hes so adorable look at him


when he gets the answer wrong vs when he gets it right (adorable both times)

Jug, what you said at Pop’s, I heard you. And whatever you need to do or explore, I support you.

Riverdale 2.01 – A Kiss Before Dying

I have so many feelings about Betty’s statement of support to Jughead. (So. Many. Feelings.)

Being a safe space

In 2.01, I love that Betty doesn’t try to hide that she’s worried and upset. It’s not my favorite dynamic to watch, since I like seeing them be like an adorable pile of kittens with each other, but Betty’s most acute psychological problems and self-harm behaviors come from repressing her feelings to pretend things are fine when they aren’t. She isn’t conveying the full extent of her feelings, which makes sense given the circumstances, but she’s frustrated with Jughead and doesn’t try to hide it. His humor grates on her in a way it usually doesn’t and she spends a lot of the episode shooting Jughead these seriously? and why are you like this? looks.

I’m sure to Jughead this doesn’t feel like a good thing while it’s happening, but it actually is, especially since expressing negative emotions that relate to her own feelings is something Betty struggles with. We’ve seen her avoid expressing feelings that will hurt or even just inconvenience someone else at horrifying cost to herself. I’m stanning so hard for how Betty lets herself have and express inconvenient feelings in this episode.

Jughead and their relationship are still a safe space to be herself. In so much of her life, Betty feels that she has to go all the-Stepfords-of-Riverdale to avoid conflict until she literally starts tearing herself up about it. And she’s not retreating into her version of Alice’s unhinged behavior, which on Betty is a tragic mix of elaborate plots and snowballing lies in order to spare someone else’s feelings that just ends up hurting everyone, and badly.

So be glad your girlfriend is visibly frustrated with you, Jug. Relationships are weird like that.

Making a safe space

Betty’s expressions show how hard making this statement of support is for her. Betty can be rigid and walks this line between passionate and obsessive when she’s fighting for something. And she wants so badly to fight for Jughead here. So stepping back and letting him have their relationship be a safe space where she’ll support him even if she doesn’t agree with his actions or decisions is an interesting choice.  Given how dangerous and high-stakes the situation is, this may be another of their road to hell paved with good intentions moments. But Jughead’s resources and support system, such as it was, have been systematically demolished over the first season. Knowing that he still has Betty’s support must feel like such a lifeline being tossed out between them.

For all Jughead’s smirks and snark, awkward humor and adorable flirting, to me most of his behavior—both charming and uncharming—falls into the category of not waving but drowning. Under all the misdirection and self-defense mechanisms, Jughead is operating from a place of fear. Just look at how scared he is when Betty first brings up their conversation at Pop’s outside the hospital:

Betty giving him some sense of safety in some part of his life—combined with continuing to be honest about her concerns—is so important for his well-being. Knowing that Betty (and Archie!) care that much about him may help him to make better decisions for himself in the long-term by validating that what happens to him does matter despite all the Powers That Be telling him otherwise, over and over.

Betty and Jughead are so young that the only way they will work as a couple over a longer period of time is if they let each other explore and change rather than getting stuck on their idea of who the other person is. And, beyond that, sometimes you have to let people make mistakes and love them anyway. To me, that’s a much sadder and realer part of being in a relationship than just a simple ride-or-die.

ever just get… hit by how beautiful and gorgeous and perfect and wonderful and adorable and nerdy and powerful Amy Santiago is as a person? like… idk whether to be jealous of Jake or feel bad for him bc he has to be in her ethereal presence every goddamn day and he’s just??? in the vicinity of an angelic goddess always? how he not blind from looking at her smile? his eyes must be strong

my precious angel 💖
seriously.. look at that smile. if you don’t think that’s the cutest smile you have ever seen, you must be blind. kyle is so adorable what the heck aH i love seeing his soft side so much, everyone always talks about how angry he is but look!! these aren’t even half of the scenes of him being happy and smiling like the perfect child he is!! god i love kyle broflovski so much. it’s overwhelming.

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Kissing prompt 3 with Stenbrough?

kissing prompts!!!

#3. kissing so desperately that their whole body curves into the other person’s 

ahh thanks for the prompt!! enjoy!! x

Bill’s car is the perfect make out spot.

They’re parked on the side of an empty road, the street lights the only thing illuminating the old, used, blue car.

Stan sits in the passenger’s seat with one of Bill’s hoodies on, practically drowning him in warmth and the smell Bill’s cologne. It’s a little too long, and the sleeves cover his hands.

Bill thinks he looks adorable. He’s in the driver’s seat, but the car is in park and he’s turned to the side to look at Stan with wide eyes and a slack jaw. He’s in total shock at how adorable his boyfriend looks like this, in the street lamp’s yellow light, in his hoodie, in his car.

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how does pennywise have like chubby cheeks when bill has thin face with sharp cheekbones and jawline

I honestly don’t know, but with his chubby cheeks and plump lips, it somehow makes him look so fucking adorable. But then, he has those sharp features like his eyes, cheeks and jaw that just completely off sets it and makes him really hot and dangerous looking. It’s honestly amazing!

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Ryx quickly rushes up to Riaki in his new form, tears forming in his eyes as he tackle-hugs her "M-miss Riakiiiii! Something happened!"

“Oh!” She blinked a few times before realizing who had just hugged her. “…Ryx? Is that… you look…” She let out a small sigh, gently hugging him with both arms and tail. “…well… I’m sure this is temporary. But even so, I’d like to say… you still look very adorable, even in this form.”

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Prompt: just so you know, you have landed yourself an angel!

“Are you talking to me?” Robert looks round but there’s no one else at the bar except Pearl.

“Well who else? Your Aaron has been a godsend today.”

“Is that so? Been using him as unpaid labour again?” 

“He was quite happy to help, there’s no need for sarcasm!” He laughed. He didn’t mind Pearl and he knew Aaron adored her. “He’s put up all my shelves and he fixed all those little jobs that I’ve been keeping.” Robert grinned as Aaron walked in, scowl firmly in place.

“He really is an angel isn’t he?”

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lindsay’s tweet she made me realize something about her - she is incredibly happy with her relationship with michael. like her experiencing that horrible thing with her ex must’ve put an unforgettable scar on her brain. then, she meets michael. and i’ve heard several stories of how they met at rt and the stories are fucking adorable, but to actually see and hear just how much she loves michael with all her heart just makes me tear up. and michael is so brash too like he is this brash, boisterous, semi angry guy from New Jersey who is also a huge nerd and i bet it makes lindsay happy as a clam to be able to be a huge nerd right alongside with him. like look at how much this woman smiles, listen to how joyous her laughs sound, just look at the sparkle in her eyes when she looks at michael. and she is having such a good time with this little nerd too like i remember the internet box episode when she was first introduced and just by hearing how well her and michael synched up with each other just fills my heart. then they eventually get engaged, get married, and then they eventually become the proud parents of a beautiful little bean of their own. like i can’t speak for lindsay, but i can honestly say that she is incredibly happy to be with michael and she wouldn’t prefer anyone else to fill the place in her heart that michael currently resides in. 

Got7 reactions to their boyfriend being scared to wear their clothes because youu think they’d get mad


When you finally told Jaebum why you didn’t wear his clothes. He’d found it really stupid because he thought you’d looked adorable in his clothes.

“Babyboy, I would never get mad at you for wearing my clothes”

“I bet you’ll look really cute wearing them”


Mark didn’t see why you didn’t wear his hoodies and stuff so when you told him. He found it really funny that you thought he’d get mad at you for something so small.

“You’re my boyfriend I’d never get mad at you for something so small”


Jackson would be a bit hurt that you never wore his clothes so when you told him why he’d be very shocked at the fact you thought he’d get mad.

“You actually thought I’d get mad at you?”

“I’d never, I love you okay so start wearing my clothes”


After you told Jinyoung why you didn’t wear his clothes he’d laugh at you because your reason was kind stupid.

“What do you mean?”

“Why would I get mad at you your my boyfriend”


When Youngjae found out why you didn’t wear his clothes he’d be a bit hurt like Jackson. You’re his boyfriend he’d never get mad at you for wearing his clothes.

“Baby, you can wear any of my clothes I won’t get mad”

I couldn’t find a gif I liked for Youngjae


Bam could see why you thought he’d get mad at you but he loves you, you’re his boyfriend you could pick anything out of his closet and wear it. It make him so happy to see you wearing his clothes.

“Babyboy, you can wear my Gucci and I won’t get mad at you just be careful”


Yugyeom saw how couple shared clothes and he asked why you’d didn’t wear his so when you told him. He’d be confused at why you thought he’d get mad.

“What….why would I get mad”

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he's kinda cute idk I like that his haircut/style is a little 90s, he does look like a goth but in a nerdy way... I didn't imagine him looking like that but at the same time it makes sense that mulder's son would be a nerd goth??? and he's tol??? but he's a little old..

He’s REAL old. But, I mean, it’s TV. Gabrielle Carteris was 30. 

We’re all just guessing, so who knows. It isn’t how I pictured William, certainly not a 15-year-old William. If that is him I’m mostly going to be annoyed that they prematurely aged him up to a sexy adult. Like, haven’t we missed enough time with him from dicking around with this storyline and not signing our cast responsibly without having to Chrissy Seaver him even older? Not to mention that he certainly looks NOTHING like the three adorable siblings who played William last year (“THOSE WERE ONLY IN MULDER AND SCULLY’S IMAGINATION THAT WASN’T THE REAL WILLIAM” I can hear Chris Carter faintly screaming). I mean, those kids looked like Scully-Mulders. 

Gillian did say he was tall. So. 

Anyway, I just hope he will save the cheerleader so he can also save the world. 

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Silent, what made you realize that Sin was the one you wanted to be with forever?

“Well, I’ve always had deep feelings for him from the very start…but when it comes to this…I guess one day I just knew. He’s the one…he’s perfect for me, and I adore him. When he looks at me, I always feel shy…when he holds me, I feel safe…when he kisses me, my heart skips a beat…when we make love, it always feels like the first time. He’s precious to me…I’m willing to do anything for him. Just thinking of him makes me blush. In fact, just answering this question is making my heart beat so fast I can barely breathe. He seems to have that effect on me. I’m so blessed that out of all the people in the world, he picked me. I’m so happy to call him mine. Now we’re getting married…I’m the happiest ink demon alive…and as long as I’m with him, I always will be…I love him. And the only ones who could ever love him more than I do…are our kids.” He signed.

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more deity! s/o × daniel please! maybe you could do something where daniel goes to s/o's temple a looot and they eventually talk to him. also i highkey died @ the youre basically jd and veronica haha!

(im really glad someone enjoyed my joke!)

*your temple is his favorite place to be

*it’s a safe place in a chaotic world

*a world he wants to fix

*but he comes there often

*often enough to catch your attention

*he prays for an awfully long time

*you can’t actually hear it, so you wonder what it is he wants

*you decide to ask him

*you appear before him, looking just like the statue of you in the center of the room

*he adores you right then and there

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kingdom hearts!

This was a tough one… So i narrowed it down to 3….

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Sora - AN ADORABLE DORK, look at him? he’s such a cutie.

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Ansem - aghhhhh i love this guy, just.. such an amazing villain. 

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Marluxia - Flower boy, he plays with roses and a huge scythe, while being clever and sassy.

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But can you imagine Harry when you're trying to study for a midterm? He's either gonna try to distract you with adorable shit or be super helpful and quiz you on stuff and be super proud when you get it right. Wish he was helping me study for my uni midterms 😭 Love you btw ❤❤

he’d be SO DISTRACTING at first! poking your notes with a pencil or trying to draw on your flashcards, giggling as you’d swat away his hands. Maybe he’d make silly faces at you, calling your name until you’d finally look over to see him googly-eyeing you (I WOULD LITERALLY GET SO MAD AT HIM) 

but he’d also probably see that you’re stressed and offer to truly quiz you on things, or go and grab you another cup of coffee or tea, or maybe even surprise you after a long day of studying with a dinner out or movie. 

i want a boyfriend H. :~(