hes so cute i wanna squish him

BTS reaction to their drunk girlfriend telling them she has a boyfriend.

Request: the s/o is drunk and they picked her up and bring her home and he’s about to remove her clothes to change into pajamas but then the s/o suddenly said that she has a boyfriend.

A/N: I really don’t know how i feel about this but I hope you enjoy it.

Jin would scold you as soon as he saw how drunk you were. He would prepare a bath so you could get out of the sleepy state. He would place his arm around your waist and walk you to the bathroom. Once you were there, he would look at you and place his hands on the hem of your dress. Sensing what he was going to do, you would scold slapping his hands. He would frown at you “I have a boyfriend you pervert shit” He would roll his eyes and shake his head “Can I take it off, please? I’m sure your boyfriend wouldn’t mind. Plus I know him, he would kill me if I didn’t take care of you” You would nod your head and place your hands on his cheeks “Trust me, he would” You would giggle while slurring your words.

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He would be complaining since he got the call from your friend but once he saw your clingy state he would smile. He would take care of you, he would make you drink lots of water and once you looked better he would take you to your bed. He would get you comfy clothes. When he started taking off your shirt you would yawn looking at him “I have a boyfriend you know” Yoongi would laugh and peck your nose once he was done. “I see you’re staying loyal, you let people undress you but you let them know you have a boyfriend”. Next morning you would wake up to him kissing your neck while wrapping his arms around you “missing your boyfriend?”

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This sunshine here would make sure everything is okay and how you need it. When your friend called him to tell him how drunk you were he would complain to her and get mad because they let you drink when they should be taking care of you. Once you were in his arms, he would treat you with love and make sure you were okay all the time. When you pulled away when he was trying to undress you he would look at you hurt and frown, thinking he had done something wrong. When you told him that you had the best boyfriend ever and you weren’t planning on changing him or cheating on him, he would laugh and let you sleep.

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When he opened the door and saw you drunk, resting your head on your friend’s shoulder, he would shake his head and take you by your hand. Inside, he would open the fridge and put you in front of it. “I read somewhere that cold helps so you’re going to stand here until you freeze” He would move his hands to your dress to get rid of it when you grabbed his hands “My boyfriend has a cool nickname, it’s monster so you better be afraid” He would ignore you pulling his away and he would try to undress you again “I don’t know if you’re dumb but I said I have a boyfriend” You would frown. “I heard you but i’m ignoring you” You would pinch his hand away “Fine fine, I’m just trying to help. You never complain when I undress you for other things”

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He would carry you to your shared room and put you down while rolling his eyes fondly. He would place his hands on your jacket to take it off before you pulled away turning around.
“Stop right there. I have a boyfriend” you squinted your eyes
“your boyfriend must be sexy” Jimin said smiling
“Oh he is and he is smol and cute I just wanna squish his cheeks” you made grabby hands as if you were imagining your boyfriend’s cheeks.
“Baby you’re so drunk, let me take care of you” he would smile moving closer and place your hands on his cheeks “mochi will take care of you”
“Mochiiiii, you’re here” you smiled and wrapped your arms around him pulling him down on top of you.

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Taehyung being as clingy he is, would pout and frown while helping you because you didn’t count on him. He would try to take your clothes off but you would pull away shaking your head “I have a boyfriend, I’m loyal, don’t try anything” He would pout looking at you “So first you drink without me, your drinking buddy. Your friends wake me up in the middle of the night because she didn’t take care of you and now you don’t even recognize me, your boyfriend. This hurts y/n” You would throw your head back groaning “just go back to undressing me, at least you didn’t talk that much, just don’t say anything to Taehyung”

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He would use it against you the next morning and probably the next six years but now, seeing you so drunk and looking around confused he would take you into his arms and to your room. You would squint your eyes at him “I have a boyfriend, he is strong. He will beat your ass if you try anything” Jungkook would smirk “He must be strong if he is willing to fight me. Look at this arms” He would smirk pointing his own arms “He loves me so much” You would nod while sitting on the bed “He would do anything for me” You would smile looking down at your hands. Jungkook would take this as an opportunity “What about you? Do you love him?” He would look at you, waiting for your answer “So so so so much. This much” You would open your arms like a small kid to show him how much and he would take that moment to hug you and squeeze you saying how cute you were.

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He could have been the cute round dad.. Just a pure squishy dad... but then... They fave us this.. This.. MASTERPIECE OF A MAN?! Like when I first saw him I was al "aww he's round and I wanna hug him" now im all "!!!! He's too ATTRACTIVE and I'm gonna scream~<3333"


lemme just….squish him down back to the cute–  

Monsta X: dating Jooheon would include

•  him being too shy to ask you to be more than friends
•  which will result in a lot of staring from him as he tires to figure you out
•  tries to use his aegyo and cute attitude to ask you on a date
•  then he gets frustrated bc you still don’t see how he feels, so he’d confess out of annoyance tbh
•  him being at your beck and call whenever you need something
•  esp if you’re sick or just haven’t seen him in a while
•  acting like he hates it when you sass him
•  but he’s like omg you’re so cute and I just wanna squish your cheeks and what did I do to deserve this
•  but his dimples tho
•  you’d kiss them every chance you get and he’d get annoyed bc he’s like just kiss me on my dang lips jfc I’m not puckering them for no reason
•  is a mess when you kiss his neck or trail your finger over his collarbone
•  will literally moan your name in public or in front of the others if you go too far and tease him
•  "I meant to do that"
•  being really sad when he has to leave somewhere for long periods of time
•  will scold you if you miss the time to call him even by just a couple minutes
•  bc he depends on you to make his day when he’s not with you, and gets really upset if he goes to sleep without hearing your voice
•  dates with him are endless
•  like they start in the morning and you two would spend the whole day together doing spontaneous activities
•  and at the end of the day he’d crash on your bed and holds you close, sometimes mumbling your name in a sleep voice but you don’t know if he’s actually passed out or not
•  loves to show you off so there’s hella skinship
•  even if you’re not really the type to be like that in public, after a while it’ll feel natural just holding his hand and leaning in to give him a peck on the neck
•  he’ll visibly melt like I’m telling you~
•  randomly would ask if he could paint your nails
•  and he’d do cute designs and shapes and everything and he’d be so proud when you compliment him
•  never having the guys coming over again unless they bring snacks
•  bc they’re always finishing yours and Joo ends up scolding (wonho) all of them
• boops your nose before kissing you
•  and laughs if you’re too short to kiss him fully on the lips
•  listen…keep this kid with you forever and don’t ever let him go 🌸

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Sleepy Kitty

Genre: Fluff

By: Admin Podo


Words: 795

Summary: Your cat hybrid boyfriend comes over to watch movies but you can’t handle horror, or actually anything scary…

It was cold and you were so tired of being cold. You could feel it in your bones you imagined. Since you were now on winter break you were so ready to hibernate. Your boyfriend Min Yoongi empathized deeply and your dates were all going to be inside this break. Today you guys had decided to watch movies: he was bringing some that he liked and you had some set out on the coffee table.

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Just Jooheon Things


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NOT ONLY THAT, BUT HE IS SCARED OF A LOT OF STUFF….It’s so cute <3. LIKE MONSTA X IN A HAUNTED HOUSE, MONSTA X RAY WITH ANIMALS. But over time, I feel like he is conquering his fears one at a time and I feel so proud of him after everything he has been through. Especially through Monsta X No Exit when he started crying because he experienced life as a caged tiger….I started to cry for him <3 He’s such a sweetheart that needs to be protected at all time.

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(okay this gif…i can’t stop staring at it *heart eyes all around* ^)

Monbebe loves their charsmatic rapper and all the above <3. Jooheon has worked so hard his whole life to get where he is. I love how he has such a big heart towards his members and monbebe. He has shown us multiple sides to him even with his singing (WHICH IS INCREDIBLE). He doesn’t need abs or anything like that at all, he is perfect the way he is. EAT WELL AND REST…WE ALL KNOW HOW YOU LOVE SLEEP. (Monbebe’s add more :D)

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Just Shownu Things

Just Wonho Things

Just Minhyuk Things

Just Kihyun Things

Just Hyungwon Things

Just I.M Things

Just Monsta X Things


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Hi! I’m so happy I found your blog! I was wondering if I could request the RFA + minor trio reacting to MC that had long hair getting it cut into a pixie cut! Thank you so much! <3

Hello! I’m so happy you like my blog! ^u^ I hope you like this! :)


  • Actually goes with you to the salon but when he sees your pixie cut, he gets worried
  • You look so beautiful and edgy and mature
  • People might think he’s too childish for you ;;;
  • He tells you you’re beautiful though and he takes a selfie of you two and makes it his profile pic
  • He’ll try to dress more mature in the following days and you ask him why the sudden change in wardrobe and he confesses that he feels so childish
  • And you reassure him that he’s not childish
  • To make him feel better, you put a ribbon clip in your hair to match his clips
  • Cannot stop staring at you and complimenting you
  • Is a blushing stuttering mess


  • Thinks you’re gorgeous
  • He liked you with long hair but when you wear his leather jackets, you totally look more badass and edgy and he likes it
  • Of course his leather jackets are way too big for you ;;;
  • So he buys you your own jacket
  • When you visit him during rehearsals he notices his male co-workers glancing your way and they would compliment your new hair
  • Not so subtly slides between you and his co-workers and throws an arm around you
  • “Babe, relax, I’m with you ^^”
  • “Yeah but I think your new look is unleashing the beast inside some men, babe ;;;”
  • Makes sure to keep an eye on you and step in whenever a guy makes the moves on you


  • Oh…you cut your hair?
  • He actually preferred it long but your hair suits you
  • As long as you’re happy, he’s happy
  • You feel conscious when people keep staring at you during one of the company events you had to attend with Jumin
  • But he kisses you and reassures you that they’re staring because his wife is breathtakingly beautiful
  • Until someone makes a rude comment about your hair because they didn’t recognize you
  • But when Jumin turns around and shoots them an icy look they immediately apologize
  • You have to tell Jumin it’s okay, that he doesn’t need to kick the rude guests out of the party ;;;
  • He’s pissed that anyone would dare say you’re not beautiful but he calms down
  • He secretly wishes you’d grow your hair out again but he would never tell you because he wants you to be able to do whatever you wish
  • You’re also not allowed to wear any tube tops or off-shoulder outfits because without your hair, you’ll show off too much skin ;;;


  • “MC, welcome home~”
  • Sees your hair and turns as red as his hair
  • CRITICAL HIT to his heart
  • “What do you think?”
  • I can’t let other guys see her
  • They’ll think she’s a boy
  • Except you know, she has a body of a hot girl
  • Zen is right, all men are wolves
  • Oh dear God how is she still so cute???
  • Ahhhh I’m dying!!! I wanna dress her up!!!! SO CUTE
  • “Saeyoung…?”
  • He squishes your cheeks together and fawns all over you telling you how cute and beautiful you are
  • He’ll post a photo of him in women’s clothes and you in men’s clothes in the chatroom and it’ll take Zen a while to figure out it’s you two ;;;
  • Absolutely loves your new hair


  • You love your new hair but you’re not sure how Saeran would react to it
  • So when you get home and he stares at you without saying anything, you sort of panic
  • “You don’t like it?”
  • He’s quiet, but then he runs his hand through your hair
  • “I love it.”
  • Face is red and he’s avoiding your eyes
  • But then you’re red too
  • He doesn’t shower you in compliments like the other guys but he’ll keep touching your hair and you know he loves it


  • He loves your new hair!
  • You can make your hair glow in the dark and this man will still love you and tell you you’re beautiful
  • He’s super excited to take photos of you because it’s his first time seeing you with short hair
  • Will post a photo of you in the chatroom and everyone will gush over your new haircut
  • You’ll blush when you see everyone’s response and V would just smile proudly
  • He loves showing off his wonderful girlfriend to the world and you bet he’ll have a really nice photo of you for the auction at the next RFA party
  • Of course I think V would be a little selfish too and keep your photo to himself


  • Stares at you with his arms crossed and a bored expression
  • “You cut your hair.”
  • “Do you like it?”
  • He would just shrug and say he doesn’t really care what you do to your hair
  • But when he turns around his eyes go wide and he’s panicking internally
  • “Fuck she’s too beautiful!!! How do I keep other guys off her???”
  • Actually loves your hair
  • He thinks your long hair would get caught easily on things or get pulled easily by bad guys so your long hair made him anxious
  • But now, you’d attract more attention because you still look so beautiful with that pixie cut
  • Has no intentions of letting you go out of the house alone ever

Ok ok ok! I just…this fucking film, people! I was laughing and smiling throughout! So many bat references, so many shippy moments! Just. So. MUCH!!!! Anyone wanting to avoid spoilers just fucking scroll past cos I’m on mobile and I can’t do that keep reading linky shit! (Also apologies for language but I’m so hyped up right now on cake and gay and happiness and BATJOKES!)

List of what Mellie fucking adored about Batjokes: The Movie (aka Lego Batman Movie)

Man in the MirrorI died. Every single fucking time! Opening the movie with a quote from the lyrics and then having it playing at Gordon’s party and then using even more of the lyrics throughout? God! It was just bliss!

PEW PEW PEW!!!! Aaaaaah! This was so fucking CUUUUUUTTTEEE! The way J came out guns a-blazin’, shooting up the place making those noises! ASSGDAAAH! And then the rest of ‘em doing it later! It was just the best!

Blinkity blink blink blink! Ahahahaa! You ain’t foolin’ NO ONE J!

Bruce not being invited to the JL anniversary party. WTF Supes? Just…what. the. fuck?! Actually, sad lonely Bruce was so fucking heartbreaking in this movie I just wanted to hug the crap outta him! This film did that surprisingly well. He’s presented as an arrogant prick but he’s such a sad little sweetheart underneath! I cry. So much.

Unhappy J slouching in his seat Ohhhhhhhhhh! Poor sad little clown baby! J was just too fucking KEEEEEYYYOOOOOOTTTTEE throughout this movie! His facial expressions just made me wanna die and can we just all take a moment to appreciate Zach’s vocal work? His voice was just gorgeous, I think and he did such a great job of mixing the crazy with the vulnerable without ever going over the top! Same for Arnett. He’s a legend and I love both of them to death for what they’ve done.

CONDIMENT KING! I. Fucking. Lost. My. Shit!

Rick Astley Ok. Anyone who knows me well will know of my deep love for the genius of Rick Astley! And when that started playing, even if only for a couple of seconds, it made my heart leap with joy!

Robin!!!!!! He was so cute and sweet and so not annoying that it was a wonder to behold! And don’t even get me started on his excitement about having two dads! That strikes a deep personal chord with me and I just wanna fucking smush the little bundle of plastic’s face and squish him to shit!

“British robots! Google it nerds!” ok so I dunno if I got the quote exactly right but I fucking squealed at that bit! What can I say, it’s the Whovian in me?!

Jerry motherfucking Maguire!?!?!!!!

Bane! Just fuuuuuck! They used the Tom Hardy voice for him and I was just wetting my self!

BATJOKES! Ohmyfuckinglifesomeonekillmenow! The moments between J and B just ASSSHGAAAAAAAAAAA!!! J’s sad face, B saying he doesn’t do “ships” (fuck you bruce we all know you fuckin do!) and J screaming cos Bruce loved the film Serendipity! Aahahahhaaa! That moment when J first tells Bruce he hates him, holding his hands together and those fucking eyebrows all curved upwards *clutches heart* and Bruce being stubborn by only saying “me too”, I need twenty thousand fics about that moment RIGHT THERE stat! And when Bruce starts hitting those villains just to make J jealous! And don’t even get me started on J’s comment about Bruce being a briefs man! Also, ALSO, at the end, when Bruce chin bumps J’s face just made me hug myself with joy! Das so cuuuuute! And including that sad J face when Bruce is being shown what a bad personal he is? Oh, come on Lego! But the moment that got me (and probably everyone else) was Bruce saying how he needed Joker and everything he did was just for him and… YOU HAD ME AT SHUT UP!!!!

I HATE YOU FOREVER Don’t fucking touch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God, there were just so many other things too, like the fact they’ve made the Gordons POC and all the nods to the other bat movies made with the score and the fact that Ralph Fiennes is voicing Alfred and Voldemort is in the movie too? Ahahaha, it’s all too much! I need to see this film a billion more times and just bask in all the details I’m probably forgetting and just AAAAAAAHHHHH!


💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛 💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛i love kim yugyeom!!💛⭐️🌟⚡️🌙💛

Christmas time fluff, Dean and Cas being grossly cute boyfriends in high school, making out on a couch, what else could you want?

ao3 link

“So, I heard something at school today,” Dean tells Cas who’s squished into the corner of Dean’s couch, Dean being the one squishing him.

“Oh?” Cas says simply as he struggles to lean forwards to the coffee table where a bowl of popcorn sits, the TV in front of them playing ‘A Christmas Carol’.

“Yup,” Dean says as he swipes at the bowl of popcorn, picking it up and taking it right out of Cas’ reach. Cas blinks at Dean.

“Do you mind?”

“So you wanna know what it was?” Dean inquires, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

“Sure,” Cas sighs, trying to grab for the popcorn. He’s been with Dean for long enough to know that if he straight out asks for popcorn there’s probably a lesser chance of him getting any.

“So I hear there’s this guy, right? And he goes to our school,” Dean goes out, picking out a handful of popcorn. Cas wriggles underneath him, his arm still outstretched.

“Uh huh,” Cas replies.

“And this guy, right, he’s got like a huge crush on this one person. Like he’s head over heels for this person, totally in love,” Dean says through half a mouthful of popcorn.

“Why does this matter?” Cas inquires, finally able to grab a few pieces of popcorn, much to Dean’s dismay.

“Well, it matters because you are the object of his affection,” Dean informs Cas, giving him a knowing glance. Cas raises an eyebrow. Practically everyone in the school knows that him and Dean are together so Cas can’t really imagine who would have a raging crush on him.

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friends to lovers // winwin

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a/n: can i stop making everything school related 

  • winwin is my literal sON look at that gif i love that gif 
  • ok anyways leggo
  • you and sicheng are close friends from school and he’s your study buddy when it’s time for exams
  • your friendship can be described as very open i guess??
  • you always rant to him about your ugly boy problems
  • and he always offers to fight them for you
  • sometimes will be ur fake boyfriend
  • i mean yeah you get what i mean
  • so one day your math class starts doing ugly integral calculus
  • and you understand most of it
  • so sicheng always comes to u all the time for homework help
  • you go to his dorm or he comes to yours sometimes
  • ya know. homework buddies (useless conversations while watching pokémon)
  • one time he was at your dorm and you had a particularly rough day
  • while you were finishing your work you kinda just,,,,, fell asleep on top of ur books
  • sicheng was about to wake you up but he was like nah imma let them sleep
  • so he starts packing up his stuff and decides to leave a note for when you woke up
  • since he put everything away he had no pen so he reached for the one sitting dead under your limp hand
  • when he leaned in close to your face he was like “woah….. omg”
  • “wow so cute omg i have to take a pic aww snORES”
  • he forgot about the pen he was just staring at ur face like it was the starry night by van gogh
  • “wait is it normal to want to kiss ur friend”
  • the moment he thinks that he smacks himself
  • and he’s so flustered he runs out of your place and realized he forgot the note, so he texts you instead and literallt runs all the way back to his dorm
  • why is he running he doesn’t even know
  • the next day you see him and as usual go to him immediately
  • but he looks at you and runs agaIN
  • wtf sicheng
  • anyways you’re like eh he probably did something weird and doesn’t want me to know
  • this literally happens for 2 days
  • until you show up at his dorm one day and thank goodness his roommate let you in
  • you barge into sichengs room and he’s there sitting on his bed like someone came to arrest him for that candy he stole when he was 9
  • “i’m here to do homework….. bc i don’t want u failing ugly”
  • “i’m totally okay with calculus!! that’s why i didn’t ask for help the past few days”
  • you go to his desk and see on top his homework which he tried doing but ended up throwing in the garbage
  • “really bro”
  • “um”
  • so yeah you’re chilling on his bed doing work and sicheng is lying down with his homework and pencil in hand and his face is covered with the paper
  • in his defense,,, if he was too close to you he was gonna accidentally kiss u
  • you ask him what’s wrong and why he’s avoiding you but he doesn’t answer so you’re like bro i asked a question and his paper falls on his face
  • this boi fell asleep
  • “is he SERIOUS” but you don’t wanna wake him so you say it quietly
  • you take the paper from his face and start clearing the bed
  • when ur done you go to him and pull his blanket up and take his glasses off his face as well
  • “he’s kinda cute- wait wHAT”
  • you don’t even believe you said that yourself but then you look at his face again and realize that he is kinda cute
  • “wow i’d love to squish his cheeks aww”
  • at that moment you’re so fascinated by how someone could be so cute you do end up squishing his face (cue squish sound effect coming from ur mouth)
  • when you finally stop gushing over him you get up from his bed when a hand grabs at yours and pulls you back
  • typical drama scene i know bye
  • once again you’re like “so cute i can blackmail him with this”
  • unlike winwin u don’t hide the fact he’s cute and love it
  • so when y’all see each other the next day you’re just being all coy and hahahahahahah awww u the cutiest tbh and he’s like “oh no. do they know i wanna kiss them oh nO OH FUC”
  • “so sicheng….. why are u avoiding me today ;)))))))))))))”
  • “yeah okay,,, also you have a really nice face”
  • and he’s like “that wasn’t a dream!!!!” (his insides: ahhhh!!!!!)
  • and ur like nope!!!! you also have soft hands
  • you walk away and he’s like what..
  • but then realizes (his insides now: AHAAAAAHHHA!!! SHIT.)
  • ofc the poor boy is even more of a mess than last time so you tell him it’s okay and that you’ll forget about it
  • and also ofc u admit he is very cute and you wanna squish his cheeks until you die
  • “did i just plan an indirect marriage proposal”
  • ur hoping he doesn’t forget it
  • sicheng is also dying at the fact that you think he’s cute but he’s also dying even more to jusT KISS U ONCE BC YOUR LIPS LOOK SO FLUFFY
  • one day u guys are studying again and he’s pretty normal,,, almost too normal
  • then suddenly
  • “hey y/n i need to do something you just tell me if it’s okay after i do it”
  • “sicheng what”
  • he kisses ur cHEE k
  • forget calculus homework you forgot the square root of 1 at that moment
  • he observes your face to see if you liked it or not but you were so confused with so many feelings and he’s scared you didn’t like it
  • so he’s about to apologize but then you say that it was okay
  • but on the outside he’s suddenly very confident thank
  • “in that case i actually wanted to kiss ur lips but today cheek was enough”
  • so you’re like why!!!!  that’s so unfair
  • and he’s being half cocky at this point now that he’s sure you’re okay and aware of this new step in your ‘friendship’
  • “sicheng do iT NOW”
  • he’s just sitting there smiling and doing his work and ur like k fuck this
  • you grab his face and give him a quick kiss
  • and now it’s his turn to be dumbfounded
  • “one more time pleeeeeeeaasssse”
  • “no i think that was enough for today”
  • before you leave he tells you to “have a study session in the nearby cafe”
  • “is this a date”
  • “no…. i just wanna pass calculus”
99 Bad, 1 Good: Seungcheol

You could think of the many reasons why they were bad for you, toxic, deadly, harmful. But why was the one good reason enough for you to stay?

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warnings: fluff if you squint really hard, a l o t of angst. just angst. lots of it.

  1. his smile he throws around so casually. how could anyone not believe him?
  2. his hugs that he gives too easily. a stranger is just someone he hadn’t become friends with yet
  3. his gentlemanly behavior.
  4. the way he opens doors
  5. the way he always jumps to pay for your meals
  6. the way he always checks in to see if you’re eating
  7. all of it
  8. “how’s my favorite doing today?”
  9. but he asked that to six other people, didn’t he?
  10. the way he pouts to get something from you
  11. god you despise that
  12. the way his lip slightly juts out
  13. he activates his big puppy eyes
  14. he tilts his head and clasps his hands together
  15. “preeetttyyyy pleaseee?”
  16. the way you easily cave in whenever he does that
  17.  the way he’s got you wrapped around his finger so tightly
  18. the way you easily accept his excuses
  19. the way he’s such a child
  20. always jumping around, dragging you to places you don’t want to go to
  21. when he makes you try on clothes and insists on purchasing every single piece
  22. despite the cost, even if it’s three digits
  23. whenever he shows up unannounced
  24. “what do you have?” the first thing he would ask as he heads straight to your fridge
  25. the way he comforts you
  26. the small, soothing circles he rubs on your back
  27. his hand on your head to cradle you in his chest
  28. his soft whispers shushing you to not cry and reassuring you he’ll always be there
  29. him always jumping to let you vent to him
  30. “who hurt my y/n?! do i have to beat someone up?!”
  31. every time he pats your head
  32. whenever he calls you cute and squishes your cheeks
  33. how he’s so good with children, even your nieces and nephews like him more than you
  34. and how they always ask him when you’ll both get married 
  35. the pink tint on his cheeks whenever they ask that
  36. how he’s always somehow available when you need help on anything
  37. homework
  38. friendship
  39. boys
  40. life
  41. does this boy not sleep????
  42. how he can’t take care of himself as well as he should
  43. whenever he tells you to not worry about him
  44. you just wanna shake him and tell him you can’t stop even if you wanted to
  45. every time he calls you either late at night or in the early morning
  46. his husky voice
  47. how he naturally holds you close to him
  48. the sling of his arm over your shoulders
  49. when he pulls you by the waist
  50. his spontaneous back hugs
  51. when he nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck
  52. the mixed signals he’s always giving out
  53. to you. only you.
  54. “how come you don’t treat any of your other friends like this?”
  55. “because they’re not you!”
  56. after raiding your fridge he would buy bundles of snacks and other foods
  57. “to have more when i come back” he would slyly respond whenever you asked him why
  58. when he clings on to you as he cries
  59. your clothes, your figure, everything
  60. he just tightly embraces you and sobs it out
  61. when he says how he’s grateful to have someone like you
  62. when he introduced you to his friends and pulled you in close to him
  63. “this is the y/n i’ve been telling you guys about”
  64. when his friends laugh at your look of horror and tell you it’s only been good things
  65. how easily he offers cuddles
  66. when you have to share the same bed if one of you sleeps over
  67. and how he promises to not do anything funny
  68. but you wake up with his arm slung over your waist
  69. and your head in his chest
  70. and how much you should be angry that he broke his promise
  71. but you can’t bring yourself to wake him
  72. because you also like it,,, really really like it
  73. when he groggily opens his eyes and speaks in his husky voice
  74. when he profusely apologizes for invading your space after you push him away
  75. when he’s willing to do anything to make you happy again
  76. how he easily spends his money on just you for your sake
  77. you could just be staring at how nice that shirt looks and he would already be ringing it up at the cashier
  78. “because you deserve it. you deserve everything and much more”
  79. when he swoops in to save you from the jerk who stood you up
  80. how he casually just slides in the seat across from you and opens the menu
  81. completely ignoring the fact that just an hour ago you told him to not follow you
  82. when he stays with you the entire night to cheer you up about the douche who didn’t show up
  83. when he didn’t leave your house until he saw you enter safely
  84. when he was no longer single
  85. no, you didn’t hate his s/o
  86. you hated how he led you on
  87. and how willingly you let him do so
  88. how his friends comforted you when you broke out into tears
  89. saying how they all thought he had feelings for you
  90. how he seemed so much happier with his new partner
  91. how he was completely oblivious to how you were feeling
  92. despite always saying “i know you better than anyone else”
  93. how even after saying that multiple times, he was always completely clueless
  94. when once upon a time, he said “i love yous” in between his fervent kisses for you
  95. and you loved him back unconditionally
  96. how the only thing that has changed now is his feelings for you but yours never left
  97. how he still wanted to remain friends
  98. “i do,” he would say the words you wish he would say to you instead
  99. the good?
  100. you willing to let him be happy… without you.

Flower Boy Cafe!Minghao

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  • this boy looks fiiine and he knows it, but acts like he doesn’t know it
  • he got the job by being recruited by Jun
  • was highly against it at first but after being followed by Jun day and night, and literally receiving 500 text messages, Minghao agrees to doing it
  • He thought he wouldn’t enjoy the job, and well for the first hour he didn’t, but after receiving probably the greatest tip in the century, he decided to stick around
  • looks like he’s all macho and cool (which girls totally dig) but then he smiles and suddenly everything is beautiful in the world
  • He gets the loudest screams and squeals when he does cute voices for customers because he does it so well and every girl just can’t contain their emotions
  • Minghao is more of a server than a host, unlike Seungcheol who loves to seat his customers and serve them, Minghao stays behind the corner looking like he’s brooding while someone else seats his customers
  • he’s also one to sit back and watch the other guys make fools out of themselves, and while customers love it when the guys break character, it’s funny to watch Jihoon almost break a plate when his voice cracks trying to do a high pitched tone
  • he also runs the cafe’s instagram
  • so it isn’t uncommon to see Minghao walking around the cafe with a camera and taking pictures
  • and because he was doing that, the idea of picture day was brought up, so there was a day in which customers had the chance to take pics with their favorite server
  • got a lot of shit from Jun when Jun’s customers actually chose Minghao over Jun
  • speaks Chinese if the customers ask, and since mostly likely the customer understands none of it, he usually talks nonsense
  • cue Jun laughing from behind because it turns out Minghao is talking about how to make a salad
  • Really just judges the guys sometimes, he says he’s never going to do something and then ends up doing it later in the week
  • when he’s in a really good mood, he’ll dance for everyone in the shop
  • dance battles Soonyoung in the middle of the shop
  • They actually moved customers and tables so there’d be a large enough dance floor
  • Minghao won because he started doing some breakdance that was cool and even though Soonyoung refused to admit he lost, everyone knew Minghao won
  • is the type to secretly eat stuff from the cafe without paying
  • when one of the guys try asking him to clean something or do something he doesn’t want to, he plays innocent by pretending he can’t understand
  • he’s kind of shy sometimes but Jun really ups his confidence
  • really has to put up with a lot of Jun’s shenanigans
  • is the one to stop Jun from getting girls numbers because technically technically you’re not suppose to do that
  • but lo and behold
  • he meets you as a customer
  • to be honest, you weren’t expecting much
  • actually you weren’t expecting anything at all since you didn’t know what you had walked into. It was ‘just a regular cafe’ is what your friends told you
  • they failed to mention that this was one where all the servers basically hit on you
  • So when you walked in, and you were greeted by possibly one of the cutest guys you’ve ever met, you thought to yourself ‘wow this place isn’t so bad’
  • but then the host looked towards you, winked your direction and you couldn’t help but feel weird when he stated to you ‘I’ll be your host this afternoon, my name is Soonyoung but you can call me soon.’
  • and again you’re sitting at the table with your friends like ‘did the host just hit on me’
  • ‘It’s okay he does it to everyone’
  • ‘What?’
  • ‘Oh right, this is a flower boy cafe, it’s one of those ones where the guys basically do everything you say and act all cute.’
  • and the first thought you have in your head is ‘weird. But okay’
  • and so comes along your server
  • to you he doesn’t look cutesy at all, his eyes are sharp, his lips in a thin line, basically looks like he could kill someone with a swing kick
  • but then, he speaks, in a very higher toned voice, a smile on his lips, ‘Hello, I’m cutie Minghao, I’ll be your server today.’
  • but seriously, you can’t help but blush at the way he looks, because he’s so cute and all you wanna do is squish squish his cheeks
  • and while you’re distracted by his beautiful looks, your friends are dreamily asking him to speak in his native tongue
  • and he does
  • and guess what, you happen to have studied chinese
  • so upon hearing the phrase ‘i really really need to use the bathroom.’ you snort, laughing into your hand while your friends stare oblivious
  • and you take it upon yourself to reply ‘i think the bathroom is over there’
  • Now Minghao is blushing red, staring at you who is smiling beautifully. Thus to save face, he begins to take drink orders quickly and trying to get the heck out of that embarrassing situation
  • It isn’t long that he’s behind the counter after serving you and your friends, and he’s telling Jun how he just embarrassed himself so much
  • Jun looks over, and when he does, you’re looking over too (because you wanna see Minghao) and now you’ve awkwardly made eye contact with Jun who’s smirking so much right now
  • you try to dip your head down and lower your eyes in hopes that you didn’t just get caught staring at your server boy
  • but you did
  • ‘she totally likes you. Try getting her number’
  • then there’s a whole lot of ‘no’ and ‘just do it’ and more ‘no’ between Jun and Minghao
  • it kind of looks like two kids bickering over a toy, and they’re doing that thing where they fight slapping each others hands
  • so now you’re leaving, and you’re the last to leave because you were sitting in an inside seat so you had to wait for your other friends to leave before you can get out
  • and you’re trailing behind your friends when Jun stops you
  • Minghao is behind him ready to kick Jun but Jun dodges before smoothly going ‘my friend here thinks you’re really cute, how about a date with him.’
  • and you’re kind of suave about it, like ‘yeah sure’
  • Funnily enough, your first date was at the flower boy cafe (much to Jun’s dismay)
  • It was late, Minghao suggested the date to happen after his shift so you walked in to wait for him, and while you two initially planned on going to another restaurant, you two thought ‘hey, we’re already at a food place. Might as well just eat here’
  • so you two just grab a booth, and really it’s closing time but Seungcheol is giving the keys to Minghao and trusting him to clean and close up when you two are done
  • and that’s how you ended up on a late night first date with Minghao
  • It was truly a memorable night for you
  • One: because you’ve never actually had to wash your own dishes before on a restaurant date but you forced Minghao to let you help
  • And two: watching this boy grumbling over how someone keeps sticking gum under the counter table was one of the most adorable things you could have ever witnessed
  • so you’re sitting on the counter, feet dangling in the air as Minghao finishes up closing, and he finds you utterly irresistible
  • sitting so vulnerable, so beautiful and really all you’re doing is sitting on a counter, and he really can’t believe that you’re just patiently waiting for him with a smile on your face
  • when you look up, him staring at you who looks perfect with the dim cafe lights, and you, staring at the boy with his sleeves rolled up and a dirty towel over his shoulder
  • it was like seeing love
  • That’s how you two began dating
  • and now you’re life is filled with Jun as your new best friend
  • jk
  • but you’re often at the cafe now, sitting at the counter, watching your boyfriend work his charm on other people
  • and yeah sometimes you get jealous but it’s kind of cute when he comes over and kisses your cheek, as if it’s showing everyone in the shop that you’re his and he’s yours
  • also will periodically steal your strawberry shake
  • ‘Minghao! That’s mine!!’
  • and ever so often you’ll hear Seungcheol say ‘we should just pay you to work here instead of having you sit here and gawk at your boyfriend all day’
  • but you enjoy getting to see your boyfriend breakdance in the middle of the shop
  • and Minghao enjoys seeing you sit at the counter, fingers playing with the straw of the shake, happily chatting with Jun over the counter, and when you look at him, when your eyes meet his and a smile is on your lips, he’s knows he’s over the moon for you.