hes so amazing ahhh


—Still, if you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.


yoongi literally had his mouth open, he was so amazed

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yoongi literally had his mouth open, he was so amazed ahhh #yoonmin #슈짐 #bts #jimin #yoongi

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yoongi literally had his mouth open, he was so amazed ahhh #yoonmin #슈짐 #bts #jimin #yoongi

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Something for the lovely @kkumri, her OC Shui!

Let me just say I am not the best at coloring or backgrounds but I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone as a thank you for letting your art inspire me and always chatting with me on twitter, its amazing how nice of a person you are.

And Ally, your OC Shui is wonderful, I hope I did him some justice. (and sorry for being so mushy hahaha)

-Katia (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

10/14 Happy Birthday TOUJOU HIDEAKI  (´。• ω •。`) ♡

Reasons To Date D.O

Talking to him through FaceTime  

Him playing with his hair 

Him being flustered when you say I love you for the first time

His body transformation 

His heart shaped smile 

If anybody and I mean anybody hurts you, they’ll have to watch their backs

You know he’s gonna bring the squad to help with the deed 

But he’ll always be fluffy infront of you 

Him giving  you his jacket when you’re cold

Him in a suit like no…. 

Him being awkward with skinship 

But with you he’ll be super cuddley 

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wait frank ASKED if he could HUG YOU??? oh man thats amazing! thought he didn't really felt comfortable hugging though??? ahhh but so amazing! he sounds lovely.

duuuude no it wasn’t frank, i guess the post may have been kinda misleading, it was adam lazzara from tbs who asked if he could hug me TWICE

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EL IA IM JOINING THE HuNDReDS OF PEOPLE TELLING YOU TO ASK!!! HIM!!!! OUT!!!!!!! ADDHXHDHFH IF HE LOOKS LIKE DAL WTF GO!!!! FOR!!!!!!!!! ITTTTT!!!!!!!! okay you don't have to ask him out straight away..... start small like idk talking to him dropping hints you're so amazing how can he reject you????????


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Can you please do an imagine with Rory Regan from arrow who's in love with the reader who thinks no guy will ever like her so confesses his feelings and tells her everything that he loves about her like he loves fact that she reads a book with so much concentration or the way she smiles

Ahhh! Yes! He’s so cute and would be amazing. Thank you! Here it is: xx

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the fact that Alejandro Sanz tweeted Jonghyun’s performance of Y si Fuera Ella and that there are so many positive comments from people who don’t know Jonghyun is just so overwhelming !