hes really not a minor character but

Damn Bell - Sam x Reader

Written For: Friends Quote Challenge

Prompt: Hi, is my misery amusing you

Warnings: Language, character minor injury

Sam had finally caved in and let his girlfriend Y/n go on a hunt with him and Dean. At that moment Sam really regretted it, she had taken a bad fall and broken her leg. She was going to be fine, it was no one’s fault it was just an accident, the wood floor of the abandoned house was rotten and she fell through it.

Dean had left the bunker he said he was going to a bar and Sam wished he would’ve gone with, but he couldn’t leave Y/n alone. Nobody could reach Castiel he was off looking for Kelly and they hadn’t heard from him. Sam heard the noise again, “gees that damn bell” he said. Sam got up and walked to the bedroom he and Y/n shared, “hey baby, do you need something” Sam said. “Yeah I have to go the bathroom” Y/n said, Sam carried her to the bathroom and helped her back in bed when she was done.

Sam had went backto the library he was doing research trying to find cases or Kelly’s whereabouts. Again he heard the damn bell, he got up and back into the bedroom. “Yes baby” Sam said, “you’re mad at me” she said, “No, Y/n I’m not mad, I just, it’s that noise, that bell” Sam said. “Oh, well I would get my water myself, but I can’t walk” Y/n said pouting. Sam went to the kitchen, he felt like crap now, he brought her the water. “I’ll be in the library if you need me” Sam said.

Sam was in the library and he found a couple things that might be cases and he even got some cleaning done. Sam was making burgers dinner and he went to the bedroom. He went to check on her since it been quiet for the last few hours, he got to the door. He heard sniffling through the door, she was crying, he opened the door.

Sam went in the room and made eye contact with her and she rolled over turning her back to him. Yep she was crying, from the looks of it he was the reason. He went around the bed and sat next to her, “Y/n I’m sorry baby” he said smiling. “Hi, is my misery amusing you” Y/n said, “No baby, you just look so cute” he said. “Nice use of that Friends line though” he said, “I’m sorry, I complained about the bell, I was being an ass” Sam said. “No arguments there, but I’m sorry if I was over doing it with the bell, I was just lonely Sammy” she said.

“Oh shit baby, I should’ve known, but why didn’t tell you me” he said, “I thought you would just know, you’d see my sad face and you’d know” Y/n said. “I’m sorry I should wear a hat that says ass” Sam said, “No, no need for an ass hat” Y/n said. They both laughed, “I came in here to get you for dinner” he said. He gently lifted her up and carried her to the library and sat her carefully sat her in a chair.

Sam brought dinner out and set it in front of her, “thank you, it looks great Sammy” she said. They ate dinner and Sam brought her back to the bedroom, but that time he stayed with her. Sam sat on the bed leaning on the wall and she put her head on his chest. They watched Friends on Netflix and he stayed by her side for the rest of the night.

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Persona 3, 4, 5 Protagonists

Persona 3
Male MC

What you think he is: an anti-social character who hates everyone

What he really is: a caring character who wants to protect everyone with his life

Female MC

What you think she is: a carefree girl

What she really is: can date all the men she likes all at the same time including a minor without them ever finding out

Persona 4

What you think he is: a serious yet cool character

What he really is: a dork and a low-key perv

Persona 5

What you think he is: Nerd, calm, collected kid

What he really is: FUCKING SATAN

Ok I just finished Power Rangers (2017) and I don’t think Allistics quite understand how important it was to see Billy (the blue ranger) portrayed the way he was. 

In media, there’s generally only one kind of canon autistic. And by canon I mean “The source material uses terminology that references autism or outright states said character is autistic”, and Billy straight up said “I’m on the spectrum” which is how many of us say “I’m autistic” without actually saying it’s Autism Spectrum Disorder. He also said “No it’s a diagnosis” when he missed Jason’s (the red ranger) joke. 

So we only get one (1) kind of autistic in media. What kind is that? Well look no further than Sherlock “I’m a high functioning sociopath” Holmes of BBC’s Sherlock. That is usually what we get. A genuinely horribly written person who treats his peers like trash because he believes he’s smarter than them, and is given ~mystical Autism powers~ [read: he’s really good at logic and things] because of the fact that he is Autistic. 

We generally get the white boy who likes trains, is good at math, and treats people badly (if an adult) or is a “problem child” if a minor. 

Billy is a black autistic teenager. Now I’m white, I should say that straight up, but it is super important that we see black autistic characters. Why? Because people of color are massively under diagnosed with autism. The reasons for that vary, it could be resources (getting diagnosis is expensive), but a lot of it does have to do with racism in the field of psychology. It’s important for young black autistics to be able to see people like Billy on TV. To be able to think “That’s me. I could be a power ranger to.” 

Not once was Billy shown to be a “problem child” at all. He was a Soft Boy. He has special interests, trouble communicating and picking up on social cues. A few times there I thought he was going to cry from the stress of everything and when the bully at the start of the movie broke his pencils I felt what he did because I was in his situation once upon a time. He was distressed and if it wasn’t for Jason stepping in I have no doubt that the bully would have pushed him to tears. 

Billy was the reason everything took off. He found the coins. He was able to map out where the crystal was. He was the first to morph!!

He wasn’t this egotistical jackass who treats coworkers like they’re disposable silverware, he was a real person. He was a real autistic person. 

And seeing someone like him, being himself and was unapologetic about it! And when he did face shit for being autistic, both times the bully got fucked up. It even went the extra step of making the bully a running gag for getting hurt and tbh I don’t give a shit about a bully’s feelings I’m glad it was a running gag. 

Billy is so important, and I need people to understand we need more people like him in media at large. 

So I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Lots of thoughts bouncing around. Some spoiler free thoughts:

  • Loved it. 
  • Gamora has a much more….consistent/fleshed out personality in this one? I love it.
  • That’s actually true of basically all the characters. Especially Drax and Gamora. 
  • Rocket steals the show. And other things he should not steal. 
  • Also Nebula. Nebula was WAY more interesting and dynamic. 
  • Really strong theme development and BEAUTIFUL color palette. DC, takes notes.
  • If I have one major complaint with the film, its that it has too many antagonistic forces, so the focus gets split. Lesson: Never more than 2 antagonists. Any more than 2 and things get dicey. 
  • Groot is so cute and the movie is very very aware of this. 
  • Mantis is very likable. 
  • Holy shit, 3 named female characters, each with their own minor character arc not directly tied to romance in the film? MARVEL STUDIOS, YOU SPOIL ME. 
  • Stay until the very very end of the credits. There’s like 5 stingers. 

anonymous asked:

What's your stance on the drama surrounding Thomas sanders?

There’s drama surrounding Thomas Sanders? If there is that’s the first I’ve heard of it. One sec….

Okay apparently people are on him because he includes ace/aro people in the LGBTQIA+ community? And that’s a sin? Okay… I read his response on that and I thought it was amazing and even eye opening. “They’re not LGBT. They’re ‘A’” What’s wrong with making a little more room at the table for people with marginalized identities? It’s not like the queer community is an exclusive club. We’re all supposed to be there for each other. Even if you disagree on this…so?? Is that really a valid reason to hate a person?

And…he reblogged nsfw artwork he didn’t know was made by a minor and apologized for it. Cool. Good on him. He’s a human and everyone makes slip-ups. I swear I can’t stand the callout culture on this site. Stop treating mistakes by well-intentioned people like irredeemable character flaws. Stop it. If you’re a bitter person you can always find a reason to hate someone. But that reflects negatively on you, not them.

Thomas always tries his hardest to do the right thing and be as inclusive and understanding as possible. I hate how the internet tries so hard to completely demonize well-intentioned people over disagreements and/or honest slip-ups. He’s one of the kindest people I know and he does a heck of a better job than I do at being an all-around inclusive sweetheart who responds kindly to all kinds of hate and slander. I support him completely.

Gabriel's "Omnic Rights" Speech

I literally cannot stress how important it is that Gabriel is the one sympathizing or being understanding towards Omnics, a “minority” that he himself DIRECTLY fought against and defeated in wartime. This is REALLY BIG for his character and shows a depth that I think many fans knew he had/was capable of but had little to no canon to stand on. Now that he has this, it’s great proof that him and his later persona of Reaper are not “mindless hate monsters/machines” but individuals fully capable of agency, emotional reasoning, critical insight, and empathy. The fact that Gabriel is aware and implied to be supportive of a group - however extreme - that is fighting to claim their rights and stand their group is an indication that Blizzard is moving his character in a good direction.

I feel pretty firm in saying that “Reaper” is likely Chaotic Good-Neutral with hard views on himself, Overwatch/Blackwatch, “the conspiracy,” and the ability to believe that sometimes “the ends do justify the means.” This makes fan theories that Infiltration Reaper is “in on the plan” much more likely, and provides set up for a possible redemption arc Soon™ (Blizzard Soon).


minor characters - minerva mcgonagall

“Get back!” shouted Ron, and he, Harry and Hermione flattened themselves against a door as a herd of galloping desks thundered past, shepherded by a sprinting Professor McGonagall. She appeared not to notice them: her hair had come down and there was a gash on her cheek. As she turned the corner, they heard her scream: “CHARGE!

Rambling about Reigen

Okay, so i really like the popularity of the whole Reigen is asexual headcanon. 

For a lot of reasons. so I’m going to ramble for a bit. not just about that, but also about Reigen and friendship in general.

One thing being; he’s not the sort of character that usually gets seen or portrayed as asexual. He’s not innocent or childish or naive in any way. He’s a sly con man whose greatest weapon is his words and he isn’t above outright manipulation. but he’s also a character who places great importance on being a responsible adult, and damn well tells off adults who pick fights with children. 

But he’s also really lacking in personal connections, and throughout the series thus far has shown no interest in forming romantic relationships, never so much as acting flustered or infatuated around anyone even as a gag. 

but while he has shown no interest in romance he also seems to neglect most other relationships too, but seemingly unintentionally. his neglect of his friendships, unlike his lack of interest pursuing romance, is something that it’s often shown he regrets.

His only real interpersonal connection in the series is with Mob (and Dimple) for the longest time, and after they fall out and we find out more about Reigen’s life outside of his connection to Shigeo we also find out more about the people he knows:

The closest thing he has to friends are a bar full of easily manipulated and flakey people, who turn on him the moment the whole media scandal starts. 

But what makes this different to most ‘loner’ asexual stereotypes is the fact that Reigen is actually incredibly adept at understanding people and isn’t socially inept at all, in contrast to Mob (who in further contrast, is also really good at making friends despite his social ineptitude). 

His main downfall really is that he can be a bit too dismissive of the people he actually cares about at times, both intentionally and unintentionally. Which affects the few interpersonal connections he really does care about since he does take them for granted at times, first with mob in the separation arc, and later in a much more minor way with Serizawa, when Reigen waits until the last minute before asking to hang out with Serizawa for new years:

Serizawa is so important to me as a character, but in regards to Reigen he’s also Reigen’s first real adult friend/employee in the entire series. so while minor, this incident does inform us of quite a bit in contrast to the start of the seperation arc. For one, Reigen accepts the rejection much better than when Mob told him he was busy that time, and even though Serizawa is just as, if not more socially inept than Mob, Reigen doesn’t dismiss his claim of having other friends. So, character growth!

The fandom likes to joke about it a lot, but Reigen has become a beacon of “Dad” to all the kids in the series, as well as the adults who act like kids if i’m honest! (looking at Claw with that statement) And despite being a fraud he’s the one everyone comes to for help, adults and kids alike. 

He’s the person the former Claw members go to at the start of the second Claw arc in order to get help, same with Teru. He’s the one Mob calls to take him and his friends out alien hunting rather than asking his parents. And he’s the one who solves the problems of so many other people in the series using words or plain old common sense. He may not go about things in the most ethical way, but he always honestly tries to leave people in a better place than where they started, even if that involves manipulation.

All in all he’s a unique and complex character, and honestly I couldn’t support the ace Reigen headcanon more. 

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Can you tell me what ken penders deal is i didn't really follow the sonic comics.

  1. Ken Penders is a shitty artist and worse writer
  2. Ken Penders works on the sonic Comic
  3. Ken Penders wants to make his own original comic about his sonic ocs
  4. Penders begins to insert them into the backstory of Knuckles
  5. This starts as a back-up feature to the sonic comic, but eventually Knuckles gets his own book
  6. He begins to have his own characters take more and more of a main role
  7. Eventually, Knuckles is a minor character in his own book cause of all these fucking echinda
  8. Penders is fired
  9. Ian Potto/Flynn begins working on the Sonic comic around issue 160
  10. The comic gets really fucking good, Flynn uses all established elements of the lore well, with a light-hearted, appropriate tone
  11. Penders gets mad other people are touching his things
  12. Penders sues for ownership of his shit characters
  13. Archie can’t just blow his asshole open cause a FUCKING FIRE DESTROYED PENDERS’ CONTRACT
  14. Penders harasses Archie for years while trying to start his own Ebin Lara Su Comic
  15. Eventually Archie gives in at Sega’s behest and gives him all his shit, soft-reboots the comic to erase all of Penders characters’.
  16. Penders continues to fucking harass them over insane shit (I own Eggman cause technically the current Eggman is this character from an issue I wrote!)
  17. He encourages his other shit writer friends to try and pull the same stunt as him, banking on their contracts being lost too
  18. Archie folds the comic and Sega takes it to IDW to do a complete, hard reboot
  19. Penders draws tickle fetish foot porn of Lara-Su on twitter and claims it is commentary about trump (no really)

one of my absolute favourite scenes in the harry potter films is so subtle. and yet, when you notice it, it blows you the hell away

it’s almost nearing the end of gof when harry brings cedrics body back to hogwarts

as everyone begins realising that something’s not quite right, and dumbledore comes racing down to harrys side, watch severus very carefully- he’s in the top right next to minerva. when dumbledore’s going to harry, you can just see severus’ hands unfolding before he touches minervas arm to alert her then runs down to see what’s happening

then when fudge says ‘a boy’s just been killed’, watch severus’ face, before he goes over and crouches down, touching dumbledores back, then when he realises it’s just cedric, he backs off…

bonus: i found this in a yt comment- somebody said that snape gives cedric his cloak, because 1. when amos comes down, he pushes something off of cedrics body then as the camera pans down, there’s something black on his body and 2. severus isn’t wearing his cloak when he comes to rescue harry with dd and minerva. i’m not sure if this is true or was just a minor screw up with wardrobe but if it is true, then my god…….that’s really impressive

this Never gets talked about, and it’s suuuuch a huge shame, because it honestly speaks volumes to snapes character

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Heeey. Sorry if I disturb you by something or anything but could you maybe list some good shows? (It's not a must that LGBT couples are included) thanks a lot ❤️❤️💫

Hi, Anon! 

You’re not disturbing!

So I’m the type of person that watches a pretty random variety of shows so I’m not sure what your taste leans toward exactly. 

If you have any suggestions, make a comment or drop me a message with the show and why you like it! And if you want, make a suggestion on how to make this list better!

** Is for shows other people suggest to me. I’ll comment if I’ve heard of it or seen any of it. 

*I’ll try to put if it’s LGBT friendly. And also I want to put down if it’s diverse or not and a note if you suggest a show is diverse…I’m looking for either the main character that is a POC or more than 1-2 minor characters that show up often enough to make a difference to the plot. Don’t tell me a show is diverse if it’s 3 black characters are just window-dressing…👀

Let me see what I can remember and rec those and what I tried and didn’t like. 

  • -Shadowhunters: I love this trash show. It’s actually not all that great but it’s got some absolute gems of characters you end up watching it for anyway. I def recommend but S1 was watched with a ton of skip Clary/Jace scenes for me. This is LGBT friendly and diverse.  
  • -Riverdale: I tried man, I used to read Archie comics when I was younger but um, this show…I think it’s supposed to be ironically pretentious? It just falls flat for me tbh. It’s popular though so you can check a couple of episodes out to see if it’s your thing. There’s an openly gay character in this that should get more story than he does. Also, kind of LGBT baits too at times so not sure if I trust them completely. 
  • -The Expanse: My sci-fi pick. I love this show. It’s gorgeous, diverse, rich story, funny without trying too hard. I just get sucked into every character. It had one older married gay couple that was really minor characters but I don’t recall any current mains that are. But It’s an inclusive show so I don’t think it’s particularly averse to the idea. Based on books I haven’t read yet! 
  • -Veep: This is like a completely meant-to-be-offensive comedy show with the amazing Julia Louis-Dreyfus. While I wasn’t in love with the last 2 seasons, the first 4 are amazing. No clear cut character you root for in particular but it’s so close to politics you can’t help but laugh/cry. Watch it for the absolutely unapologetic legendary burns. Also, has a lesbian couple in it although it’s offensive comedy so prepare for that.
  • -Archer: Also another meant-to-be-offensive show that’s hilarious but so terrible and inappropriate. I don’t usually like that kind of comedy but I binge watched this when I was sick and got hooked. 
  • -Vikings: I love this show. If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll like this one only it’s got less nudity and more idgaf fight scenes. It’s got brilliant characters, beautiful battle scenes, really interesting storylines, and just good snarky humor. Watch it! Also, they’re not shy about same-sex couples even if they don’t explicitly say it. 
  • -Mr. Robot: Really good show, very different and…I actually don’t know how to describe it? The main has mental health issues. It’s a sociopolitical commentary type show. It’s about hacking and network security and corporation conglomerates in control of our everything and the fight against it. Also from @cherryrebel : mr robot has a shit ton of diversity in both race and lgbt, the lead is mixed race but the actor is egyptian, tyrell is bisexual, gideon is gay, angela, elliot and darlene are implied being lgbt+, i think i’m forgetting about someone but watch that show, it’s the shit 
  • -Legion: A superhero show that’s so incredibly NOT like the other superhero shows. You'll find yourself in a serious mind trip thinking you’re the one that’s crazy. But it’s really really good. Go watch. 
  • -Mozart in the Jungle: About a bunch of musicians and a crazy conductor you absolutely love. It’s really good. LGBT friendly! And diverse-ish.
  • -Luther: One of the best crime shows in my opinion. Idris Elba just does things and you will want to watch him do it. Anything he does is beautiful and brilliant. But the show actually IS brilliant and amazing and go watch!! 
  • -This is Us: one of those, where-the-hell-did-you-come-from?? shows. Really heartfelt stories that make you laugh, cry, and go aww a million times. 
  • -Killjoys: Another sci-fi show I love. It’s got diversity and great characters and great action and story. 
  • -True Detective: Crime detective show. It’s great, very gritty and serious but good stories and character-driven. 
  • -Humans: Sci-fi show about android robots that are part of normal life- they look human and are basically live in maids. Only five of these have consciousness. Really good UK show. Diverse AND LGBT friendly!
  • -Broadchurch: Another good UK crime show. Slow and gripping. @iamacolor mentioned a lesbian character in this one too. LGBT friendly.
  • -The Americans: Russian sleeper spies in America that lead normal lives, have American children, and are like totally Russians carrying out secret missions. 
  • -The Get Down: Great show that was recently canceled :( has about 1 season out. I’m not sure how to describe it and do proper justice. It’s lovely though with amazing characters. Also, LGBT friendly and clearly diverse!
  • -Stranger Things: Great show sci-fi mystery thriller type show. 
  • -Dear White People: Black college students from all kinds of backgrounds dropping truth bombs all around and being amazing. Also LGBT friendly. Go watch. It’s a balanced show with amazing characters. So both diverse AND LGBT friendly!
  • -Brooklyn Nine-Nine: an Amazing funny cop show that manages to be winsome, hilarious, endearing, quirky, diverse, balanced, and just amazing all around. V. LGBT friendly. 
  • -Fresh Off the Boat: Asian family comedy show that’s endearing and hilarious. (Also check out Jane the Virgin for crazy telenovela-esque antics that are hilarious and cute). 
  • -Orphan Black: Sci-fi show about clones. A really amazing show, LGBT friendly. Great story AMAZING characters…most of which is played by one woman. Diverse and LGBT friendly.
  • -Preacher: Great show based on the graphic novel…uhh not sure how to describe it but it’s good. Reth Negga is in it!! 
  • Also adding Sense8 for its LGBT and diversity. Good show but I’ve heard something about the directors/producers being racist? Not sure so I’m recommending with caution because the show itself esp s2 where the nonwhite characters got a better fleshed out plot is good. But since I don’t know what the producers/directors have done, I’m giving a heads up for someone else to fill me in.
  • Poldark: I just started this one 2 days ago. 2 episodes in I’m really enjoying it. It’s from PBS’s Masterpiece series. Aiden Turner as a Cornishman is delicious. So far I adore his wife and immensely enjoying yet another period show.  
  • Grantchester: Adding this to the list after I discovered it on my prime account. I’m only one season in and I love Sydney Chambers and his gruff buddy cop Geordie? This isn’t a show that is going to have you sitting on the edge of your seat. It’s totally a procedural type of show. But it’s characters are likeable, it’s story feels comfortable, and honestly, if it’s a shitty day for you and you just want something that’s easy? This is it. @iamacolor  :)

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Uprising: Retcons and Analyses

It’s my lunch so forgive the fast formatting but here we go:


1. Jack’s reason for enlisting is now confirmed to be the Omnic Crisis.  Which changes a number of things.  In his original backstory, Jack “wanted to return to the family farm after a brief stint in the Army, but was swept up in SEP, where he met Reyes.”  But now that that’s gone, this makes Jack more “worldly” and more “motivated to fight for change” in the world.  “New” Jack is much bigger, much more global than “original” Jack was.  His sights are not set on returning to Indiana - his sights are set on saving humanity.

2. Genji was not in Blackwatch as far as I am aware.  What is interesting is that this proves that not all Blackwatch missions were undertaken alone, since Overwatch would have also been involved in his rescue (when know Angela was on-hand or close by).  Blackwatch and Overwatch also engage in joint training sessions.  We can see that even though Lena is the main focus of the training, someone is monitoring Genji’s systems in the background.  This effectively CONFIRMS that - at the very least - Jack Morrison was aware of SOME of the Blackwatch missions.

This also heavily implies that - coupled with the “complaints by the Japanese government about Blackwatch” - Blackwatch was involved in the fall of the Shimada clan.

3. Liao is either entirely scrapped or has been reworked.  I personally think it’s the former.  They haven’t been mentioned in any comic thus far, and Torb and Rein consider “the old team” to consist of the Strike Team plus Angela.

4. I’m feeling fairly convinced that the promotion angle is getting massively reworked or toned down.  Gabriel’s light banter and sass over Jack’s statues, the lack of voicelines around the promotion, the fact that it is LITERALLY never mentioned anywhere outside of the “original” article makes it fairly clear that - at least on the surface - nobody thinks Gabriel is mad about it.  Gabriel himself acts nonchalant about the differences in their ranks.

5. Lena’s new timeline is VERY SHORT.  Her time as an active agent would have been relegated to the last year of Overwatch’s existence (Present time = 6 years since Fall of Overwatch, Comic takes place “7 years ago”).  This means that propaganda/promotional posters like the one in the Hero animation PROBABLY DON’T EXIST.  Which is like.  Really subtle next level retconning.


1. “They’re not extremists, Gabriel - they’re TERRORISTS.” How relevant.  I’m convinced Gabriel and subsequently Reaper are now firmly in the Chaotic Gool-Neutral-Evil alignment.  His whole speech about Omnic Rights is FASCINATING for his character because it shows that he is actually sympathetic or understanding of their behaviors on a different level than Reaper previously implied (“Tin cans, a dime a dozen”).  This is VERY GOOD.  His subtle implication that humanity - specifically the UK - has forgotten the origins of rights and freedoms is MASSIVE for him, and reflecting on that through a “minority being abused and denied rights” (a minority he ACTIVELY FOUGHT AND DEFEATED) is HUGE.  This really pushes the theories of Reaper as a “Chaotic Good-Neutral” agent much further, especially if we consider that he may see Talon less as terrorists and more as “extreme anarchists.”  This really greatly aligns with Sombra’s whole mortality alignment and Los Muertos’ “ideals.”  Gabriel is 100% aware (and self-aware) of the issues.

2. Gabriel almost certainly does not want Blackwatch directly involved in this uprising.  His crew is already in hot water, and he has to think about the safety of his agents and their plausible deniability in the face of a UN investigation.  Gabriel’s lines about McCree “being on vacation” and “nothing you need to know” reads as him trying to defend McCree in the event something goes awry with the higher ups, while also giving Jack and Ana the ability to deny information as well.  This, unfortunately, PUTS A MASSIVE TARGET ON HIM AND HIM ALONE.  Gabriel being blamed or implied to be responsible for the fall of Overwatch by other people (namely higher ups) looks more and more realistic and possible.

3. Jack and Gabriel’s relationship (along with their friendship with Ana) is indicated as being deeper and extremely intimate.  Things to note: Jack now being the only character to call him “Gabe” (which Sombra references), Jack being able to pull information out of Gabriel even after Gabriel and Ana engaged in some sassy banter, Jack referring to him as “Commander Reyes” in his discussion with Lena, Jack using the picture of the three of them to remind himself of “what’s important.”  I’m not gonna say this is confirmation of a full on relationship between them, but they are absolutely close.  This, combined with Reaper’s “I know your every move before you even think it” line from Old Soldiers and Reaper calling him “Jack” even after the fallout, is extremely telling.  This is not an ordinary relationship between “coworkers.”

4. Jack listening patiently and calmly to Lena’s speech, being reminded of himself and his passions for defending and helping others…is very good.  Very good for his character.  A little less revolutionary than Gabriel’s speech about Omnics, but good and grounding nonetheless.  This also helps humanize his whole “you need to slow down/okay dad” lines with Tracer in the game as more cute and familial than before.

5. The new timeline is BONKERS.  HOLY SHIT.  So things have started to break down - there’s investigations and complaints against Blackwatch, and growing criticisms against Overwatch.  Other people have speculated that Gerárd has recently died based on the news headlines, but what this means is that the collapse of Overwatch happened FAST: within at least a year, Lena has her temporal problems, McCree leaves, Genji leaves, Ana “dies,” Gabriel and Jack have their “falling out,” etc.  A YEAR.  That’s ridiculously fast for an organization that’s been around for nearly three decades.  This certainly implies that the conspiracy that brought Overwatch down was FAST and THOROUGH.  Sowing the seeds of discontent quickly and efficiently, almost certainly breaking up the “joint-relationship” between Overwatch and Blackwatch within months.  That’s insane.

6.  My friend Sami pointed out that Jack’s office is simple and small - not ostentatious or large.  He literally has nothing but a desk, a massive monitor, and some shelves in there.

7. Jack being willing to step out of line for “the greater good” makes him complicit in ignoring “orders” or breaking “the law.”  This sets up a great parallel between him and Reaper, and other characters like Lúcio, the Junkers, Mei, McCree, and Winston.  And we know that the “higher ups” spun this “overstepping his bounds” as forcing Overwatch as a policing agency onto the world.  Soldier: 76/Jack not being “respected” for his hard-but-morally-correct decisions lends itself well to his jaded, bitter manner later in life.


What I love about Steve Trevor is that he experessed every single trope women characters had to endure in superhero movies ever and he did that spectacularly?! The Love Interest. The sexualization. The “oops haha the hero walked in on me naked.” The “using your sexuality to seduct/distract a villain.” And it wasn’t some sort of punishment or revenge. He was still a great memorable character. He still had some fantastic lines. Simply like… No, there is no problem for a character to be minor and make room for the hero and be there for romantic/sexual effect. It’s still fun and lovely. It’s just tiring to see only women do it, and that it’s almost the only role they’re allowed to play. And he did all that and STILL was a lot more than a just a love interest or a corny sex joke, STILL got a lot more screen time than most women in his position. This just goes to show that if writers really wanted, they could write meaningful women characters who serve as love interests

Gravity Falls AU

Rather than being twins, Lance and Pidge are best friends who wind up at the Mystery Shack because of Pidge. She’s been searching for cryptids her whole life, and she has a pen pal by the name of Hunk who is constantly sharing all of these stories about his home town and the weird things that go on there. So, directly after graduating high school, the two of them set out to Altea (Gravity Falls).

Pidge here is, obviously, taking the place of Dipper. She’s searching for the abnormal, the mysterious, wants to prove to Lance that things like Bigfoot and aliens do exist. Her older brother Matt went missing when she was just a kid, and she’s convinced something paranormal took him and needs to prove it. He was 16 when he disappeared, she was 8, and he vanished while on his yearly camping trip with some friends in Altea. 

Lance becomes Mabel, obsessed with knitting and boys (and girls) and, even though he is skeptical about all things supernatural (except ghosts, ghosts are totally real), he cares about Pidge a lot and he knows she wants to find Matt. He calls her the little sister he wanted instead of the ones he got (she’s a year younger than him, skipped a grade in middle school, and he stood up for her against a bunch of bullies. They’ve been joined at the hip since). 

Hunk, Pidge’s pen pal in this au, is Soos. He works for the Mystery Shack, so he gets a first hand look at everything that goes on in the woods surrounding the area. He has also just graduated high school and is saving money, taking a skip year before going to college for engineering, and his friend Shiro offered him the job. 

Shiro is replacing Grunkle Stan. Shiro is 25, and he moved up to Oregon after a camping incident that happened when he was just 16 (shocker, same one that made Matt vanish). He’s agreed to take Pidge and Lance in when they get there, seeing as he has an extra room upstairs, so long as they pitch in every now and then. If Hunk trusts them, so does he, but Hunk failed to mention that Pidge was Matt’s sister, so the moment Shiro lays eyes on Pidge he almost passes out, she looks so much like Matt. Pidge doesn’t recognize Shiro, having only met him twice, before he had scars and muscles and a prosthetic (which he got from a nasty encounter with a certain shapeshifter), so he keeps quiet about her missing brother. 

The only other person who works at the Mystery Shack is Keith, taking on the role of Wendy. He has a rocky relationship with his father and brothers and spends most of his time working. He’s fairly chill, irked but amused by Lance’s cheerfulness and Pidge’s enthusiasm. 

Couple of other, minor things:

- Kaltenecker instead of Waddles

- Haggar instead of Bill (lets be honest, she’s the real villain of Voltron)

- Coran as McGucket; his mind was fried a long time ago, but he’s still an incredibly brilliant scientist and inventor, and anyone who sits down and talks to him realizes that he’s actually kind of a genius. 

- There wasn’t really a character that fit Allura super well, so we’ll say she replaces Lazy Susan and owns the diner. She flirts with Shiro every single time he comes in, and can kick ass when necessary. Her father was the former mayor.

- Shiro, unlike Grunkle Stan, isn’t scroogey about his money for greed reasons. He needs it to fund his underground research into what happened to Matt. Of course, he knows; Matt was sucked into a portal directly on top of the property where Shiro built the Mystery Shack. But he needs to figure out how to get him back. 

- Zarkon is a bit of a lesser evil; he’s the shapeshifter that Lance and Pidge find in the bunker under the Shack, and he’s obsessed with getting the journal back. 

- Among the things they run into: Arusians (replacing the gnomes, and slightly less hostile), Luxia, a mermaid stuck in the local pool, a bunch of Galra who attempt to teach Lance about manliness (Manotaurs; cue I’ll Make a Man Out of You sequence with Thace and Ulaz), Nyma, a video game that tries to kill Lance (Giffany), and Balmerans, who they find trapped in the underground sap whatnot after Kaltenecker gets stolen by a pterodactyl (cows belong outdoors, Lance). 

- Keith is a champion at climbing trees, skinning things, and all around being a badass. Lance is more than a little infatuated. 

- Voltron is created when all five of Matt’s journals are brought together, forming a spell that has the ability to defeat Haggar, who drove Matt insane during the camping trip. 

- Pidge constantly thinks the handwriting in the journals looks familiar, but she can’t quite place why.

- Matt started the journals when he and Shiro were 12, when they first started going camping in Altea with their parents, and continued them all up until he was 16, when Haggar started harassing him. He hid four of them around the town, paranoid that someone was going to find them, and entrusted the last one to Shiro before he was swallowed up by the portal. Each of them is marked by a different color on the “V” symbol; the one Shiro has is black, and the one Pidge finds is green. Lance later finds a blue one hidden behind the arcade.

- Sendak becomes Gideon, and he’s found the yellow one. When he’s defeated, Shiro takes that one for himself. 

- Pidge’s symbol remains the pine tree, seeing as she is a nature spirit. Lance, instead of being a shooting star, is a wave, Shiro a bolt of lightning, Keith a flame, and Hunk a mountain. Allura is a flower (shaped suspiciously like a juniberry) and Coran is a wrench. Matt, when he comes back, is the Voltron “V”

- If none of this convinces you: 

Look at this cute doodle by @artsyfalafel of Pidge in Dipper wear and Lance in a mermaid sweater

*SPOILERS* Why do all my favorite characters die?

Can we talk about this? Today I was watching the latest episode of Teen Wolf and one of my favorites, Brett Talbot, dies.

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I feel like Brett is such a sad but wonderful character. His parents died in a fire making him and his sister orphans. Then he was taken in my Satomi. He was an ass to Liam, especially when he was first introduced, but he still cared enough to make sure Liam was ok. He cares so much for his sister that he got a scholarship through lacrosse to Devenford, made them take her if they wanted him, just  so she could make friends at a new school. He’s smart, caring, protective and just so, ughhhh! 

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On a more personal level he is one of the few bisexual characters on TV and probably the only one on Teen Wolf. I really liked that they had him be bisexual not only because I myself am bisexual but because you typically see bisexuality more commonly in females than male which adds to him being a pretty great character. 

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Though he was only a minor support character that cocky little shit was able to make his mark on me and so many other fans. The reason why he died was to bring forth more drive for the pack and reveal more of this season (the final season ‘que the waterfall of tears’) plot. As a student in video production I say, development wise, that it was a good call but the emotional side is just screaming “WHY JEFF DAVIS?! WHY?”

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My point is, I know why the writers did it. Hell, I’ve done that in the screen plays I’ve wrote for school but being on the other side is just sad. 

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But on the bright side we can still look at Cody Saintgnue (the actor of Brett)

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After the racist, terrorist attack in Charlottesville, I wanted to remind everyone of Kindred, a wonderful book by an amazing author, Octavia Butler. 

If you don’t know Octavia Butler, you should. A powerful sci fi book with a keen awareness of how science fiction provides a mirror to our own world’s best and worst. 

If you don’t know Kindred, then read on, because I’m going to tell you why this book is the next one you should read. It’s available in every form, including graphic novel and audio, so no excuse. Keep reading for a review on why this book is important right now. Kindred is to race what The Handmaid’s Tale is to feminism. 

Keep reading


BNHA 30 Day Challenge: 9. Favorite Quirk & 11. Favorite Minor Character

Personally, Shinsou’s quirk fascinated me the most. I think it’s really neat & useful. It also ties into why he’s my favorite minor character. Shinsou really does want to become a hero but he feels his Quirk is that of a Villain’s. If it were me, he would be in the Hero Class instead of someone. Shinsou could easily better himself if given the opportunity. I love him like’s a main character. I hope&pray he gets some recognition soon. 

Things Tony Stark does in Spider-man Homecoming

  • He’s established to be massively profiting from cleaning up the mess of his own battles. The injustice of this arrangement along with the carelessness in the actual management of this damage control provides the motive and means for the Vulture to become a villain, making this yet another marvel villain created by Tony Stark. Not that Stark is responsible for Toomes’s choices–but his own choices have consequences and this is one of them. 
    • In fact Toomes directly parallels Tony Stark by scavenging the wreckage of Avenger’s battles and becoming an arms dealer. (Think–Tony creating Ultron out of Chitari tech). 
  • He made a sexual comment about Peter’s aunt, which clearly made him uncomfortable.
  • He leaves Peter, a child who he has just equipped with a weapons-grade super-suit, to his own devices (under the light supervision of Happy Hogan to be fair) without communicating to Peter his actual expectations for him. He leaves him with the inaccurate impression that he might be called to join the avengers at any time, so when he is silent and distant, Peter, a child, naturally concludes that he must simply “work hard enough” to get his approval. 
  • When Peter starts tracking the weapons and trying to tell him about it, Tony acts dismissively–he tell’s Peter to drop it, but gives no indication that he takes Peter’s concerns seriously or will follow up on the problem. He states that the weapons–which come from tech that he is responsible for–are “below the Avenger’s pay grade.”
    • He did send the FBI, but honestly he sent those agents to their deaths at the hand of futuristic tech (again, tech he is responsible for safely disposing of!!) if Peter hadn’t been there to save them.  
  • He put a tracker in Peter’s suit without his knowledge or consent–yes, to be able save his life but also to monitor if/when he left the city. When Peter first asks about it, he distracts and evades the question. When Peter makes it clear he objects later, he is told that the choice is not up to him. At no time do they have an honest conversation about how closely Peter is or should be watched—this encourages Peter to keep his own secrets and to go behind their back. 
  • He programs suit he gave Peter to default to insta-kill mode at the drop of a hat. This feature was, admittedly deactivated under the “training wheel’s protocol,” but this only makes it clear that Tony’s idea of who Peter will become and grow into with experience is basically a killer who works for him on his Avengers team. 
  • So Peter get’s in over his head, and people could have died of the Ferry if Stark didn’t come save the day. Is it time for a lecture? yes. It’s time to finally  communicate to Peter that he is being heard, explain what his expectations for Peter’s behavior are, encourage him to ask for help when he needs it. It is not time to shame Peter, to place the guilt of all those endangered lives upon his (young) shoulders, to remove all the support he had initially given him, fire him with no warning or second chance, and tell him “I was the only one who believed in you–the other’s thought I was crazy for recruiting a kid” (as if??? everyone criticizing Tony’s Choice to recruit a kid into Civil War meant that they didn’t think that the kid had talent or potential?!?!)
  • There is zero (0) indication that that lecture and firing was the “tough love moment he needed to pull through” that Tony later spins it as. Nothing about that lecture inspired or motivated; Peter lost the will and the means to continue searching for the Vulture until it literally smacked him in the face by pure coincidence. Instead, it is pretty clear that in the wake of loosing Stark’s support Peter gains confidence in his identity as Spider-man and a hero independent of Stark’s validation and technology. 
  • So Peter saves Tony’s butt by preventing all his crap from being stolen and this earns him back Tony’s favor. So what does Tony do?? Well, he arranges to make Peter, a minor, a part of his team and move him up state away from his aunt and school without his aunt, his legal guardian’s, knowledge or permission. 

So yeah. you know in the end, even if Tony Stark is, like, the worst superhero out there, I actually think he is an interesting character if his flaws are actually treated like flaws. My reading of Spider-man Homecoming is that the movie is actually pretty honest about Tony’s character flaws while preserving many of the things people actually like about the character–so I really appreciate the movie for that. Spider-man’s ultimate rejection of Stark’s offer to join the Avengers was sweet, sweet music to my ears lol. 


So my absolute FAVORITE THING about BNHA really is that Midoriya can’t control his newly acquired Quirk. 

Not only did he NOT HAVE ONE and rely on his analytic abilities, but he also just got this new one, which requires patience, strength, and a great DEAL of endurance.

From a narrative perspective, this is fucking PERFECT.

This is not Naruto or Bleach, where he’s the “chosen” one with all the power granted to him by fate or destiny. 

He was CHOSEN, but it was by someone who saw something in him. 

Something good and earnest and kind and hardworking and worthy. 

But it’s so great, I love this series BECAUSE

We see Midoriya be the under dog. 

We see he has nothing super special like the rest of these guys. 

He’s not Todoroki skating over everything like it’s meaningless and Bakugo just flying right over obstacles.

Those who were fighting it out in the front while he was at the middle of the pack all this time. 

He’s using his fucking head and I honestly whooped when he did that!

When he rode a fucking piece of metal he was dragging around the entire time!

No one else thought of that shit. 

They didn’t NEED to, they rely on their Quirks. 

Sometimes they’re creative, but Midoriya has NOTHING to work with. 

He didn’t want to use his Quirk yet.

So he came up with a plan and then executes it AND THEN HE GETS IN FRONT.

Like dude, Bakugo’s RAGE just made me feel so fucking smug.

Like, my baby just made you eat SHIT, fuckhands mcexplosion. 

And Todoroki, easy breezy cover boy, stand aside, it’s Midoriya! 

Loved it. 

Honestly, that’s what attracted me to BNHA in the first place, the fact that Midoriya is such a sympathetic guy?

He makes you really wanna root for him and see him succeed and with other shonen, I just feel like you root for the protagonist cuz they’re the protagonist.

With Midoriya, if he were a minor character, I’d STILL focus on him. 

But because he’s the main character, we get a central theme about natural born abilities vs. hard work and it’s really done well. 

Ok, I’m done talking, resume scrolling.