hes so cute aaaahhh


21 October 2017

My mom’s birthday is tomorrow.

On the LINE chat:

Fucchi: Happy birthday!
Fucchi’s Mom: *sticker*
Fucchi’s Mom: It’s tomorrow.
Fucchi’s Mom: *sticker*
Fucchi’s Mom: October 22
Fucchi’s Mom: My birthday.
Fucchi: I’m wrong lol
Fucchi’s Mom: *sticker*
Fucchi: I thought it’s the 22nd today lol


Kids interview Mystery skulls (Luis Dubuc)

anonymous asked:

Girl have you seen Brendon's newest Instagram post like omg!!! His hair is so long he looks so good!!! His pouty face I'm like in awe lol

Fluffy hair and fluffy lips!!! He’s so cute aaaahhh


Saitama: Genos.. Where did you find my old yukata, any why are you not wearing the hakama…

Genos: It was buried in the closet. I found it while cleaning. *sees Sai starting to blush and snickers* The top was long enough to where I didn’t need it.

Saitama: Uh huh…

(I drew your villain Genos in a yukata for fun!)

- submitted by @fortheloveofpain