hes racist why do people worship him

Thoughts On Charlie Hebdo (Part 1)

This is going to be a two part rant. The first part is written for the (tiny minority of) Muslims who think this massacre was justified. The second part is written for the non-Muslims who are blaming this attack on Islamic principles and teachings.

Dear Muslims,

I know you’re offended because people are drawing cartoons of important religious figures despite knowing its haraam (forbidden) in our religion. They are doing this on purpose. By giving them the power to piss you off, you’re letting them win. Before this incident I had no idea who or what Charlie Hebdo even was…but now they’ve gained worldwide exposure.

First, let’s talk about why drawing pictures of the Prophet (SAW) is haram in the first place. Simply put, Muslims do not draw his pictures now because he didn’t want us to do it when he was alive. Even Siddhartha Gautama (AKA Buddha) didn’t want his followers to draw him because he feared they would start worshipping him.

In Islam, we aren’t allowed to worship anyone but Allah. That’s why we can’t draw our Prophet. Ergo, it’s pointless to get offended when non-Muslims draw him.

Racist people like them will always exist. If we fight back with violence, it only ruins our own reputation. We’ve handled Islamophobia so well on Twitter with hashtags like “MuslimRage” & “SuddenJihadSyndrome”. Why don’t we continue fighting back with humor instead of violence?

I don’t think I could ever justify this incident even if I hate the way white people think they can continue mocking my people. I hope you agree with me.