hes so cute lookin at her

“Well…hey there, Sunshine..”
“I missed you too, Nyx.”

I commissioned the absolutely lovely @nippaaah for this adorable art of the ridiculously pretty Nyx Ulric and my ffxv oc, Liv– the smol Archivist in the Royal Library. I loved seeing its progress and I cannot recommend working with Maria enough. She’s wonderful and watching these two come to life has made my week. :3 

My Reactions To The AoEx Cast
  • Rin, first ep: Okay
  • Rin, last ep: gIVE HIM LOVE
  • Yukio, first ep: fuck off
  • Yukio, last ep: fuck me
  • Shiemi, first ep: what is ur age
  • Shiemi, last ep: fuck off
  • Kamiki, first ep: fuck off
  • Kamiki, last ep: I've only known Kamiki Izumo for a day and a half but if anything were to happen to her I would kill everyone here than myself
  • Shima, first ep: what a douche
  • Shima, last ep: my pink haired douche
  • Bon, first ep: fuck you
  • Bon, last ep: bON BON CINNAMON BON
  • Koneko, first ep: awed he's so cute!
  • Koneko, last ep: burn it down
  • Shura, first ep: eh
  • Shura, last ep: SLAY
  • Mephisto, first ep: what is this the fucking circus?
  • Mephisto, last ep: -singing Circus by Britney Spears off key-
  • Amaimon, first ep: who u callin' pinhead
  • Amaimon, last ep: brOCOLLI LOOKIN ASS

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Hanzo and Mcree meeting Rei shortly after her birth

eyyyy guess who’s getting a mini ficlet!!! It’s you!!

Hanzo was three years old and in a slightly too-bright hospital room.

Sojiro moved Hanzo up on his hip a little bit so that Hanzo could see into the NICU isolette better. The figure inside was small, face partially covered by a piece of tape securing a breathing tube into his nostril.

“He’s ugly,” said Hanzo.

“Hanzo!” Sojiro spoke sharply, “Don’t talk about your brother like that!”

“But he is ugly,” said Hanzo, frowning. He looked back into isolette. “Why is he in the box?” Hanzo asked.

Sojiro sighed and smoothed his hair back. “Your little brother was so excited to see you, he came into the world before he was ready. So now he needs to stay in the box to stay warm and so they can make sure his heart stays beating until the doctors say he’s okay.”

Hanzo’s brow furrowed. “That’s stupid,” he said, “He’s stupid.”

“He’s not stupid, he’s your brother. And since you’re a big brother now, he’s going to be counting on you. You have to be good, because he’s going to look up to you, do you understand?”

“I don’t like him,” said Hanzo.

Sojiro sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Hanzo…” he said, clearly exhausted at this point.

“Hanzo?” Genji’s voice cut through the memory sharply and Hanzo sat up in his seat a bit. Genji was still holding out a blanket-wrapped Rei to him.

“What?” said Hanzo.

“I said, ‘Would you like to hold her?’”said Genji, holding Rei out to him.

“Oh–I—” Hanzo glanced down at the infant, who was asleep in her blankets, then he glanced back over Genji’s shoulder to Angela who gave him a nod. Hanzo cleared his throat and held his arms out, “Yes.”

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Truth or Dare

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: ‘Imagine about im at a party and Justin is my ex. And we play truth or dare. I get dared to make out with him for a minute and then have to sit on his lap throughout the rest of the game. Throughout the game, he flirts with me alot. And at the end, we end up together? Thank u💘❣️💚

Warnings: nothing that’ll hurt you


Tonight I was heading out to one of my friend’s house for this huge bash she was throwing. She was known for throwing these parties every summer before school starts. She’s been doing this for as long as I could remember. I had no reason to dress all cute because I had nobody to really impress. Apparently, Justin, my dreaded ex, was supposed to be there so, I thought that I should dress cute to show him what he was missing.

I heard the car horn honk outside which meant my ride was here. I checked myself once more quickly walking out my house.

“You look nice. Who you lookin’ cute for?” {Y/F/N} smirked at me. She waited for me to put my seatbelt on before driving off to our destination. 

We arrived in about fifteen minutes which was a new record for {Y/F/N}. She always drove like a damn snail with her new car. I hopped out the car first and I was greeted by some old friends. We walked inside together and we immediately split up. Some went straight to the bar, some went to their significant others. All I had was {Y/F/N} so, I decided to stick with her during the duration of the party, as awkward as it was. 

“{Y/N}, {Y/F/N}, come play a game of truth or dare with us!” someone yelled over at us. We shrugged our shoulders, doing as told. There was no harm in playing, right?

Wrong! As soon as I sat down the last guy I wanted to see sat directly across from me.

“Well, this just got a whole lot more interesting,” One of Justin’s friends said. I rolled my eyes, sighing deeply. Why does God hate me so much? I came here for a good time and I wasn’t going to let Justin ruin it for me.

The first dare of the night was for {Y/F/N} to go streaking from the beginning of the street to the end, and then back to the house. She got up from her seat, stripping from the clothes she was in. She walked away from where we were and a large amount of the people surrounding us, got up and left to watch her. Unfortunately, Justin didn’t do the same, although I really wish he did. I glanced over at him to see what he was doing, which was nothing. He and I made eye contact and I broke it faster than him and I broke up. 

Within five minutes, {Y/F/N} was back from the shenanigans she did in the neighborhood. 

“Okay ladies and gentlemen, it’s {Y/N}’s turn. Truth or dare, girly?”

“Dare I guess.” I responded. I figured that if I said truth, people would milk the hell out of the break up. 

“I dare you to make out with-,” the girl paused momentarily, looking around at the group of people before picking someone. “-Justin and you have to sit in his lap for the rest of the night.” 

Originally posted by yungdunc09


I looked around at everyone, wondering why she couldn’t pick anyone else besides Justin. There were loads of other guys here, so, what is she doing? “Are you serious? Do I really have to? What if he has an STD?”

The group snickered at my remark and Justin sent me the dirtiest look possible. 

“{Y/N}, it’s just a dare. You can drink to forget it even happened if it’ll help you sleep at night.” Justin suggested. I scoffed, rolling my eyes. Pulling a Justin wasn’t going to solve my problems. 

“Let’s just get this over with,” I groaned getting up from the couch. I shooed one of Justin’s friends away and sat next to him. I think I might be sick. Just do it already, {Y/N}! The longer you wait, the harder it’s going to be.

I took a deep breath before doing the unthinkable. This was definitely a new low for me. I wouldn’t say it was a peck but, more like an actual make out session. Could I possibly be starting to catch feelings for Justin again? I pushed him away from me before it could get anymore heated.

“That was like something out of a porno.” {Y/F/N} joked. I shook my head at her idiocy and did the next part of my dare, which was sitting on Justin’s lap. As much as I hated admitting this but, I missed these times with Justin. I guess that kiss made me realize things. The game continued, the truths or dares, getting more and more extra than the last.

Since the attention was off of us for the moment, Justin took this as the time to work his “charm” on me.

“You look nice {Y/N}. Bet you were expecting to see me and that’s why you dressed like this.” He said.

He was right but, I wasn’t going to confirm his suspicions. “You wish hot shot. I only dressed nice for myself. I didn’t even want to do this.”

“But you did it, didn’t you?” I couldn’t see his face but, I knew that he was smirking, I just felt. What a cocky guy.

The party ended a little bit after 1 in the morning. Most of the people were gone by now, but some still lingered behind. And by lingering, I meant, they were either to drunk to drive or getting their last could of drinks into the system. I didn’t have a single think to drink tonight, besides some water or juice. When you’re drunk you do some questionable things. 

Justin was still here and I knew the kid was drunk. he could hold his liquor but, boy, does he drink! I sat outside on the sidewalk, enjoying the crisp summer air. I felt a presence behind me but, I didn’t bother turning around to see who it was since I already knew who it was. “What do you want Justin?”

He stumbled over next to me, sitting almost on top of me. “Can you take me home, pleeeease?” He dragged out, laughing at the end of his sentence. The alcohol on his breath was enough to make me sick. I moved a little before pushing myself up from concrete. I put my hand out for Justin to take so he could help himself up. I threw his arm over my shoulder, bearing some of his weight. 

{Y/F/N} came out from inside the house and saw the two of us. “Going home together. Nice.” She nodded her head in approval.

“What? No! It’s not like that at all!” I stammered, defending myself. 

“Sure. Just be safe {Y/N},” she patted me on the shoulder before walking to her car, leaving. I walked with Justin to his car and took his keys out from his pocket, so I could open the doors and rest him in the passenger seat. He was getting too heavy for me to carry.

He slumped down in his seat, struggling to get his seatbelt on. I pushed his hands away, doing it myself.

“Thanks mom,” he slurred, giggling at his own nonsense. I closed the car door and walked over to the driver’s seat so we could get out of here.

I could already tell this was going to be one hell of a night.


Pairing: Dean x friend!Reader, Sam x friend!Reader
Word count: 1,653
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: Written by Brit and Amy

Part 1 of Fairies, Really?

Dean sighed, speeding down the highway. “So, care to tell me what the hell is in…what was it?”

“Bon Temp.” You told him, when Sam glanced at you, you sighed. “Louisiana.” He was driving, and was still acting like he didn’t know where the three of you were going. “It’s more of a…what isn’t?” You told him meekly.

“What, what?!” Sam looked over the seat at you.

You sighed. “Name it- it’s there.” Both of them looked confused, you took a deep breath, “Right. Vampires, werewolves, witches and fairies,” you grimaced.

“Fairies!! Really?!?!” Dean yelped, remembering when he had his ass handed to him by that flying naked chick, he shuddered.

Raising an eyebrow, you looked between the two. “From what I gathered from everything…they’re rare here, and not exactly dangerous. They know about vampires, there’s even a bar for them not all that far off.” You shrugged, looking over your notes.

“Are people insane? And how the hell do you know all this?!” Dean glanced in the rear view mirror.

“I passed through a few years back, helped someone with a ghost problem,” you said nonchalantly. “Made a good friend and he’s the one who called me.”

Sam thought for a minute. “In all the time that you’ve known us, you’ve never mentioned anyone in Bon Temp.” He pointed out. “Or even in Louisiana.” Sam had loved you for some time, and now you were rushing off to help some ‘good friend’, dragging them along with you. “Tell us about him.”

You looked at Sam, confused by his tone, did he sound jealous? You shook your head, there’s no way he was jealous-he didn’t like you that way even though you wished he did. Sighing softly, “Uh, okay, his name is Lafayette Reynolds, he’s the cook at a bar called Merlotte’s, he’s a new psychic and he’s very unique,” you grinned.

“A new psychic?” Dean groaned. “And what do you mean by ‘unique?”

Smirking, you sat back. “You’ll see…”

“Oh God.” Hearing Dean like that made you chuckle.

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Random darkparadise headcanons

Guzma and Kukui were friends when they were kids, Kukui being a little bit older, like a mentor to Guzma when he caught his first pokemon.

They become super best friends and grow up together; they are pretty much inseperable. Both of them have a slight crush on the other, but never admit to it.

Cut to their teenage years, Guzma starts having problems at home and becomes a bit distant. His mood changes drastically and accidentally lashes out at Kukui.

Kukui leaves him be, and goes off and does his own thing, researching pokemon and stuff. He meets Burnet and she reminds him alot of Guzma before he changed.

They start talking, exchanging research etc. They become fast friends. One night after some drunken shenanigans, they decide to get married.

They do love one another, but both of them are completely married to their work. They don’t really mind though, being married to one another, it doesn’t hinder them in anyway.

At this point, Kukui has pretty much given up on his old friend and decides to make the most of his new life with Burnet.

They’re more like partners than a married couple, and it suits them just fine.

Suddenly, guess who’s back? Ya boy, Guzma.
He’s got a brand new attitude and is now leading a group of punks called Team Skull.

Kukui almost doesn’t believe it at first, his old friend becoming a criminal.

He’s morbidly curious though, so he stakes out, trying to see what they’re up to.

He runs into Guzma and they have a pretty emotional reunion, but it’s obvious that neither of them are the same as they once were.

They part, but the thought lingers with both of them, that they want to see each other again.

Cue the sneaking out at night to meet up, talk, laugh, rekindle those old feelings.

Burnet catches wind of it, initially she’s a bit peeved, Kukui IS her husband afterall. But, seeing his face light up when talking with his friend immediately settles it.

She knows that she and Kukui have never really stated that they’re exclusive to one another. They love each other, and want the other to be happy. She gently nudges and urges Kukui, leaving little hints that he should pursue Guzma, and that he has her full support(meanwhile, that Olivia girl is lookin’ awful cute).

So Kukui and Guzma make up, talk about their problems. Kukui apologizes for abandoning Guzma when he needed him the most.

Guzma admits that Kukui’s marriage was just the final nail in the coffin that made him form Team Skull. He feels bad about it, but he really does love each and every member of the gang like family.


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Okay but let's all have BOTH Kraglins. Sweetheart and possessive. Like on the surface level, those who don't really know him/the crew, they think Kraglin is a love-sick puppy, isn't it so cute how the reader has him wrapped around their finger-- but those who DO know him, knows he doesn't take SHIT. They both are heavily marked up, and the moment anyone's gaze lingers on the reader he flashes them a smile that's all teeth and no warmth <33333.


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What are your top ten V/M moments of the season?

1. when they beat the french on home ice at gpf tee hee hee. five million curses were broken that weekend

2. every time they mugged and pointed @ the judges at the end of their blues pattern in the sd

3. the ending of latch at nhk

4. and then when tessa posted that softcore screencap of the ending on instagram

5. when the first clip of their sd came out at hpc and i was so happy i didnt have to pretend to like garbage programs all season

6. tessa lookin beautiful n glowy on the gpf podium 

7. that time at 4cc scott’s hair was cooperating n he looked cute for once

8. when he kissed her ear at gpf gala practice

9. or when he kissed her shoulder after she messed up the fd at skate canada. he can be such a dreamboat sometimes

10. every time she smiles n bats her eyelashes at him at the end of sorry. its the only good part of that ex t b h 

Rocking the Cradle Chapter 8: Meeting Grandpa Gabe

He really had only meant to be nice. Not saying that he didn’t want to help take care of his own daughter, but at the moment he hadn’t really considered all that came with the offer. Like getting her a bed, and have proper food available…and her wanting to meet his father.

That last one though he was struggling to come to grips with.

He was sure that his father would never harm Eloise. At least, not physically. No, it was more the emotional trauma that he had grown accustomed to that concerned him more. It’s a lot for a child to take when your own father neglects you and is just never around, it’s why he made such a dedicated effort to be in every aspect of Elly’s life not just the big events.

So overall, he was pretty shook about the whole damn thing.

And Marinette was doing literally no better.

How do you tell someone that A) their crush and project partner just agreed to take your adoptive daughter off your hands for the weekend and B) That crush’s father also happens to be one of your fashion icons? Of which you will probably meet? How might they react to that?

The answer? Not too terribly well in all honesty

Sleep became a fantasy along with unicorns and good grades. She spent every night designing and redesigning the perfect outfit for Elly, sewing and stitching making sure it laid beautifully on her petite frame. She even etched her name in gold on her blue jean button up top. It took forever and she was pretty sure that she looked like a raccoon but all that mattered was that Elly looked her absolute best.

That friday morning the sleep deprived heroine woke her daughter up early with the smell of sweets, did her hair up nicely in a pretty red bow sprinkled with glitter and got her all dressed up for the day. When she stepped back to take a good look at her she had to admit that she did a damn fine job.

Elly was dressed in a blue jean style button up top with red tipped sleeves. She wore a dark blue skirt that complemented her fair skin beautifully and the cutest pair of cheetah vans you ever did see. As far as Marinette was concerned the sleepless nights were worth it.

The day went smoothly with Elly receiving compliment after compliment on her designer outfit, and she couldn’t feel prouder. Even Mari was walking with a bit more confidence in her own top and skirt combo. If this was the feeling most moms feel when matching with their children then she could totally see herself doing it more often.

Then that confidence got sucked right out of her when the first step to the moment of truth came around.

The end of the day showed up and all three were standing at the corner waiting for Adrien’s car. Both parents were visibly twitchy and could not find a way to stop twitching. Her papa kept twisting his ring back and forth while his partner kept fiddling with her hair which laid free from its red bonds.

And it Elly’s opinion it was silly and strange.

Just then a shiny black Rolls Royce rolled up in front of them. Its silver hood ornament shone brightly in the spring sun and there was shimmer that coated the exterior as if it were fresh right off the dealer’s lot. Adrien grimaced ‘I thought I told him not to take out anything flashy. Ugh I must look so douchey.”

He went to turn to Mari and Elly to apologize for the pageantry but it was pleasantly surprised by the response he saw.

There was his “Wife” giggling up a storm at the silliness over the whole situation but then there was his Eloise’s reaction.

You could not tell this girl anything that would ruin her day. Her mouth was agape as she stared at the sparkling black rims. She couldn’t look at anything long enough for fear that she might miss the next great thing about it.

“Papa are you a king!?” She demanded “Only kings and princes and princesses like in my book are this rich!”

The golden haired boy laughed “I am no king sunshine. That would be your grandfather. I am just a prince” little green eyes stared back at him in confusion, but he continued “However, since you are my little girl that does make you my princess”

Marinette took a pause from laughing when she heard the word “princess” leave his lips. For whatever reason, an alley cat hero passed through her mind for moment. She shook it off and just labeled it as her being sleep deprived.

Suddenly a large looming figure exited the car and stood before them. Marinette’s maternal instincts (that she wasn’t fully aware that she had) kicked into high gear as she tensed to prepare for a grab at Eloise.

“Hello gorilla” Adrien said simply. He knew the huge man must’ve looked terrifying to them but assured his partner that everything was fine. The behemoth raised an eyebrow and pointed a meaty finger at the two females, giving the rich kid a look that asked if he wanted him to get rid of the two.

“No need gorilla, this is my family for a school project. This is Marinette my ‘wife’”  He put air quotes around the term wife so that the behemoth doesn’t get the wrong impression “And this is my little girl Eloise. Say hello honey.”

Eloise approached the large man to give her greetings and in response he squatted down and leaned in close for a closer look at her. This did not help her mother’s nerves as her hand twitched in anticipation for a grab. The man looked absolutely paralyzing with his massive frame and stoic face it was no surprise that he’d be chosen to protect the heartthrob of parisian high school girls.

But the little girl was hardly afraid of the man. In fact, she was fascinated by him.

To the point where she just booped his nose.

The Gorilla was nowhere near ready for that and just froze in place, mouth dropped to the ground.

But, Elly just laughed “Hi! My name is Eloise! You have a really funny face.”

And as if out of nowhere, Adrien saw something that he wasn’t even aware could happen.

The gorilla had a light pink hue scattered across his face. His heart simply melted at her innocence and how fearless she was toward him.

“Are you gonna take us to see ‘the king’?” She whispered the last part, not sure if it was meant to be a secret that her papa was basically royalty

The burly bodyguard looked at Adrien, unsure of what she meant but he just mouthed that she meant his father.

The gorilla used his massive hand to give the assumed princess a pat on the head and then a dutiful salute signaling that he would not rest until they got to their destination.

He held open the car door and the makeshift family got inside, Eloise basically jumping in to see how fancy the inside was.

One lively car ride later they unloaded themselves from the black chariot and Elly gave a very animated farewell as the man once considered a terror gave a small wave back from his position by the car. He could feel tears coming to his eyes as he could not get over how cute the small sunshine child was.

As Adrien held open the door for the two ladies to enter they were met by his second most dreaded obstacle.

Nathalie, His father’s assistant

She seemed to be preoccupied by her tablet, no doubt filling his schedule with shoots and appearances that he had no interest in, so he and Marinette tried to sneak past to just get to his room.

Eloise had no such intent.

“Hi there! Whatcha lookin’ at?” she said as she struggled to climb into Nathalie’s seat and look at her tablet.

The assistant almost leapt out of her seat, startled by the little voice. When she looked down she couldn’t comprehend why there was a 5 year old in her seat looking back at her.

“Who are you?” She asked cautiously as she tried to calm her now erratic heartbeat.

“My name’s Eloise! Who are you?” She replied cheerily as if she was just reporting on the day’s weather.

Nathalie narrowed her eyes still unsure as to what was happening. “I am Ms. Sancoeur, The assistant of Gabriel Agreste. How did you-”

“I know that last name!” the small blonde child interjected “That’s my Papa’s last name! You must be the king’s adviser!”

“Papa?” the now highly confused woman questioned “King?”

She then looked around and found a very nervous Adrien attempting to sneak around her desk to retrieve the little girl.

“Stop right there!” She demanded, making him nearly jump out of his skin “You will explain right this moment what is going on here and for your sake it better be good”

He sighed, upset that he got caught. He then collected Elly into his arms and went to stand next to an equally nervous Marinette. “Nathalie this is my family for a school project. Marinette and I are partners and we are fostering Eloise here for the year.”

The older woman was skeptical “And this was all done without a notice or a permission slip to a parent”

“I’m 18 now I didn’t need it. Also I attempted to mention it to you and my father to which I got a very passive response. Nathalie was taken aback by his unwavering defense.

Although she tried to deliver a response he had decided that he no longer wanted to hear it “Listen I’m sure my family is eager to relax for a few moments before we get started on my daughter’s bed and things so we will just take our leave.” He then ushered the three of them up the large staircase to his room to escape anymore questioning, at least for a little while anyway.

All that was left was a very confused Sancoeur staring at the staircase where the little trio traveled. She took a moment to think. She considered the model’s brazen behavior toward the situation and came to the conclusion that he must’ve began to grow up finally. She sat down at her desk, resuming her work with a proud smile on her face.

“Wait a minute” She paused “BED!? AS IN SLEEPING HERE!?”

*Upstairs in Adrien’s room*

He was starting to look emotionally drained as they finally got into his room. He collapsed on his bed as Marinette set little Elly down to explore.

“You ok?” She said gently as she took a seat beside him on the mattress. Adrien took a long slow breath as he stared up at his ceiling just trying to get over the event with Nathalie and psych himself up for the inevitable meeting with his father.

“Yea I think so, I just hate that Elly had to see that. I try to interact with him and let him know what’s going on in my life but if it’s not modeling he has no interest in hearing it. I could never forgive myself if I she ever felt that way towards me. That’s why I make it my mission to hear everything she has to tell me”

She hummed understandingly to her partner’s problems but then said something that hadn’t crossed his mind. “Well I’d suggest looking at her right now cause I can promise you that’s not at all how she’s feeling”

Adrien sat up in his bed to take a look at what Mari meant and he had to admit, there didn’t appear to be an neglected bone in that little girl’s body. She ran up and down spiral staircase, pressed all the colorful buttons on his arcade games and pressed her face against his window overlooking the street. All the while rambling about how she couldn’t wait to rule a kingdom of her own.

“Eloise has had a hard life.” said the bluenette “We don’t know anything about it but I’m sure we can agree that it wasn’t the life that she deserved. But if I know anything about that little girl from the few weeks we’ve spent together it’s that she absolutely adores you. Every morning she asks where you are and how soon she can see you. You make her so happy and for me at least that’s proof enough that you’re a good dad.”

He just sat there on the bed beside her, amazed and feeling a growing sense of joy fill his heart. Had his little girl really felt that way about him? Was he really doing right by her? Millions of insecurities ran through his head until he heard a little voice call out to him.

“Papa, look! The people outside look soo super tiny from up here and you can see so much more than at mama’s house.”

Her excitement shook him out of his funk as he walked over and scooped her up onto his shoulders “You can see even more from all the way up here.”

Eloise laughed in utter glee “Hey daddy what if we went up to the second floor and I was up on your shoulders”

He pondered over the idea for a minute “I don’t know. Let’s go up there and find out.”

“Maybe let’s not do that, there is no way that’s safe” said a very concerned Mari from her now standing position by the bed.

“There’s no need to worry Mari” He replied with a very cheshire like grin “It’s not like I’m gonna let her fall”

And just like that they climbed up the steps and Eloise was on Adrien’s shoulders laughing giddily at all the height and leaning over to get a better look.

And it wasn’t like the hidden heroine didn’t trust him, she knew he would sooner give up his own life for hers. However, unexpected things had a tendency to happen.

Like his door slamming wide open.

And a very upset Gabriel Agreste storming through yelling out his name.

Yea…things like that could happen.

The startling noise made Eloise jolt backwards, causing Adrien to lose his footing and tilt backwards. Marinette could do nothing but watch in horror as she foresaw him falling right on top of their little girl. The feline hero’s instincts kicked into overdrive however as he suddenly gripped the little girls shirt, whipping her from around his neck and clutching her tight to his chest as he fell onto his back beside the railing.

Everyone’s heart was racing at a ridiculous speed. Eloise’s for almost being crushed, Adrien’s for almost crushing her, and Marinette for having to watch the whole thing. The concerned papa checked all over Elly’s body to make sure she was alright and luckily other than a now wrinkled shirt she was perfectly fine.

“Hello? I am talking to you” commanded a very aggravated Gabriel. His son sighed and climbed down the stair holding his daughter close.

“Yes father, how may I help you?” he replied

“Why did I have to hear from Nathalie that you not only have a female in the house without my permission but a child here as well” The model flinched at his father’s words

“I tried to explain to you that they were coming but you were too busy to acknowledge it”

“Well clearly I am here now so let’s hear what you have to say”

Elly could feel her Papa’s grip on her get tighter as anger began to well up inside of him “This, father, is apart of the school project that I was trying to tell you about. Marinette is my partner and together we are fostering and co-parenting Eloise here for the next year. So in a way, this is your granddaughter.”

Adrien placed Eloise down on the floor and told her to go give a proper greeting. She was scared by the man’s irritated mood and inched only halfway to him.

“Hello there, my name is Eloise” Gabriel narrowed his eyes at her as if analyzing and debating whether or not to acknowledge her existence

He chose the latter

“You ditched your scheduled shoot for this?” The frightened girl ran to her mother and hid behind her red skirt, gripping her legs

“I will not allow you to neglect your duties just because you feel the need to play house.” He put up a single hand, silencing any protests from his son before he even made them.

“It was foolish for you to even consider participating in this frivolous project when I am certain you are aware of your busy schedule. Now then I am off to my study for work and when I return I expect all these boxes and these two ladies to be gone. Am I clear?”

He didn’t even wait to respond as he just turned on his heels and walked right back out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

If Marinette and Eloise weren’t there he’d punch something he was so pissed right now. Anyone could tell from his shaking form that he was containing a lot of pent up feeling. But before he could do anything drastic a small hand grasped his.

Adrien lost every ounce of rage in him when he looked down into Elly’s face. She looked worried about him which hurt his heart more than anything his father could ever say to him. But when her wavering little voice came to his ears it broke into a million pieces

“Papa” she said “Are you ok? It’s ok if you were scared, I was too”

All the feigned strength he had built up left him as he sat against the wall and pull his little girl in close to his heart. Marinette sat next to them and just rubbed his back in comfort.

“To be honest sunshine, I was really scared.” he said against her hair “But having you around made me brave. It’s kind of one of your super powers.”

Elly was delighted by the declaration but paused again “Will that man make us leave? I really wanted to stay with you”

He pulled away and gave her a reassuring smile “Not at all sunshine I have too much planned for you to go back with your mama. However, while you’re here you must be careful not to run into the dragon king ok?”

Mari held back a laugh as her daughter all of a sudden was intrigued by what she heard. Eloise asked what he had meant and her papa dutifully explained.

“That mean old man used to be the noble king. But, after losing his queen his heart grew cold and scaly like a dragon’s and he’s been like that ever since.” The little one was amazed and told him that she thought he was the bravest prince she ever met for living with him.

“I don’t want to break up a sweet moment but what are you gonna do about your father he told you that we had to amscray by the time he got back” whispered a very concerned Marinette into Adrien’s ear as their little girl was dazed in delight.

A sly and proud grin slipped across his face “If I remember correctly he asked if I thought his instructions were clear. Well, as far as i’m concerned…they weren’t. Besides, I promised you a break and my little sunbeam a fun weekend. If there’s one thing I always do dear lady that’s keep a promise.”

For the second time today she felt a pang of deja vu hit her but brushed it off insisting to herself that she was just imagining things.

Feeling satisfied with his plan he rose up from his seat, help Mari up and carried Elly over onto his bed.

“Alright sunshine, me and your mama are gonna start putting together your bed do you think you can entertain yourself until it’s all done?” Blonde hair bounced up and down as she nodded dutifully.

But then 5 minutes passed by, so she decided to draw

Then another 10 minutes, so she read some of the books her grand mére bought her

15 minutes went by and she was playing some of the games on her papa’s computer

By the time 20 minutes came and went, Eloise was bored out of her skull and she needed something else to do

She peered over at her guardians and unknowingly took a long look at her papa as she thought back to earlier

‘That king was really mean to daddy for yelling’ she thought resentfully ‘He made him upset which isn’t nice at all.”

But then her heart waned a little ‘but papa did say that he’s only this way because he was sad that he lost his queen’ Her eyebrows furrowed ‘I can understand why he’d be sad but he still has my papa! And having my papa is the best thing in the world to me”

Her mind was made up. She had to make her grandfather see just how great her papa was and she was determined to succeed no matter what.

So while her parents were busy figuring out which screw goes to what board, Elly packed her lemon lamby backpack with her drawings, crayons, everything else, and snuck out into the tall hallways.

“It’s just like a castle” She said to herself, astonished. She had only read about places like these in the books back at the orphanage so she would’ve never thought she’d actually end up staying in one someday.

As the explorer ambled down the walkways she took pauses to peek into random rooms. She found massive bathrooms, spacious bedrooms, a dining room, and even a fabric room she thought her mama would simply adore. But, still no sign of the dreaded king.

She thought her search was all in vain until she came across a room with tall etched glass doors. From top to bottom the panes were filled with drawings of models in high end fashion. It was so beautiful that it looked like dolls were dancing along it’s delicate frame.

Eloise looked in between the sketches of models to find an immensely focused Gabriel drawing out his 4 sketch of that afternoon.

She cracked open the door and slipped inside, undetected. She debated for a moment how to go about making herself known. She couldn’t come up with anything useful so she did the best thing she could think of:

“O mighty dragon king I wish to speak with you!” She announced loudly in the hollow office

Gabriel whipped his head around toward the source of the noise and found a very resolute 5 year old staring back at him

“You are not allowed to be here child, go back to your mother” He sneered at her, annoyed that he was being pulled out of his work for something so foolish

But the little adventurer came too far to give up and go back now (Plus she was avoiding the scolding she was sure to get when they realize she’s gone)

“I have a name you know. And I’m sure you heard it.” she asserted

“I don’t think I did and I don’t think I really care. Go away child I am busy.” The white haired man turned back around and continued his work.

Elly huffed, this king is so RUDE. She had always been taught to be a good person and be nice to everyone but how can she be nice when he’s being so difficult?

She considered giving up but remembered the one sure fire way to get him to notice her

She placed her backpack by the door, crawled underneath his desk and hoisted herself up onto the seat and into his lap.

“Hi there!” she exclaimed damn near giving the old man a heart attack


“Firstly, for you to say my name. It’s very easy. ‘Eloise’ see?” she slowly sounded out each syllable of her name to get the point across “If you want Elly also works for me”

Gabriel was positively speechless. It was clear from the get-go that she didn’t know who he was but to just approach him like she was really his granddaughter took him for a complete 360 loop.

Nonetheless, he conceded and humored her. If for nothing more than to get her out of his well coiffed hair. “Very well Eloise. Why did you come here? Do your parents know that you’re here?”

The green eyed little one flinched and recoiled slightly remembering that her parents probably haven’t figured out that she’s missing yet. “No they don’t know, but that’s not important right now! I’m here on the perilous mission to transform you back into a noble king!”

He raised a confused but intrigued brow

Elly took it upon herself to explain “My papa told me all about you. I know that you were once a kind and noble king always making everyone happy. But, ever since you lost your queen your heart has grown cold and scaly like a dragons.”

‘So that’s how he views me huh?’ Gabriel thought to himself. He knew that his relationship with his son was strained but to him that was simply the price of success and that was far more important.

“I am here to show you that you don’t have to be sad anymore because you still have my papa” She said, proudly smiling up at the white haired gentleman.

“You do realize that you are just an assignment don’t you?” He said coldly “You’re just another project that he has to complete for a grade”

He simply couldn’t understand why this girl was so adamant about his perception towards her “What do you care anyway it’s not as if you’ll be around long enough for any of us to make any kind of lasting impression.”

‘There, that should make her understand. Now maybe she’ll go away and I can get some work done”

Instead however, Eloise gave him a look that he was not expecting.

She look highly unimpressed. As if his biting words were nothing more than just him listing off the day’s special

She then climbed off his chair, grabbed her backpack and climbed back on. She reached into her bag, pulled out a sketchbook and started to flip through pages.

“This is Nana and Grandpére” she pointed to a drawing of Sabine and Tom “Every morning while mama is busy getting my stuff they slip me an extra croissant before we leave”

She flipped again “This is Auntie Alya and Uncle Nino. They fuss all the time but when they do get along we listen to music and talk about ladybug stuff”

Drawing after drawing she told him about the different people in her life and what they do for her, even the Gorilla who she thinks probably gives the best hugs.

But then she turned to a photo of him. It was crude and his clothes were every color under the sun it seemed like but even he had a smile and crown atop his head.

“I drew you too, see? I don’t know a whole lot about you yet, but I do know one thing. I only draw things that are good, so I know for a fact that you have to be good. It’s just that right now you’re feeling really sad because you don’t have someone telling you that you’re good.

She closed the book and turned to face him with a brilliant smile

“But don’t worry!” She said enthusiastically “You can just tell yourself that you’re good and you’ll be ok! And if you want, I’ll tell you that you’re good too.”

Gabriel was at a shear loss for words. Ever since losing his wife the only people he spoke too were clients and employees that simply told him anything that’ll either secure their job or their business staying afloat. But this girl, she meant what she said.

But far more than her words, what shook him most was how much she looked like Adrien when he was her age. How was that even possible? How could a child, sharing no blood with the man before her, look so much like his own offspring. And yet, there she was, looking more and more like him the longer he stared.

The silver haired man smiled

Eloise smiled back and turned back around to let him work

“Oh and you’re not allowed to call me Eloise anymore” She declared matter of factly

“Very well, Elly it shall be” He retorted

“Nope, not that either”

He sighed “Did your father have anything to do with your difficult behavior?” She giggled at that quip “Fine, what would you like to be called?”

She shrugged her shoulders “You choose, I like getting new names.”

Gabriel looked around his desk and noticed the feathered dress he had been designing for a client, but then looked down to see her golden blonde hair freefalling down her back.

“You will be my little Tweety then. Your hair is gold and squawk like a noisy bird.”

Again she couldn’t control her giggles but accepted it all the same

“Then you shall be my Ye Ye”

He raised an eyebrow “Where did you learn Chinese Tweety?”

“From a book Nana gave me. Plus, I hear it from her sometimes when she talks on the phone.”

He gave her a pat on the head and just decided to instead just enjoy his new granddaughter. She wasn’t going anywhere for awhile it seemed so why fight it.

So they did lots of things together in that short time. They talked about ladybug, drew pictures of things they liked, and he even showed her an old photo album of Adrien when he was her age. In return she showed him some of her mama’s sketches. He made a special note of her style and talent.

In short: Gabriel Agreste was absolutely in love with his granddaughter.

*Meanwhile in Adrien’s room*

“Um Adrien, where is my child?”

Adrien finished pounding in the last screw on Elly’s new bed “What an odd question. She’s lying right on my b-”

But she wasn’t there

She hadn’t been there for a good hour and a half

“Ok…this is bad. Like…really, really bad” he said trying (and failing) to remain calm

Marinette, however, dumped all rationale out the door “OH MY GOD SHE’S MISSING! WE LOST OUR LITTLE GIRL! WHO KNOWS WHERE SHE COULD EVEN BE!?”

“M-maybe she just went to the bathroom”


Ok clearly Mari is not the calm one during an emergency

But this was no time to be calm

Adrien and Marinette raced around the room calling out Eloise’s name and every other nickname they had for her. When there was no response they bolted out of the room and down every hallway possible, checking every room and praying that they’d located their lost little one

*Back with Elly and Gabe*

Screams could be heard from every corner of the house. Eloise visibly froze as she came to realize that she was finally found out.

“You really gave them no notice as to where you were even going did you?”

She shook her head “I didn’t want them to worry.”

“Well that clearly didn’t work out did it”

Elly tucked her knees into her chest. Gabriel sighed in annoyance and gave her a warm pat on her head.

“Let’s go return you to your parents before they rip apart my house shall we?”

*Back again with our hero*

It was useless. They looked everywhere but still no sign of her. Even a HAIR would give them some type of hope, but they received nothing.

They were each about to slip off somewhere secluded to transform and comb the city clean when…

“Please tell me you’re joking”

There was Adrien’s father standing in the doorframe of his room carrying a very guilty looking Eloise in his arms.

The flustered parents rushed to her to see if she was alright

“Calm down” The older Agreste said “She just came to my office and we had a long chat about things. She even convinced me on certain topics.”

They looked at him, utterly loss to whatever it is he was talking about. He turned to Marinette first.

“Ms. Dupain-Cheng I assume?” He stated

She instantly straightened to attention

“Eloise-” he felt a tug on his sleeve and was met with an irate glare “My apologies, Tweety here, informs me that you made these designs.”

He handed her a design she had made for when Elly has her first birthday with them. Honestly it was one of her favorites as it looked like it would have the most challenge. Dipped in fuschia and floral the gown was crafted straight out of a garden fairy tale with its lace embroidered neckline and cap sleeves. It’s chiffon skirt would look like a blooming rose once Elly would spin in it. She’d be a princess, just like how her mother always saw her.

“I must say that these are quite refined for someone your age and judging by my conversation with this little one you seem to have the work ethic of an up and coming competitor.” Her face flared red as he gave a bow of respect “I expect great things out of you Ms. Dupain Cheng”

Marinette was utterly speechless. Absolutely nothing could come from her mouth except just a squeaky and high pitched “yes sir!”

Then it was Adrien’s turn

Gabriel stepped up to his son, his face stoic and unreadable. Adrien was again nervous but brave in front of his daughter.

“I find it highly irresponsible that you allowed this little girl to run rampant in our home.” You could see the model’s eyes drop in disappointment as he awaited yet another scolding “Honestly, my granddaughter could’ve gotten hurt and that would just be tragic”

Ok, he was not at all expecting that

“But after spending just one hour with her I can clearly see why.” Now he was looking right up into his father’s face confused as all hell “I couldn’t seem to get rid of her once she decided to stay. So stubborn this one, it’s a surprise you even keep up with her.”

The hidden hero finally caught on to his father’s intent and snickered warmly “Trust me you should see her when she’s mad. She’s impossible.” Elly fussed “Hey!” in protest

“Regardless, I’m proud of you son. You seem to have made yourself a lovely little family here. Your mother would’ve loved to see it”

The smile he got back from his son warmed his heart

He leaned down to an increasingly giggly Elly “There you little pest” He stated “was that ‘good’ enough?”

She affirmed his query with a warm pat atop his head

“Very good Ye Ye”

God he can never stay upset with this girl and he somewhat hated it

Even still, he didn’t overstay his welcome as he turned on his heels and proceeded to walk out the door. But, as he walked out the door he took a pause and looked back on the little family scene

And for moment he saw himself and his wife hugging and fussing over a tiny, happy Adrien no more than 5 years old.

Defying Destiny; Chapter 1

So.. let’s I’ve this a go! I wasn’t sure about posting it but.. what the heck, lets see where this goes! I really really really hope you guys like it oh my gosh I’m so nervous about this; 

 This chapter is going to be relatively short, think Of it as more of an introductory piece. Chapters will get longer in the future! 

 If you guys are interested or want to know more, ask questions about it, leave comments, whatever you’d like- my ask box is always open! Feel free to fill it! ^^ Also tagging friendos @blindbae and @mini-moogle-queen because fanfic/OC friendship. 


 Word Count; 1435 

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RFA finding out fem!MC is obsessed with makeup and has tons of it (especially highlighter cos glow af) and is always trying new things out with her look so somedays you can barely recognize her?? sorry if its too specific, I love your blog btw!! :))

anything for you fam :) I hope you like it! I’m really sorry if I made it too short but I have something special coming soon for you all, so I hope you can look forward to it until then! Also~ thank youuuuuu soooo much! 


-He doesn’t really understand at first why you want to wear make up “You’re so pretty, MC.”

-He also doesn’t understand why you have SO MUCH of it

-You have drawers full of eyeliner


-eye shadow like every color imaginable 

-highlighter bc yes. glow af.


-literally just brushes 




-ok lets just say you have A LOT of make up

-Sometimes you’ll walk out looking like a goddess

-and Yoosung is speechless



-He’ll even let you do you little make up sessions on him 

-He will admit it looks pretty good on him sometimes


-Jaehee completely understands you necessity for make up

-but why

-so much?

-You sitting on the floor

-you gigantic case of make up sprawled out in neat piles

-”My mascara, my eye shadow, my concealer, my foundation…”

-Then she saw the kind of things you create 

-”Wow, MC, that’s amazing.”

-Jaehee will literally ask for your opinion on with make up to get

-sometimes you just end up doing all her make up too

-she’s not complaining though

-because as far as she’s concerned

-you are a professional 


-He thinks it’s totally cute when you hum to yourself while doing your make up

-He also thinks it’s totally cute when your shouting at the top of your lungs

-your favorite song 

-while doing your make up

-It may take awhile sometimes more like all the time

-But he understands he is an actor so, he too, uses make up sometimes

-He really likes the finishing product though

-if you know what I mean ;)

-Like “dayummmmmmmm MC”

-”You lookin fiiiiiiiiiiine”

-Ok, but he’d say something along those lines. 

-He thinks you look bootiful

-But he also can’t ignore the buckets full of make up



-”Zen, that’s called an eyelash curler.”

-And you thought he knew everything about make up

-*insert disappointed look*

-But he actually does find it a bit interesting


-mostly because your face lights up whenever he asks you to show him all the “make up tricks”

-Like he could sit for hours watching you talk about “the origin of the make up wipe” …..?

-He’ll brag to all the RFA 

-”Look at MC, isn’t she gorgeous!?”




-”MC, we’re going to be late.”

-You “take forever” getting ready every morning

-”Sorry Jumin! I was applying the last touch of blush!”

-”What so great about make up?”


-You drag him back into the house pent house 

-*Que throat clearing*

-”Make up is one of the many wonders of today. It’s truly a blessing. With out make up..”

-He’s already zoned out

-He looks over your shoulder 

-revealing bags full of make up

-”MC, I think you’re beautiful with or with out make up.”


-”Silly Jumin! I like make up because it’s so fun! You get create beautiful art!”

-Now your pulling over to your make up station

-”Ok, let me just work on magic on that already oh so stunning face of yours.”

-”MC, don’t-”

-But your already started

-He doesn’t really mind all that much when your face get really close as your applying more “highlighter” ??? to his face

-He can smell your perfume you applied

-and he can hear your small little sighs when you “messed up on the wing” ???????

-He squirms when your hair brushes against his face

-And when you needlessly touch his face to blend some of the “eye shadow” ??? you’re applying

-his heart beats really fast

-until he looks in the mirror 

-He looks pretty

-pretty ridiculous 

-and now your bursting out laughing

-but he doesn’t really mind

-this experience was quite 

-satisfying ;)


-You have CABINETS full of make up

-”MC, I could hide all my secrets in all those cabinets”

-You are always touching up your face with a bit of something

-I mean

-He does use make up for certain things





-You’re always talking about this and that

-”And then! Wow! It really works! DEFINITELY keeping this in my notes!”

-But when you laugh at yourself bc you messed up and look terrible

-He can’t help but smile too

-Because your laugh

-Is just so lovely

-And when your turn with a confident look on your face

-and he sees that you look

-absolutely beautiful 

-Of course he says

-”Whoa! Who is this girl I see, staring straight back at me?” 

-and now you two are dancing together

-singing Reflection such nerds 

-bc Disney was your childhood even tho this is in Korea come on ppl i LOVE Mulan it was a great movie ok work with me here I’m also pretty sure there are Disney World’s in Korea too, right?

I hope you liked it!!! Thank youu sooo much for the awesome request! Also sorry for going off on that tangent..;;;;  Anyways~ keep sending those requests in! 


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Vamp brothers ways to snuggle/cuddle? (You can choose who to do in this one.)

Shu: This tired ass bitch always wants to fucking cuddle. And he fucking will. There’s I’m bored cuddling, after-sex cuddling, I’m hungry cuddling, make-up cuddling, Monday cuddling, Tuesday cuddling, etc. Other than spooning, he has another favorite way of cuddling. He’ll hold you tightly so your legs are wrapped around his waist and your head is buried in that muscular ass chest. He’ll grope the booty and stoke your hair and bury his face into it. He’ll enjoy how floofy and soft it is and comment on how good it smells (speaking of good smells, the way he smells…👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit) Basically you guys will be in that position and he’ll whisper some good ol’ sweet nothings into your ear allllll night with that sexy voice of his.  

Reiji: Lol does this douche know what cuddling is? His version of cuddling can go both ways. The first one usually happens when you’re salty ass has been a good girl and you haven’t received an ass whoopin’ all day. It’ll start off with him sitting in the armchair and he’ll call you over. He’ll tell you to sit on his lap like he be Santa Claus or some shit and you’ll curl up like a cocoon on his lap while he holds you with them nice muscular arms. Mmmm Lordy~. Next is when your sinful asses have been done makin’ some sweet love (jk he don’t make love, he fucks) and you guys are tired as hell, laying down on some possibly broken bed. He’ll be layin’ down and wrapping his sexy muscular arm around you while you snuggle up to that nice chest of his (your face will probably be next to his nipple), with his sexy ass cologne the only scent you smell…not that it’s a bad thing tho.

Ayato: Yours Truly is the best at everything…even cuddling. This fucking trickster likes cuddling without his lover suspectin’ shit cuz he mischievous af. Mr. Strawberry Shortcake will probs playfully pounce on you when he’s feeling playful without you playfully suspecting it and you guys will probably playfully wrestle for a playfully bit because you guys are fucking playfully playful. After his fatass gets tired, this sexy redhead will climb ontop of you, because he dominant af, and hold you tightly so your face is buried in his heaven - smelling muscular chest. This possessive bitch will stroke your hair and talk about how your his and his only. He’ll eventually get off of you and start spooning you. While spooning, he’ll grope and grab dem titties because he be like some fucking McDonald’s ad when he grab dem titties cuz this bitch be lovin’ it. This’ll continue till you both take a nap.

Kanato: Okay even if he psycho and possessive and crazy af, cuddling with him would be like fucking heaven.  It’d feel like cuddling with a fucking cake cuz this hoe be smellin’ like one so make sure you ain’t hungry. It usually happens….whenever the fuck he wants to. And if you defy him then bitch you’ll be gettin’ more than an ass whoopin’. When cuddlin’, he’ll set Teddy down so you know this some serious shit.  He likes it when his lover is sittin’ on his lap all curled up and shit and he’ll hold her tightly so she’ll be buried and snuggled up to his chest that smells amazing af.  Another favorite position of this kawaii ass bitch is when they both layin’ down and he’ll latch onto her.and bury his face into dem titties because like his Onii-chan, he likes dem titties. He’ll hold you so tightly, you don’t know if he be tryin’ to kill you or cuddle you. The best thing to do is to just accept it and hold him back and pet his soft ass floofy hair.

Laito: This pervy ass hoe loves cuddlin’ whenever. His favorite position? Spooning. Why? Because spooning leads to forking. Enough said.

Subaru: This tsundere ass bitch is too thug life to fucking cuddle so don’t expect it too much from his salty ass unless you give him dem puppy dog eyes and lip tremble.  When he cuddles, it’s usually when you guys are in his coffin (so his brothers don’t see), his lover is sad, or he just fucked the shit outta his lover. Since his lover is smol and he is tol and strong, he’ll want to hold her tightly with dem nice biceps of his when she’s curled up in a tiny ball of floof and cuteness. He’d want her face turned away from him or her face buried into his muscular ass chest so she don’t see him bein’ all blushy blushy desu and shit. If she was cryin’, he’d quickly peck her tears away and say sweet nothings into her ear. He’d pet her hair as she breathes in his sexy ass scent and eventually take a nap. 

Ruki:  Mhmmm~ despite bein’ salty af, this sugar daddy has a sweet side when cuddlin’ with his lover.  He does it when his lover can’t fall asleep cuz she had a spooky ass dream or after she got herself an ass whoopin’.  Like Reiji, this thot be thinkin’ he be Santa Claus so he’ll pull his lover onto his lap and rest her head on that fine ass muscular chest of his and softly pet her hair like she be some fuckin’ cat or some shit.  During sleep time, he’ll wrap an arm around his lover and hold her tightly with dem biceps of his while he’s readin’ some shit.  She’ll probably wrap one of her  legs around him and bury her face into his chest. He’ll probably stroke her back and even though he ain’t even lookin’ at her, he knows exactly what he be doin’ with those fine man hands of him.  Point is, he’ll only wanna cuddle if to calm down his lover or make her fall asleep.

Kou: This fake, two-faced, annoying, crazy, Honey Boo Boo lookin’ ass bitch is a very clingy cuddler.  He cuddles whenever tf he wants and bitch don’t even TRY refusin’.  Master will expect his Kitten to cuddle whenever he wants to.  Before sex, he’ll usually spoon because it gives him easier access to grind on his lover. He also likes spooning after sex and he doesn’t mind bein’ the big or little spoon. Other than that, his usual cuddlin’ method is that he’ll pounce on his lover and wrap his arms and legs around in her so she’s trapped in a Kou cage.  She’ll probably be curled up in a little ball and smooshed against his pecs/square-boobs.  During cuddling, he’ll probably attack her face in kisses and keep talking about how cute she is.  However, sometimes he holds her too tightly and she’ll have to let out a squeak of some sort to signal him to loosen his grip.

Yuma: Even if this thug ass ho be scary lookin’ as shit, he’s just a giant teddy bear. He’s always in the mood for cuddlin’, all you have to do is say the magic word. After sex and before you guys fall asleep, he’ll just spoon you.  Other times, he’ll wrap an arm around you and hold you while you breathe in his sexy ass smell.  This hoe also likes when you’re curled up on his chest like a cat and since he’s tol af, you could easily fit on his torso.  This tol ass bitch also likes when you wrap your legs around him and bury your face in his chest while he holds you tightly.  He’ll probably pet your hair and occasionally grab the booty or oppai when he feels like it. Cuddling with him usually starts off with some play wrestling before he tackles you down and forces you to cuddle with him.  Expect him to very touchy-feely when he’s cuddlin. Laito isn’t the only perverted ass bitch in this series.

Azusa: Are you kidding me? He hates cuddling. Don’t even go near him or he’ll cut you. Bitch, don’t even think about cuddling with him or else he’ll go full on fucking Super Saiyan on you. Haha JUST KIDDING. This cinnamon bun lives for fucking cuddling.  He’ll cuddle whenever, however. When spooning, if he’s the big spoon he’ll pet your hair but if he’s the little spoon he’ll want you to pet his hair. His way of cuddling his simple. He’ll just hold you tightly so you snuggle in his chest. Like Kanato, this bitch be smellin’ like some cinnamon apples so don’t be hungry when you’re cuddling with him.  Like Kou, he’ll sometimes hold too tightly so you’ll have to squeak to let him to loosen his grip. He’ll nuzzle into your cheek and neck and make sure he ain’t hungry either or else you’ll have some bitemarks you need to hide.  

Kim Mingyu | Highschool!AU

i might have gone overboard w/ this one but i cant help it!!! mingyu is so nice to write for, i love him. bulleted post bc i tried so hard to write a thing but it was too much for me to handle..

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Level Up (Thor/Avengers x reader)

Request: Thor x reader where you’re a mutant with mentifery and when Thor comes to you about pokemon go you use your powers to make them real and you and him are dating please.

On what was supposed to be a much-needed day of respite and relaxation at the compound, the team had gone from a pile of lazy superheroes gathered around a movie marathon and into a full-blown competition over a game that Tony had downloaded into all of their phones when he himself had become addicted to the newest craze.

“Over there!” Steve hollered out, jumping easily over the couch in one swift motion to land behind Natasha.  Not one to be outdone, she launched herself onto his back and grabbed his neck, twisting him firmly until he dropped to the ground so that she could take his catch.

“Got it!” she squealed in delight.  “This Squirtle is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Cheater,” Steve groaned, pushing himself up, shaking his head at the dizzy sensation that her attack had left behind, “that was mine.”

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anonymous asked:

Omg can you do taehyung Healer/Medic AU, 'Your mind is as clear as mud' PLEASE ASDJDHDKHL YOUR WRITING IS SO GOOD

  • hexplosives!taehyung. spinoff of the fires within.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, I swear to god,” Taehyung reassures you, (making an attempt at what seems to be) grappling at your arms and fisting your uniform with sweaty, shaky fingers. It honestly just feels like he’s feebly trying to slap your back, but after years upon years of experience in the medical ward, you’ve become particularly good at analyzing other’s actions. “I swear.”

You ignore your particularly clingy boyfriend because not only is he actually slurring his words into an almost unintelligible mess, he’s also got half his face (and a good deal of his body) covered in bandages, and–is he…drooling? You reach back and grab a napkin, quickly wiping away the dribble of saliva that was running down his chin. You wrinkle your nose and toss it at the trash can. Paralytics can do that to you. 

“From the way you’re talking and acting right now, I’d bet that your mind’s as clear as mud.” You gently push him onto the bed and he falls back without protest–once again, probably because his limbs are still mostly frozen and he can’t do much.

“Okay, my body may not be as fine and all, but trust me, my mind is fine! It’s clear and I can think completely–yeah!”

You roll your eyes. The medics may have given him the antidote and necessary check-ups, but it looks like the sleeping pill hasn’t quite kicked in yet. But it’s definitely about to, with the way his eyes are getting glassier and glassier by the second, glazing over with drowsiness.

“Then you shouldn’t have any problems with my check up.” You raise a brow at him as you clean your hands and rub a wet towel over his head. “It’s not like you’re going to remember it, anyway, and it’s just a brief check up. Nothing in-depth.”

He makes a whining noise and you guess that despite his best efforts to convince you otherwise, he really isn’t fine. Must’ve seen something particularly traumatic, or something bad happened. Maybe he lost part of his memory? Or there was something he learned about the enemy he isn’t quite comfortable with you knowing? Whatever the reason, you’ll figure it out once you get inside his mind.

“But you don’t need to–”

“Taehyung. Close your eyes.” He does so immediately, obediently, upon hearing your “no-nonsense” voice. You grin as his eyes flutter closed and, soon enough, he’s drifted off.

Carefully, you place a firm palm on his head and channel your conscience to his, linking minds through the physical contact. Slowly, his mind comes in sight. You navigate the busied, clearly jostled area with ease and grace, pushing aside old memories and looking for the most recent ones.

It’s quiet and dark, with an occasional flutter of the brain waves as his mind churns out dreams and visions in his sleep.

The memories come into view. You inspect the images and doors carefully, making sure to choose the beginning and not get lost in the midst. Then, you enter.


For all the fuss that Taehyung put up, the mission actually turns out to be relatively normal. Excluding the whole getting poisoned and rendered paralyzed part, of course. But it’s pretty normal, mental-health wise; you detect no mental scars in his mind nor broken pieces of broken memories (while there are a few false memories scattered about, you percieve nothing particularly vicious about them and leave them be).

He was (emphasis on was), however, harboring a secret. 

Of course, you naturally feigned ignorance after the procedure, not bothering to wake him up and letting him rest in the clinic. But, it seemed Taehyung on the other hand, came rushing to your office as soon as he woke up.

“Y-You saw it didn’t you?”

You look up from the heaps of paper on your desk, currently filling out a few reports of the mental health conditions of some of the patients.

“Saw what?” You give him a blank look, hoping it’ll convince him. It, inevitably, fails.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know!” He points a finger at you accusingly.

You sigh. “Look, Tae, you know I didn’t actually mean to see that. I was only doing my job, and my job was to inspect your mental health after the paralysis incident, because recent studies on that particular poison has been linked to deteriorating mental–”

“So you did see it!” He purses his lips together and frowns, but almost in a comical manner.

“I’m sorry,” you say. “If it makes you happier, I’ll pretend to act surprised when–”

Suddenly, without warning, a tinkling hextech box is hurled at your face. You catch it instinctively, feeling the sharp metal edges poke at your palms.

Taehyung cackles. “I still got you to look surprised without you needing to act it out!”

You roll your eyes and smile. “Nice.” And it was a nice indeed; you really weren’t expecting him to come and throw it at you. Hell, you didn’t even know he had it on him. You’d thought the box was in his bag, or something.

“Open it,” he prods, excited. You both already know what’s in it, but you decide to humor him anyways.

You release the seal on the box and it slides open smoothly, though not without a satisfying metallic sound. There’s a glimmer of light and–yup.

A giant, fluffy, alpaca plush.

When you’d ventured into his memories, you’d seen him poking the glass at a store front with a contemplative look on his face.

“What’ya lookin’ at?” his teammate asks.

Taehyung shrugs. “Alpaca plush. Should I get it for her? It’s so cute.”

“Oh, is that for your girlfriend?” Another teammate is talking, now. Taehyung nods. “It’s cute. If you think she’ll like it, get it. It’ll make an adorable surprise gift.”

“I-I was hoping to surprise you!” He sounds whiny and throws his arms over you. Into the crook of your neck, he mutters something about stupid poison and dumb medical procedures.

“Tae, it’s fine. I love it,” you say, smiling down at him. “Thank you.”

He hugs you, now. Tightly.

drabble game: closed + finished

anonymous asked:

I love your blog so much and how you portray each of the characters! :) May you do one with all of the boys and what they like best about their girlfriend including her physical and personality traits?

((ahhh thank you anon-chan! hearing that makes me sooo happy!!))

Eren: He would love their eyes and heart warning smile, he would love that she is determined and hardworking and a little stubborn just like him. He would respect her decisions and never let the fact she’s a woman hold her down. He knows she’s strong and he’s damn proud that she has his back through thick and thin

Armin: He would absolutely love their breath taking smile and sweet sounding voice as well as their gentle hands. He loves that she is so smart and quick on her toes, she can whip up a plan even in a desperate situation. He would like that she is passionate and open-minded and never willing to give in.

Jean: He loves her hair and he absolutely adores her grin and laugh. Jean likes her confidence and no nonsense attitude. He likes that she can be feminine and badass at the same time. Jean would never get tired of their sense of humor, he finds it hilarious that she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind.

Marco: He loves her kindness and gentleness. He would never be able to get over how lovely their eyes were and how soft her lips were. Marco would love that she is able to fight when necessary and be a normal teenager when the battles were over. He probably loves that she has a cute booty.

Reiner: He loves her sassy attitude and confidence. He would love that they were a little full of them self, he knows she’s damn good lookin’ and she knows it to. He adores her ability to kick ass whether it be human or titan she’s not afraid to go balls to the wall. He loves her bright smile and thin toned legs.

Bertholdt: He loves her eyes and the way they calm his nerves in an instant. He would also like their soft skin and their warm hugs. Bertl is a sky person so he would like that his girlfriend is a little more bold then he is and is able to speak their mind. He would be absolutely grateful that they are so understanding and forgiving.

Connie: He absolutely adores her laugh and their big smiles. Connie is kind of impulsive so he would like that his girlfriend stops him from doing anything to stupid. But he also likes that she knows how to have fun and act like the teenagers they are. Even though she is a hard worker he likes that she can still be lazy and slack off from time to time.

Levi: It goes without saying he likes her cleanliness and proper attitude. He likes that she represents herself as a strong intelligent mannered woman. Levi loves how she is strong willed and driven by passion. Her bravery would make him a little nervous but that would pass since she knows how to be cautious and knows when to not make a move. His favorite thing about her would be her eyes that tell him everything he needs to know and her well sculpted frame, especially her thighs that could crush his skull.

Erwin: He admires her patience and faith in herself and other people. She seems to have all the traits he himself lacks. She is able to talk and convince just about anyone so she’s good with negotiations. He respects her independence and dreams and her drive for peace.He would love hypnotizing eyes and her full red lips.

Mike: He would love her soft skin and hair as well as her perfect kissable lips. Mike would like that she always smells so good, one day she smells like flowers the next she would smell like coffee beans or tea leaves. She would have a calming gentle voice and a smile to match. He would like that she was a nurturing person who is good with all kinds of different people be it children cadets or the useless MP.

BTS when they are watching action movie with you


Seokjin: -Why is there so much blood?-

Seokjin: *looks at you*

You: *genuinely enjoying movie*

Seokjin: -She likes this kind of movies?-

Seokjin: *is confused*


*is falling asleep*

*tries not to fall asleep ‘cuz he knows, how long you wanted to watch this movie together*


Hoseok: *jumps every time when something unexpected happens*

You: “Are you scared? If you are scared, we can watch something el-”

Hoseok: *hysterically laughs* 

Hoseok: “No, I’m okay I’m okay!”

Hoseok: *is not okay*


*notices every small mistake or scientific discrepancies*

“Let’s watch something else, or my brain cells will die.”


*some hot girl appears*

You: *noticing how hes looking at her boobs*

Jimin: *pretends, that he wasnt lookin at her, begins to talk about how ugly she actually was* 


You: *impressed by movie*

Taehyung: *bored*

Tae: …

Tae: “Let’s watch some romantic movie instead, jagiii…”


*he has already seen every existing action movie, so he knows, when some awkward romantic scene will appear and pretends, that he’s not watching*

Master list


They do your makeup.

Nervous at first, he’s never done this before. After being asked to, he’ll always ask your opinion on everything. “Do you like this eyeshadow?”, “Is this lipcolor too bright?”
Over time, he gets more comfortable in doing makeup, can and will show off his skills. [homeboy can do a wicked cat eye].
He likes to put your makeup in a blue theme, and he thinks he’s slick but he ain’t. 😂

Despite popular belief, Raphael is an incredible conesseur of makeup. [Lowkey its bc he had an emo phase tm and he can do a full face like nobody’s business] your quite happy to ask him to do your makeup, and always come out lookin structured. Just like any of his brothers, he’ll most definitely paint you up in red. [Or pink, if you ask]

THIS BOY IS THE KING OF BLENDING. His techniques for makeup may look messy, but his blending skills make sure no one knows you looked like the matchmaker in mulan. [The two of you totally made that an inside joke and continously start giggling everytime either says “fa, mulan”]
You, regrettably had to let him down easy and say that orange was not a lipcolor well worn, [which he called bs, but whatever] so he instead uses cute orange accessories.

When you first asked him to do your makeup, it was a mess. Too much powder, and too little of everything else. Afterwards, [and much to his relief] he found beauty gurus. Makeup tutorials was what he spent hours watching so he wouldn’t fuck up and surprise surprise this boy is hella talented at contouring. You always end up in some from of purple makeup though, to which he simply shrugs at your suspicious smile. Nerd. 😊

APRIL This girl knows her colors, and she knows yours too. Her SO has to be lookin just as good as she is, and often asks you to do her makeup as well. When you two do eachothers makeup, you share your most embarrassing or funniest stories, and maby a cat eye has suffered because of it. 😁

REQUEST: What if the cast of infinity war cast has to go to an event related with Christmas, and they’re like all playing around and one of the members put a mistletoe above the reader and Sebastian.

WARNINGS: fluff and language. seemingly a pattern with my writing recently lol



Although you were a bit sad about having to spend the holidays from your family and friends, you were also kind of looking forward to tonight.

Marvel had rented out a hall in the hotel and decorated it with Christmas décor. Everyone was invited, from the cast to the crew members and even everyone’s personal assistants.

You rode the elevator down to the lobby and walked over to where the halls were situated. You spotted Anthony talking to one of his kids briefly before pushing them back inside of the room. He quickly looked over his shoulder and spotted you walking over. He raised his eyebrows and shot you a smile.

“Well, look at you. Lookin’ all fine and shit. Where you going?” He teased.

“Shut up,” you pushed him out of the way jokingly.

He followed you in and you quickly spotted your personal assistant. They were all dolled up and sitting at a table alone. You walked over to her and placed your hand on her shoulder. She jumped slightly before looking up at you and smiling.

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