hes so cute omg

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook preparing things for you for Valentines day. He makes you mini roses out of paper and glue. Then he goes to your neighbors front yard and secretly takes a real rose from their garden. He really wanted to get you chocolate but he couldn’t buy any so he climbed the cupboards and found chocolate cookies, he managed to get you a mini bear aswell. He puts himself in a little box with the cookies, bear and mini paper roses inside with him and puts a sticky note on the cap that says ‘open for your Valentines day surprise ❤’
He waits for you to get home and when you see the box, you open it quietly and find a sleeping Jungkook hugging the mini bear he got for you.
Man this is so cute omg I really want to be artistic so I can draw this ㅋㅋㅋ

yukinasan asked:

I have to tell someone this but I came into a club meeting late today and walked in and saw this new boy that LOOKED LIKE HYUK. He had the same nose and boyish features, I wanted to cry... I kinda hope he comes back ha ha... -95 liner anon

omg that’s so cute ;; someone as cute as hyuk is a rarity ;;