gets excited easily and is very competitive. Which, normally, you don’t mind. You love his smiles, his energy, and his work ethic. But these traits are darkened by his emotional immaturity. When you want to talk to him about your difficulties of picking a major or the struggles you have with your family he refuses to sit down and be serious. He just kisses you on the cheek and quickly moves onto a lighter subject. He doesn’t realize that his energy is not infinite and often falls asleep at the studio, leaving you worried for his health and alone in bed. Which he also refuses to talk about. He loses his smile just as quickly as he gains it when he sees other men talking with you, unless they are his hyungs.

Which, as it turns out, his hyungs is who he should have been wary of the most.

You are friendly with the rest of BTS, exchanging greetings whenever you see each other. But you’ve never had the time to actually get to know any of them because of your busy college life. It isn’t until you happen to meet Namjoon at your favorite coffee shop near by your school that you actually have a conversation with the leader. You two sit down once you receive your coffees. He asks you how you been and you tell him that college is a struggle, especially when you don’t know what to major in. Instead of ignoring your struggles like Jungkook does, he actually attempts to help.

“Well, what are you passionate about?”

You talk to him about your passion and how your family doesn’t approve. He listens attentively and offers advice, telling you that your career is something you have to live with and not them. You have never thought about it like that before, your family’s support is very important to you but it is your life. If they truly love you, they will support you even if they don’t like it. Suddenly, it’s like you can breathe easily again and the conversation continues on naturally. You two talk about many world and domestic issues that are important to you, which you aren’t able to talk to Jungkook about. However, in between these serious conversations you also impress and make each other laugh with acrostic poems.

It feels like a first date and you kind of want it to be.

Namjoon does want it to be. This is his first time going to the coffee shop, and he only went because Jungkook had told him it’s the place where you get all their coffee from when you bring some. He finds himself going to the coffee shop almost everyday, around the same time. He crashes into you there more often than not and begins to wonder if you are also making time in your day just to see him.

The staff has never seen you there with Jungkook so they are unaware of the damage they are doing by helping Namjoon. They tell him the days and times you usually come, and even give him your favorite drink on the house so that he can surprise you when you arrive. The pleased smile on your face and light blush on his cheeks makes all of them coo. Even the other regulars lend him a hand, sitting on the bar stools instead of a table so that you and him can comfortably talk to each other. You are unaware of all the attention you two have garnered from the regulars and staff of the cafe. Namjoon is and gets flustered, but when you are focused on him he forgets about the people not so low-key shipping you two.

When you and Namjoon are apart, Jungkook is always a lingering presence in both of your minds. When you two are together, in the coziness of a small coffee shop where people are far too busy to actually notice who you are, he disappears along with them. You and Namjoon are mature enough to be able to tell that your relationship is growing beyond friendship, but you are the one to take the first step.

“I’m going to breakup with Jungkook,” you tell the leader. He looks at you with his mouth slightly opened, and before he can ask you why you cut him off. “I do love him, and he loves me. But it’s puppy love at best. You can’t deepen love if you don’t tell each other everything, including the bad. He never wants to talk about the bad. Believe me, I’ve tried so many times but he always changes the subject. He isn’t mature enough to sit down and have a serious talk. I’m trying to build a life here, I don’t have time to wait for him to grow up so that I can actually get some advice and support from him.”

Namjoon doesn’t ask you anything more about it, but he knows that you go through with it. Because the next day, Jungkook comes to practice with darker circles than usual and as soon as he sees his hyungs, his family, he breaks down into tears.

In between his tears, Jungkook explains to them that he went to your apartment ready to talk about the two of you going public. However, you did not smile lovingly at him when he told you what he wanted to do, like he expected you two. Instead, you gave him a sad one and told him that he won’t be able to handle the struggles of a public relationship since he can’t even handle a private one correctly. You told him in simple terms, that you’re breaking up with him because he has to grow up a bit before he can be in a serious relationship. You told him that you can’t wait for him because you have to look forward to move forward. Then you closed the door on him and ignored his pleas.

The other young ones may find it harsh, but the four oldest of the group know that he will learn and grow from this.

Jungkook’s chest aches and his mind is dizzy. He doesn’t understand what went wrong. He loves you. He always made sure to tell you everyday, whether through text or Snapchat or a voice message or in person. And you had always responded it back. Were those all lies? Or they only recently become a lie? And if so, why?

Seeing you in pain brought him pain, so he’d kiss you to let you know that you were loved. When you felt loved, he felt loved. Were his attempts to keep you happy not enough? Did his kisses not help? Why isn’t he enough?

He may have pleaded with you, but he wants you to chase your dreams and be successful. He doesn’t want to be the one holding you back, though he desperately wants to be by your side during your journey. So he’ll accept it and hope that when he grows you’ll meet with him on the other side.

But growing up takes time, and only about two months had passed when he happens upon a recently posted article on Koreaboo.

BTS’ Rap Monster and College Student L/N Y/N Have the Cutest Romance Story Yet, Straight Out of a Korean Drama

Several months ago, L/N Y/N, a regular at this little cafe by her school, literally bumped into Kim Namjoon, according to a staff member working that day. After exchanging apologies, the two decided to sit down and have a conversation…

Jungkook reads the whole thing, even though the title alone is enough to bring tears to his eyes, he needs to know. There is a picture of you and Namjoon happily kissing at the end, obviously taken without your knowledge. Jungkook’s chest is burning in pain, making it hard for him to breathe. This story of you and Namjoon sounds so lovely and innocent, completely the opposite of what it actually is. It’s repulsive because it’s betrayal. He respects and loves you both so much, how can you two hurt him like this? Jungkook feels a hollow fire illuminate in his chest. He wants to hate you. He wants to hate his hyung. He wants to destroy things so that he won’t be the only thing broken. He wants to cry.

Jungkook does two of these things, ignoring the frantic knocks on the other side of the door.

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Darrell and Rad, yo.

Darrell making Rad a flowercrown, because they’re Cute, and also this is what humans do, right???? (Rad has no idea but holy fuck, Darrell is adorable how can he say no)

Rad buying Darrell stuff- small knicknacks, things the rest of his family won’t notice or question; one time he loses a thing Rad got him, and he feels AWFUL about it, because Rad gave him that!!!! and now it’s gone!! because Darrell had to keep it close by, and now it’s all MELTED, and he mopes about it for DAYS, until Rad asks him up front what the heck is wrong, and Darrell breaks and admits it, and Rad laughs, can’t help it, because he’s relieved it something that simple.

Rad and Darrell, cuddle pile. Darrell is all flopped out across Rad’s back and he’s probably going through some of Rad’s stuff- like notebooks from school, or old comics, and he asks Rad about it, from time to time, and Rad answers in this sleepy, dazed voice, barely coherent.

Rad and Darrell holding hands, and it’s Rad who initiates it, who just kind of catches Darrell’s hand one day, and Darrell tilts his head and asks what the heck Rad, and Rad gets all flustered, and lets go and says it’s nothing, which, uh, no??? so Darrell asks Boxman, without telling him it’s about Rad, and after a long, explosive rant, what Darrell gets is: hand holding = friendship.

which. no, but he tells Rad, up front, that he’s not allowed friendships, and Rad is baffled about this for like, a whole minute, until it just CLICKS, and oh. oh. this is about me holding your hand, huh.

and so Rad has to explain that, no, it’s not necessarily about friendships, and he stumbles through explaining it, until Darrell is staring at him, wide-eyed and starry-eyed, and just- very carefully takes Rad’s hand, and looks at him like he’s a star cupped in Darrell’s hands, and Rad sputters and flails, but he doesn’t let go off Darrell’s hand, and Darrell is smiling, and it feels like the sun is rising in his chest.

Things To Love About Haruhi Fujioka

- Smol adorable nerd
-canonically does not give a single fuck what you refer to her as gender-wise ( nonbinary / genderflux Haruhi FTW)


- Always has a great bitchy comeback

- Would fight someone for upsetting one of the Hosts

- HAS fought someone for upsetting a Host

- Not afraid to call out her friends bad traits

- Thinks she’s literally dying when she realizes her feelings for Tamaki ( best fictional description of love tbh )

- Internally sighing a lot

- “ no way in hell Senpai ”

- Rolls out of bed and throws on whatever she finds first , much to the dismay of her pretty collection of rich boys

- BEST BUDDIES WITH THE TWINS, THEY’RE SO STINKING PROUD OF HER??? They introduce her to their mom I mean …..

’ Haruhi can we adopt you ’

’ No ’

’ But we’ll give you free food ’

’……No ’

’…. You hesitated. SHE HESITATED HIKARU’

- The ‘fight me’ friend (along with the twins )

- Tries so hard all the time

- Has anxiety about a lot


- Cannot dance worth anything

- Klutz

- Manages to keep her chill in a school full of hot people , how do you do it Haruhi

- Death glare to rival Kyoya’s

- Such a kind heart

- Hugs her friends a lot

- The Therapist friend , gives good advice and gentle pats

- Mood : No??????NO most of the time

-Super flustered by Tamaki flirting with her , but gets more confident around him when Kyoya tells her that Tamaki is also easily flustered ( and then she immediately surprises Tamaki with a hug and he about faints from blushing so hard it’s adorable)

- Is probably the only thing keeping Kyoya from slapping people most days tbh

- Was dragged into friendship kicking and screaming but has since decided ’ Screw you , these are MY humans now ’

- Objects to your dumb idea while also going along with it

- Broke af but not ashamed

- Fully supports her dad and his crossdressing and is not at all ashamed of him /her

- great poker face

Camboy Evan/Soulmate TreeBros AU plus some more!

-evan is doing a liveshow one day and connor stumbles upon it out of boredom
-evan got hooked on liveshows because he lost a bet to jared and ended up liking it
-he also enjoys the anonymity
-jared is the only one who knows who evan is until connor notices
-is that- eli? no, evan! it- it really doesn’t seem like his thing though…
-connor is just really perceptive and can pick out small details like that
-connor makes his chat name ‘cockner’ because it’s the only thing he can think of
-requests with cash attracted to them start rolling in, evan’s pretty popular. and connor’s family is pretty rich and has a lot of money saved up, so he submits $500 and asks for evan to palm himself through his lingerie
-the soulmate voice in evan’s head repeats the chat line, and he’s blown away, because holy shit five hundred
-but it isn’t from someone he recognizes so he welcomes the new user playfully and accepts the offer
-and boy does connor start to get hard
-off come the pants
-he will never be able to look at this kid the same way again but who cares he’s so fucking gorgeous
-he sends praises to evan and asks if he can finger himself
-the voice repeats every line from connor, arousing evan much more than normal
-“how many, honey?”
-soon evan has three lubed fingers in his ass and connor is jacking off
-the chat is going wild man
-evan sees connor in school the next day and connors all flustered and evan is confused
-eventually they start a friendship but evan still doesn’t know that connor knows who he is
-evan’s real shy on top of the anxiety and listens more than he talks, so he hears people talk about him from time to time and it kinda gives him a confidence boost
-jared thinks this is hilarious but also if they have an argument jared now has ammunition to use against evan
-evan is fooling around on connors phone because y’know they’re friends and he finds screenshots from his live show and he’s like sHiT
-he also finds connor’s personal nudes that he used to send to he ex-boyfriend
-and he stares at em for a little and is just blown away because damn is connor sexy
-connor runs to the bathroom or something during the phone looking and evan finds a video he made for the ex and it’s pure sin
-and evan starts nutting, whoops and he’s gotta control himself with a room full of teenagers and an adult, plus connor coming back within the next five minutes
-….evan sends the video and pictures to himself cause hey, connor has shit on him

and here’s where things can go two ways. option one:

-they’re hanging out one day and evan accidentally lets it slip that he has this shit and connor’s shocked
-connor just starts screaming into his arms bc fuck evan has his nudes and he didn’t send them
-evan realises that oh shit this was a mistake and gets all flustered and starts apologising and sayin he’ll delete them because he feels bad
-he may be a kinky little fucker but he’s still evan
-connor is just like ‘you already have them so don’t worry abt it" while dying a lot
-evan still on the fence about keeping them because he still feels guilty as heck
-connor just avoids his embarrassment by teasing evan like ‘you jack off to them enough to break your arm?’
-and evan gets all wide eyed and embarrassed and denies it so much but he totally does he’s just too ashamed to admit it and also connor doesn’t know that he knows yet

option 2:

-he gets pissed at connor and thinks that’s what their relationship is based on
-when he finds out connor’s a watcher he avoids him for two weeks and connor just sends apologies over and over on the request box on the camboy website and each one has like, 2 dollars but the amount of times he apologizes makes them add up to 2076$
-and evan feels guilty but connor kept this from him and there was a different voice that wasn’t connor’s, just a regular one, that was telling him that that was the only reason connor liked, and he was afraid of how many other people knew
-and every time he’d see connor’s name pop up he’d frown and sigh, and keep going because he had to
-connor lowkey ends up spiralling and stops watching, and there’s just radio silence from him for what seems like forever. he fucked up the only friendship he had and it just fucks with his head
-he ends up writing evan a proper letter for his apology and says that evan can lose his number if he wants
-and evan just feels so torn about the whole situation because the connor voice is telling him to forgive connor and the other is resisting

it actually gets really depressing and angsty from here so i won’t go into super huge detail

-connor cuts himself off from people
-evan realizes after connor is out of his life that the voice in his head is his
-he’s been denying it for so long because it’s his best friend for heaven’s sake
-so he sends a letter back and apologizes and explains the soulmate thing
-and connor sends two words back:
“i know.”
-the first time the two talk, he instantly knew
-evan just breaks down. he feels so bad and realizes he made so many shit decisions and doesn’t know how to fix their relationship
-the soulmate voice tries to help but it just makes things worse

there’s a lot more angst but i really don’t want to upset anybody do imma just skip that maybe save it for another time :) onto fluffy headcanons!
…except they’re kinda kinky ;)

-connor fucking loves pressing kisses into evan’s thighs and stomach and especially loves leaving hickies right on his inner thighs and when Evan does his shows they’re /so/ visible
-and everyone’s like who’s the lucky person and he’s like oop that’s my business guys sorry
-the first hickey is rly tentative bc connor doesn’t know if evan is okay with it, but afterwards he’s just /so there/ for letting everyone know who evan belongs to
-connor gradually gets jealous of all the people praising evan and starts to try and outdo them, put them in their place
-he doesn’t make evan stop doing the can shows bc it gives evan confidence and connor isn’t gonna take that away
-also it’s his main source of income besides his part time job at starbucks
-evan’s 100% okay with stopping but if he’s allowed to keep going he isn’t complaining
-connor also is like ‘just remember that i love you a lot and you’re utterly gorgeous and it’s your body to do as you wish’ also known as boyfriend of the year

i’m starting to realize how many of these weren’t actually camboy soulmate related and were just sex hcs

-jared gets those giant dick lollipops from spencer’s and gives both evan and connor one and evan just
deepthroats it
-AnD connor needs to l e a v e right after
-and even though evans the resident kink king he just sits there like “what did i do” because he’s so fucking oblivious
-jared just looks at evan and begins cackling before being like “go follow him my dude” and connor is just hiding and trying to get this damn boner down
-evan just shrugs and follows connor, tryin to make sure he’s okay because of course he has no idea what he did
-connor just has a massive hard on and he’s red as fuck and his voice is a little high and evan doesn’t catch on
-he’s trying to not let this boner kill his friendship
-and evan crouches down thinking something is seriously wrong with connor and he’s like should i call someone or smth
-connor’s just like nO
-he’s just rly embarrassed and ashamed but then,,,,,, during a movie night he decides to enjoy his candy dick and evan can’t look away from how his mouth moves
-he tries not to get hard but it’s virtually impossible not to

-connor gets evan thigh highs and dies when they make an appearance in the next show
-they were given to him by “someone special”

-before evan finds out connor is a viewer he does a private show for 'cockner’
-it’s actually the first time he does a private show and ends up trying to make awkward conversation
-all the while still trying to keep it semi professional

-heidi comes home early one night and evan has to figure out how to put all this shit away in less than a minute and hide the boner
-he literally dives under the covers and hides the panties in his pillowcase, attempting to make it look like he was asleep but /oh god he forgot his boxers/
-or, heidi just has to grab something and go back to work but she checks on evan and doesn’t comment on the boxers, because evan in a teenage boy
-oR he left the lube sitting on his desk and he prays that heidi doesn’t notice
-heidi just opts to talk to evan tomorrow abt safe sex and masturbation
-and he’s so embarrassed and tries to come up with an explanation
-“jared left it here and i found it, i was gonna give it back to him tomorrow”
-because of that heidi assumes evan and jared are fucking
-aNd thEn he gets really embarrassed because sure they’re friends and they’ve seen each other’s dicks but even theY have BounDariEs
-heidi sees evan and connor kiss and is like…. but jared?
-she just assumes it’s a poly relationship and is totally okay with it

and that’s all for hcs related to this! sorry it was so long,, this topic dominated our texting for the last 24 hours lmao

also!! we’re both very supportive of sincerely three!! but we made the roleplay treebros because that’s what we’re used to and just formatted the headcanons as such, sorry for the lack of kliensen

okay i’m gonna shut up now if you want more let me know and i shall provide! ;)

I’m in love,,,, holy hell,,, i might draw something for this,,, if that’s okay with you two that is

Au Where Connor Lives ( DEH headcanons)

- Connor eventually apologizes (in his own awkward way) for being a dick to Evan
-Evan really awkwardly accepts and immediately runs off because he’s so flustered and anxious
-Evan gathers up all his courage to say hi go Connor the next day, because he thinks maybe Connor just needs a friend
-but Connor is taken off guard by the boy’s friendly gesture and Evan takes it as he just doesn’t like him so he starts rambling and getting jittery
-He explains the letter from the library and apologizes profusely for upsetting the other until Connor interrupts
-Connor cracks a dorky lil joke and gets him to calm down, assuring him it was okay and not his fault
-they have a tentative friendship for a while, learning each other slowly but surely
-Connor works on dealing with his negative emotions more, just so he doesn’t frighten/hurt Evan
-Evan appreciates this and finds comfort in the other’s company
-it’s by no means perfect
-sometimes Connor will shut Evan out completely if he’s having a really hard time
-And Evan is Trying His Best but sometimes his negative emotions get the best of him and he’ll just hide in the bathroom at school all day
-Evan isn’t very good at opening up about how he really feels either, which frustrates Connor a little because he cares
-But it’s easier to live life now that they have each other!!
-Evan and Connor share the same kind of humor, which is a lot of sarcasm and death jokes
-“Please kill me I don’t want to go to school”
“Aren’t you being dramatic?”
“It’s only dramatic if I don’t mean it, okay”
-T r e e facts 24/7, anytime it’s relevant Evan will swoop in with his tree facts!! (Connor thinks it’s cute)
- Evan: *softly but with feeling* “f u c k:
Evan: *stares into audience like he’s on The Office*
-Evan steals Connor’s cigarettes and hides them from him (which annoys Connor but in the long run encourages him to quit (out of sheer annoyance))
-Connor spends a lot of time over his house
-Evan loves touching his hair? Connor is like “it’s weird and long” but Evan is just like in awe of it because it’s the prettiest hair ever
-Sometime Evan gets tense and starts shaking a little for no reason and Connor just kind shuffles close and let’s Evan lean into him so he can relax
-They become inseparable
-Zoe is insanely bewildered because they seem like such polar opposites
-Now she starts notices Evan but surprise! He’s kind of over her! His interest sort of waned (And Connor is secretly pleased)
-His mom is so Proud he’s got a friend and fawns over Connor in her motherly way
-Jared disapproves because he’s low key worried that Evan is gonna get hurt by this guy
-Jared does the thing where he acts like like a jerk to cover up that he cares and Evan eventually sees through this
-Evan eventually convinces Jared that Connor is good
-Jared and Connor banter relentlessly when placed in the same room, but they are actually pretty okay with each other
-Alana is just Over! The! Moon! that they’re the Bestest Friends! because no one deserves to be alone and she thinks it’s nice

THIS CONCLUDES HC’S THAT LITERALLY NO ONE ASKED FOR!!!! I have a lot of headcanons so I might do another..

anonymous asked:

Hinata for ask meme, if you're still doing it?

first impression: woah hottie alert

impression now: he’s still hot but now I know he’s also a complete sweetheart who’s a ray of sunshine and I love him.

favorite moment: His last stand and eventual death in Conquest. He was legit going to protect all of Hoshido all on his own and this was his moment of glory. Hits all the harder when he’s dying he’s more concerned about Takumi knowing his greatest moment of pride was receiving his sword from him. 10/10 death.

idea for a story: mmmm nothing’s really coming to mind… Oh! How about a story of him entering that fighting competition that he and Takumi were talking about in their support? That’d be cool!

unpopular opinion: I definitely don’t think he likes Takumi in a romantic way.

favorite relationship: That being said, I’m torn between his friendship with Takumi and my own otp of him and Kagero haha. I like his friendship with Takumi because retainers aren’t really supposed to be friends and yet he’s so close to Takumi all the same. It’s obvious he really wants to be best friends with him and to act like an older brother, but he’s barely containing himself from giving him noogies at any time. But I also like his relationship with Kagero because honestly they’re such a good match?? He’s such a pure flirt and she gets flustered so easily, and he actually likes her paintings cause they’re so cool looking! I also think they’re personalities just mesh perfectly. They also look adorable together and I love them so much-

favorite headcanon: He’d totally give Takumi girl advice even though he’s just as clueless about women as his liege is. Those two dorks would just come up with increasingly worse advice until one of them scares off the girl Takumi was interested in. Hinata would be banned from giving advice, but he’d still try to be Takumi’s wingman in the future lol. even better if Takumi’s like ‘how the heck did he marry Kagero of all people if he’s this bad at this???’ and Hinata’s just like. offended.

Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 6]


6/20 of Subject A0: In The Glade [ prev ] [ spin off ] [ next ]

“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader)

A/N: To @valernudm who requested jealous!Newt x Reader, here it is! Well, I would consider it more of protective!Newt but jealous would definitely work too, haha! I hope you like this! I said I wouldn’t be updating soon but I just felt like writing. I have this urge to write at least once a day now lol

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Perpendicular (Ishimaru x Reader x Mondo)

It was a gorgeous day.

Birds were singing, the sun was shining, and Ishimaru Kiyotaka had a problem.

“…wearing those ridiculous clothing that is almost certainly not regulation! I’ve never seen anything so-“

You stifled the urge to groan – he was doing it again.

You and Ishimaru were…well, at first you found him incredibly loud, pushy and annoying. Actually, you still thought he was loud, pushy and annoying, but underneath all that, he was actually a total sweetie and a complete dork. And now, your best friend.

The day you really became friends, some assholes had stolen your homework and you were trying to take it back. Normally you’d be perfectly capable of kicking someone’s ass for stealing your stuff, but unfortunately, four-on-one weren’t exactly favourable odds.

Then Ishimaru had come straight in the fuck out of nowhere, shouting at said thieves and doing quite a lot of dramatic pointing. Though he didn’t quite scare them off in the way he’d hoped (even with those intense red eyes of his), he still caused enough of a commotion that they were forced to beat a hasty retreat. Your homework was already shredded in the scuffle and pretty much unfit to be handed in, but Ishimaru vouched for you when your teacher asked you where it was. Of course she believed him - he was Ishimaru Kiyotaka, after all.

So, you and Ishimaru were tight. He had a hard time in connecting with other people thanks to his, um, intense personality, and you had your own issues to deal with, so more often than not you just sought out each other’s company, though you still hung out with Sakura and Aoi from time to time, though they talked a lot about work-out routines and stuff you didn’t quite understand. On that particular morning, you were chilling on the grass (well, you were, Ishimaru was sitting rather stiffly, whether because he was waiting for a teacher to come and yell at you for sitting on the grass or he didn’t want stains on his pristine white uniform was hard to say). Ishimaru was ranting, yet again, about Owada Mondo, some guy who had apparently made it his mission in life to annoy the hell out of him, according to your friend.

“I cannot fathom how such a-a delinquent can be permitted to attend this prestigious academy!”

You rolled your eyes (which you did a lot around Ishimaru) and looked over at him, who was gesturing so wildly with his chopsticks that you doubted he’d even gotten around to eating yet. And lunch was half over.

“You know,” you commented idly, as Ishimaru sucked in a big breath to continue venting, “You sound like you’ve got a mad crush or something.”

Ishimaru was so shocked he almost dropped his bento box.

“Of-of all the things to say!” he spluttered, shooting a horrified look at you. “Please refrain from suggesting such an uncouth thing!”

You snickered at his flustered reaction - he was just so earnest that it was too easy to tease him. Perhaps it was a sign of your friendship that Ishimaru was learning to roll with your playful mockery and you were pulling your punches with him in kind, since he was your best friend and all.

“Whatever,” you snorted, tapping a nail on his still-unopened bento box. “Just shut up about delinquents for five minutes and eat your lunch, okay? I’m not dragging you to class if you pass out here.”

Ishimaru jolted, clearly so caught up in Mondo-venting that he’d forgotten all about food. He straightened up and shot you this smile that lit up his whole face and - whoa. Nothing’s even happened between you two, obviously, but sometimes he gave you that smile and said something heartfelt you felt all…fizzy.

Yes, fizzy.

Shut up.

“Ah, thank you! It was careless of me not to partake in my needed meal to consume an appropriate amount of energy for the remainder of the school day! You’re such a great friend.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you mumbled, nudging him with your elbow and looking back at your own lunch as Ishimaru happily started eating, pretending to be exasperated.

Still, you couldn’t help but be pleased that he thought so.


Things took an unexpected turn about a week later. You went and found Ishimaru waiting for you outside (he always beat you to your waiting spot somehow), wearing this big, derpy smile on his face. It was a little unnerving, actually, like he’d been practicing.

Actually, yeah, you could totally see him doing that.

“Why do you look so happy today?” you asked, picking your way across the grass.

“Ah!” Ishimaru leapt to his feet like he’d been jabbed with a cattle prod and bowed, despite you telling him over and over again that he didn’t need to do that, “I hope you don’t mind, but I invited someone to join us for lunch today!”

“Oh?” you didn’t mind, particularly - sometimes you, Ishimaru, Sakura and Aoi had made the occasional quartet, or one of them would come over if the other was off sick one day or something, but this was unusual for Ishimaru. “Who?”

“Well, Mondo and I-” he started, only for you to very gracefully spit out your drink, narrowly missing him.


“It is impolite to spray beverages when someone is speaking, you know!” Ishimaru chided you.

“I couldn’t help it!” you squawked back at him, wiping your mouth on your sleeve. “Fuck, Ishimaru! Mondo? As in, that thug guy you’ve been bitching about incessantly for weeks on end?”

He looked indignant.

“I mostly certainly have not been-”

“Oh yes you have! And now you’re telling me that that Mondo is-”

“Mondo’s what now?” a deep voice rumbled behind you.

You turned around and saw…black. Then you looked up.

And up.

And up.

Sweet jesus.

Okay, so you do have to concede that Ishimaru had a point about his clothes being far too wild for school (and let’s not even get started on that hair), but damn if he doesn’t look good in them. Now you understand all the Mondo-this and Mondo-that.

You just sat there staring at Mondo, looking like a goldfish with your mouth hanging open.

“Ah, bro!” Ishimaru said – wait, bro? Really?- cutting right through the awkward pause, probably not even noticing it. “I was just informing my very good friend about you!”

He introduced you both and you awkwardly said hello, while Mondo grunted in your direction and sat down on the grass, avoiding eye contact with you studiously. You flicked your gaze to Ishimaru.

“Okay, so…you were explaining why you’re not mortal enemies suddenly?”

And after that, you couldn’t get him to shut up. He started babbling on about bonding and manliness and something about a sauna and you’re really losing track of what’s happening. Or because Ishimaru mentioned something about somebody being naked and wow, okay, you’re not sure you should let your brain wander there right now. Mondo eventually decided to stop being the strong, silent type and joined in with Ishimaru’s story, and they were laughing like they’d been best friends for years.

Like they’d forgotten you were even there.

For once, you were actually happy when lunchtime ended.


Suddenly, it all changed. Mondo was suddenly a fixture in your outdoor lunch periods. For a while it had mostly just been you and Ishimaru hanging out. Now suddenly it was like he’d upgraded best friends and you were just there because it’s where you’d gotten used to sitting.

You didn’t think that it was on purpose – Ishimaru would never do something like make you feel bad knowingly, but he did have a tendency to get really pumped up about everything he did, which included making friends, apparently. He seemed really excited to have a “bro”, but…still, where did that leave you? Mondo barely talked to you – he barely looked at you, actually, and you didn’t know why that upset you so much, but it did. Like what, he strutted in with his goofy hair and cool biker clothes and stole your best friend and didn’t even acknowledge you? You knew he was a delinquent, but that was just…rude.

“Not eating with Ishimaru today, either?” Aoi asked you with a gentle smile, seeing you poking glumly at your lunch without bothering to eat it.

“I doubt he’s even noticed – he’s too busy with his new bestie.”

“New bestie?” she blinked.

Sighing, you told Aoi and Sakura all about the weird bromance going on between Ishimaru and Mondo, after it seemed like they were mortal enemies.

“…now they just sit there and talk about their dumb boy contests and I have no idea what they’re talking about half the time. And like…I don’t know Mondo well, but he just looks like he’s in literal pain when I’m anywhere near him. Not too much fun to be around.”

“I’ve heard he’s one of those guys who gets all embarrassed around girls,” Aoi said, giggling at your surprised expression.

“Huh…” you said, a little stunned. Who knew a big, scary biker got all tongue-tied?

“Perhaps you may feel assured if you expressed your feelings to Ishimaru openly,” Sakura suggested, holding her lunch very daintily for such a large woman.

“Yeah, you’re right,” you sighed.

You’d been avoiding Ishimaru and Mondo over the past couple of days or so, licking your wounds, but you knew that it was only delaying an inevitable confrontation of some sort.

“I should talk to him. Thanks, you guys.”

“Anytime!” Aoi beamed at you. “Oh, hey, want to come shopping with us after school? I need to get a new swimsuit for my upcoming race and it might take your mind off things.”

You smiled.



“Are you sure you don’t need a ride home?” Aoi asked you, her big blue eyes wide.

“Don’t worry, you two, I can call for a taxi inside and wait until it’s parked right outside. Seriously, if you have to get home early, go. I’m a big girl; I can get home by myself.”

Persuading the girls to leave the mall without you took a while, and you had to swear and swear that you’d text the both of them the minute you got home, they finally took off. You waited until they were out of your sight and then set off walking. It’s a nice enough evening, you don’t have enough cash for a cab and besides, you’d like a little solitude.

You couldn’t help but let your mind wander to the whole friend situation as you walked. You were totally jealous, but of what, exactly? It’s not that you didn’t want Ishimaru to make other friends, but…

Was it just that you wanted to be Ishimaru’s best friend, or were your feelings more complicated than that? Your face felt hot. Or was this about Mondo? Those two acting like they’d known each other all their lives, while you’d probably never had an actual conversation with him without Ishimaru as a buffer. And, okay, maybe you thought he was pretty hot, but he didn’t seem to know what to do with you. Was Aoi right or did he just not like you?

You were so lost in your errant thoughts that you didn’t notice the rumbling of an engine, or a light falling over your legs before a voice rang out;


You nearly jumped out of your skin and spun on your heel.

Well, speak of the devil…

“M-Mondo?!” you blurted out, idiotically – who else has hair like that?

“The fuck’re you doin’ out here?” Mondo demanded, without preamble. Talk about blunt. “Ya got a death wish walkin’ around at night by yourself?”

“I’m going home, obviously,” you snorted, hands on your hips, exuding sassiness. “Just taking the long way.”

“Tch, no you ain’t,” he grunted. “Get on.”

You stared at him, then at the bike, a dubious look crossing your features. You hadn’t ridden a normal bike in years, much less a motorbike. You weren’t entirely confidant in your ability not to just go flying off it the moment it set off.

“Is that thing safe?”

Mondo rolled his lavender eyes, not too dissimilarly to the way you did when Ishimaru went off on one of his tangents about rules. Maybe it was catching?

“Just get on, will ya?” he ordered and holy hell, was he blushing? It’s hard to tell under the orange glow of the streetlight, but the way he pointedly avoided looking you in the eye spoke volumes.

You might have dithered a bit more, when you felt a tiny splash of rain on your forearm. Damn it, you didn’t bring a jacket. Or shoes that could withstand a torrent, for that matter. You sighed and nodded.

Oh no, this isn’t awkward at all, you thought as you approached cautiously and slid onto the bike, very carefully wrapping your arms around Mondo as though he might snap them off.

The leather of his jacket was pleasantly cool against your cheek, because god help you; you were blushing like an idiot. But it was hard not to- you could faintly feel a heartbeat through the leather and there was something about the solid form you had your arms wrapped around that made you feel weirdly…safe?

God, this was stupid. You were really glad he couldn’t see your face right about now.

“Which way?” Mondo said, his voice rumbling along with the bike, and you told him where you lived…which only occurred to you was kinda reckless after he set off.

You just gave your address to a guy in a biker gang! You thought, eyes widening as the realisation hit you.

“So where the hell’ve you been the last coupla days, anyway?” Mondo said abruptly – it seemed it was easier for him to talk to a girl when he couldn’t actually see her.

“Huh?” you asked, glancing up at the back of his head.

“I-Ishimaru won’t shut up about you missin’ lunch and diet requirements and shit.”

Ah, so he had noticed. The thought made you feel guiltier than ever, he probably had no idea what he’d done, yet something else stuck out – not only was Mondo freely telling you this, but his ears were distinctly pink as he said it.

Fucking. Adorable.

“…You guys seem to be pretty into all your crazy contests and I couldn’t think of what to say,” you answered, after a moment’s consideration. “And…well, I didn’t think you liked me being around very much.”

“Wh- huh?!” he said, loudly – it seemed whatever he thought you were going to say, that wasn’t it.

“Turns out, you just can’t talk to girls,” you teased, reaching for your old ally – comedy.

“Sh-shut up!” Mondo yelled, indignation peppering the words, and the ears turned an even darker pink.

“Oh my god, are you embarrassed? That’s so cute!”

“Don’t make me throw you off!” he threatened, which really wasn’t much of a threat at all, because you knew there was no way in hell he’d actually do it, especially not after straight up demanding to give you a ride home.

You lapsed into a contented silence after that, though at one point, Mondo ran over a bump or a pot-hole or something that made the entire bike jolt and you yelped and squeezed him even tighter. Mondo was gritting his jaw because fuck, your breath was on his neck and breasts squishing against his back. He forced himself to concentrate on the road.

Eventually the streets started to look familiar to you and you realised with a shot of surprise that you were nearly home. The journey had gone by so fast…

“So, um,” you said, more loudly than you needed to, your forehead resting somewhere between Mondo’s shoulder blades. “Thanks. You know. For the ride. And stuff.”

Ugh, could you please try and sound dumber, because I don’t think that was dumb enough. You thought, clenching your eyes shut. Mondo grunted.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said, shrugging his expansive shoulders. “I’d better see ya to lunch tomorrow, got it?”

You laughed softly, swinging your legs around and hopping off the bike. You felt a lot better now that your feet were touching solid ground again.

“I’ll be there.”

Another grunt.



“You are late!”

“I’m not late,” you sighed at your friend as he looked very tempted to wag his finger at you, “You can’t get mad at me for making you wait if you insist on showing up everywhere way earlier than you need to.”

Ishimaru laughed heartily at that.

“But of course! It is a sign of my diligence that I would never keep someone waiting, especially not my two very good friends!”

“Yeah, yeah, c’mon, I’m hungry,” Mondo rolled his eyes and jerked a thumb over his shoulder, though he couldn’t quite stop the smile that pulled at his lips. “Movie starts in ten.”

You snorted and followed the guys, watching with amusement as Ishimaru reacted with horror when Mondo tried to buy some beer (nobody was going to ID him, with that height and scary look), and the two of them bickered good-naturedly about it at the counter while you hummed over the selection of candy. Ishimaru didn’t eat sugar much because he had to be such a rules junkie even about that, but you made sure to order a large popcorn anyway. Just in case he changed his mind.

“Are you two done yet?” you said, taking a pointed slurp of your giant Coke, “We’ll miss the movie.”

Those were the magic words, because Ishimaru promptly freaked out about not showing up to a movie on time (even if you and Mondo insisted you were only missing the trailers) and chivvied you both down the hallway. You smirked and took another sip of your drink.

Eventually you found somewhere to sit, and Mondo pretty much immediately stole a handful of your popcorn (you shot him a look but you couldn’t really get annoyed about it) and Ishimaru whispered loudly about the floor being sticky and wanted to know who was doing such a slapdash job of cleaning the room after customers left.

“Yo, I wanna see that one!” Mondo whispered, watching a trailer for something that seemed to have a lot of explosions and, yes, a bike race. “Fucking badass, right there!”

“Of course you do,” you snorted.

“Sssh! It is rude to talk during screenings, you know!” Ishimaru said, shushing you far louder than either of you had been speaking.

“Oh, shush,” you teased, holding out your popcorn. “You sure you don’t want some? I ordered a lot of it…”

Ishimaru hesitated, looking conflicted about having to either eat excess sugar or reject a polite offer.

“Well…I suppose a handful…wouldn’t hurt.”

“Heh.” Mondo snorted and you suppressed the urge to giggle yourself. Naturally, the innuendo went completely over Ishimaru’s head he thoughtfully crunched on popcorn.

Further conversation was silenced when the actual movie finally made its appearance. Honestly, you hadn’t even listened when the plot had been explained to you…you just wanted to hang out with your friends, honestly.

A ridiculous smile spread across your face as you thought that, and you were very grateful that it was dark and the boys were too wrapped up in what was going on onscreen to notice. But there you were, sitting in a darkened theatre room with a delinquent on one side of you and the school prefect on the other. Mondo was leaning against you slightly (probably because it was cold in here and you hadn’t thought to bring a jacket when it had been fine outside. He was wearing his, of course) and your thigh was nudging Ishimaru’s, the brilliant white of his uniform making him impossible to miss. Funny, it was the kind of thing you’d have thought they would want to do as “bros”, but the way they reacted when you said that of course you’d go with them, it made you feel pretty good.

You shifted, feeling popcorn crunch under your feet and the aircon blowing relentlessly at the back of your neck.

“Oi, you gonna finish that?” Mondo asked, pointing at your popcorn, which you’d been severely neglecting.

“Huh? Oh, nah, you take it,” you said, handing it over without second thought.

“Thanks!” Mondo grinned, shoving quite a lot into his mouth. “Yer’th befst…”

Ishimaru was still engrossed in the movie, but he shot you that smile of his again, wordlessly agreeing with his “bro’s” garbled statement. You smiled and looked down at your feet. So weird to think these two hated each other at first. But there they were, a biker, the school prefect, and you. Three differing sides, yet somehow, it worked.

You settled back into your seat, between your two best friends, a weird feeling of contentedness settling over you. Total opposites – and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hoseok Appreciation

So since today is Hobi’s day he of course gets an appreciation day bc hobi is such an amazing human bean he’s so pure and beautiful and there are so many great things about him but I’m gonna stick to just talking about 10 things I love about him

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First of all… You really think I’m good writing??? (*ノωノ)  like really me? It makes me so happy, omg, I’m going to dance all night long! Thank you so much *hugs until the end of times*. Now, going to what I was supposed to do…

Send me a “Stop” and I’ll write a drabble about one character calming the other down (from anger, jealously, etc) It became more of the jealous than from Kagami calming them, hope you still like it though.

Himuro smiled tenderly when Kagami made the defining dunk before his jet black eyes. He had finally got to accept losing to his little brother, and that smile confirmed it more than the words of praise he directed to him afterwards. After all the troubles their relationship had, being able to be like that again made Kagami so happy he could stop smiling, getting to the point he rushed to Himuro’s side, hugging him, and even receiving a kiss from him on the cheek. It might have looked a little bit mischievous for an outside observer, but it was simple someone they used to do when they were children and that now seemed as a good way of showing they had successfully make-up.

On the other hand, for the Generation of Miracles, whose members were all playing with them that day, watching from just some meters the brotherly scene, that was only a wicked way from Himuro to let them know just how much of advantage he had over them on his relationship with the tiger. And that was not only unfair but also arrogant and extremely insulting (they thought).

The first one in complaining was Kise, whining about how Himuro shouldn’t monopolize the red haired, clinging to the arm of Seirin’s ace as he said that. While Himuro was still trying to understand how kissing Kagami’s cheek could be called a way of “monopolizing” him, Aomine got closer, clearly prepared to start a fight, talking about going to other place to solve the problem and taking of his jacket in threatening movement.

Kagami attempted to help him but Midorima was now, along with Kise, preventing him from going back to Himuro’s side, holding him possessively. In Himuro’s mind the question of what was so wrong about his actions echoed again and again, until Murasakibara stood in front of him with a menacing face.

“If you don’t keep your distance, even if you are Muro-chin I’ll crush you” was the words he received, feeling more disturbed and scared than before. His actions had clearly disturbed the members of the Generation of Miracles, but he didn’t even understood why or how. Even Kuroko, who was always so rational and calm, was giving him a cold intimidating glare that made him tremble…

“You should stay away from Taiga” The smile of the emperor as he took some scissors out of his pocket was the proof that he needed to get away from there as soon as he could.

“Everyone stop it! IDIOTS! FREAKS!! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING TO MY BROTHER!!” Kagami screamed pushing both Midorima and Kise to a side, getting to Himuro’s side and standing before him in a protecting pose. “You better apologize with him right now!”

The menacing aura of the boys disappeared as they all started to apologize (with Kagami, not Himuro) asking him to not get angry with them. “It’s because Muro-chin is so unfair” Murasakibara whined, hunching until he was close enough to Kagami to be petted in the head. “That’s right, doing that in front of us!” Aomine yelled, frowning at the same time. “He should know his place” Akashi retorted still glaring him with his hetero-chromic eyes. “Even though we haven’t even hugged you before…” Kuroko mumbled giving away the reason of their anger, and making them blush at the revelation.

“Are you jealous of him?” Kagami asked. The anger was gone, leading to a blushing laugh at their stupid actions, slightly embarrassed to think that they could be jealous of him. After all, why would they feel all jealous over him? Thinking about an answer only made him blush more. “You idiots, he is like my brother! It’s obvious that we are close”

“But…” Kise tried to say something but Kagami petted his head before he could actually make it into words.

“Well then, let’s hug!” Kagami proposed, his angel-like smile shining too much for their hearts and his arms wide open. Before he could measure how this decision could affect the members of the rainbow, he had been attacked by all of them at the same time, who tackled him with all their strength into the ground, giving him a hard pain on his back and a crushing pain on his chest. “That hurts! Idiots!!”

But as soon as he looked at them, all smiling with a strange happiness that he had never seen before in them, he could do nothing but smile back, getting a bit flustered at the idea of them caring so much for him… It certainly wasn’t a friendship type of “caring” or “liking”. Their previous jealousy and actual happiness was enough to notice that, even for someone as obtuse as Kagami.

And goddammit, he didn’t hate it either. He was actually pretty happy of being the center of all their attentions. With that in mind, far from getting angry with them and push them away to get up, he gave a kiss on the cheek to each and every one of them, starting with Kuroko that was closer to him and finishing with Kise, that was already starting to whine for being last.

“Now you don’t have to be jealous anymore, right?” He gave them a wide smile, cuter than anything else in this world, his cheeks bright red by his own actions, and they all felt how their heart was being stabbed once more by the arrows of cupid.

They would certainly not wash their cheeks for at least a week…

Captain and Recruit (Steve Rogers x Reader)

a/n: so i had to work today. Yay. This is a little sorter because of that, and the fact that I didn’t really see why i needed to write like 4,000 words or something for this… Anyways! I hope you guys enjoy! 


Prompt: Could you do a story where the reader is a new recruit to the Avengers and Steve is her teacher/trainer but their super flirty and they end up together then the team walks in a while after they started dating and sees then?

NYC. Avengers Tower. Home away from Home. You had recently joined the Avengers initiative and loved every minute of it so far. You often trained with Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, seeing as you were his recruit. You had to admit that he was handsome, and you couldn’t help but flirt with the Captain, loving when you made him flustered. Over the months your friendship blossomed, and you soon realized that the playful flirting between the two of you wasn’t enough. There was no denying the feelings between the two of you, and all Steve needed now was the extra push from you.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I saw you were taking prompts for bellarke fics and I have a modern one that I really want to read. Something along the lines of: the main gang in high school playing cards against humanity and one turn the white cards "my sex life" and "deflowering the princess" are played together when Bellamy is the card czar and he gets all flustered cause bellarke is "just friends". I'm sorry if you don't know the game, it's really popular where I live and I thought it would be cute.

AN: I hope you like it Anon! I love this game! (I took one of the original Pick 2 cards from the game itself.) Feel free to let me know what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome. :)

Bellamy could never remember when their rag-tag group had decided to become friends. After so many sessions of detention together, the clique just sort of stuck. Detention was an odd place to start friendships; Bellamy certainly hadn’t planned on it. But there he had been, none the less. He never sat too far away from Octavia when she happened to get into trouble with him. He was the big-senior-brother after all; the fights he found himself in reminded everyone of that reputation.

Octavia always sat next to a quiet guy named Lincoln. The couple was almost as close as Jasper and Monty - disasters of the chemistry lab. John Murphy was a disaster in every area, keeping to himself in the far corner of the room. Although every once in a while he’d speak up to share one of his snide comments, Raven Reyes would be the first to put him in his place.

And then there was Clarke Griffin.

Bellamy used to hate her. Clarke came from a wealthy family with equally wealthy friends. Bellamy resented her for that; it didn’t help that they clashed almost every week in class debates. Bellamy had deemed it unfortunate to share most of his literature courses with her. But after a while, he’d grown to love the way she’d tighten her jaw every time he called her, “Princess.” And maybe it was just him, but he thought that she didn’t hate him so much either.

Much like the rest of the delinquent gang, Bellamy and Clarke grew closer throughout the year. It was mostly thanks to Jasper and Monty, who loved providing entertainment in the bleak period that was detention. A recurring favorite was the group’s notorious choice: Cards Against Humanity. The usual teacher that watched over them, Mr. Kane, was fairly laid back and didn’t mind the moments of fun. They would catch him sending a few warning looks from behind his book, but other than that he never stopped them. They even caught him smirking once. Everyone loved it. Even Murphy found his way into the mix on good days.

Tonight, however, they made themselves a change of scenery. Rather than gathering in the center of a classroom, they sat around Monty’s dining room table on a casual Saturday night. Music played in the background, but it was muffled by their boisterous laughs and cackles. Monty’s parents were out of town, and so Jasper had managed to sneak in a few packs of beer. They had even invited Murphy, who elected to roll his eyes most of the time. But everyone was sure he was secretly having fun.

Clarke sat right beside Bellamy, laughing at Raven as she argued why her card should have won with the drunken Card Czar, Jasper. Octavia laughed with her, leaning close against Lincoln, who smiled quietly in amusement. But Bellamy found himself focusing on Clarke. She was smiling brightly, making it hard to look away. What really got him was the way her eyes gleamed, highlighted by the rosiness of her cheeks.

Why was he noticing this?

“Bellamy!” Jasper slurred, startling him from his thoughts when he threw him the next card. “I crown you Czar! Go!”

“I better win this one, Blake,” Raven warned as she took a swig of her drink.

"Maybe you’d win if your answers were actually funny,” Monty teased.

"They are funny!”

"Alright!” Clarke quieted them, still smiling when she motioned to Bellamy. “Go on!”

Bellamy cleared his throat before laying down the card, “Lifetime presents ‘blank’ the story of ‘blank.’”

Everyone immediately began sorting through their cards, finally allowing the music to become audible. Bellamy watched Clarke as she bit her lip, frowning at her options. The sound of Monty snickering brought Bellamy’s attention away from Clarke. Octavia was showing Monty her cards, not bothering to hide her mischievous grin from her brother when she laid her cards face down. Gradually, everyone made their decisions and threw their cards to the center of the table. When all the cards were in, the laughter and smack talking quickly overpowered the music again. Bellamy read the answers to the group, laughing along with them, completely unaware of what was coming.

“I think I know who’s going to win this round,” Clarke smirked proudly, when what seemed to be her cards earned a fairly good laugh.

"Do you, Princess?” Bellamy raised an eyebrow at her, smirking as he took up the next set of cards, determined to prove her wrong. Without proof reading the next pair of cards, he read them aloud, “Lifetime presents 'my sex life’, the story of 'deflowering the Princess…’”

Murphy was the first to snort before half the table burst into hysterics. Monty whooped while Octavia couldn’t contain her laughter. Bellamy was fairly certain that Jasper’s drink came out of his nose. Even Lincoln was struggling to keep his composure. Raven at least had the decency to cover her smile. Bellamy and Clarke were the odd ones out. While the realization dawned over Clarke’s puzzled expression, Bellamy’s face lit up as if it were on fire.

“I’ll take that,” Octavia leaned across the table, snatching the question card, her victory and her brother’s very own dignity. He was left in humiliation and denial. He had half a mind to defend himself. After all, they were just friends. Barely friends, really. But even as he thought it, his cheeks burned.

Bellamy dared to glance at Clarke, fearing the worst, but he was surprised to find her smiling to herself. Her cheeks were a brighter red than before, mirroring his own blush, though she didn’t seem to mind.

While the others moved on to the next round, Bellamy couldn’t stop thinking about Clarke’s smile and the way it only made his heart beat a little faster.

'Weird,’ he thought, forcefully dismissing the feeling and setting his gaze on his cards. No way was the Princess beating him this round.

Sinbad no Bouken 124 RAW + a Summary!

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 124! Look’s like Sinbad is just as confused as I am. lol  

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken everyday on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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okay but imagine:

  • Yuuri wins the grand prix after skating the free skate of his life, complete with a beautifully executed quad flip.
  • Afterward, Victor kisses him with tears in his eyes, and whispers ‘If we could, I would marry you right now,” in between a stream of overjoyed rambling compliments, causing Yuuri to blink at him and blush because he more or less proposed earlier, didn’t he?
  • Later, while they’re doing press and taking pictures Phichit leans over, grinning wildly like ‘so what did Victor say to you earlier, anyway? You looked so happy’ because he’s nosy like that and he definitely cannot resist the gossip TM
  • And he’s expecting Yuuri to look away and not say anything, but Yuuri must be riding high off of his victory because he just smiles with a slight blush on his face and says that Victor said he wanted to get married.
  • Phichit kinda blinks like woah he’s definitely messaging his group chat with Guang-hong and Leo about this immediately but also holy crap Victor proposed.  So he grins real big like ‘Congrats Yuuri!” and squishes him in a hug
  • And Yuuri gets flustered, shaking his head, like ‘ah, no, I mean, it’s not like we could actually get married haha’
  • And Phichit sorta pauses, nods a little sadly, and then his face gets all contemplative in that way that Yuuri has learned from years of friendship means he’s plotting something.  
  • Yuuri’s kinda like ‘uh Phichit ummm’ when Phichit looks at him with a thoughtful smile and says ‘You know… same-sex marriage is legal here’
  • And Yuuri is kinda like yeah I guess it is before swiftly changing the subject, probably vaguely aware he made a grave mistake talking to Phichit about this, but it’s a really busy overwhelming day so he basically forgets the entire exchange
  • So flash two days or so forward.  They’re all hanging out in Spain for a little while longer doing press and such.  But today has been weird.  For some reason all of Yuuri’s friends have basically totally disappeared from the hotel and aren’t responding to his messages which is a little bewildering.  Even Minako-sensei has mysteriously disappeared, which is really odd considering she can’t go a moment without crying about his victory.
  • So Yuuri’s kinda confused when suddenly he gets a cryptic text from Victor asking him to meet him outside the hotel.  And Yuuri’s like huh I wonder if Victor went and did something silly like buy me an expensive gift or something but goes to meet him because really he’ll do anything for Victor
  • And Victor’s just standing there in the street, blushing a little.
  • Yuuri opens his mouth to ask what’s going on, but then Victor cuts him off and starts in on a rambling rant, his accent almost too think to understand because of how nervous he is. And it ends with him stammering out ‘So maybe… if you want… we could just get married here? Right now?’
  • And Yuuri is so shocked, he doesn’t know what to do.  His mind can’t catch up to what’s going on.  He just stands there, staring at Victor, until he realizes Victor is growing even more uncomfortable under his gaze. Panicked, he blurts the first thing that comes to mind which happens to be ‘Did Phichit tell you to do this?’ which he obviously kicks himself for two seconds later, because that is no proper response to a genuine proposal 
  • But Victor has already taken that as a rejection, rambling off ‘I know it’s really sudden!  And probably too soon! We totally don’t have to!  I just- thought- why not, when would we get another opportunity but you’re right, I mean this is a crazy idea, right? I don’t even have a ring! We should-’
  • And Yuuri has to cut him off by grabbing his hand, tentatively linking their fingers together and pressing closer. ‘It is a crazy idea… But I didn’t say I that it was a bad one.’
  • Victor’s widen and he smiles so big and then they’re kissing in the middle of the sidewalk. Cars honks at them as they drive by but neither of them even notices.
  • When Yuuri pulls away he’s smiling dopily and so in love and a little overwhelmed.  But he still has enough sass left to mumble ‘So I take it Phichit totally put you up to this?’
  • Victor gasps in mock affront (Phichit totally didn’t… but he might have like… made a suggestion or two… and helped pull a few strings)
  • Then Victor leads Yuuri back inside, holding his hand and Yuuri has a lot of questions because did Victor mean now, like now, now, like holy shit they’re getting married now? 
  • His question is immediately answered when Victor leads him into the hotel ball room and a small crowd of there friends and a judge are already waiting there.
  • Phichit has the biggest shit-eating grin on his face and immediately snaps a picture.
  • Yuuri proceeds to burst into tears.
  • After a few moments of everyone attempting to comfort Yuuri and congratulate them, he manages to get himself together, promise everyone that no, he’s just a little shocked is all, yes he’s very happy, he just can’t believe this.
  • Phichit serves as Yuuri’s best men and the official wedding photographer.
  • Yurio is Victor’s best man and he tries to pretend that he’s annoyed by it but he’s definitely super happy for them and starts sniffling half-way through the vows.
  • Minako facetimes in Yuuri’s family, the Nishigoris and Makkachin. They’re all really excited, but none of them seem as surprised as Yuuri would have expected.  The triplets are a little annoyed they got cheated out of the perfect opportunity to be flower girls, but the still seem happy for them.  Yuuri’s parents are overjoyed.  Mari is a little exasperated, but happy for her brother.  Makkachin hopes he can get more treats.
  • Yakov definitely cries, and then yells at Victor when he dares to point it out later.  He thought no one would notice over the sound of Minako’s sobbing.
  • Phichit live tweets their super sappy vow.
  • Minako picked out their wedding rings, though no one knows how she knew both their correct rings sizes.
  • The other skaters from the grand prix finals were invited, or just showed up regardless. Chris spends the whole time sniffling about how romantic this is but how disappointing to have them both of the market while Otabek smiles shyly and pretends to listen.  
  • JJ snaps a selfie with both of them and posts it to his twitter, tagging it with #lovewins and like 10 other hashtags, though both Victor and Yuuri are almost cut out of the picture in favor JJ’s face. It’s the thought that counts.
  • The picture Phichit posts on Instagram of Yuuri and Victor’s first kiss as a married couple breaks the record for most likes within 24 hours. 
  • Afterwards they go to a bar to celebrate.
  • JJ dances and sings along to “Theme of King JJ” on the top of a bar table, enthralling the other bar patrons.  Yurio seriously considers murdering him.
  • Minako takes the opportunity to get super drunk, and ramble off every embarrassing detail of Yuuri’s crush on Victor.  Yuuri flushes, but takes it stride.
  • Phichit demands that he, as best man, gets to give a speech.  
  • Yurio outright refuses, but after a few minutes of endless prodding from Phichit mumbles out a “Congrats.  You idiots are really good for each other,” which has both Victor and Yuuri in tears.
  • After the 4th replay of “Theme of King JJ” Phichit slips something to the bartender. 
  • Victor and Yuuri freeze when “Stay Close to Me”, the very song that brought them together in the first place, suddenly begins to play.  Yuuri starts to laugh, and Victor offers his hand.
  • They slow dance, their foreheads pressed together, Victor’s hands on Yuuri’s hips, Yuuri’s arms around Victor’s neck, just swaying there completely absorbed in each other, as if they forgot everyone else was watching.  
  • They’re both crying, and it’s perfect.
falling in love

○ pairing: hoseok | reader
○ genre: fluff
words: 2,901
○ warnings: none

a/n: hello again, i really hope you enjoy this! there wasn’t really any storyline – i just typed what i felt like typing, so sorry if it’s a bit choppy[?]. nonetheless, i’m in the mood for [love] writing, so enjoy!
any feedback is highly appreciated!

The pitter-patter of rain upon the windshield distracted you from the onslaught of the harsh air. Clasping your hands together, you sat; legs crossed and hands to your mouth, hoping for any sort of warmth to envelop you. A chuckle appeared from the boy sitting beside you, also trying to warm himself up and you stuck out your tongue out at him.

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anonymous asked:

39 for daisuga or iwaoi?? Thank you so much!

how about both

Who initiated the relationship? Who kissed who first?  When did they realize they were in love? 


Daichi did. Sort of. More accurately, it was Asahi. Because he told Daichi that Suga liked him. That Suga was miserable because he didn’t know if Daichi liked him back, because things had been messy for months. Because there were confusing signals, and lots of moments of tangible hope that were immediately snatched away. Lots of overthinking, to the point where either of them couldn’t think about anything else. But, Suga was the one to break over it in public to Asahi. And Asahi was exhausted from watching them go back and forth like this, they needed to grow up. Be honest with each other. And when Daichi got the courage to ask Suga out on date at practice, things got a lot less complicated and got way more easy. And hopeful again, too.


Both of them had been feeling things for awhile. A lot of urges to get closer, to have those high-fives after scoring a point turn into hugs, hugs into kisses, kisses into a lot more. It was to the point where they couldn’t even watch each other get changed for practice anymore. They already trusted each other completely, had that deep-rooted friendship for years, knew each other’s quirks and secrets and fears. But the attraction, hahaha, that was new. So was the getting flustered, and the dreams. Those were bad, to the point where they couldn’t look each other in the eye.

Oikawa eventually brought it up. The whole wanting each other thing. They were watching a movie together, all jittery and sitting too far from each other. Oikawa was fed up. Maybe if he just told Iwa-chan how stupid it was, that for some reason he wanted to kiss him, it’d defuse the tension. Maybe getting whacked upside the head, yelled at, called an idiot would knock all these stupid feelings out of him. But when he said it, Iwaizumi went red, expression slack. Oikawa was truly terrified, but then Iwaizumi after a few moments just scooted closer, closing the distance, physical and emotional, and did exactly what Oikawa admitted to wanting. And they did it slowly at first, but then things weren’t slow anymore and Iwaizumi was pinning the setter beneath him and kissing the breath out of his lungs. That’s when they started dating - on the coach at 11:34PM in their pajamas with their mouths tasting like popcorn.