hes so fine tho

EXO: boyfriend Chen
  • oh boi this is my soft smol dirty minded boi
  • like before you even started to date, he’d make your day every single day w/ his adult humor and tbh this is probably one of the reasons you finally fell for him
  • aka don’t lie we’re all dirty minded 
  • :’))))))))
  • so when he realized that he’s starting to fall for you, this would really shake him up man
  • he was sure as hell he didn’t want to be stuck in the friendzone 
  • bc like……..he was 500% sure he was never going to feel the same way about someone if you were to reject him…………….ur his best friend man
  • so he told you straight up what the deal was 
  • and if it was any other person you’d think it was kinda hostile how he kinda cornered you and basically stated all the reasons why he loves you and gave you a choice whether to love him back or not and it’s like ??? 
  • but it’s Jongdae so
  • you were like…………deal
  • but also you probably can’t help but kiss him bc his satisfied smirk is unreal
  • okay now we got that out of the way
  • dude he is nOT a morning person
  • and whenever he’d pull you back in his arms when you want to get up, he feels bad about it afterwards ??
  • “y/n I am so very sorry I put you in this situation here today”
  • “ok so why are you still cuddling onto my leg”
  • “………………….it’s warm and also have I told you I loved you yet ;;;;;;”
  • but when it comes to making breakfast foods, he’s hella ready
  • w/ his ‘kiss the chef’ apron and spatula and everything aw
  • however there won’t be much kissing going on bc he’s deadly serious about perfecting those eggs and cook the sausages at the right temperature
  • afterwards he’s like “aren’t you glad your boyfriend is a great cook who spoils you every morning ;))))”
  • “jongdae it’s literally almost noon”
  • *feeds u a sausage* “shhhhh
  • in front of the other members, he will not hold back on his affections for you
  • he’s straight up french kissing you in their dressing room before a show and you won’t even realize how long you’ve been on the dresser until the members get agitated and call for him
  • “listen we know ur both like little lovesick bunnies but our company’s gonna literally kill us if we’re late to another show is2g jongdae”
  • he’s dead set on making you learn exo’s routines and honestly it’s so amusing
  • mostly bc you’re always complimenting him on his dancing skills 
  • “Aw baby you were dancing so great, you should join the dance line and leave all the singing to minnie”
  •  you probably will regret that bc he won’t stop belting off his high notes for the whole day bc you still low key hurt his feelings 
  • “no, baby, you gotta move your legs like this but keep your hand at your shoulder!!!!”
  • “babe look, I don’t think any normal human being besides exo can get the monster routine right just let me live”
  • “ok time for call me baby, then :’)”
  • he’s literally just always clinging onto your arm or waist 
  • and it’s kinda comforting bc you just have to turn your head and tell him a joke or something that just popped in your mind 
  • and he’ll always laugh and poke your sides 
  • and kiss your forehead all softly and probably makes you blush hella 
  • ohmygod I’m soft for him 
  • sometimes you’ll just be cuddled into his side as he plays w/ your hair and working on writing lyrics at the same time
  • and so he’ll absentmindedly hum along 
  • and freaks out when you speak up all of the sudden and tell him his voice is so soothing 
  • but now he’s screaming as he usually does bc you scared him lmao
  • he whines cutely in your ear a lot bc he knows it amuses you
  • he’s willing to slow dance w/ you anytime, anywhere 
  • like if he just hears a slow song or……….”Your song” playing, he’d pull you flush against his chest and leans his forehead against yours 
  • and the world just kinda slows down when you’re stood right here w/ him, so it ain’t all that bad 
  • always hyping him up over texts when he’s away and he happens to suddenly send you a selfie 
  • “OMFG that’s the loml?????? how is it legal for u to look like that in a suit when i’m not there ;((((”
  • but seriously tho he looks so fine in a suit
  • and he’s always dressing up and taking you out to fancy dates, but tbh all you’d care about is sneaking pics of him as he’s ordering or just staring at you without knowing
  • but he knows afagshdjkflglh
  • he loves taking baths w/ you and does it often after he’s worn out after practice 
  • and he’s such a gentleman like 
  • he’ll get out of the tub before you and hold up a towel and assist you when you step out omfg 
  • also always buys you flowers for no occasion ??? like he’s just 
  • “it’s what every boyfriend should do :’)”
  • jongdae pls
  • leaning your head on his shoulders as much as you can bc he’s so smol and soft and he loves this 
  • he’s just so cuddly in general like I don’t think you understand 
  • and also you should know that once he starts kissing you, things go downhill and neither of yall wanna stop anyway so
  • life’s good w/ dae 
  • so take care of him and love him and cuddle him 💛

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Do you have any hcs about the Kipling family getting to know Thor?

  • my favorite hc is that boo has a crush on thor
  • and thor kinda knows but he never makes boo feel awkward about it or anything cause he knows it’ll pass
  • but like boo just thinks thor’s so fine and kinda blushes whenever he gets near him
  • at first tho he doesn’t like thor because he feels like he’s taking his brother away from him :(
  • but then he realizes that thor’s pretty cool and he loves being around the kipling family after him and dizzee come out, so its not like it was really his fault dizzee was so distant
  • thor’s super protective over boo. thats like his new little brother.
  • those few times when boo comes bombing with them he’s even more worried then dizzee is cause he really doesn’t want this kid back in jail
  • and thor gives boo advice on how to get girls (and later napoleon) without needing a lot of money (aka having to resort to selling drugs)


  • ra appreciates that thor’s into comics so they talk about them every time he or thor gets a new edition or catches up on an old one
  • they’re fucking nerds
  • thor goes in depth about marvel comics, especially Thor, and he tells ra about all the Norse mythology that he discovers through it
  • thor goes to see star wars with him twice when his brothers bailed and tanya was busy at home
  • and while they were talking about how amazing star wars is ra told thor he had his blessing to marry dizzee
  • (dizzee’s reponse: y'all know im the oldest right ?)


  • thor likes listening to yolanda sing
  • sometimes he’ll play guitar for her while she does
  • yolanda also has a real tiny crush on thor but he doesn’t know about it
  • she comes out to him first bc she’s too nervous to tell her family, even dizzee
  • he reassures her that everything's gonna be okay, at least with the family, and if she’s ever in trouble just in general then she’s got him
  • thor would deadass get into a fight for yolanda
  • he gives her advice on knowing which girls like girls and how to flirt with them (he actually ask his friend [you know the one] for this advice bc its not his forte but she appreciates that he went through the trouble)
  • thor takes yolanda’s side in most kipling sibling arguments


  • adele is thor’s favorite kipling besides dizzee
  • he helps adele in the kitchen, cooking and washing dishes
  • he listens to her stories, about herself and winston, or about the kids, especially about dizzee
  • he picks up her cigarettes when she’s out
  • he plays guitar for her
  • he chills with her when he down in the shop waiting for dizz to finish getting ready
  • for mothers day he brings her flowers and paints something sweet for her
  • she teaches him how to knit and sometimes they just do that together
  • and he buys her yarn when he thinks about it


  • he is desperately trying to gain his father-in-law’s approval through music
  • it’s working a little

Ok yeah. I have got to find a way to watch this.