hes so controlling and evil!!





Which is kind of fantastic in every possible way and I can’t tell if I love it for the symbolism or hate Clamp for shoving it my face in every single plot arc and laughing silently as I didn’t know I was looking at the literal cloning device the entire time. 



Very surprised

that Syaoran WAS, in fact, created as a clone to collect the feathers.

His extreme endurance and willingness to throw himself in harm’s way to collect Sakura’s feathers, which I was concerned about constantly, was programmed into him from the start. WHICH IS CONCERNING IN ITSELF, because DOES THAT STILL COUNT AS PART OF HIS PERSONALITY?


It’s not a shocking twist, exactly, but it reaches right down to my heart and pours gasoline all over it because WAS ANY OF THIS SYAORAN’S CHOICE AFTER ALL?

Syaoran made the choice to save Sakura, and he made every individual choice to collect each feather, and he made the choice to sacrifice his relationship with Sakura in order to be able to cross dimensions. 






And the real stinging wound is Syaoran technically never CHOSE to throw himself in harm’s way to save Sakura. He WANTED to, yes, but that was because someone else FORCED him to want to. 

Every single decision he has ever made was FORCED by someone else. 

But if he still THINKS he made those decisions, is his personality still fully formed?

Would he have made the same decisions without Evil Wolverine’s programming?

Would his personalty have grown in the same way?

Does it even matter if he has no choice? Is Syaoran still Syaoran no matter what programming he has?





Was it ONLY the mindcontrol sections that had Lava Lamp Guy influencing Syaoran? Or did the presence of his soul affect the development of Syaoran’s own soul?


But I don’t want you to thank me, we’re even now

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I thought when kuron escaped they said something about starting stage three or stage three being successful though? Could it be possible that one of their anticipated stages was for him to escape and meet back up with team Voltron?

that is another theory! 

I do have one kind of silly theory that goes with the glara letting the first clone go. (both end with the clone shiro becoming Ryou)

silly theory:   One of Lotor’s generals can use mind control so she understands how it works. Lotor and his gang get a redemption arc and joins the Voltron team. The clone WANTS to be good but the galra keep controlling his mind so he acts evil every once in a while.   Lotor’s general who understands mind control eventually helps him and is able to cut off the galra’s control over his mind and he can become fully good 

Reblogging this image again because I’ve been looking at and just loving it. It’s my favorite image of Tamatoa for several reasons. First off he’s just so damn sexy with that wicked smile of his.
Second of all the composition is amazing. It’s just so beautiful. I want it as a poster to frame and hang up on my bedroom wall, it’s that beautiful. Another thing that I absolutely love how the composition makes you feel. Your point of view is similar to that of Moana’s, a small human being being dwarfed by this gigantic monster who towers above you holding your companion above you. This allows you the full impact of the scene: the helplessness of the main characters and the evil intentions of the villain. And again that smile! He just looks so sinister. It’s a classic evil smile. He is in full control here and he even stops to dangle Maui in front of her just to shove it in her face that he has him and that he’s going to kill him after abusing him some more. He’s also taking sadistic pleasure in revealing Maui’s tragic (and for Maui himself probably also humiliating) back story. He’s torn open this man’s heart and laid it bare for all to see. And Tamatoa takes pleasure in having Moana see Maui like this. See him in pain both physically and emotionally. It’s a dark version of his desire for an audience. In the beginning he was performing a silly and fun albeit still rather dark song but as it goes on it becomes more sadistic. He’s now performing torture. And Moana is the audience. He even places her in the bone cage so she can watch rather than simply killing and eating her. And it’s that added level of cruelty that fascinates me about Tamatoa. It’s a performance, in keeping with his character, but it’s not just performing songs but also cruelty. And relishing in the audience’s (in this case Moana’s) reaction. He wants to see Moana as demoralized as Maui. It’s so calculated and precise. He knows how to pick people apart and use their secrets and feelings against them. He did it to both of them throughout his song. And that’s an interesting thing for a villain like him. The writers didn’t rely solely on his size for him to be a threat. They made him clever and sadistic. And this picture is what sealed for me Tamatoa’s status as actually evil. Not just an asshole. I mean when he started singing to Moana, jabbing her and pulling her limbs I thought that but this pic in particular really drove it home that this guy really is cruel. And that’s what I love about him. He starts out whimsical and silly in a dark way but actually reveals himself to be a guy who really knows how to make others suffer. And all this that I just wrote is all encapsulated in this one picture. And thats why it’s my favorite.

Let’s just take a moment to think about Kaito slapping Yuma. It was kind of unnecessary and silly, but absolutely great. That makes me sound awful but let me explain: Kaito is this 18-year-old chuuni whose life until recently was entirely devoted to stealing people’s souls in order to save his little brother all while having a crazy evil-controlled father so he doesn’t know how to deal with people normally now that he has the chance, so yeah all his friends are middle schoolers and when he shows up and one of them is freaking out of course his natural reaction is to SLAP A 12-YEAR-OLD. When I think about it like that all I can be is incredibly amused. Never forget the beautiful kind wackjob that Kaito is. Also let’s appreciate how dead inside Shark looks here.

The symbolism in Mike being chained to this specific rock…
Okay, so most people have already figured out that the rock is shaped like Mal’s head. This serves several purposes:
1. It is the first time that Mike really realizes that Mal has returned
2. It represents how Mike (and possibly his other personalities) are just prisoners to Mal
3. I know I already kind of said this, but it’s like a terrifying reminder that Mal is in control, and there’s nothing Mike can do (which is why he’s chained to the head, and it’s not just lying around)

Guys, I just had this great idea for a story listen up.

Okay, so it’s about this young kid, let’s say he’s about 10, and he’s from a long line of nobility who all have like, really crazy psychic powers that control people’s emotions and shit and have been known for their ruthlessness and stuff. He doesn’t know any of that stuff though cause like when he was really little, his parents all but abandoned him and left him to fend for himself. He basically raises himself in a big empty house all alone. He turns to drugs and religion as coping mechanisms for the various mental trauma his hard life has handed him, and eventually forgets he ever cared.

Three years pass, and he’s made a few online friends who are constantly sort of hard on him. They press him to start acting more “normal” and mock him for his addiction and his disconnect from the world, so he eventually caves to their interventions and attempts life with out the drug. He starts to make himself a more active member of their group and tries to be freindly with them, but he is just met with more malice and annoyance, but he’s a good hearted guy, so he doesn’t really care. He’s just kinda glad he’s alive at this point, since the whole planet has been wiped out by an evil supernatural virus of some kind, forgive me, the details are fuzzy still.

He’s basically living with his religion as his only way to cope, however, what he doesn’t know is that this religion was a trap made specifically to control him. What he thinks is his life and his hope is really a sham created by the evil god in charge of the supernatural virus to capture his soul and steal away his powers so that he can control people throughout the universe.

The evil “god” then sets up a way to reveal the coping mechanism for what it is- a lie- but does so indirectly, so that the kid has no idea that it was actually him that is to blame. The child is devastated and is sent into an emotional breakdown now that his only hope and peace has been yanked out from under him and everything is now awful. He can no longer cope because he has no crutch, but the dark lord swoops in and hands him a new one. He tells him to follow him in order to make his religion true again, and make things right.

I should mention now that this demon is basically a time god, and has already acquired the child’s powers in the future, and therefore, he uses them against the child to make him so vulnerable to suggestion that he literally cannot refuse. He’s forcibly made so desperate and so scared and so angry that his only choice is to serve the villain of our story, and so he does.

The evil the child does under the dark lord’s influence seem to the rest of he crew as him being an out of the blue turncoat. They don’t understand what’s happened to him, but they know they can’t trust him, so they all pull away from him and never even think to help. All the while, the boy is constantly under a brainwashing influence that eventually no longer needs psychic intervention to really control him. He’s beaten down until he has no free will of his own, and his friends don’t even notice because of the sneaky sinister ways of the dark lord.

Eventually, after years of neglect and abuse from his former friends in retaliation for his actions, he arrives to the true in-person service of his dark lord. He is then meant to raise his god so that he can become the demon that controlled him. It’s immediately clear that the demon is too much for him to raise, and he has to compromise in order to stay in good health long enough to see this through. He raises him up from a distance, dropping him necessities and awaiting his ascension to adulthood. Happily serving a master that has done nothing but use him

Finally, upon the child’s coming of age, he is met not with a gleeful respect for a dear servant, but vile abusive hatred. The demon is still as evil and monstrous as ever! He beats him and berates him constantly, but by this time the boy is so enraptured with his existence and so used to being hurt that he barely even cares.

The last part I have for him is that he will die to have half of his soul taken from him in order to give the demon his psychic powers and ensure his own fate. The rest of the details are muggy but i’m hoping to redeem him or something i guess…oh right i even made a design for him look:

Oh, wait. This is gamzee.

Edit: Okay, since people have seemed to miss the fact that I’m totally not meaning to excuse him, here is a disclaimer to make this a little easier to digest. Gamzee’s actions whilst serving LE are EVIL HORRIBLE THINGS and he will NEED TO DO SOMETHING TO MAKE UP FOR THEM before he is no longer a villain. 

I understand this completely and if he makes you upset or isn’t your cup of tea cause of all he’s done then that’s a-okae. I’m not trying to be all apologist-y or whatever. This post was in response to “Gamzee is just a emotionless villain with no character arc.” and honestly I felt personally offended by the statement and had to say something. 

He’s not excused of any of his actions because he’s a victim. That’s not how it works and I am aware. To be honest, all i wanted to prove was that people who identify with gamzee aren’t just trying to pretend his actions aren’t bad, cause he has a LOT to sympathize with that isn’t really in the forefront of the story and people don’t pay attention to it. It’s just as okay to project you abuse story onto him as it is to do it to others, and that’s all I’m trying to say.

Sorry if me neglecting to add this before hurt anybody. I thought it went without saying but I shouldn’t assume.

One of Algy’s Tumblr friends, Thierry, lives in an exotic location on the other side of the world – a place very different from Algy’s northern home. Recently, Thierry has been reporting a sequence of strange events in his tropical garden. Unlike the gentle mosses and ferns in Algy’s mild environment, Thierry’s plants have grown alarming and dangerous, and now seem to have minds of their own.

Algy was keen to help his friend regain control over the evil plants, so he flew over to the old oak woods, to ponder the matter by an ancient woodland waterfall. The constant flow of the tumbling water in such a peaceful setting can be a great aid to clear thinking and inspiration, and there is much wisdom there …

(You can catch up with Thierry’s story and photos to date at thierry-facon.)

NATM Observation - Octavius' hand behaviour

This isn’t really a discussion, unless you wish to turn it into one, I’m good either way.

I will be talking about all 3 movies so slight spoiler alert.

This may be a strange subject to bring up, and I wasn’t sure if people would care all that much, because I will look at tiny details and think it will be interested to talk about, but truth is I may just be boring them to death.

Octavius is a Roman General, and while he is a proud leader that lived 2000 years ago, sometimes he expresses his feelings of uncomfortableness with his hands.

I believe I’ve got all of the scenes I wish to talk about, but feel free to throw in more if you spot any (doesn’t necessarily have to do with hands, so long as it’s relevant to this topic).

Movie 1 - Their second meeting with Larry:

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I still have to figure out how people can think sephiroth had the opportunity to "choose" his path, when literally other people made that choice for him even before he was fucking BORN. he can't silence his "jenova instincts", and even though he tried to rationalize his desires, what he wants to do is basically what his genetics demand. so i fail to see this "freedom" everyone talks about. the comparison to the dinosaur is not about intelligence, as some may think. it's about choice. very neat!

Depends what you mean by “choose his path”

He didn’t have to embrace his alien side, Angeal didn’t. And he didn’t have to go Angeal’s extreme way too, he could have kept fighting all his Jenova instincts and feelings. Just because Angeal didn’t think he could take the risk doesn’t mean Sephiroth couldn’t

The choice he didn’t have was to either be part Jenova or not. I mean it’s not like they just sprinkled him with some Jenova fairy dust, it is an inseparable part of him that was always there, and he was obviously always sensing the Jenova in his being as the feeling that was telling him “you’re not like them, you’re special, you’re different” ever since he became conscious in his little baby body probably. Sephiroth felt like he didn’t belong among humans (and he wanted to belong.)

And if Sephiroth would continue to live as a human, he’d still have to live with that feeling of “I’m not who i’m destined to be” all his life or believe that there’s something “wrong” with him just because he’s not like everyone else. And why should he be any less than what he truly is? And for who’s sake?

But it gets a little bit more complicated if you think about it seriously, 

Sephiroth is not just a killer Alien but he’s also a killer human. Shinra being the brilliant people they are, didn’t just made him using a destructive alien’s cells, but they also trained him to kill since birth..

Why the hell is anyone surprised and shocked Sephiroth kills people? He was literally built and designed for killing and destruction.. (by.. humans..)

And look at Sephiroth’s human side, growing up in Shinra, when was he taught the goal doesn’t justify the means? when was he taught understanding or compassion for the weak? when was he taught the use of power wasn’t the way to get what you want and that violence isn’t the answer? 

Like he kills people way before Nibelheim, and he probably killed many innocent people who’s only sin was not wanting to accept Shinra. And he was a hero, and everyone loved him. It’s just that suddenly he started killing people they didn’t ask him to kill, and everyone went “ahhhhh bad sephiroth whyyyy how could you” (You kno, The Wutai people probably don’t see any difference between pre Nibelheim Sephiroth and post Nibelheim Sephiroth..)

And Cloud fucking admired Sephiroth for killing people before! But oh wait when he kills his family and not Yuffie’s family it’s suddenly wrong and he’s an enemy.

Cloud wanted to be like Sephiroth, Sephiroth didn’t even really want to be Sephiroth, he was kinda “meh” about it. Sephiroth was born into Shinra, Cloud wanted to join SOLDIER by his own free will! He was up for killing people by choice. Yeah, no one thinks of poor little Johnny, who’s dad was working as a security guard in Shinra’s HQ to support his family, and was brutally murdered by a bunch of terrorists one day while he was trying to protect the workers and his friends.. Blowing up reactors when you’re angry at someone is cool, but burning villages is absolutely unacceptable! So who’s the real monster here really? 

But seriously now, Sephiroth’s fall from “grace and heroism” is basically humanity going “ohhhhh noooo we can’t control who he kills anymore so he’s evil and crazy!!!” 

Humans are ridiculous, and it’s no surprise Sephiroth went

So yeah, you can’t ignore Sephiroth’s Jenova side or call it the bad side or wrong side, (specially since it might actually be the better side..) and you can’t really say it’s wrong that he embraced it. (but…you can’t really ignore his human side either, since he clearly still has very human feelings even after the lifestream, even tho he doesn’t seem to be aware of it? so basically he’s screwed either way and I’m curious to see what’s gonna become of him)

And I am gonna reply to all the “Sephiroth is not a dinosaur!” replies on my “Sephiroth did nothing wrong” rant when I have some time to read em more thoroughly cuz I feel like the point of that post was really missed U_U

I love what a wonderful paradox Jordan Parrish is. You have this guy who’s a war veteran, who was on the bomb squad, who’s now a deputy. He has seen the worst in the world, probably witnessed friends being hurt or killed, spends his days working around criminals and violence… He should be hardened, cynical, disillusioned with the world, closed off.

Yet he’s so sweet, trusting, naive almost to a dangerous point… An actual angel, always ready to help and always seeing the best in people and situations. “Cinnamon roll too good for this world” doesn’t even come close to describe him.

It doesn’t make any sense but I love it and him.

(Also I keep thinking that his supernatural side is actually evil, given how he seems so not in control when it takes over and how different he acts when it’s awakened. That will be an interesting internal battle, if he has to actually fight a whole side of himself.)