hes so cute aint he


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

an taehyung apple a day keeps the doctors away ✨

this is available as a sticker on my redbubble c:

Kookmin / Jikook || THAT SHOULD BE ME
Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy this video! The shows and fancams I used in this vid: 1) Vlive Run BTS! 2017 ep.20 2) 151218 팬사인회 방탄소년단 (by Twinkle Baby)...

I made a new Kookmin video. Some of the moments when Jungkook sang “That should be me” of Justin Bieber sunbaenim in his head haha. 

And I made some typos T____T Please ignore it!

Kanato + Crepes


–> Anyways this is from Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden and these pics are NOT mine they are from BRE-LLA ‘s post ( i linked it so no credit for me here , they aren’t mine ! ) she didn’t write down the translation but Kanato made me go AWWW so i had to ok *guilty*

Kanato : Hey . Share one bite of your crepes please .

Yui : Of course . Here,Kanato-kun .

Kanato : ….No . Somehow I thought I was very happy after a long time .

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you do you dude,, like heck im???? i thought daniel queerified me but no??? perc is so cute???? id give him a million kisses n hug him forever hes so cute?? -jace

he needs it tbh my boi percy aint well 


You woke up in a room of swelling darkness. The cold floor forced goosebumps to rise all over your body. You’d been drugged; all you remember was having a drink and then passing out.

How long you spent wondering in the darkness was up for debate but after all this was Gotham, what part of Gotham did have light?

“Morning beautiful,” a voice taunted behind you.

“Whose there?” Spinning around you tried to find the voice’s origin. A cackle echoed all around you. His cackle. “Joker?”

About three metres in front of you, you saw that red smile. His green hair messy but in a weird way, still neat. A silver blade in his hand twinkled in the limited light.

“Ready to play some games?” 


8/ 「random gifs of my favorite GOT7 members a.k.a my ot3 markjinson♡ 」

markson edition: roomies, dimsum & mandu, twothirds of amerithaikong, twothirds of markjinson, 626 & 852

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important comeback related question: so what do you think of their new hair colors (i'm still dyin' over kihyun's bright pink hair tbh)

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dean's cute wow

He is aint he? what i find so weird is normally I can’t find guys sexually attractive or hot without thinking about abs or muscle, and with Kwon hyuk I just melt at his style, his voice and his connection to music. Plus with such a dorky personality its like such a great thing to feel you know? Thats why he’s my bias, i like his connection to music as it inspires me to do well in my own writing or passions. Thats a great bias right there.  

Judd Hirsch is going to be on “The Big Bang Theory” tomorrow.

And all I can think is “Awww, look at him all dressed up *tears* Wouldn’t Henry be proud? *more tears*