hes serious son

you know, I’m glad they made the NATM movies a few years apart, it’s a really good way to compare how you enjoy movies as you grow up. for example, in the first movie, I enjoyed the novel idea of exhibits coming to life. in the second, I was old enough to appreciate the story. and in the third, I litERALLY SPENT THE ENTIRE FILM THIRSTING AFTER AHK

When Dad played favourites 😂 father and son dispute
Ok, Honest to God Reasons Why SVT Woozi is DEFINITELY NOT CUTE

Ok I’m serious this time.

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You haven’t qualified yet, Charlie.

Hugh Dancy as Charlie Paige, Dangerfield - Paths (S05E07)

Jack Killer Ketch💀

Jack: Daddy, I want to play that dummy… *Serious Faced*

Lazypapyrus: Ok Son, show me what you got!

Jack: …. *Serious Faced*

1 Minute Later….

Lazypapyrus: Uhmm…. Son?

Jack: Yes Daddy, Oh…! Right! *Serious Faced*
1 Hour Later….

Lazypapyrus: Are you going to use your magic or not? Im Hungry.

Jack: (Left Eye is Glowing “Red”)

*The Dummy Feels Hurt Badly, Like a Nightmare!*

Lazypapyrus: What happen to the Dummy…?

Jack: I dont know… Wait Daddy give me a sec *Serious Faced*
(Right Eye is Glowing “Orange”) …Morte

[ The Dummy is Dead ]

Jack: So Daddy, How is it…?

Lazypapyrus: Wow Son, Your so Strong and wow i like your Magic and i heard that u said Ache and… and…. wait…. uhm…. ngh….. I can’t remeber…. OHH!!!! I GET IT!!!! its Morte! Wait…. what kind of word is that?

Jack: Daddy, its Portuguese. Morte is Death.

Lazypapyrus: Wo-…! *My Stomach is Growling*

Jack: Daddy… What is that?

Lazypapyrus: Haha…. Well Son, Im already hungry!!!

Jack: Oh… Sorry dad! Come on, Let’s go home!


The reason Jaehyunnie grew 5cm overnight (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

jsyk in the middle of class the other day i asked my friend “if werewolves have more hair than an average human when they’re in human form” cause , like , shit , taylor lautner has a legit flawless chest and it makes a girl think okay and these are the kind of conversation and opinions puck would ask at 3 am when he phone ur muse up after 6 months of not seeing u


cutest dad in the commonwealth looks at cutest reporter like she’s the world, more at 7