hes so controlling and evil!!

The symbolism in Mike being chained to this specific rock…
Okay, so most people have already figured out that the rock is shaped like Mal’s head. This serves several purposes:
1. It is the first time that Mike really realizes that Mal has returned
2. It represents how Mike (and possibly his other personalities) are just prisoners to Mal
3. I know I already kind of said this, but it’s like a terrifying reminder that Mal is in control, and there’s nothing Mike can do (which is why he’s chained to the head, and it’s not just lying around)

Yes, Kilgrave is a wonderful example of a smart, funny, ambitious, dynamic man who is a rapist. Who is controlling. Who is abusive. Who treats women as inanimate clay lumps that he can mold into whatever he likes without any thought or concern for her thoughts or feelings. He’s a wonderful example of how, as a man, he’s been socialized to view his actions as okay. How we’ve been socialized to view his actions as okay. But you know what an even better example is?

The people who ship Jessica/Kilgrave.

Because more than Kilgrave, they show us how we’ve been brainwashed into thinking, “but that’s not technically rape though.” “He’s not controlling, he’s protective.” “How can someone so handsome and smart be evil?” 

Because even as he takes away Jessica’s choices, tries to force her to do things she doesn’t want to do, tries to take away her individuality until she is what he wants her to be instead of who she wants to be, refuses to acknowledge her feelings, insists that he can make her have romantic feelings for him, there are people out there saying, “but it’s only because he loves her.”

And those are the people who really show us what we’ve been taught to believe about how men treat women.