hes rly attractive


astro  cha eunwoo.

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send me a group and i’ll make a gifset of the member i find most attractive!

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he smokes like…half a pack to a pack of cigarettes a day rip

he has baseball posters all over the walls in his room

he gets rly attracted to shy peiple

#smoking / im mobile sry

This guy just came in and kept coming in like three or four times and then I finally asked him why he was coming in so much and he said “well I think you’re so pretty so I keep wanting to see you” and I’m like snsksmsnska bye like ok and then he came in AGAIN and asked this lady “isn’t she the prettiest girl you’ve been” and I’m over here like 😦😦 and I said ‘stop you’re making me blush’ and then he said “I’m a real gentleman, i wanna take you out on a date” and I said “oh really” and he left me his number and I’m screaming because he has the nicest car I’ve ever seen and he’s actually rly attractive and I wanna die