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Mornings in St. Petersburg 
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Hide us from the wrath of the lamb.


credits to @eikyrona for letting me animate this fanart 

tigracespace  asked:

Okay, so I had an idea. Anti is very surprising, he probably won't make the same appearance twice. What if he has gotten stronger and his glitches have gotten more sneaky? What if Anti is slowly showing himself again? Jack said he was never done. Is the chaotic demon Boss back? We have talked so much about Anti and Jack likes the idea of Anti, it's fun; so, why wouldn't he make more appearances that aren't around Halloween? Think about it. Anti never left, he is just waiting for the right time.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason Destiel isnt canon yet is because its always in the actors faces, every convention, almost every question. From my experience, the more I’m reminded of something I dont wanna do, the less I wanna do it. I was thinking that perhaps Jensen and Misha wouldnt be so unconfortable with it if there weren’t the constant reminders (which qualify as harrassment due to their frequency).

New Years resolution everyone? I’ve got one. At SPN conventions, lets ask non-shippy questions. As a collective audience, we are allowed three destiel specific questions, tops. Minumize the inappropriate sexualization of these actors. Lets stop the harassment!

“But what will I ask them?” You say.

I’ve got a list to get you started.

- In season 8, Castiel confessed to Dean that he was afraid he would kill himself. When will the show address this serious topic again, as it clearly is still prevelant?

-What was your favorite scene centered around the Impala

-Will we see the green cooler again?

-Castiel’s signature trenchcoat is an iconic part of his character. In recent years, the length of the coats he wears has gotton shorter. What is the symbolism behind this?

-What is the relationship between Castiel and Sam?

-How would Dean describe each of his allies? What are his honest thoughts about them?

-What is Dean’s alternative Go-To-Dessert?

-What would be Dean’s field of study be if he went to college?

-Sam attended Harvard as a Law student. Do you believe this has helped the boys during run ins with the law? Does Sam’s understanding of these laws allow them to find loopholes?

-Dean Winchester is clearly very intelligent in his own respects, but doesnt give himself enough credit. Why?

-Castiel’s quirky mannerisms have been labeled as angelic traits, but are rarely displayed by other angels. Was this intentional? If so, why?

-Are there any choices you’ve made for your character you regret? Mannerisms. Expressions. Ect.

-Castiel and Mary are fast friends. What do they think of each other? How would you describe their bond?

-What is your fondest childhood memory?

-Castiel has a deep love for humanity. What does he find most endeering about them?

-What is Dean’s favorite Taylor Swift song?

-Where did Dean learn to cook?

-Is the bunker a physical representation of Dean’s thought process?

-For many years, Dean and Sam have been sacrificing themselves for each other. In the season 11 finale, this unhealthy codependent cycle was broken. How do you think this has affected Dean and Sam’s relationship? How do you feel about this?

-And so on…

I have a theory that if Destiel and shippjng werent in their face so much, that they would be more comfortable with it. Im sure they’d enjoy themselves more at conventions. Im certain they’d feel more respected as well. Lets do it guys!


Hannibal Advent Calendar
↳ Day 8: Fromage

“I was worried you were dead.

Without any words this scene conveys so much.

When Hannibal sees Jack entering the room, no Will behind him, it’s like he stops, holding his gaze, preparing himself for the worst.
Then, few seconds later, when Will shows up, it’s like he allows himself to breath again.

(I’m sorry for the terrible quality of these, I just had a very LD version of the episode to work with!)

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What's the point of Stefan becoming a slave to Cade? He on his own has redeemed himself. He doesn't need to go dark again to show that he's turned himself around. Also, Elena bringing him out of it would be biggest slap in the face to SC.

Yeah, I keep tuning out of the boys and the Cade/Sirens arc because it’s all too confusing but what is the point? If the rumours about the SC wedding are true then he’s obviously going to redeem himself so what was this all for, you know? Yeah, Elena doing that would be a massive slap in the face but I feel like the person that would suffer most from that would be Caroline and I don’t want that for her. That would be such a horrible thing to do to her character so close to the end.

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He’d seen it before . How PRECISE the kid could shoot was incredible , 10K never missed a shot to the head . Walker after walker was shot down by the rifle that he carried around , and Rick had to admit he was IMPRESSED Show me again , If the kid could prove himself one more time , the right hand man in front of him would be putting him on the WALL , a position many people wanted , as they got special privileges and obtained their points a lot faster than anyone ELSE did .

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Imagine that Leonard notices Jim and Spock are together, and when he confronts them about it (after stewing over the fact for a while), they tell him he’s welcome to join their relationship anytime.  Leonard argues that he’s had his fill of romance - every relationship ended in disaster - and he’s not looking to be disappointed again.  Yet he finds himself showing up occasionally where Jim and Spock are: at first joining them for meals, then on a quiet evening at the observation deck, and soon after for a leisurely shore leave.  When he shows up at their shared quarters one night where they are tucked around each other in bed, Spock reading and Jim relaxing, he doesn’t say anything and they don’t either, just slide over to make room for him.  This begins to happen more frequently, Leonard inviting himself over during the evenings, sharing their dinner, sometimes staying over for cuddles-that’s-not-quite-cuddling.  He realizes one day that Jim and Spock’s acceptance of him was never in question; it has always been his acceptance of them.  That is why it’s so easy for him to be with them at any time, and why there are no expectations.  From their perspective, he is a part of them already whether he chooses to be with them or not.  So, the next time Leonard goes to Jim and Spock, he decides to leave something behind, a small thing, almost a trinket.  When they notice that he does this, he warns them pointedly, “Don’t move it, I’ll be back to get it.”  Jim and Spock solemnly promise they will take care of it, and they do, keeping that trinket as close to their hearts as they keep Leonard for years and years to come. 

So I was thinking about Greg, and putting some earlier episodes into perspective, and thought of a terrible thing

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It just breaks my heart to hear that Jongin got hurt again. We all know how much he loves to dance and stand on that stage, he’s always working so hard and i bet he was overworking himself again to show us a perfect performance, but it’s not good if it comes to this. I don’t want him to apologize for this, I don’t want him to be sad and to blame himself. They’re all so tired, they definitely need a break, it’s too much. I want Jongin and the boys to be always healthy and happy, that’s the most important thing. Take good care of yourself Jongin and get well soon, we love you ♡

Ghostlight - cc fic

Title: Ghostlight
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: G / 5,100
Summary: Darren is a fairly successful actor currently staring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway.  One night, after a show, all alone on the stage, he turns off the ghost light.  What happens next changes his perspective and more.

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It doesn’t actually take that long for Darren to get cleaned up after a show. By “Wicked Little Town” most of his make up is lost to sweat and costume changes, and by curtain call he’s down to little black shorts and sneakers. It’s quick and easy to jump into the shower and rinse the last of the paint and glitter and sweat from his skin. It takes far, far longer to make him look like Hedwig Robinson than it does to make him look like himself again.

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[ I just remembered I had a dream this morning about the next episode/

Tsukiyama finally showed up again and he was all being himself with shouting about eating Kaneki

but then his rant slowly started to turn into something else and he’s like

‘Mon dieu! What is this tremolo in my chest?! Could I have feelings for Kaneki-kun! Non! I want to eat him…for certain…but…’

Then he started to have all these flashes of like Kaneki in different poses until it finally showed Kaneki in a wedding dress and Tsukiyama is drooling. Then he starts arguing with himself.

“Food! No…boyfriend! Food! Lover!’

And he’s like having a mental break down, each time he shouts out food he pictures Kaneki on a plate, but everytime he shouts out lover he pictures him in a wedding dress or on his bed. ]

And the award goes to:

Kanye West is an idiot, Beyonce was not robbed, and way too many people are reacting to this like 8 year olds with a poor understanding that there are other people in the world with opinions different than their own.

First of all, Kanye.

Kanye is ridiculous. I don’t think he’s ridiculous because he’s confident- he’s said a lot of great things about confidence- but even a broken clock is right twice a day. He’s ridiculous because he’s cripplingly egocentric. Time and time again he shows himself to be some sort of self-centered idiot savant: brilliantly skilled and accomplished but all but refusing to display any inkling of understanding of the fact that there are other ways to live but his own. He measures everything he encounters by the Golden Rule of his own success and approval and forgets that he, despite what internet memes may say, is not actually the divine ruler of this material world.

Let us not forget that for a while, his stance has always been on how ‘real’ he is and how he’s like the one true bastion or 'realness’ and honesty in a greedy, fabricated media bullshit world.

But then he goes and sells a plain white T-shirt for $150 because he can, and gives his designer buddy the N-word pass to name their fashion collab “The Last Niggas in Paris”

External image

…Okay. Oh also he is super fond of using Masonic imagery in his work. I’m not going to go into that a lot here because it’s a subject all on its own but my point is that he absolutely thinks he’s some sort of fucking messiah just because he’s good at being rich and it’s ridiculous that he ever played like he was down to earth in the slightest.

So then this baby goes up, pretends to do his stupid stunt  at the Grammys because he can’t stand for a camera not to be on him for 5 minutes, okay, he doesn’t do it.

But then when it’s all said and done he does actually verbalize that he felt Beyonce was 'robbed’ and that Beck should have given his award to her.

Hold that thought.

A lot of people on tumblr love Beyonce and our other sexy Popstars Du Jour (Nicki, Rihanna, Taylor Swift; previously Britney, Shakira, and Mariah, and probably back to Aaliyah and TLC). For some reason, though, they all seem to be forgetting something:

Not everyone fucking listens to the same music.

It’s funny and all to jest that music that you don’t like is so unimportant because clearly your taste is all that matters (“Who is this Paul guy?” “I’ve never heard of Nirvana, are they new?”) but on the real it’s just immature. There is a whole world of people out here and artists who are not Beyonce, and yet people are legitimately justifying their stance that Beyonce was robbed by saying things like “I’ve never even heard of Beck!” So? You exist in an exclusive bubble of tastes. Beck never came across your dash, your feed, and wasn’t mentioned to you by any of your friends. That doesn’t mean Beck isn’t an accomplished artist.

So now there’s this whole rude ass wiki war going on where the Beyhive fucked with Beck’s page and Beck fans had to fix it and it’s just like..why is this happening?

Are you all that immature that you, like baby Kanye, throw literal fits when you don’t get your way? 

Let me tell you something- literally no one else on the planet is you and while Kanye might tell you here why that means you are the One and Only God, I’m telling you that you need to remember that there are other people’s whose opinions are valid… and their work, too.

Beyonce is a pop product- one of the best, and one of the few that took the reins on what the music industry made of her to do her own shit on her own time most fabulously, to the point that she went from being  an extremely popular popstar to a verifiable Diva- but she is still a person who uses song and lyric writers for the most part, has a team of people she works with to manage her media image, and so on. She’s not a one woman show, she’s the president of her empire.

Beck has been famous on his own since the 90s, is 4 time Platinum, Rolling Stone 'greatest album’ winning, and has done a lot of his work by himself.

His win didn’t come out of nowhere and is not less valid just because YOU didn’t hear his album.

So I’m really tired of people griping about how this 50-shades fan got 'robbed’ just because she didn’t get ONE thing she could have won- she still got many awards and is like, THE most awarded Grammy winner ever or some shit. Calm down and get off of Kanye’s balls, which many of you are on because the grandeur of his conceit is indeed alluring and many people wish they could be him, and the first step is imitation. We all love to indulge in this sort of self-absorbed fantasy but you all need to pull the plug on living vicariously through Kanye just because he’s basically carrying out a revenge fantasy for you all by throwing a fit the likes of which you are incapable of and bringing media attention to his foot stomping over his BFFs loss.

Grow up.