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could u write some smol dad!todoroki and dad!bakugou scenarios meeting their newborn daughter?? Ty (pls have one of them start crying bc that would be so cute aaaahhh)

Bakugou Katsuki

  • He’s stressed out the entire time that you’re pregnant, from start to finish. His stress levels go through the roof when you’re in labor, and it’s near impossible to calm him down until your daughter arrives. 
  • There’s a peaceful, quiet moment, where Bakugou holds his baby girl in his hands, looking at her crinkled baby face and cracks a weak smile because all the stress he had gone through was worth it. 
  • Before he gives her to you to hold he does lean down and whisper, “You better not be a fuckin’ crier.” before kissing her head softly and placing her in your arms. 

Todoroki Shouto

  • The moment you had gotten pregnant was a big moment for him; he hadn’t had the best childhood, and spends nights thinking of how much better he was going to make his daughters childhood. 
  • When he finally gets to hold her in his arms he tears up, a bundle of emotions crashing over him as her little hand wraps around his finger. He promises to be the best father he can, for her sake. 
  • He doesn’t want to hand her over to you, at all. You have to demand to hold the baby and the instant the nurses come in to check up on your status, he’ll take the baby and begin talking to her again. 

I got the Touken Ranbu artbook today, but I paid 3 times it’s price for it on Mandarake, because I simply NEEDED the Limited Comiket88 version which included an extra book called “Touken Ranbu giga”. It contains artwork from the swords official artists, and I’m not gonna lie– The happy Samonji brothers artwork is next to Hotarumaru’s extra artwork, the main reason why I needed this so badly! ;w; Look at them! They’re so happy, and Kousetsu and Souza love doting on cute little Sayo so much ;;w;; I was going to make phone backgrounds from these, but I just have to share them! +.゚( ;v; 人)゚+ Official art is by Jiro Suzuki


Kids interview Mystery skulls (Luis Dubuc)


Saitama: Genos.. Where did you find my old yukata, any why are you not wearing the hakama…

Genos: It was buried in the closet. I found it while cleaning. *sees Sai starting to blush and snickers* The top was long enough to where I didn’t need it.

Saitama: Uh huh…

(I drew your villain Genos in a yukata for fun!)

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