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James Flint + that probably shouldn’t be attractive and yet.. 

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joe: literally changes the script so that michael doesnt mention girls at all
joe: writes michael as a closeted gay character
joe and joe and george: support gay michael
michael: pining after a guy the whole play
michael: gets asked to prom by a guy
joe: i accept all headcanons tho!
yall: michael is OBVIOUSLY bi or pan lol

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wait... you like hp and snk? any headcanons on the snks in hogwarts?


so for the 104th:

  • ok so annie has to be in slytherin along with ymir.
  • krista/historia comes from a long line of slytherins, but ends up in hufflepuff (lil pureblood aww).
  • eren is gryffindor. srsly guys.
  • armin i either place in ravenclaw or slytherin. i like slytherin armin. 
  • mikasa is a debate. my best friend is convinced she’d follow eren to gryffindor, i think she’d be a brilliant hufflepuff. 
  • bert would be a gr9 hufflepuff.
  • jean is a slytherin
  • marco is a hufflepuff. 
  • reiner im rly torn on a lot of ppl put him in slytherin a lot in gryffindor. i dont like him rly so i dont rly care.
  • connie is a great hufflepuff, best bros with sasha for years until they fall in love aww. 
  • sasha im torn btwn puffs and gryffindor. i prefer gryffindor sasha tbh.
  • connie + sasha do so many pranks. connie blows stuff up. all the time. he cant rly help it. think seamus. 
  • gryffindor sasha becomes best bros with connie, finds where the puff den is, and kind of. camps out there. they like her. they accept her as one of them. theres food. 
  • annie comes from a rly long line of purebloods. she + kristoria are from “ancient + noble houses” they’ve known eachother for ages. they grew up great friends. theyre great friends. everyone thinks theyre related and tbh they probs are because ancient pureblood houses are always related.
  • mikasa is a half blood dont fight me on this. shes brilliant at everything but where hermione obsessed on school mikasa obsesses on “e r e n”
  • eren is shit at everything he’s probs a muggleborn and one time jean (pureblood) calls him a mudblood and ends up in the infirmary regrowing his spine or something because u dont fuck with mikasa’s brotato chip. eren’s rly good at quidditch tho he’s chaser and he’s amazing
  • jean is a piece of shit slytherin pureblood + he has a malfoy-potter esque rivalry with eren and it goes rly far. in 6th or 7th year he does something rly bad to eren like sectumsempra or something and mikasa slams him with an unforgivable (not killing tho) no one proves anything but after that jean gives up any crush he had on mikasa (and then he dates marco + its ok)
  • he also tries out for quidditch and fails so badly its actually pathetic
  • annie is slytherin’s seeker and she’s amazing at it. shes this tiny little thing who wears diamond earrings and family crest rings to games and catches the snitch every time. mikasa plays seeker for gryffindor and has yet to lose to anyone but annie. she has yet to beat annie. 
  • kristoria (as im gonna call her here) is this cute lil pureblood puff who will destroy you if you say anything bad about her friends or literally anyone. she has huge family issues but is their sole heir so they’re stuck with their “disgrace of a daughter.” 
  • she plays seeker she’s amazing
  • ymir plays keeper for the snakes and that girl is gr9 at it. slytherin hasn’t lost the quidditch cup since she + annie started playing. she’s madly in love with our lil kristoria and thats returned theyre super cute and gay and no one messes with yumikuri. 
  • shes a pureblood too but was taken in by muggle relatives (pureblood aunt was disowned when she married a muggle) when her magical family was wiped out. they love her very much even though shes a lil shit. (they love krista too and she stays with them every summer since first year)
  • armin is either a slytherin or ravenclaw. hes a muggleborn and befriends eren + mikasa on the train. hes rly insecure until he realizes eren is muggleborn too and they become great friends.
  • slytherin armin. oh dear yes. he becomes annie’s friend and kinda messes things up but then they’re ok and eventually they fall for eachother and everything is ok they go around scheming world domination and theyre super adorable

and now the teachers/old farts:

  • pixis is headmaster and he literally is only better than dumbledore because he doesnt raise some poor kid for slaughter. 
  • levi (former slytherin) is potions and he always wanted DADA but he’s basically snape as in he’s stuck teaching the subject he’s actually amazing at. he loves first years because he’s still taller than them. he’s best friends with hanji (fellow former slytherin, i will fight you) and they either bang as well or are actually dating/married. no one rly knows.
  • levi is also head of slytherin house
  • hanji does magical creatures she’s rly enthusiastic its rly adorable but she lets questionable stuff happen. people either love or hate her as a teacher.
  • rico (former hufflepuff) teaches herbology. she’s head of hufflepuff house and is pretty cool if u get to know her
  • erwin (former ravenclaw) is best bros with hanji + levi. he teaches divination and everyones convinced thats so that ppl will take the class. (hes rly attractive and knows jack shit about divination) every week they have some sort of party where everyone tries to outdo each other on the ridiculousness of the death omen.
  • he’s head of ravenclaw house.
  • (kristoria is actually a seer probably and can actually see them its rly creepy she terrified everyone the first time but she uses that to fuck with people and ymir + annie are like “r u sure ur not a slytherin”)
  • nanaba (former gryffindor) is hanji’s best friend. she teaches DADA and is close enough to levi that she can tease him mercilessly about it. the students love her. she’s head of gryffindor house and holds “powwows” where everyone of a year sits in a circle and she gives great advice. (rumor is when they hit 17 everyone just gets drunk nanaba is rly cool)
  • nile is care taker think filch he hates e v e r y o n e

but yeah!! i got rly into this i hope u enjoy as much as i did!!

Cafe Research - Part 1 (Steve x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Steve Rogers

Persona: Female

Word Count: 732

Request: I had this idea of a one-shot: the reader is on a cafe, doing some research work and it happens to be about Captain America. So she is talking with a friend on a phone and talking about the work and the difficulty to find details for a long work and+   (the steve imagine, reader at cafe) +and it happens he is in that cafe so he hears her talking about it so he, finding her rly attractive, decides to help her out. After that they become friends and both develop feelings for each other.+ (steve imagine, reader at cafe) +steve asks her out and the date is ice-skating(steve teaching the reader how to) and then steve decides to let her know of his feelings and she does it too. The rest is up to you. Did u like it? Can u make it? Tysm! 

A/N - Sorry for the lack of updates, (part two will becoming soon), school’s a killer ;-;. Enjoy lovely <3

Your name: submit What is this?

Everyone at college had been given something to talk about, each topic was different: some had been given animals, others different books. You were given the topic of Captain America, (your teacher believed you to be the most able student, she knew you could write a very good report about him), a lot of the other students were jealous. 

Not wanting to do it later, you decided that today would be a good day to do it. Unfortunately for you the internet at your house was down so you had to go to the local cafe to steal their WiFi for your research.

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